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Spectacular Reflections by Sapphire Rose

Spectacular Reflections

Sapphire Rose


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters; they all belong to J.K Rowlings and Warner Brothers. Although I wish I did lol.


A/N: Hey everyone here's my shot at a short one chapter fic. As the rating would suggest it's a smut fic as well but in my opinion it's tastefully done. It's also a bit on the angsty side but I promise you it ends well lol. Once again it's a Harry/Hermione pairing. No other pairings are in this story for a change. But I'm sure this is all rambling to you and you'll just skip to the better part of the story lol. So onward and I hope you enjoy it! And please review towards the end I love hearing what you think.

Sapphire Rose (aka Lily Flower)


Spectacular Reflections

Sheer Moments

Chapter 1/1

By: Sapphire Rose (aka Lily Flower)


I try but I can't seem to get myself

To think of anything... but you.

Your breath on my face

Your warm gentle kiss I taste

The truth... I taste the truth

We know what I came here for

'Cause I won't ask for more

I wanna be with you

If only for a night,

To be the one who's in your arms

To hold you tight

I wanna be with you,

There's nothing more to say

There's nothing else I want more

Than to feel this way.

I wanna be with you, yeah

So I'll hold this night like

I would've if you were mine

To hold forevermore

And I'll savor each touch that

I wanted so much to feel before, feel before

How beautiful it is

Just to be like this

I wanna be with you

If only for a night,

To be the one who's in your arms

To hold you tight

I wanna be with you,

There's nothing more to say

There's nothing else I want more

Than to feel this way.

I wanna be with you

Oh baby, I can't fight this feeling anymore

Drives me crazy, when I try to

So call my name, take my hand

Can make my wish... baby your command...


I wanna be with you,

There's nothing more to say

There's nothing else I want more

Than to feel this way.

I wanna be with you

Mandy Moore- I Wanna Be With You


"You know why I like to teach children Jack? So I don't get so wrapped up in being an adult. So I can remember that there are other things that are important in life. Like riding a bike, playing in a tree house, splashing water with good shoes on. And you my friend were my most special student. And until recently you were everything I ever wanted in a student. You were a shooting star amongst ordinary stars. Have you ever seen a shooting star Jack?"


"God it's wonderful. It passes by quickly but while it's here it just lights up the whole sky. It's the most beautiful thing you'd ever want to see. So beautiful that the other stars stop and watch. You almost never see one."


"Because they're very rare, quite rare. But I saw one. I did."

"But I just want to be a regular star."

"Jack you'll never be regular, you're spectacular…"

Quote from the movie "Jack"


Harry sat at his desk with his head down. He sat like that for hours, thinking to himself. Not wanting any form of comfort or anyone to bother him. It had been almost an entire year since Sirius's death. One whole year kept repeating in his head. For the last year Harry was a different person. He would only interact with Ron and Hermione even though he tended to space and move into his own little world. Very few people knew Harry had a connection to Sirius but they could still see the change in him. He would walk around like a zombie completely unaware of his surroundings. His grades were passing but that was the only other thing he'd pay attention to. Well that was not true. After Professor Umbridge was sent to Azkaban he was allowed back on the Quidditch team. Gryffindor was leading in the Quidditch Cup. But even flying couldn't get his mind off his beloved Godfather. The only thing he had was his Firebolt and he cherished that just as much as his Invisibility cloak.

Every thought imaginable passed through his mind at that moment. School was almost over and he would be heading back to the Dursley's, what a nightmare that is going to be. Why did he have to be the one to suffer? Because of who he was he lost his parents, Cedric, and Sirius. Anyone he was ever close with got hurt. He wished this would all end. Why couldn't he be like everyone else and have someone else in his place, why HIM? A deep sigh escaped his lips and his mind began to slow its pace and other thoughts began to enter his mind.

A picture came into his head at that moment. It was never clear but now he saw the whole picture. It was of Hermione. Finally he understood what that meant. Throughout the year Hermione was the one to see him at his worst besides Ron. She was the one to stay up late up in the night, holding him while he cried. Giving him the soothing words he needed to hear. She never needed to hear what was wrong, she would just know and she would stay with him until he fell asleep. She was the one he would go to, she had a strange way of knowing something was bothering him. She would also be there when he needed help with his homework as always. She was so many things to him he didn't think he could list them all. That was when he realized he was in trouble. He couldn't love her. First off this was Hermione, his best friend.

