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Witch Wish by Liz21

Witch Wish


Title: Witch Wish
Author: Liz21
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Notes: I'm back! I've been out of the fanfic world for far too long. This, and The Truth, were for a contest on live journal. You can read other D/G stories at

I'm currently working on a D/G novel as well, which is pretty exciting.

Summary: Ginny does a favor for her twin brothers that leads her on a wild ride with her not so favorite enemy, Draco Malfoy.

Witch Wish by Liz21

Ginny used her spare key to open her twin brothers' joke shop and let herself in. "Knock knock," she called as she walked across the shop and to the back storage room. "Anyone here?"

"We're back here," they both called in unison. "Did you bring us what we asked for?"

Ginny clutched the bag in her hand. "Yes," she told them as she entered the back room. There were shelves upon shelves of their latest products, and in the center of the room lay a table filled with potion ingredients that the twins often used for experiments. They were currently bending over a cauldron of thin, purple liquid.

"Excellent," Fred said as he grabbed the bag from her and pulled out a flask of pink liquid. He then poured it into the purple liquid, which hissed and boiled for a moment before calming.

"That should do it," George said with a grin. "Now, Gin, all we need is for you to try it and-"

Ginny immediately backed away. "Oh no!" she said. "There isn't enough galleons in Gringotts to make me experiment for you again! Remember what happened last time? I was growing flowers out of my ears for weeks."

"Yeah, but its not like it hurt," said Fred.

"And you've got to admit it was pretty funny when someone would pluck one out and said they deflowered you," added George.

Ginny glared at them. "I said no."

"But, Gin!" Fred whined. "This potion only works on girls. We thought of asking Percy, but we don't think he's feminine enough."

"And its guaranteed you won't be sprouting anything," said George. "You just have to fill out a few forms to show that you're willingly doing this and then it will trigger the potion once you take it."

Ginny relaxed a bit. "What forms?" she asked. "And what exactly is this product anyways? It's not something that will show when its that time of the month for girls so guys will stay away from her, is it?"

"No, but that's a good idea," George said before jotting it down on a piece of parchment. "It's quite simple, really. One of our huge clients owns a mail-order bride company and wants a potion that will make the woman more agreeable to their future husbands."

Ginny's mouth dropped open. "And why does he want your help? This isn't some joke you're playing on women, is it?"

Fred shook his head. "Sadly, it isn't. Mr. Frubbs, our client, said he wanted a combination of a few of our products that changes the mood of a person. We took just enough of Eager Éclairs-"

"Without the nasty side effect of being so eager you piddle yourself," George interrupted.

"-a little bit of Imperi-O-No, which makes someone do whatever someone says-"

"Without making it illegal, of course."

"-and then the finishing touch that you so graciously added: smashed up rosebuds and butterfly wings, which gives the feminine touch and if we're right, will make the man look please able in the woman's eyes."

Ginny slowly shook her head. "Just when I think you guys have taken it far enough…"

"Hey, now! If anything, we're making these desperate women's jobs easier," Fred said. "How would you like to be married to a great, ugly brute who you hate and have no potion to help you get by?"

"I wouldn't put myself in that position in the first place!" Ginny exclaimed. "And there's nothing you can make me do to help out this cause."

"We'll buy you a new Firebolt X."

Ginny's face paused. "Don't be ridiculous," she said, her voice no longer confident. "I'm twenty-two years old; I don't need a new broom."

"Maybe not, but I'm sure Harry would be taken by it," Fred said with an evil grin.

"Yeah," George said, eyeing his brother. "Maybe enough to take more of an interest in the owner."

Ginny stared at the potion for a moment, then shook her head. "Don't be silly-I just like him as a friend."

"That's not what your sideway glances at him say," George said in a sing-song voice.

"I-you," Ginny stuttered, clearly flustered at what was going on. She glanced at the potion, than at her brothers' smiling faces, then at the potion again. "It's not like I want to make him to like me," she assured the two. "I just can't help but notice that we're both still single and ALL RIGHT I'LL DO IT."

The twins' smiles grew even wider. "Excellent."

