I'm a what?

Agent Bahamas

Rating: PG13
Genres: Action & Adventure
Relationships: Harry & Hermione
Book: Harry & Hermione, Books 1 - 7
Published: 03/02/2012
Last Updated: 21/02/2012
Status: In Progress

Animagi, Metamorphmagi, werewolves, Veelas, Boggarts, and Kelpies are the shape shifters of the wizarding world. As Harry learns in Hogwarts, he realizes he is one too , though he's not sure what he really is exactly.

1. Death and Grimm

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A huge thank you to my beta readers, PhoenixFanatic999 and mione the kneazle, for making this story bearable for mortal eyes.

Death and Grim

Death frowned at what the flows of Fate had done once again; though predictably, the cause was human free will. Human will, quite the fickle indeed. To some degree, a human's fate is pretty much decided even before birth, everything down to their deaths as if a book has already stated everything that was to happen. The choices they make can very well change their supposed fate in some small way or in its entirety.

However human will wouldn't simply go along, freedom of choice could cause a slight change of will and any part of any page could change the rest of the content of the book. It could, in fact, change many other books' pages. The changes could happen once, twice, again and again, or simply never. The only thing predictable of a human is that they are unpredictable.

Tom Marvolo Riddle. A fine example of exactly that.

It had been a long time since Death had taken the fragments of a human soul. This human in particular had done what no other man had done before, he had split his souls more times than any other human. All because of him, a lot of the humans along with other races like the goblins and house elves were dying, Death simply went to do Its task. If anything, Death knew that Riddle would make more of these Horcruxes, as much as the soul of his could be split.

'Another human who thinks he can escape Me,' Death watched as Voldemort wreaked havoc with his magic.

Apparently Death's attention on the human had enticed Fate to join His side.

Fate scoffed, 'Has any human ever?'

Death watched on, 'Fate, I look forward to see the means that would lead this particular Riddle to Me.'

'It is amusing to see his attempts of escaping You, isn't it? As unpredictable as some of these humans can be, Death, none of them has ever in fact found a way to escape You,' replied Fate.

'Whatever they do, it is inevitable; what they think is a way of escaping Me is nothing more as what is intended on their path towards Me,' Death remembered many of those who tried.

As of right now, Nicolas Flamel and his beloved wife, Perenelle Flamel, thought they were living an immortal life thanks to the creation of the Philosopher's stone. In time, the couple would die and sometime later so would Tom Marvolo Riddle. Nothing ever dies before or after their intended time, Death was never early nor late when it came to taking them to the next great adventure. He could appear before them much earlier if Fate deemed it to be, but the removal of the soul itself was, is, and would always be on time.

The ever reincarnating phoenixes were the only creatures that would never truly experience death. As amazing as that may be, Death knew phoenixes could never find true peace, evident in their brief shriek of their burning before they are reborn again.

'It is already taking place,' Fate felt another event taking place as it should be, though this time a little change was made.

In one particular pub called the Hogs Head, young Sybil Trelawney made the prophecy to a much surprised Albus Dumbledore, unknown to them was that Severus Snape had been eavesdropping.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives..."

Death was already intrigued as Snape ran off, upon being thrown out of the pub, after only hearing half of the prophecy and was about to report to his master.

'Power that he knows not?' asked Death.

Unlike Fate, Death's knowledge of all existence came only when the mortal beings come into existence, along with the knowledge of the time of their deaths. Never truly assured how one dies, only when.

'It would only be fitting that a dark yet incredible wizard such as him would be taken out a wizard just as incredible, if not more so, than him.' replied Fate.

'I expect nothing less. What exactly is it?'

'The only thing I will tell You is that it will be interesting, very interesting indeed,' Fate chuckled.

As the human saying goes, Death would have to 'wait and see'. Death wondered whether He'd be personally involved in these two humans' journey towards their deaths. After all, they were descendants of the Peverell brothers. The siblings were special indeed, for it was within their fate to have Death play a role towards their deaths.

'Ignotus, perhaps this descendant of yours will astound Me just as much as you did, if not more,' said Death.

It was on the late night of the thirty first of October that Death watched Lord Voldemort deliver the Killing Curse on the Child of Prophecy. A large of the portion of the Potter Cottage disintegrated along with the Dark Wizard's body from the rebound of the curse. The process as painful as his inhuman deeds deemed it to be. Beyond pain, beyond agony, beyond the limits of the comprehension of the human body, such words did little justice as Voldemort would describe it from his resurrection years later. Just as Death had it, the accursed fragmented soul within His grasp, it split into two before they wisped away. One fragment sped away out onto the outside world, while another latched itself onto the crying toddler, the only living thing amongst the ruins of the room.

'What?' Death knew that Fate was enjoying this.

Death didn't leave, not yet, since He knew very well that He'd have a fragment of the wizard's soul. Young Harry cried in pain, he wanted his parents to come and take away the pain, to comfort him, lull him to sleep. The flash of green light had caused such an intense pain, now another one was making his head hurt.

They didn't come.

His mother, his father, Uncle Sirius, Uncle Moony, none of them came.

The pain worsened as the cries became louder.

Another agonizing scream joined in, hisses of black smoke erupted from the bleeding lightning bolt shaped wound. It wasn't Fiendfyre, nor was it Basilisk venom, but something much more powerful than that. The powerful ancient magic that was Lilly Potter's protection for her son burned away the hold of Voldemort's soul. Once again Death wretched out the soul agonizingly, and this time the soul was His to hold and bring. Death looked down upon the crying toddler, without a doubt traces of magic of the soul fragment had been left behind within him.

'Till we meet again, Harry James Potter,' Death left the last of the Potters alone.

Then the nursery within the Potter's cottage disappeared, where everything was plain white everywhere. In that short time within the empty space, Death dragged the fragmented soul as it whimpered in fear, its mutilated flayed body bleed all over leaving a slowly disappearing trail of blood.

'You wish to split your soul into seven, Riddle?' asked Death, as he held the small fragmented soul by its left leg like a dead chicken, 'Truly ambitious, I will give you that.'

The soul fragment hugged itself tighter.

'Time and time again you paid no heed to the warnings of meddling with the essence of one's self, one's own soul. Your ignorance is only beaten by your own arrogance. Did you really think you can escape Me? ' Death tightened His grip on the skinny leg of the soul. 'You shall be the first of your own self to suffer.'

Everything changed upon the final word uttered by Death, the blankness of space was replaced with crimson red. An unexplainable intense heat had suddenly enveloped Voldemort's soul as Death dangled it by its foot once more. Sweat and blood trickled over its skin as it stared upside down at Death, who had taken the very form of Voldemort's fear. This form had rotting flesh, the ugliest Inferi was nothing in comparison to this grotesque figure, black blood oozed from its various wounds, while maggots squirmed and nibbled all around its body, literally everything Voldemort had feared.

'Seven pieces of the same soul… you will be one of the few humans to suffer the torments of all seven levels of Hell. Don't worry. I am just and fair.' Death assured the piece of soul. 'Inevitably, I will have every single one of split selves to suffer the same fate. When that time comes, I will have each of you on every level, taking turns to suffer all levels, and rotate the cycle, for all eternity.'

"No…" whimpered the soul.

In one moment, Death stood in front the gates of Hell with the dangling soul. Faces of various tortured creatures from demons to humans could be seen over surface of the metallic gates. The two gates each had a massive skeleton, Cyclops judging from the only eye hole of the skull, with their hands crossed over their breastbone and ribs much like mummies. What seemed like gates upright before them had changed when Death was now floating while the gates opened below like a trap door. Screams, screeches, moans, and cries were heard despite the roars of the blazing flames.