On the other side he couldn't get close to anyone. He didn't want her to be hurt; he couldn't bare it if he lost her. That would break him completely. What was he going to do now? He shouldn't be thinking about love, he'll never be able to love someone until Voldemort is dead. Not only that, if Voldemort was defeated he would forever be known as `The Boy That Destroyed Voldemort'. That was exactly what he needed, more recognition to his name. He may not even come out alive. Voldemort may be the one left standing but he couldn't let that happen.

Harry stared at the clock by his bedside, it was eleven o'clock. He was the only one in his dorm at the moment but soon everyone would be crowding around him. He didn't feel like being around anyone at the moment, so where could he go? The Room of Requirement was out of the question, he didn't feel like walking outside. Where could he go without anyone ever bothering him? Bingo! He quickly gathered his stuff together and left the room deserted. His feet took him to the one place no one would think to look for Harry Potter, the library. He found a table out of view from majority of the room and sat down.

Once again thoughts raced through his mind and he didn't know where to begin to break it all down. Hermione was the name that replayed in his head. Who was he kidding? He couldn't forget about it. It was this very reason he pushed Hermione towards Ron. Ron had always had a crush on her and if one of them was going to be happy it would be Ron. As far as he knew he thought they were still going out but he gave them their space. He wasn't going to jump into their personal lives even though he was their best friend. To him they seemed happy. But what did he know? He spent most of his time in another world where he couldn't be reached. So no matter what his feelings were she was with Ron, his best friend. Nothing he could do about it so he might as well move on with his life.

Harry knew he was falling into a deep depression. Mentally Voldemort was winning, damage had been done that could never be healed in his mind. No matter how the ending turned out he would be haunted by images of the past. Voldemort and he were one and the same, he understood that now. But that wouldn't determine his future. No matter how much they were alike he wouldn't make the same choices. That was why he was in Gryffindor and not Slytherin. He was not Voldemort in any shape or form. He slammed his fist down hard on the table and realized a slight pain in his hand. This seemed to snap him out of his trance. He looked out the window and noticed it was darker outside and figured it was later. He wasn't sure exactly how long he had been there but he didn't care.

Somewhere in the distance he heard the soft footsteps of someone approaching. For some reason he didn't get up and leave. He just sat there, staring in the direction of the footsteps. All of a sudden he noticed a figure. He could tell the person was female and stood around five feet six inches. She had bushy brown hair and seemed very familiar. She came closer to him and then he knew who the person was…Hermione.


Hermione sat at one of the tables in the library hovering over one of her textbooks. She completely lost track of time since she was engrossed in her reading. Tomorrow she had her Charms and Transfiguration finals and she HAD to get perfect scores on each. No ifs, ands or buts. She wanted nothing more than to be Head Girl next year and she'd do anything to have that position. It was her dream to one day be the Minister of Magic, there had never been a female minister but she wanted to be the first. And in order to do that she would need top marks. Already she was looking into the best Universities she could go to after Hogwarts.

Even though she was planning out her future there was one thing that she had to do. And that was helping Harry defeat Voldemort. No matter what he said she was going to do everything she could to help him. Ron and she already discussed it. Whatever may happen they would be there for him. Yes she knew the consequences but that wouldn't stop her. Harry was already on her mind, she was constantly thinking about him. True she dated Ron but that didn't working out. She had ended the relationship because it didn't feel right. Ron agreed with her stating he felt like he was kissing his sister most of the time. She understood what he meant because she felt the same way although it was like kissing a brother. They were better off as friends anyway.

For the past year she had tended to Harry. Somehow she could always tell when something was bothering him. For some strange reason she took pleasure out of being the one to hold him and see him in his worst state and then helping him feel better. They had a bond that few people had. She felt some connection to him. True he was her friend just like Ron but it didn't feel the same way. Something was different about it. She couldn't put her finger on it but if she thought long and hard something would hit her. Her studying was long forgotten and she just stared down at the book, letting her mind fall into her own world. The only sound around her was her breathing, the room was completely silent. She wanted to be the one to help him, hold him and tell him everything was going to be alright. She didn't want anyone else to assume that role. Yes that may be selfish but she didn't care. Why was she feeling this way? Exactly what did Harry mean to her?

