Like Never Before


Rating: PG
Genres: Romance
Relationships: Ron & Luna
Book: Ron & Luna, Books 1 - 7
Published: 30/08/2011
Last Updated: 30/08/2011
Status: Completed

"As they kiss, they don’t see fireworks. That has never been their style." Drabble.

1. Like Never Before

“And the songbirds keep singing
Like they know the score
And I love you, I love you, I love you
Like never before”

Songbird – Eva Cassidy

“Are you happy?”

The voice catches her off guard, and she almost slips as she spins to see him standing there. He grabs her arm lightly, steadying her stance. His hair is combed nicely, and his dress robes are very handsome – nothing like the ones from the Yule Ball so many years before. But his grin gives him away.

“According to tradition, you’re not really supposed to be here,” she replies, her hand falling into his. He nonchalantly scratches the back of his head, showing off the pink of the tips of his ears.

“Well…I suppose after living in a family that is abundant in tradition, sometimes it’s nice to break with it. Sometimes,” he says. She smiles a wide smile and pulls him towards her frame. He doesn’t object.

As they kiss, they don’t see fireworks. That has never been their style. Instead, he sees a tangle of flowing blonde hair and radish earrings. He sees an upside-down article from The Quibbler. She sees a mess of freckles, or sometimes, a boyish grin that never seems to be far away. She sees a broken wand. Neither of them feels sparks, but instead, pleasant, radiating warmth. It is then that they know they are perfect for one another.

The sound of music breaks them apart. She peeks outside of the white tent. Outside are all of their friends and family. Neville and Ginny have just finished walking down the aisle and have taken their respective places at the end. Harry and Hermione are next, their hands linked. Harry takes his place as the Best Man, while Hermione moves into the spot for the Maid of Honor. Luna smiles. Just then, Mr. Lovegood appears at the opening of the tent.

“Oh, Ron, you do know that you should be waiting down there,” he asks while pointing towards the end of the aisle. Ron looks at Luna, and she squeezes his hand.

“Ronald will be walking down the aisle with us,” she says.

“Ah, well, alright then,” Mr. Lovegood replies without a moment’s hesitation. Luna links one arm with her father, and the other with her future husband. As they start to walk, Ron whispers in her ear, not caring that his nose bumps her radish earring.

“You never answered my question,” he says with a smile, “Are you happy?”

Luna looks around the pavilion at everyone in attendance. She closes her eyes and lets the breeze blow gently through her hair. As she looks into the sky, she sees a lone thestral gliding through the air; a sign from her mother. Finally, Luna looks at Ron, the one she has loved for so long.

“Ecstatic, like never before.”

Ron smiles and kisses her cheek. Together, they walk down the aisle.