'Good bye, Tom Marvolo Riddle.' Death simply gave his farewell as He released the soul's leg, and watched as it fell down to the scorching black flames of Hell.

The gates slammed shut as Death floated away, and scoffed upon remembering one particular popular theory made by the very few who knew of Horcruxes.

'Eternal limbo? As if that will ever happen.' Death scoffed.

It would be another eleven years before Death would claim the soul fragment from the Horcrux that was Tom's diary.


Nine years old Harry Potter ran as fast his feet could, something hard to do given the pants that were two sizes too big for him and the pitiful state of the shoes that he wore. Outrunning his cousin Dudley was easy, but the same couldn't be said about his cousin's friends; Piers Polkiss, Dennis, Gordon and Malcolm.

'Why couldn't Dudley make friends the size of baby killer whales like himself?' Harry took a glance over his shoulder, only to trip over a rock.

His taped up glasses fell, causing his vision to be obscured, just as he momentarily skidded off the grass of the playground. He could already hear their footsteps, the chase was over, and they no longer needed run upon seeing they fallen target. Harry quickly reached for his glasses and instinctively curled himself into a fetal position awaiting their kicks and punches. He couldn't risk damaging his glasses beyond repair.

The typical beating would usually take place, and after that Piers would hold him up and let Dudley punch him a few times while the rest watched once the young Dursley caught up with them. Strangely enough, this time there weren't any beating whatsoever. In fact he didn't hear anything after a short moment, no more sounds of approaching footsteps or laughs. Harry took a peek, and yet did see with his poor eye sight any of their silhouettes surrounding him.

Only when he wore his glasses did he see Dudley's friends, they warily stood a safe distance from him. The apprehensive looks on their faces troubled him, it was then he realized they weren't looking at him but behind him. Harry turned around and discovered the cause of their fear, there was a dog a few feet away. He was now just as scared as they were. It was the biggest dog he had ever seen, its shaggy black fur added more to its fearsome look. It snarled menacingly towards Dudley's friends though Harry thought it was directed towards him too. The dog ran towards them, before Harry could even get up to run away. It easily leapt over Harry's head and barked at Dudley's friends upon landing. Dudley's closest friend, Polkiss, peed in his pants as all four of them ran off haphazardly, each one hoping the dog would settle on chasing the other. Harry Potter was the last thing on their mind as they ran back home for safety.

For some reason, Harry just stood and watched when the black dog sent them running. He cursed at his own foolishness for not taking the chance to run upon seeing the dog turning around to face him. However, for some reason, to Harry, it seemed as if the dog was surprised when it laid its eyes on him. No longer menacing in demeanor, the dog continued to stare at him.

"Er…please don't bite me," pleaded Harry.

The dog simply stood there, the action slowly banishing away Harry's dislike of dogs.

No one in the muggle world or the magical world would ever consider the thought that the black dog that was in front of him was the notorious Sirius Black, escaped prisoner of Azkaban. Harry had heard the name of Sirius Black from the Dursleys, an announcement at school was even made, pictures of him that students should be wary of. But for a boy who didn't even know his parents, let alone his magical heritage or godfather, he wouldn't even consider the idea that the dog before him was the wanted man. The only two people alive who knew this fact were a werewolf and a distressed Animagus.

"Thank you, for chasing them away," said Harry.

Sirius huffed, it was the least any godfather should do.

"Can you…understand me?"

Sirius nodded, slowly approached his godson, and simply nuzzled his nose at Harry's hand. Harry didn't seem to mind whether the dog was a wild dog, a stray, or anything odd about the animal. With misery being a major part of his life and yet watched jealously the happiness that his cousin showed, Harry would take what he could. Beggars can't be choosers. Right there before him, was a dog that seemed to understand his every word and didn't hate or avoid him like everyone else he knew.

"I guess not all dogs are bad," commented Harry as he petted the dog; he quickly added when realized what he just said, "Sorry, it's just that I had a bad experience with a pet dog. It was an accident really, not like I wanted to step on that mutt's paw in the first place. I told it that I was sorry, but it kept chasing me. My aunt let that dog of hers chase me up a tree and she only called off when it was past midnight."

Anger blazed within Sirius, something that Harry sensed despite the subtle narrowing of the eyes.

"I'm glad I got to meet you. You're a nice dog," said Harry, "Um…Can we be friends? I've never really had anyone… "

Sirius was tormented, he wanted to do at that moment was revert back and hug the boy. He had been blinded by grief of James' and Lilly's death, anger of Peter's betrayal, not seeing the grave mistake upon hearing Hagrid telling of Harry's fate. To be brought to and taken by the Dursleys on Dumbledore's orders. The only thing he could do for now was simply lick the boy, which earned him hearing the laughter of his godson.

"I wish I could bring you home, but I can't. My uncle and aunt complain about taking care me. All I get are my cousin's things instead of buying me anything. I don't think they'd let me have you as a pet. They really hate me actually," Harry didn't have to think twice about his relatives' reaction about anything Harry wanted.

It was then Sirius really took notice of Harry's thinness, his hand-me-down clothes and trainers.

"I wonder if I could keep you if my parents didn't die. I'm an orphan, you know, I never knew my parents," said Harry.

Sirius clenched his fangs tight in response.

"They died in a car accident," Harry continued.

'Car accident?' Sirius repeated in his head.

"If they were," Harry paused and later frowned, oblivious to the internal struggle within Sirius, "they probably wouldn't let me keep you either. My uncle said my father didn't work, he was a drunk."

'WHAT?' Sirius yelled in thought, eyes widened upon hearing the fabrication, such insult towards James.

"Hey, it's alright. Please don't be angry about them," Harry sensed more of the dog's anger, "It doesn't matter, because we're going to be friends, aren't we?"

Sirius didn't how long he could continue like this, he really wanted to change back. Hug his godson, right whatever wrong that has happened to him, and tell him the truth of it all. But he maintained his form, and let himself be hugged and comforted by his godson.

As time passed by, Harry slowly poured out everything he thought of, a brief introduction of himself, what he felt, to the dog in front of him. He never had told anyone about his life with the Dursleys, their mistreatment, being bullied. Untill now.

Happiness simply wasn't something Harry was allowed to feel in their eyes. But he had made a resolve that he'd keep this sliver of happiness somehow. "I could come and see you whenever I can?"

Sirius barked in agreement, knowing that Harry understood. The last of the ancient and noble family of Black had just decided that he would probably have dig up a den at his hiding spot last night. Sirius would have to bid his time, especially since he didn't have a wand, he couldn't appear out in the open. All those months of he waited patiently and starved to enable himself to slip in between the prison in his Animagus form. He had made a resolve to be by his godson's side, even if it meant remaining as a dog. Sirius beckoned Harry to follow him to the spot he had been hiding and sleeping the day before, again his godson understood him. At their hiding place, Harry continued talking and occasionally petting the dog with much ease, without the worry of his cousin or anyone else finding him.

It was quite a while before Harry quickly realized he had to go home and help Aunt Petunia prepare dinner. Sirius nuzzled his nose just before Harry bade farewell and left.

"See you again tomorrow, Snuffles." said Harry.

'Azkaban couldn't keep me away from you, Harry. I'll definitely see you tomorrow,' Sirius wagged his tail.