All of a sudden she could hear a loud noise that jumped her out of her thoughts. What was that noise she wondered? She decided to go and investigate it further. So she abandoned her books rationalizing that no one would take them. Curiosity got the best of her and she went in the direction where she thought she heard the noise come from. Passing many bookshelves and walking in and out of tables she reached the further most point of the library away from everything else, until she finally noticed someone sitting down at a table, only a few feet away from her. From what she could see it was a boy with messy hair. She walked closer trying to get a good look at the person and then she stopped…it was Harry.


Both of them looked at the other waiting for someone to make the first move. Hermione wondered what Harry was doing in the library but she didn't know what to say or how to say it. No words were spoken; they just looked at each other, trying to read what was on each of their minds. Hermione could tell there was a lot on Harry's mind as there always was lately. She wished there was some way she could help him through that. She hated to see him like this, he seemed so lost. She just wanted to reach out and…

"So what are you doing up?"

Lame…he didn't know why he asked that but he had to break the silence somehow. At least now they would be talking to each other and not staring to the point a hole was burned into the other's head.

"Well I was studying for our finals tomorrow, you know me always shooting for that perfect mark."

She noticed he seemed to be nursing his hand so she decided to take the seat right next to him. She'd been glad the silence was gone but now a new feeling had entered her mind.

"Does it hurt?"

"Does what hurt?"

"Your hand, you seem to be holding it."


"Here let me look at it."

She took his hand in hers and she immediately felt sparks tingling in her hand from his. Strange, was the word that came to mind but she went back to examine his hand. After spending so much time with Harry she accepted the fact he was prone to injuries. She spent hours pleading with Madam Pomfrey to teach her some basic healing techniques. From the look of it he may have a slight sprain, nothing serious but she wanted to fix that. With a simple spell she healed the wound. But she didn't let go of his hand just yet. Harry watched her as she was looking at his hand. The pain relieved itself immediately after the spell was cast.

"Thank you."

"It was nothing; you must have hit it pretty hard."

"Yeah I guess…"

Silence re-entered the atmosphere since no one made a move to say anything more. But Hermione wanted the answers to the thoughts that plagued her mind.

"Is everything alright?"

Harry wasn't sure whether or not she could tell but he didn't want to spill everything out so soon. So he had to figure out some way to tell her. He wouldn't mention his feelings towards her but when she touched his hand, that simple touch confirmed it all. He wondered if she would ever feel the same way but he assumed he would never find out.

"Yeah I guess so."

Hermione could tell he was holding back his feelings. That's what he always did and she was going to find a way to get him to tell her what was going on. The question was how.

"Harry I know you aren't ok so why not tell me what is troubling you?"

Well that didn't last long, there was no use in hiding things from her now. He took in a deep breath as he let his thoughts from earlier take over.

"I just can't stand the fact that I'm the one that has to deal with Voldemort. Why can't it be anyone else? Why did my parents have to die, and Cedric, and Sirius? It's because of me they're all dead. I just don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm only one person…"

Hermione listened intently to him as he spoke of everything that was bothering him. She wanted nothing more than to take him in her arms and hold him till he felt better. She held back though so she could listen to what else he had to say.

"I just wish I could be like everyone else. I never asked to be the wizarding world's savior. I just want to be a regular boy, well as regular as I can be and go to school and not have a worry on my mind besides girls…"

She held back a laugh at his last comment.

"Do you know I can never ever have a normal relationship with someone? Either I have to worry that Voldemort will use them against me or worry that the only reason they are with me is for my name."

"Well is here anyone that you want to be with?"

Harry lost track of his thoughts and began to think of a way he should answer her question. He couldn't tell her the truth but he could tell her enough to quench her thirst of knowledge.

"Yes I want a relationship but as for with who I don't know. I haven't been able to get close enough to anyone to figure out if I would want to date them."

Hermione was put off that he didn't consider them close enough to…wait now what was she saying? Did she want to be with Harry?

"Does that mean you never considered dating me, because I always thought that we were close?"

Did she just say that out loud? She prayed that she didn't say that out loud. Now he was going to run away screaming, she just knew it.

Now let's go over this again one more time - Hermione just asked if he would ever date her? Of course he would want to; it's what he always wanted above anything else! But now she thought that they weren't that close - but they were and he had to reassure her of that. Never in a million years would he have thought Hermione would want to date him or ever consider it. But how could he tell her all this?

