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Lover I Don't Have to Love by Liz21

Lover I Don't Have to Love


Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for the idea. Anything Harry Potter related is JK Rowling's, and the title is from Bright Eyes.

Summary: Love was just an excuse to get hurt, and to hurt. That's why we both wanted a lover we didn't have to love. One-shot fic.

Inspired by "Lover I Don't Have to Love" by Bright Eyes


Lover I Don't Have to Love


Who knows if she purposely sought me out from the beginning? Maybe she had been watching me months leading up to her approach, or maybe she was so desperate for a release that she came to the first person she saw. I never did ask her why me of all people, but it was never my place to. After all, we were lovers, not friends.

Throughout the two months we have shared each other's beds, she has only said one thing to me, which I responded to in actions instead of words.

It was after midnight, and I was just finishing my nightly rounds as Head Boy. I was satisfied with a night's work, but tired and wanted nothing more than to lie down in my huge, personalized king size bed. That's when I saw her standing near my entrance.

"Weasley," I started off, a bit surprised to see her, even though I would never admit that to her. She continued to stare at the portrait of myself, which secured the entrance to my room. She just stood there, her straight fiery hair touching the middle of her back, her lean body standing perfectly still. She seemed to be waiting for the perfect opportunity to speak.

Her silence did not surprise me. I've rarely paid attention to her all my years at Hogwarts, and barely took any more notice into the beauty she grew into her 6th year. It was hard to notice someone, beautiful or not, who always stood in the shadows of people, who always had their head down and acted as if it would be too much of a bother to be social every once in awhile.

I sighed loudly as I trailed my fingers through my light blonde hair that now hung free of gel. "Do you want something, Weasley?" I asked as I approached her closer, half thinking of just shoving her out of the way.

Her head turned to me, and even I, Draco Malfoy, had to swallow my own words at her expression. Her brown eyes were dull as they always were, along with her pale, fine face and the freckles that came with it. But it wasn't her natural beauty that made me still for her response; it was the sudden seriousness in her face.

"I want a lover I don't have to love," her soft voice said, plain and simple.

She was silent again after her statement, and that was all I needed to understand her purpose of being here. Maybe it was the fact that I did find her attractive, or the fact that I too wanted a lover I didn't have to love. Whatever it was, it hit me right then when I slowly nodded before speaking out the password to my private corridors. I never took my gray eyes off hers as she took my extended hand and let her inside and to my bed.

Those who are shy are often thought intimidated as well, but she never flinched when my hand found her breast as my lips trailed up her neck. I paused as they reached her lips, and hovered there for a moment, wondering if kissing would be too personal. She answered my question by clutching her hands into my hair and pulling me to her lips, already open to my searching tongue.

Neither one of us had the upper hand, or was in charge. We were not romantic by taking each other's clothes off slowly; savoring each moment with light kisses to naked shoulders. All that mattered to either of us was that the clothes came off quickly; no matter they were ripped or taken off frantically by each other.

We stood standing for several more minutes, kissing each other deeply as our naked bodies pressed desperately against each other. I pulled at her red locks in response to her pressing hard into my erection, making a small moan escape her swollen lips.

She broke away from me, and when I opened my eyes at the lost contact I saw that she had already took part on lying on her back in the middle of my bed. Her hair laid out on the pillow like a halo for the angel she was not, her legs slightly spread, ready for me.

I slowly crawled over her body, almost cat-like, our skin barely grazing against each other. I briefly rested at her lips before moving back down again, trailing my tongue to her nipple, already hard with arousal. I took it into my mouth, making her gasp loudly as my tongue flicked it harshly. I sucked harder on it, wanting another moan to escape her lips, but instead of any noise she showed her approval by grasping my erection into her hand.

It was I who let out the next groan, letting go of her breast as I took a moment to breathe properly. My breaths grew sharper each time her hold on me moved up and down my length, and I had to put my elbows on either side of her to steady myself. I looked up into her eyes, half closed with lust, just as I knew mine were.

The more she pumped me, the more I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. I gradually moved from my position and continued downward with kisses towards her navel, where I was no longer in her reaching distance. My trail ended at her trimmed, red crotch, where she was already tense with anticipation.

Moving her thighs a bit farther apart, I settled myself down in-between her legs. Once I was comfortable and in best position, I eagerly probed her clitoris with my tongue.

Her hips immediately jumped at my touch, making me all the eager and more excited. I quickly took her tiny bundle of nerves into my mouth, my sucking on it increasing with her moans. I couldn't help but smirk right before I slid two fingers into her, knowing exactly what kind of response I would get from her.

Her hips jumped again, but this time to meet my fingers eagerly. Instead of settling down, they would lower before thrusting up again, making my fingers go farther inside of her. Random words started to escape her lips, "Oh, Merlin," or even "Harder" when I slammed my fingers into her. She almost said my name, but only got half way through it before I pulled my wet fingers out.

She whined at the sudden loss, but quickly quieted as I put my body weight on top of her. I positioned myself between her still open legs, and lightly teased her entrance with my penis. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me down to her lips as she bucked her hips to meet me.

Without warning, I slammed myself into her. Grunts both escaped our mouths, and for a brief second I wondered if hers was from pain, but I didn't recall breaking through any barrier. She was not a virgin, which didn't matter much, because neither was I.

Before I moved again, she wrapped her legs around me, giving me more access to her. Pulling out completely, I thrusted back into her over and over again, each time harder than the last.

Her moans grew louder as her ecstasy increased. Sweat dripped from my brow as I leaned down to capture her lips between grunts that escaped my own mouth.

"Oh god, Ginny," I moaned loudly as she squeezed her inner muscles around me.

Her eyes widened a bit at hearing her name roll off my lips so naturally, and come to think of it, that was the first and last time our first names were said to each other.

I knew she was close by looking at her face. Her mouth was hanging open, her lips occasionally moving to express the pleasure she was feeling. I almost mistaken her eyes for being close, but it was just her lids begin close together as possible while still being able to see.

She gave her last cry as she hit climax, her eyes this time closing to a shut as if savoring all the feelings that were going through her body. I pumped into her once, twice, three more times until I matched her scream with my own as I poured my seed into her.

After nudging her numb legs down, I collapsed onto her. Our breaths were heavy, and I could feel her heart beating against my sweaty skin. We lay like that until my body stopped shuddering from my orgasm and I was able to move off of her.

She didn't stay the night, just as she still does now, two months later. Once the sex is over and we both hit climax, we put our clothes back on in the silence that always floated between us. Before she left my room, she turned around and instead of a vocal agreement; we stared at each other, knowing that this would not be the last of it.

Every night since then, she would meet me at my room just after midnight. No words were ever exchanged before or after sex, and even in-between we were too preoccupied to even be able to form real words or sentences.

No one suspected that little, shy Ginny Weasley was my lover, but we never gave them a reason to. She continued to hide in the shadows, and I continued to pester her brother and Potter with all my might. I never gave her secret glances at dinner, or sent her notes in-between class, and she in turn never tried to make what we had different.

Such things were only for those who wanted to fall in love, who wanted something more than sex. But love was just an excuse to get hurt, and to hurt.

That's why we both wanted a lover we didn't have to love.


I hope you all enjoyed. As mentioned above, this song was inspired by the song "Lover I Don't Have to Love," by Bright Eyes, amazing singer, and if you REALLY want to know, a bit about my own life also. Too much info? Hehe sorry.

Please review, and don't worry, I will update with my other stories as soon as I can. This was just a random idea in-between weeks of studying.