Sirius would have to get used with that name after barking in disapproval again and again at various names Harry had suggested. Harry even suggested 'Black' upon thinking of the color of his fur after numerous rejections, in which Sirius shook his head vigorously much to Harry's surprise.

Just has Harry had said, he visited Sirius whenever he could go. As long as he did his chores and came back before dark, the Dursleys were more than happy to let the boy out of their house and out of their sight. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and the next thing Sirius knew, it was already Christmas. Near the end of that year, Harry didn't complain when got his Christmas present from Aunt Marge. The Dursleys laughed when he finished tearing the newspaper wrappers off the big box. He knew the large size of his present was probably some attempt to give him false hope, for them to laugh at his crestfallen face upon finding out what it was. However, inwardly Harry was all too happy to receive it and was more eager than ever to go see Snuffles. Hopefully the dog would be happy.

Harry had after all received a box of dog biscuits.

Sirius however was not happy from the very moment his keen sense of smell picked up two familiar scents.

'This changes nothing. I won't run,' Sirius's resolve had been made.

"I'm surprised you're still here, Sirius."

Hiding in his den would be no use. He'd have to face them one way or another. The black dog that was Sirius Black stood unmoved in front of his den, other people besides Harry had finally walked into this hiding place he had called home. The sound of crushing snow could be heard, getting louder and louder.

"Here I thought you would have turn tail, literally, the moment you could have picked our scent," a shabby man walked in, a wand in his right hand pointed directly at the dog.

Remus Jonathan Lupin had finally made his appearance.

"Sirius? Sirius Black?" A much older woman came out.

His former Transfiguration teacher, Minerva McGonagall, was there too. Sirius was quite surprised when he had picked up Minerva's scent, thinking she should be celebrating Christmas at Hogwarts along with its other staff members and students.

"The one and only." answered Lupin, never taking his eyes off the dog. "Change now, Sirius,"

"An Animagus?" McGonagall realized, this had turned to be a surprise indeed.

"Change and face me like a man, Sirius!" Lupin warned.

"No man would ever do what he did, Remus," McGonagall snapped, with her own wand out.

"I have questions that need to be answered, Minerva. I want him to answer them tonight, no matter what." Lupin continued.

McGonagall watched as Sirius changed himself back into a human, though she was a bit astounded at the transformation despite she herself was an Animagus. The gaunt, sunken face with a waxy looking face and long matted hair replaced what was once a young man graced with such an aristocratic look.

"Tell me now, Sirius. Tell me why you did it. Why you betrayed James and Lilly. Why you killed Peter." Remus shook where he stood, not because of the coldness of the winter's night but in anger.

"I never betrayed them. What I did was as good as killing them, that I know, but I never betrayed them." Sirius answered miserably.

"What do you mean you didn't?" shouted Lupin , "You sold them out to your-"

"Never! That traitorous rat sold them out to his master!" this time Sirius interrupted Lupin. "If I was a Death Eater, don't you think Harry would be dead already? I was never the Secret Keeper. It was Peter! He was the Secret Keeper! He was the spy, the Death Eater, the traitor."

Lupin and McGonagall were rendered speechless. Before the both of them could consider the possibility of Sirius lying to them, he continued.

"I begged to James and Lilly to change at the last minute. I would have been too obvious. I thought I was better off as a decoy." Sirius recounted, now angry at himself. "Nobody else knew, not you, not even Dumbledore. That night, at the arranged time that I'd be checking Peter's hiding place, I knew something was wrong when he wasn't there. I thought somehow they had found him, but there was nothing. Nothing, not a single sign of struggle. He was gone, I realized he had fled."

"Peter?" Lupin was still trying to comprehend the betrayal, the real traitor.

"I Apparated back, only to see the house destroyed, James and Lily… dead. I was there when Hagrid took Harry under Dumbledore's orders." Sirius scowled, something that didn't go unnoticed by the wizard and the witch. "When I finally cornered Peter, he lied about everything, made it sound like I was the traitor, before he blew himself up along with those muggles."

"You're not the spy," it finally sank in, Lupin walked up to Sirius and hugged him before McGonagall could shout at him.

Sirius returned the gesture though to him McGonagall still didn't look convinced.

"All the witnesses said you laughed like a maniac at the scene before the aurors arrested you, Even Kingsley himself was there." Minerva commented.

"I definitely laughed alright. I wanted to kill him more than anything after seeing James and Lilly dead. I didn't care, I thought I had nothing to lose, Azkaban or a Dementor's kiss didn't matter as long as I got to kill him. He took away Lilly, James, and he took away my only chance to kill him.

"How did you escape? How did you survive Azkaban in the first place?" asked McGonagall.

This puzzled Lupin too, it left everyone in magical Britain wondering as to how the man ever escaped the wizard prison.

"I tried to remain as sane as I could. Definitely not a happy place of rainbows and ponies, Moony, Minerva. I watched a lot of people around me slowly go mad there. Lose their will to live. Most just stop eating rather than continue on living in misery. Any prisoner could tell when another one is just about to die. All one has to do is look at the Dementors, they always get excited when someone is about to die, they can sense it."

"But you survived." remarked McGonagall.

"Not everyone there in Azkaban are driven mad and die, I hate to say it but those who didn't were all the captured Death Eaters." Sirius scowled at the thought. "I remained sane by focusing on one thought. It wasn't a happy thought, it was an obsession for me, the Dementors couldn't take it away from me. I held on to it, that I didn't betray Lilly and James, Peter did. He was the Secret Keeper. If they got too close, I turned into my Animagus form. They couldn't tell the difference, their effects lessened greatly, animal thoughts were simpler, more primal, you would know that, Minerva."

"As for the Death Eaters?" asked Lupin.

"They had the same idea as I did. They were obsessed with the thought of Voldemort's return." Sirius watched Lupin and McGonagall became perturbed upon hearing the tabooed name. "I could hear it in their sleep. Some talked if Peter was alive, they'd kill him. It was obvious, wasn't it? Their supposed spy turned against them, their master gone after acting on Peter's information about James and Lilly." answered Sirius.

Remus tossed his wand to Sirius, much to McGonagall's alarm. She wasn't completely convinced, she had been worried for Harry's safety ever since finished reading the news of Sirius's escape.

"Well, you know what to do, Sirius." Lupin smirked.

Sirius held up the wand as if he was starting a duel, then he made the magical oath on his life that he wasn't the secret keeper. He didn't stop there, going into detail of everything he could think of and banishing McGonagall's doubts. By the time he finished, standing pretty much still alive, McGonagall finally put her wand away.

"I still want to know how you escaped, Sirius," McGonagall worried that if long term prisoners like convicted Death Eaters could stay sane like Sirius, then they could escape.

"I starved myself until I could fit my way through the prison bars while in my Animagus form. I nearly died while swimming my way across the North Sea."

"You starved and swam across the North Sea?"

"Hard to believe, isn't it? I was surprised myself at first after realizing what I did. After that, my only thought was to come here." Sirius simply continued on the conversation, disregarding the coldness of winter. "But as mad and impossible as it was, I didn't care, after remembering why I broke out in the first place. To fulfill my duty as godfather."

"Harry…" Lupin whispered though both McGonagall and Sirius heard it.