"Hermione' you're my very best friend…"

"And you wouldn't want to ruin our friendship."

"No! But that thought has crossed my mind once or twice."

"Then what is it? You don't want to be with me because I dated Ron? Or that I'm too much of a bookworm for you? Or my hai…"

Harry couldn't take this anymore and without evening thinking he pressed his lips against hers. At the first contact he couldn't believe what he felt. So many emotions shot at him all at once - he couldn't describe them. He slowly pulled away and stared at her closed eyes. He wished he knew what she was thinking at that moment. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and stared into his deep emerald ones. She loved to stare into them. Harry just kissed her, was she dreaming? It was nothing like what she felt when Ron kissed her. In this kiss she felt something - a spark and she immediately understood what it meant. Harry was meant for her and no one else. Words couldn't describe what she felt so taking a leaf out of Harry's book, she moved in slowly and her lips pressed to his. One thought crossed each of their minds and that was desire. It was the desire to love and be loved, as well as the desire to feel. This same desire drove the two of them together. At the moment they didn't care about the consequences and they just let their passion take over and run wild.

Without realizing it Harry's arms went around her waist while hers wrapped around his neck. By doing this their bodies were pressed together - every curve molding into each other. The need for oxygen became apparent and Harry pulled away from Hermione's lips temporarily and took a few deep breaths.

"Hermione I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing."

"That's ok. I don't have much experience anyway."

Their lips searched each other out again at instinct. Even if they didn't know what they were doing it just felt natural to them just like everything else. Neither knew or understood what was happening between them but it just felt right. As if their entire friendship was starting to make sense.

For the first time in a very long time Harry felt as if he wasn't the one to face Voldemort. All his worries left his mind the minute her lips touched his. It was a wonderful feeling and he would defeat a thousand Voldemorts to make sure he didn't lose it.

"Hermione I really need you right now…"

Harry slowly started to back her up against one of the bookshelves, pinning her there. Their eyes never left each other - they were locked in the others gaze. No one answer could make sense out of the numerous amounts of questions flooding their heads. Was this right? What would happen if they continued? All these questions were answered when Harry placed his lips upon Hermione's once more. This kiss was different from the last two; this one was soft and sweet. Everything that Harry was he poured into that single action. He didn't have to tell Hermione how he felt; she just knew by the way he kissed her. Being a young witch and wizard at the age of sixteen - uncontrollable urges began to take over. Neither wanted this to end, time to them had stopped. Just for a moment they were just Harry and Hermione, and that was it. Harry didn't have his image or his past and Hermione didn't have her books. This moment was absolutely perfect and it was there's to share.

Harry knew where this was going to lead; there was no doubt about it. And from his point of view Hermione did as well. He thought of the many places around Hogwarts they could go. From what he knew both he and Hermione were virgins. He didn't want to spoil this moment by taking her right on the table - although that idea was tempting for later use. Finally he came to a conclusion and without a word to Hermione he led her out of the library and in record time.

Hermione had no idea where Harry was taking her but her mind was a jumbled mess at the moment. Part of her brain knew she should wait but it was a very small part. Her mind was made up and nothing was going to change it.

"Harry where are we going?"

"You'll see it's not that much further."

Deciding against pushing the issue she tried to think of all the places they could be going. She watched as they past the Transfiguration classroom and into a hallway she never even noticed before. They followed the hallway all the way down till they came to a dead end and she didn't even notice Harry had let go of her hand. He seemed to be examining the wall but she had no idea why.

"Harry what are you doing and where are we?"

He never answered her and at this point she was beginning to think he was losing it. But out of the corner of her eye she saw Harry press against one part of the wall. All of a sudden a portion of the wall began to move and separate like the entrance to Diagon Alley behind the Leaky Cauldron. Right before her eyes laid a door. Harry opened the door and ushered Hermione to follow him. She walked behind Harry and followed him as he opened the door and entered the room.

The room was absolutely gorgeous - red carpets covered the cold stone floor of the castle. Floor to ceiling windows draped with red curtains surrounded the room so that the light poured in. Off to the right side there was a warm fireplace lit and couches and chairs were strategically placed around it. On the left side there was a door and a desk and chair with bookcases lining that wall. In front of them stood a tall four poster bed it was much bigger than the ones found in the dorms. Like the rest of the theme in the room the sheets and linens were red outlined in gold trimmings. The room was magnificent in Hermione's mind and she fell in love with it instantly. Harry watched her as she scanned the room and a small smile could be found on his lips.