"Harry." Sirius nodded. "It hurts seeing what I have done by simply leaving him that night. Going after Peter instead of being the godfather that James and Lilly wanted me to be. I should have taken him in instead of letting Hagrid take him under Dumbledore's orders. "

There it was again, the anger within the escaped prisoner's eyes when he said Leader of the Light's name. It was as if the look destroyed everything he just said to the werewolf and the Animagus, after all this was a man believed to be a Death Eater and he seemed to be seethe in anger whenever he said Dumbledore's name.

"Those accursed Blood Wards are nothing but the lesser of two evils," said Sirius, arms crossed, "Between having him loved but still living in danger where Voldemort's followers could attack him, or living all hated and abused but still protected."

"I warned Albus, but he wouldn't listen." McGonagall shook her head, "I watched those Durleys the whole day I waited for Hagrid to bring the boy. They were the worst sort of muggles imaginable."

"A whole day?" Lupin looked at her.

"Of course it would take him a whole day, Hagrid can't actually Apparate or ride a broom, can he?" Sirius snorted, "Not that I hate the big lug or anything, I just don't know why Albus chose him of all people. All of us in the Order always knew it's not exactly easy for him to travel. I told him to wait there, I had to Apparate back home and bring over my bike for him to use."

It was then McGonagall finally knew why it took Hagrid so long. It wasn't like Sirius could perform side along apparition with the Groundskeeper of Hogwarts and Harry that night. Hagrid's half-giant blood would have messed up the magic in performing the apparition. It was faster for Sirius to bring over the bike and let Hagrid take it than for Hagrid to travel from Godric's Hollow to Little Whinging.

"You tracked Peter after that," stated Lupin.

Sirius nodded, "He wasn't hard to find, all I did was just trace his smell from the hiding place."

But before two could ask him about it, Sirius finally asked a question. "How did you two find me?"

"Sheer. Dumb. Luck." McGonagall answered. "I met Remus yesterday while I was visiting James and Lilly's graves at Godric's Hollow. I asked him if he wanted to join me in visiting a friend of mine, someone who I recently found out had been keeping watch of Harry under Albus' so called request. "

Remus was assessing Sirius, waiting for his reaction. Knowing him, Sirius had probably thought he had covered his tracks and hid well.

"Her name is Arabella Figg." Sirius definitely didn't expect that from his former Transfiguration teacher. "I take it you know her?"

"Harry talks about her, the only person he actually likes. Everyone else is too busy hating him, abusing him, or avoiding him." Sirius replied. "Old lady obsessed with cats, lives two blocks away. Gave him a hard time at first, a sweet person whenever Harry drops by when his 'family' goes out and must have someone to babysit him."

McGonagall exchanged looks with Lupin.


Arabella stared at her tea. "Albus told me to not tell the poor boy, said he was too young. All I was told to do was to give him a hard time. If those Dursleys found out he enjoys being under my care, they probably would find someone else to babysit him. Many times I watched him play with Mr. Tibbles and the others whenever he thought I wasn't there or asleep. I hated myself, every time I did. For the way I treated a boy, an abused boy, who likes playing with them. The Kneazles, the cats, and even the mixed told me I should have done better. Mr. Paws actually scratched me at one time when I was about to serve the boy a purposely ruined chocolate cake."

Their cups of tea were left forgotten.

"I respect Albus, I really do, Minerva. But I couldn't do it anymore. If I couldn't tell him anything, the least I could do for Harry was not to make things harder than it already is. I let him play with Mr. Tibbles and the rest, and always warned him to never let the Dursleys find out. It was better than boring him with the pictures of all the cats I've ever owned."

-End Flashback-

"Mr. Tibbles." said Sirius in remembering the times he spent with that cat.

Harry told him that the cat was just one of the many cats that his neighbor kept, nothing to be agitated about. The two spent their time at their hiding place as usual while the cat simply watched over them from a tree branch. Both Sirius and simply got along with Harry being their common interest. Unknown to him, the cat's intelligence and manner could be attributed to the fact that it was one eighth kneazle. Not that anyone else could have figured it anyways.

"Yes, Mr. Tibbles." McGonagall smiled, the look of a wizard's acknowledgment to a cat's intelligence always did make her happy, "I was surprised the moment Remus here became so worried when we found out Harry has been spending time with a big black dog. I thought he was being foolish, thinking it was a Grim, the usual rubbish that comes to mind for many whenever one thinks of a big black dog. Wanting to know more, where it is, immediately coming here the moment we got directions."

"You figured it out and took no chances. You always were the smarter one, Moony," Sirius complimented.

"I'd say we got lucky, Padfoot. Besides Minerva, Arabella probably wouldn't have told anyone else about Harry. Furthermore, who better to ask directions from a cat than an Animagus that can turn into one? She wouldn't have known that Harry's beloved dog is actually you, if I hadn't come along with her the entire time," said Lupin.

"What are we going to do about all this?" asked McGonagall.

"One thing I want to make it clear is that I'm staying here. I'm much better off looking out after him whenever he walks outside the blood ward." Sirius started off. "Figg has her pets keeping an eye on Harry. But it still isn't enough, it might be all too late by the time she contacts for help."

"And an Animagus with no wand like you is better?" Lupin smirked.

"Better than Squib at least." Sirius replied with his own smirk.

"Why won't you just confess everything? We'll come with you, I can have Albus-" suggested McGonagall.

"No! Not Dumbledore!" Sirius bit off. "If he could have or wanted to actually do anything, he would already have eight years ago before I got sent to Azkaban. Without a trial."

"But-" again McGonagall didn't get a chance to finish.

"No!" Sirius wouldn't listen, already knowing what they were thinking of. After all, he himself did have the same thoughts. "They sent me to Azkaban without a trial. Remus! Minerva! They gave trials to all captured Death Eaters, but not for me. You think they'd listen? The Aurors won't take any chances. I am, let's face it, a so called dangerous prisoner with powerful dark arts for escaping Azkaban. They'll have me receive the Dementor's Kiss rather than listen let alone believe to what I have to say. I won't, not now at least."

The last part appeased Lupin and McGonagall for the moment.

It was until late of night that the two wizards and the witch talked, mostly about Harry. The times Sirius wanted to do something about the Dursleys, he found out his godson had been having a rough time, which was often. Something had to be done, and yet they knew it had to be kept a secret from Dumbledore. As great as he was, the old wizard had been wrong in whatever he did whenever Harry was involved in some way or another. Sirius didn't want to take chances with Dumbledore in mind, at least until the time seemed right.

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I had a hard time thinking of the title and the summary than the story itself. But I'm happy with the title 'I'm a what?' after some deep thought and reviewing the movies. I remembered him reacting pretty much the same in two movies, I checked just in case and I was right.

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's/Philosopher's Stone:

"You're a wizard, Harry." smiled Hagrid.

"I'm a what?"

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

Ron remarked, "You're a Parselmouth. Why didn't you tell us?"

"I'm a what?"

2. Confrontations

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It was a dream; he knew it was a dream, the fact that he stood knee deep in a stream where with mountains all around, admiring Mother Nature that was his dreamscape. He had never seen such a plain of green grass before, clear blue cloudless sky, crystal clear flowing water and breathed such refreshing air.

"Whoa…" Harry was mesmerized.

A gentle breeze swept by, he actually closed his eyes and chuckled as he felt it over his messy hair and skin. When he opened his eyes, he saw a stag and a doe on one side of the stream. Before he could say anything, he felt something behind him and quickly turned around. On the other side of the stream was Snuffles, with his tongue out and wagging his tail excitedly. He took a quick a glance at the stag and doe, then back at Snuffles. Snuffles was no longer alone, a snowy owl was perched on his head, a tabby cat stood by his left, a wolf on his right, while a fox, an otter, and a hedgehog were in a line up front.

"Snuffles?"Harry was puzzled. "Are they your friends?"

The snow white owl took flight, straight towards him which Harry proceeded to held out his arm. It landed while hooting proudly with its puffed out feathery chest.

"Hello." Harry smiled.

It hooted back while looking at him with its amber yellow eyes.

"Do you want to be my friend too?" asked Harry.

Another flap of its wings, the owl flew back onto Snuffle's head. Again it hooted, with its head went up and down beckoning Harry to come join them. Harry walked gingerly through the stream's current, keeping his eye on the small group of animals the whole time. When he finally walked out of the stream, he could no longer hear the flow. His dreamscape changed as the stream and the other side of it where the stag and doe once stood completely disappeared. He was suddenly standing at the edge of a cliff, in which the sound of the stream had been replaced with the loud crashing of waves down below. The other side was now the sea that stretched out to the horizon, this was another scene that Harry had never seen before in his entire life.

"Is that the sea?" Harry slowly looked from left to right, admiring the view.

Snuffles merely barked, while the rest approached him.

A myriad of animals began to pop up into existence all around Harry, he was taken aback by the sheer number of animals he had never seen or even thought existed. Numerous land creatures big and small, from domestic to wild, of the frigid polar ice to those of the hot desert sands, stood in gathering across the plain. It didn't matter if there were animals that Harry had never heard or read about, whether he knew what they were or not, it was beyond doubt entrancing.

When Harry looked up, he saw so many birds and bats fly up above in circle. They were much more difficult to be distinguished, but Harry was captivated just the same. Some repeatedly flapped their wings while others simply seem to spread out their wings and merely soar. The brief blow of water from the sea alerted Harry that it was from a whale's blow hole, he was then shown the simultaneous breeching of a dolphin, a killer whale, and a great white shark.

"This… This is… wow, Snuffles," Harry was almost speechless, there were probably just as many if not more creatures swimming in the water that he just couldn't see.

It was then all the creatures of the land, air, and sea simultaneously began making noises. Roars, howls, barks, squawks, screeches, croaks, hisses, along with stomps of hooves or paws could be heard. Harry noticed them glowing white altogether, the light all around him became brighter and brighter though he simply stood there. He didn't shield himself with his hands, his eyes didn't shut, nor did he turn away from all the bright lights.

Harry woke up, finding himself resting his back against a tree and the book 'A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration' on his lap.

"Had a nice nap, Harry?"

Said boy was at his godfather's hiding place, the same place he had been going for almost two years. At first to spend time with a big black shaggy dog at its den, now to spend time with his godfather, and occasionally visited by a werewolf and a cat Animagus. One of Mrs. Figg's pets did accompany Harry from time to time. His godfather smiled from where he sat, by the entrance of the den, where several books lay all around on the ground. The den was concealed amongst the trees and thick bushes, also surrounded by Muggle repelling wards.

"Hm? Oh yeah," Harry momentarily lifted his glasses and rubbed his eyes, "I had that dream again."

Harry could never really remember what the dream was about; all he could remember was the blinding white light. Though he always did feel completely invigorated every time he woke up from that dream, something that Sirius wasn't worried about. Both McGonagall and Lupin had given Harry a lot of books to read, some stored at Mrs. Figg's house while others in Sirius' den. His favorite book was 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' by Newt Scamander. Harry stared at the Transfiguration book before him, it had been a gift from 'Aunt Minnie', and he had been reading it from cover to cover again and again ever since. He frowned, albeit only slightly, upon thinking the overall content of the book and the basic theory of Transfiguration and its branches of magic.

"You want to tell me what's wrong?" asked Sirius.

"It's nothing," Harry's frown disappeared.

"Come on now, you know I'll keep asking you until you tell me what's on your mind." Sirius quickly got up and sat beside Harry, "now tell me."

"Is it really hard? I mean," Harry flipped through the pages, and looked at his godfather, "Aunt Minnie told me Transfiguration is the hardest thing I'll learn in Hogwarts."

"That's what got you worried?" Sirius

It still tickled Sirius' funny bone whenever Harry called her 'Aunt Minnie', the witch was well known as a serious, stern, and emotionally composed disciplinarian at Hogwarts. As professional as she was, she did have a close relation with Lilly, and showed a softer side to the Potters. Sirius could still remember the look of her face when one year old Harry had called her 'Unnie Minnie' after much of James' teasing when she had dropped by.

"How hard is it? Learning how to change into an animal? Because I really want to become just like you," Harry finally confessed, "Aunt Minnie, and my dad…"

To Harry, the magic that is Transfiguration interested him more than any other subjects, much to McGonagall's delight. Sirius finally knew the reason why, the first performance of magic Harry had seen was of his dog turning into a human. Apparently Harry's interest in Transfiguration was more because of his interest in becoming an Animagus.

"You want to become an Animagus?" Sirius raised an eyebrow.

"Of course!" The excitement in Harry's eyes made it even harder for Sirius as he thought about the idea.

"Already planned of exploring Hogwarts under a full moon with the friends you'll make?" Sirius joked.

"May be," Harry had never really thought about it, he looked at his godfather, "it doesn't actually have to be during a full moon."

Sirius laughed, and proceeded to ruffling Harry's already messy hair. Harry looked happy at the prospect of making friends of his age.

"You'll get to make the best of friends there," assured Sirius.

"You really think so?" asked Harry.

"I know you will. Let me tell you the one thing your father told me about friends, it was when I had ran away and stayed with the Potters. The same thing your grandfather taught your father."

Sirius always had Harry's undivided attention, just as Harry always had his.

"Be the best person you can be to those around you, no matter what. Trust your friends, believe in them. Don't let anything get in between you and your friends. One of the greatest things about your father was his unwavering trust in his friends; in me, in Remus, and even Peter…" Sirius trailed off and sucked a breath. "Peter's betrayal of your father's trust shouldn't stop you from trusting your friends."

Funny, the first time he heard it he wondered it sounded more along the lines of a Hufflepuff rather than a Gryffindor. Perhaps it was more of the courage in facing any adversity because of a friend, to let nothing falter one's belief for his friend.

"I won't." Harry took the lesson to heart.

"Minerva meant every word she said, Harry. I'll admit, Transfiguration was the hardest compared to all the other subjects, your father and I spent three years becoming Animagi. James always seemed to have a knack for Transfiguration. He was always better than me and Remus ever since I could remember." Sirius reminisced his years at Hogwarts. "Do you think you'll be up for it?"

"So you'll teach me?"

"Either that or you'll be trying to learn it in secret." Sirius answered, "At least with me keeping an eye on things, it wouldn't be too hard or dangerous. Not sure what Minerva would say about this if she finds out. On one hand, she knows a whole lot about Transfiguration more than I ever will. If we're lucky, she might even give you lessons by the time she finds out."

"Doesn't matter. Promise you'll teach me?"

"I promise." Sirius assured him.

"Do you think I'll have to register like Aunt Minnie?"

Sirius snorted, "I think we'd be better off being our little secret, Harry."

Being by Harry's side was changing Sirius just as much all those dreaded years in Azkaban had done to him. Sirius would spend most of his time in contemplation of his godson whenever Harry wasn't around. While he was known to be courageous and loyal, he too was known for his recklessness, immaturity, and ill temper. Sirius hated to deny it, but Remus once pointed out he was quite vicious to those he loathed, particularly his so called prank in telling Snape the way to the Shrieking Shack. Almost killing Severus, exposing Remus' secret as a werewolf at the time, and expulsion was the least of the Marauders' concern if the 'prank' actually worked.