"Do you like it?"

"I absolutely love it. When did you find this room?"

"About a few months ago, I come here often to think when I want to be alone."

"But now you've shown me your sanctuary and now I'll know where to find you."

"Well if I minded that then I wouldn't have shown you."

Hermione couldn't help the smile that spread on her features. Harry had taken her to the place where he liked to disappear. For some reason this meant a lot to her because Harry trusted her.

"So you wouldn't mind if I knew where you would run off to?"

"Not in the least because I would want you here for more than one reason."

She could see the playful smile that was on Harry's face and inside she knew what he meant. Some time during the course of their conversation she was once again in Harry's arms, a place she never wanted to leave.

"So now that you have me here what do you want to do with me?"

"I don't know we'll have to see about that now won't we?"

"I guess we will…"

The words seemed to be just playful when spoken as she watched Harry begin to lean over towards her, staring down at her. A hand was brought to the side of her cheek and was gently caressed within the palm of his hand. Slowly he brought his lips down to hers and he placed a gentle kiss there. Harry felt Hermione's arms wrap around his neck and soon the kiss deepened. The hand that was placed on her cheek was shortly tangled in the mess of curls in her hair.

Harry couldn't get enough of her; she was intoxicating, she was irresistible and she responded to every single touch and caress he would give her. Harry's hands traveled down to her luscious curves encased in a pair of jeans while he situated a row of feather-light kisses against her chin moving down to the nape of her neck. He could hear the quick gasps of breath that Hermione took as his lips made contact with her skin. All the while they stood in the middle of the room. Her hands tangled in his unruly hair. Slowly they made there way to the bed - Harry backing up and taking Hermione with him. His lips never left any part of her. Soon the back of Harry's knees hit the edge of the bed and he sat down because his arms were around Hermione's waist she was pulled on top of him as he laid down on the bed.

Hermione looked down at Harry and she noticed a sparkle in his eyes that she never noticed before - it made his emerald eyes captivating and she couldn't tear hers away from him. Harry watched as she now began to slowly unbutton his shirt and as more of his flesh was exposed she would place a light kiss and continued her way down. Once finished, her hands traveled up his chest and she pushed the garment off of his shoulders. He studied the playful grin etched on her face and could only return it. Harry reached for her shirt and pulled it off and then her bra along with it, revealing the beauty hidden beneath it. Harry also unbuttoned and slid off her jeans and watched as they fell to the floor in the heap of clothes already forming. Hermione leaned over him; a shy smile appeared on her lips because no one had ever seen her like this before. He looked her up and down trying to memorize every curve. She had leaned down and captured his lips in a searing kiss; he could feel her body pressed against his bare chest which only seemed to entice him even more. Their tongues intertwined as the passion began to fill the kiss, pulling him deeper and deeper into complete bliss.

Harry realized her hand had left his side and began traveling downwards, resting on the waistband of his pants. With quick fingers she unbuttoned them and removed his pants, releasing him of the strain he felt. The wicked smile on her face was evident as she straddled his hips. Hermione looked down into his eyes and she could see all the love that he felt for her in them and that only strengthen her own feelings for him. She had no idea what she was doing but neither did Harry and that made her less anxious about the situation.

Nothing could have prepared Harry for this; he stared up into her eyes and he saw desire in them. His hands involuntarily reached for her hips as she ran her own body against his. Right now he couldn't handle it anymore, it wasn't enough. He wanted to be inside of her, it was agonizing for him. But he couldn't just take what he wanted. He had to make her first time special, it shouldn't be rushed. He knew she was teasing him though; he wanted nothing more then to make her his, show her everything he felt for her and out of frustration he rolled over, lying on top of her. Harry stared down at her. Without words he gazed down at her, asking her permission to continue. A slight nod of her head was all he needed.

"Hermione I want you to know something."


"I want you to know that I…"


"I love you."

She never thought she would ever hear him say those words but here he was proving her wrong and how much those words meant to her. Unconsciously a huge smile spread across her lips, he had made her so happy and now he was going to show her just how much he loved her - it was just too much to take in all at once and a small tear slid down her cheek. Harry noticed the tear and wiped it away with his hand.