It was the reason that totally surprised him when James and Lilly made him Harry's godfather, he knew he was very close to James but at the same time thought Lupin was the better man. Sirius even asked if this was some sort of prank, James had a good laugh because of it though Lilly only assured him it wasn't. If there was one thing he really benefited from Azkaban, it was the strengthening of his resolve to become the godfather he was meant to be.

'Well, you two, how am I doing?' Sirius looked up at the canopy of leaves where rays of sunlight beamed in between. 'Not too bad of a godfather, I hope.'

"Hey Sirius?" Harry asked tentatively.


"I'm really glad you're my godfather," Harry grinned, the happiest Sirius had ever seen him.

"I'm glad too, Harry," Sirius sighed as he savored this moment, just adding another memory of their time together. "I really am."

May be it was pure coincidence, or some assurance that he was on the right track, but it really didn't matter, not to escaped prisoner.


Harry woke up to the sound of thunder booming and storm pelting against the window. It was raining, hard, judging by the constant rain drops that pelted on the dull window panes. The flashes of lightning, the rumbling of thunder, and the crashing waves over the rocky island didn't stop the island's four guests from sleeping. It was no good night's sleep, despite the tedious day spent to reach the place. Apparently this would be the second place Harry had ever slept besides his cupboard under the stairs. The other place was Mrs. Figg's house in which he stayed over whenever the Dursleys went out on vacation.

Though he couldn't really say this was improvement. It was much bigger, but was also dustier and had a mustier smell altogether than his cupboard. Harry didn't know how in the world his uncle, Vernon, found out about such a place to hide. He didn't even know why such place existed in the middle of nowhere in the place. This was a sad excuse of a human dwelling on an island that was made up mostly of rocks in god knows where.

"Ouch." Harry winced a bit as he felt the fabric of his shirt shift over his back.

The pain on his back had forced him to sleep on his stomach ever since Vernon had whipped him on the day he got his letter. Yells ensued on that morning; Harry told them he knew that he was a wizard, the truth about his parents, and Hogwarts. Petunia figured out that someone somewhere in Little Whinging was a freak just like her nephew. All those times he spent outside the house, it made Petunia remember of her sister, Lilly, and the long haired pale boy. It had been the most painful whipping, Vernon yelled at Harry for his insolence, ungratefulness, and most important of all, thinking he could beat the magic out of him.

Harry stared at the drawing of a birthday cake complete with eleven candles and the words 'Happy Birthday' on the dusty floor, it had been wiped away just before he slept. He wished to be back home as soon as possible, not the cupboard at Number Four Privet Drive, but where he usually meet his surrogate family.

He had been beyond happy when he turned ten, the very first time he had ever celebrated his belated birthday with his cherished family. Thanks to them, he now had clothes and trainers that actually fit. Before he could say anything when he had received his gifts, McGonagall told him that the clothes and trainers had special charms and spells that kept Muggles from noticing them. The Durleys wouldn't notice anything; Petunia herself could hang and fold yet still not notice them. Not that she has ever done so ever since Harry handled washing, hanging, and ironing his own clothes.

Three Dursleys and a Potter sat together just about to eat their breakfast, canned baked beans, when they all heard sounds coming from the chimney. Petunia worriedly turned to her husband who was fetching the shot gun that lay upright on the nearby wall. Harry wondered what his uncle would do next if more letters would flood down the chimney. Would his uncle finally give up and simply hand over the letter? Would he end up getting more whippings from his uncle?

An owl fell down, all black being covered in soot, and flapped its wings in attempt to shake off the soot off its feathers. Upon laying its eyes on Harry, it slowly walked towards him reminiscent to that of a penguin, with a letter in its beak. Vernon finally snapped upon such sight, he could no longer tolerate all the craziness anymore.

"Blasted owl," He closed one eye as he leveled his shotgun, slipped one pudgy finger by the trigger, and took aim at the owl.

"No!" Harry lunged from his seat and grabbed onto Vernon's shotgun seconds before it fired.

The missed shot caused a lamp next to the sofa to be shatter into smithereens, the owl screeched in panic upon hearing the gun shot. Harry fell onto the floor after Vernon easily wretched the shot gun off out from Harry's hold.

"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ALL THIS, BOY! YOU HEAR ME!" Vernon shouted, looking down at his nephew. "NO MORE!"

The owl then landed between them, dropped the letter on the floor, and screeched angrily at Vernon.

"You've mailed your last letter, bird," Vernon readied his shot gun and took aim again.

"Don't shoot it!" Harry lunged and grabbed hold of the owl.

"Oh yes I will! You think I'm going to give in? Let you go to that school of freaks?" Vernon narrowed his eyes.

"I won't let you shoot it! I won't! You can tear the letter! Whip me again for all I care. I don't care. Just leave it alone." Harry held the own closer and turned away, looking at his uncle over his shoulder.

"I'm going to blow that bag of feathers, boy, then the next one, and the next one. I'll shoot them all down! Each and every single owl they'll send. Maybe then they'll get the message, and finally stop sending the blasted letters."

"If you're going to shoot it, you'll have to shoot me too!" Harry yelled.

Perhaps it was the stress of being bombarded by the letters day after day, the tiresome journey they went through to reach the hut on the rock in the middle of nowhere. May be it was the lack of proper sleep, the uncomfortable bed, or the hunger. Whatever it was, Vernon Dursleys had chosen the wrong words to shout at his nephew.


Suddenly a blast disintegrated the front door into fine sawdust and grains of metal, startling Harry and the Dursleys from the argument. It was one of the rare times in Harry's entire life to ever see McGonagall, Remus, and Snuffles utterly furious.

"What now? Who are you people and wha-" "Vernon stopped yelling, realizing the witch's hat and the robes that Minerva wore, most importantly the wand in her.

He knew full well she had just used to blast the door off its hinges. However it was the man who stood in between the old woman and the extremely shabby clothed man that completely made Vernon and Petunia pale in fear. Sirius was snarling, nothing a man should be able to, regardless of the fact he wasn't Snuffles, and hastily walked towards the four of them.

"Aunt Minnie…Remus… Sirius…" Harry murmured.

The last name jolted the memories of Vernon and Petunia when they thought they've seen the shaggy man before. He was the escaped prisoner, serial murderer announced in the television and newspapers almost two years ago. Petunia and Dudley screamed while Vernon flinched and dropped his shotgun when it had instantly imploded itself under intense pressure of magic. It was now nothing more but a crushed mass of pressurized metal and splintered wood. Dudley tried to hide behind his mother, though it looked ridiculous considering he was quite fat while she was so thin. Vernon looked down at what was once was his shotgun, and then back at Sirius.

"You… you… you're one of them…" Vernon stuttered, realizing the mass murderer was a wizard.

"You're bloody hell right, I am! You accursed piece of swine! You have just abused my godson for the last time!" Sirius yelled.

"G… g... godson?" Petunia shakily looked at Harry and then at Sirius.

"Harry?" McGonagall quickly headed towards the said boy, Lupin right behind her.

"I should curse you right here, right now, Dursley." Sirius' glare on the fat man in front of him intensified, "Change you into a swine, but then what difference would that make? May be I should change you into a fish, and throw you out to sea. No, that would be too easy. What do you two think I should do with them?"