"Hermione why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?"

"I'm crying because I'm happy."

Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and in a soft whisper she spoke and Harry could barely hear what she said but he did.

"I love you too Harry with all my heart."

He was the happiest man alive and he had Hermione to thank for that.

Harry slowly removed her of the last piece of her garments, and threw it to the side. He removed himself of his own boxers and let them fall from his grasp. Harry pressed his lips to hers and Hermione received his kiss - it was tender, then hard, then tender again and eventually filled with heated passion, she thought her lips were going to be bruised. She participated wholly in the kiss, letting her tongue play along with his, letting herself taste him. Hermione continued to lie on her back and she didn't notice that Harry's lips parted from her own. His tongue licked at her ear and shivers ran up and down her spine just before she gasped in delight. His teeth nipped at her neck and she responded with a moan. No thoughts entered her mind and now she only felt all the exquisite sensations, the taste and scent of him - a mix of apples and spice. Harry placed a hand on her breast and began kneading it in the palm of his hand, gently pulling, and then suddenly his mouth was there, closing around the hard nipple, drawing it deeper into his mouth gently sucking on it.

All she felt was scorching heat and coils began to unwind in her belly and then his hand went there, too, as if Harry sensed the turmoil and meant to soothe it, but there was nothing soothing about his touch, far from it. The rage of passion his hands and lips provoked had her holding her breath and gasping for air, he had her thrashing about, arching against him. Onward he caressed, endlessly, his fingers magically finding each area that would give her pleasure. Hermione became hot and weak inside as the heat flushed through her, he teased her endlessly - payback for earlier she assumed. He parted her legs for easier access, yet only touched her lightly. She writhed, not knowing how to tell him what she wanted. His tongue delved into the indent on her belly, then left a wet trail up over his breast, up her neck, and reaching her mouth, plunged inside…just as his fingers entered her deeply.

Her body slammed up against his, demanding greater contact. He finally relented and her flesh quivered as he molded against her. She was very close to a breaking point but it seemed like the climax never came, she felt like screaming out her frustration but she didn't. He kissed her lips once more, he could tell she was ready for him by the slight moans and gasps that escaped her lips, he could feel his chest heaving up and down with hers, and he could hear her heartbeat in time with his. Harry gently pushed her slender legs slightly apart as he positioned himself, and then very swiftly he entered her, deeply and easily. Instantly, too, did her mind clear and her thoughts returned.

Amazing, that she had forgotten there was to be pain involved with her first time. Even more amazing though was that it had been so minor that it really only startled her, rather than seriously hurt her. But the frustration was only halted for a few moments, it rushed back with a vengeance but now his body was so fully pressed to hers that she couldn't move, she couldn't think of a way to end it. Unconsciously she wrapped her legs around his waist and instinct and raw passion guided the both of them. Here was the greater pressure she had clamored for, the fullness and heat. Harry pushed in deeper creating wonderful sensations within her pushing her to a climax that seemed like there was no end. After it passed she was still feeling the pulsing aftershocks when, with a low groan, Harry pressed even deeper into her and then collapsed against her, motionless except for his deep breathing.

She realized she was still holding him to her very tightly, with both her arms and her legs. She did not feel like letting go, but supposed she must. When she started to unwrap her legs from his waist he stirred.

"Not yet."

Hermione smiled to herself and continued to hold him there. Sleep was coming quickly but she wasn't ready to go to sleep just yet.

"Harry I love you."

"And I love you too my Mione."

With those last few words said sleep overcame them and they fell into a peaceful sleep holding each other. For the first time in a long time Harry was able to sleep without the weight of the world on his shoulders. This was the start of a beautiful relationship and a love that would last throughout the ages.

-The End-


A/N: And there it is my first completed story lol. Well I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I may or may not continue this but it's highly unlikely since this is a one shot fic. I'm working hard on my other stories but I thought you all would enjoy this. Also a HUGE thanks to my boyfriend who puts up with me all the time when it comes to editing my stories lol. I feel bad for making him read this while he was on vacation but I'm really grateful for it. So here I leave you now to mull over it and hopefully in the process you'll leave a review telling me what you thought lol. Thanks for reading!

Sapphire Rose (aka LilyFlower)