Lupin was helping Harry onto his feet in which the owl hopped out from his hold and flew onto McGonagall's shoulder. Harry hugged the old witch like he always did whenever she came by. She only visited them during the summer, though there were the rare times she did during weekends. Sirius told him that McGonagall was probably skipping a trip to Hogsmeade.

"You actually came," said Harry.

"Of course we came," Lupin turned to the Dursleys, "We're sorry it took so long."

McGonagall hugged back, though Harry cringed and drew back in response. Sirius knew exactly why Harry did just that.

"The bastard whipped you, didn't he?" Sirius knelt down to Harry's back.

Harry remembered the day they looked at his back, it was when he had accidentally shown them on his tenth birthday. Both McGonagall and Lupin gave Harry some of the books of the wizarding world, though Harry wouldn't care less the fact that Lupin's were old. McGonagall had also given his a set of clothes, ones that actually fit him, with charms and spells that would avoid the Dursleys from noticing them. In his excitement of the celebration of his birthday, he had forgotten about the scars on his lower back which Sirius noticed straight away. As much as Lupin hated it, he had to hold Sirius down from rushing straight towards the Dursleys' house.

It was several days later after his birthday that McGonagall brought various potions and salves, of Poppy Pomfrey's recommendations, for Harry's scar and his overall health.

Harry didn't know what to say to Sirius, he couldn't lie to his godfather since this was no trivial matter. He couldn't just tell him to forget about it. It hurt, but at the same time he didn't want Sirius to get angrier than he already was. Would Sirius somehow hurt them? Did he really want Sirius to hurt them, hurt Vernon in particular, like they did to him?

"Dear Merlin," McGonagall covered her mouth in shock.

Lupin glowered at the Dursleys, though he was well prepared to stop Sirius should the Animagus try to harm the Dursleys. Not that they didn't deserve it. Sirius didn't care if his teeth were going to crack from how hard he was gritting his teeth.

"You're not going to live with them ever again, Harry." Sirius looked at the Animagus and the werewolf. "He's moving out, it's now or never. Arabella would be more than happy to have Harry live with her. You said that yourself."

"He's right, Minerva," agreed Lupin.

"But something has to be done about the wards, they'll alert Albus. He'll know, and as much as we all hate to admit it, Arabella's place can't protect Harry like those blood wards can." replied McGonagall.

"Vernon. That cat crazed woman is a freak too…" Petunia mumbled, upon realizing their neighbor's full name, Vernon merely snorted.

Harry grimaced and was about to say something to that insult, though McGonagall was faster.

"Mrs. Dursley, I'd appreciate it if you remain quite, especially since you have just insulted my friend."

"How about we all sit down?" Lupin tried to ease the tension in the air.

"I rather stand. You heard him! Sit and keep your mouths shut, all three of you. You'll talk only when we're talking to you. Well? ARE YOU ALL DEAF? SIT DOWN!" Sirius startled the Dursleys with his yell.

The Dursleys sat back on the chairs, their breakfast of baked beans left unfinished on the table was the last thing on their minds.

"Sirius." Lupin called out to him.

"They deserved that and more, Remus, you know that." Sirius kept his eyes on the three Muggles "Not so nice being the ones yelled at, is it?"

"Let's get back to our conversation about the wards, I think it's safe to say they won't alert Dumbledore," said Lupin.

"But Albus pinpointed out Harry's location to all the way here. He would have sent Hagrid here instead if I hadn't alerted volunteered to see Harry myself."

"He can find Harry's location anytime he wants as long as those blood wards exist, I'll give him that." admitted Sirius, he then pointed out, "But he can't monitor Harry all the time. He wouldn't have looked for Harry if Arabella hadn't told him in the first place. Like I've said, he's only aware of the blood wards' existence."

"As long as they're still there and Arabella tells him everything's fine, he won't bother checking up on Harry," added Lupin.

"But what about the protection of the blood wards? It's the best we've got, Arabella can't protect him." McGonagall pointed out.

"She won't have to. We're still using them, after all Arabella's house is also within those wards," Sirius replied, he beamed upon McGonagall's realization. "Remus and l had our suspicions since they would leave Harry at her house whenever they go on their little trips or vacations. Harry would still be protected, even if he wasn't staying at their house."

"I've already checked the exact locations of the wards, we were right," Lupin nodded, "Dumbledore won't know since Harry would still stay within the wards."

"Are you two sure about this?" asked McGonagall.

"As serious as my own name," answered Sirius, Lupin nodded, he then looked at his godson, "How about it, Harry?"

"You mean live with Mrs. Figg?" asked Harry incredulously.

"Well? I'm sure living in a house of cats is a whole lot better than with these three." Sirius glanced at the Dursleys then back at his godson.

"Of course!" Harry jumped at the opportunity, "Are you sure it's alright with her? I could help out, with the cooking and gardening."

"We already said it, didn't we? Arabella will be more than happy to have you. Don't worry, you won't trouble her," said Lupin, picking up the letter on floor. "I know you've been waiting a long time to read this letter ever since we told you about Hogwarts."

"He's not the only one," said Sirius, both Lupin and McGonagall knew what he meant.

So Harry did and read the content out loud. "Dear Mr. Potter, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"That settles that." Lupin turned to the Dursleys, "Harry's moving out. You'll never have to deal him under your house ever again."

"And maybe we won't have to deal with you too." Sirius added.

"That's it? We took him as that old crack pot told us to, clothed him, fed him, sent him to school, and we get nothing in return?" asked Vernon. "That old man made us take him into our house, while you were probably too busy rotting in prison or too busy killing people like us?"

"What did you just say?" Sirius shook in anger, rage returned to his widened eyes. "You only gave him clothes that no longer fit that pig of a son of yours! You made him cook the food that you eat, feed him just enough just so he doesn't starve. Just so people won't ask questions. You. Starve. Him. For. Days. As. Punishment."

Vernon was about to interrupt him, but Sirius continued on with his magic radiating into the air.


"Like we've said, we'll take care of him from now on." Lupin pulled Sirius back. "I'm a bit surprised at you, Sirius, I thought you would have at least punched him in the face."

"Oh believe me, you have no idea how much I want to." Sirius's fists shook, his fingernails almost cutting into his palm.

"Mr. Black here was framed, he never killed those Muggles, it was someone else." McGonagall looked at Petunia, "The same person who betrayed your sister and brother-in-law and lead their killer to their home,"

"Voldemort…" Petunia whispered to no one.

Realizing what she had just said, with everyone had heard and looking her, she clapped a hand over her mouth as if she had said a foul word. As much as Petunia hated her sister, she had asked Dumbledore who had killed her sister and remembered the name. Harry lost his mother, she lost a sister that Halloween night.

"F-f-fine! Good riddance, he's all yours. I will not spend a single penny or do anything for the boy ever again. You can go and learn your little magic tricks for all I care," replied Vernon.

"Oh Vernon, what will the neighbors say?" Petunia wondered nervously. "What if he finds out?"

"Who? That old bearded buffoon? I couldn't care less what he'll do. Let them settle it amongst themselves." Vernon's mustache twitched left to right as he thought up ideas, "As for the neighbors, we'll just make something up like we always do whenever anyone asks about the boy."

Sirius, Lupin, and McGonagall looked at one another, despite Arabella being the only contact that Dumbledore has in Little Whinging, they shudder to think if the Dursleys spill everything to Dumbledore.

"If Dumbledore ever does ask, just say he's staying with Arabella for a while, understand? This will be our little secret. No one has to know, not even him," said Lupin.

"As long as he's out of my house and I won't have to deal with all this unnaturalness ever again," replied Vernon, he sneered at Harry. "But if anything ever happens to them, if they get themselves in a mess and get blown up like your parents were, don't expect us to take you back, boy."

A shimmering glass-like shield appeared in front of Dursley, its strength evident from its visibility, cast by McGonagall silently. Sirius did nothing but glared at Vernon with utmost loathing, he never thought he'd hate someone more than he ever hated Snape.

"If I wanted to attack him, I would have already bit and torn his neck apart before you two could have done anything about it," said Sirius, slowly backed away.

He turned into the big black dog in an instant, causing all three Dursleys to scream, he was going to make them truly understand what he just said. He scared the Durleys even further with his vicious barks and snaps of his fangs. Vernon cursed as he fell off his toppled seat in trying to back away, while Petunia and Dudley were left shaking and whimpering after the initial loud screams of terror from the transformation. Sirius changed back just as fast, yet both Lupin and McGonagall didn't even show any of disapproval at his recent acts of intimidation.

"I think you've made your point, Sirius," commented Lupin.

"Enough of that, Sirius," ordered McGonagall.

McGonagall didn't really feel she needed to reprimand Sirius of his outburst. Sirius hadn't done any physical or magical assault, though she could very intervene the very second he would despite what he had said. They all remained silent, minutes passed by, each looking at one another. Just when the Dursleys thought the discussion has ended, McGonagall walked and stopped in front of the Dursleys.

"There's still the fact that Harry has to visit the house from time to time." McGonagall pointed out.

"What?" Harry turned his head to her.

Vernon would have asked too, if he wasn't paralyzed in fear from Sirius' transformation. Sirius forgot about clearing that topic with the Dursleys, now remembered about the fact that the wards had to be recharged. McGonagall had asked Dumbledore about Harry's status once he started going to Hogwarts, once the wizarding world knows the Boy-Who-Lived has returned. Harry would still have to go back to the Dursleys during the summer holidays.

"I knew we were forgetting something," muttered Lupin.

"Harry has to be close to her in order to charge the wards," McGonagall looked at Petunia. "The closer and longer they stay together, the faster the ward charges."

Minerva had done her research on blood wards whenever she had spare time, reading most of the books from the forbidden section of Hogwart's library.

Sirius grimaced in frustration, "How often?"

"Since the wards are already charged, Harry won't have to do anything until he returns from Hogwarts next year," answered Lupin, which calmed Harry a bit.

"As for the exact duration of the charging, I'm not sure. I will have to inspect the blood wards myself." McGonagall frowned.

"I could go there and continue gardening every morning. Water the plants, pull weeds, stuff like that …" Harry suggested, he now had all their attention. "If I have to, then help prepare breakfast and dinner? As long as I get to stay with Mrs. Fig, I don't think I care doing all that."

"You don't have to, Harry." Sirius commented with a grimace.

"But I want to. I mean… If there was anything I liked there, it's the cooking and gardening."

This somehow had piqued Lupin, McGonagall and Petunia's interest, again with Harry's offer of cooking and gardening again. Meanwhile Vernon, Sirius, and Dudley were left baffled, wondering what Harry was talking about.

"The few times I felt happy, even though I hated it at first, was cooking and gardening. All the work I put into, even if I had to, I got to enjoy it in the end. Aunt Petunia taught me how to cook and do the gardening. She turns on the telly in the kitchen and doesn't stop me from watching those cooking shows. Whenever I did watch, all those chefs always looked happy, excited, and some time later I felt a bit of that too… tasting and eating what I cooked, even if I got to eat a little of it… It's same for the garden too, all that work I…" Harry trailed off, definitely felt uneasy at the looks they were giving him.

He was sure Uncle Vernon thought that he was mad or something, Petunia on the other hand somehow felt guilt and shame. McGonagall seemed like she was about to cry judging by her puffy eyes, though she managed to control herself by simply pursing her lips tight for a second. Sirius took a deep breath, looked up the ceiling as he closed his eyes, and sighed.

"You may look like James on the outside, but you definitely have your mother's heart, Harry," commented Lupin, lightly patting Harry's shoulder.

"That he does, Remus," agreed McGonagall.

"They don't deserve your help," said Sirius.

"I'm sure we'll work something out," replied Lupin.

"Let's go. I don't know how long I can stay here without cursing them," said Sirius.

"I'll carry your bag, Harry," Lupin made his way to the bag by the sofa, easily recognizable given the poor state it was and Harry's smell from it.

Harry slowly followed after McGonagall, Lupin and Sirius right behind them. The witch waved her wand as she stood by the door frame, causing all the debris and splinters of wood to gather and formed into the front door. The door attached itself back in place though still opened for the three of them to pass. Sirius spared one last look of disgust at the Dursleys and left, and slammed the door shut behind him.

"To think someone like her is related to Lilly and the Evans," muttered Sirius.

"Who are you to say that? Oh Mr. Sirius of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black," smiled Lupin.

"Don't remind me," said Sirius.

When McGonagall told Harry to hold her hand, he knew they were going to Apparate.

"Where are we going?" wondered Harry.

"Arabella's, we need to tell her about this little turn of events and your change of accommodation. Treat your back while we're at it," Sirius frowned at the last bit.

"After that?"

"We go and celebrate your birthday," Lupin smiled, so did Sirius and McGonagall.

"You told me that cousin of yours went to some zoo in Surrey for his birthday," said Sirius.

"Yeah, are we going there too?" asked Harry, all excited.

"No," Sirius smiled even wider, "We're taking you to the London Zoo."

Sirius, Lupin, and McGonagall had a long discussion about the trip to the zoo several days ago. A lot of persuasions had to be done. Both Sirius and Lupin had to persuade McGonagall into postponing the trip to Diagon Alley. Lupin had to be persuaded into joining McGonagall and Harry for that trip, convincing him that Harry would have wanted him to be there regardless of his werewolf status. In turn, much to McGonagall's initial disapproval, Lupin persuaded Sirius to join them in their trip to the zoo. Muggles and wizards wouldn't recognize Sirius once they've cast a glamour on him.

It was after the eventful day at the zoo, after dinner at Mrs. Figg's house, that they told Harry of the bad news.

Sirius had to leave, all of them begrudgingly agreed it was the only way, before Harry goes to Hogwarts. He would have to purposely reveal himself every now and then. If not, Fudge would continue on with the plan he had discussed with Dumbledore and the twelve Governors of Hogwarts School. The plan of having Dementors stationed around Hogwarts, as a precaution against Sirius. It had to be done because the Aurors had to know that he was far away, away from the British Isles. To convince the wizarding world that he wasn't after Harry, the belief that had everyone worried since the day he escaped Azkaban two years ago.

++Sneak peek++

"Oh my… I can't believe I've almost forgot about this particular wand." Ollivander opened the box, and actually used a levitating charm on the wand to remove and inspect it up close. "Everything similar with the wand you just tried, holly and eleven inches, aside from the cores of course. The core of the previous wand was phoenix tail feather, while this wand's core is…" He trailed off upon running the tip of his forefinger across the wand's smooth surface. "Ah, yes… Ferocious as ever."

"Ferocious?" Harry echoed.

McGonagall and Lupin seemed perturbed just the same.

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