Ginny glared at them. "How you two didn't get in Slytherin, I don't know."

"Easy," Fred said as he pulled out a thick contract. "Slytherins don't have a sense of humor and would in no ways appreciate our efforts. We just need you to fill out these forms."

Ginny shuffled through the papers. "What are they? I'm not going to become a real mail-order bride, am I?"

"Only temporarily," said George. "But you won't get sold," he added quickly from the look on Ginny's face. "Like we said, you need to fill out the form to assure the company that you're doing this on your own free-will, which you are, and that will bind you to the potion after you take it. Take the potion without signing the form, and it won't work."

Ginny searched her brothers' faces for any signs of lying, and after finding none, she took the papers. On the top page the company's name, Witch Wish Catalog, was bolded in sparkling letters, with a slogan underneath saying, "Why spend time looking for a bride when you can buy one?" The first page required her to fill out personal information, then the next was a short personality test. The rest were rules and requirements to being a mail-order bride.

Ginny skimmed the rules. "You're actually forced to sleep with the bloke?" Ginny exclaimed.

"Or you won't get your money's worth," Fred added. "We read the rules through just in case."

Ginny shook her head as she read a few more rules. "This is as good as prostitution."

"Our Ginny, a prostitute for an hour!" exclaimed George in mock-happiness. "Mum will be so proud!"

"Mum's not going to find out," Ginny said as she filled out her personal information. "And are you sure this will last only an hour?"

"Well, the potion will-an hour tops," said Fred. "We're opening the shop later today so we can study you and make sure everything turns out all right." He glanced at his watch. "The potion should stop working at nine."

A look of horror appeared on her face. "Er, what if I start reacting towards one of you?"

"It will only work on men who have an interest in you," George said. "And the last time I checked, we don't fancy our little sister."

"Though she is looking quite exquisite in those green robes today-"

"Okay, okay!" Ginny interrupted as she hastily filled out the rest of the forms. "So, how are you to know its working without me jumping you?"

Fred pulled out a scale. "With this-you just stand on it, and it moderates the level of your mood. We need to find a medium between all three moods combined."

Ginny nodded and shoved the forms into George's hand.. "I'm done-can I just take it and get it over with?"

George scanned the forms. "Ah-you just need to sign the last line and you're officially a mail-order bride!"

Ginny suppressed an agitated sigh. The things she did to get a guy's attention. She took the quill, scribbled her loopy signature, and watched it flash a bright gold before it sunk into the page. All three of them stared at it for a moment, waiting for it to do something else, when an owl pecked at the window. Fred ran over to let it in, it swooped down, dropped a letter in Ginny's hand and flew right back out.

Ginny glanced at the envelope, which was addressed from Witch Wish Catalog, and ripped it open. "Congratulations!" said the letter, "You are now a mail-order bride. You have twenty-four hours to delete your account before you're put on the market. Thanks for contributing to the wonderful world of buying love!"

Ginny snorted at the cheesy letter and shoved it in her pocket. "Well," George said, "that makes it official!" He took a flask and filled it with the now maroon potion. "It should start to work immediately, so just head up on the scale and drink all of this."

Ginny took the flask from his hand, stood on the scale, and took a deep breath. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she muttered before pinching her nose and swallowing the potion.

She immediately felt a fizzing all through her body, like the sensation from a muggle candy Pop Rocks Hermione had her try. The fizzing stopped, then a warm glow filled her from the tips of her fingers to her toes, then died down after a moment. And then-

"Nothing," Fred and George both sighed. George crouched to his knees and jabbed the scale with his wand, but it continued to point to NORMAL.

"Do you think we added too much of something?" George asked.

Fred shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows-its okay, Gin, you can get off the scale. Wanna come back around lunch time and try again?"

"That's fine," she said as she hopped off. "I have shopping to do in Diagon Alley, so I'll be in the neighborhood. Later."

She exited the store and onto Diagon Alley, which was busier only by a few witches doing early morning shopping. She walked to the shop right on her left, Flourish and Blotts. She walked with her head down in distraction. If the scale said the potion didn't work, then what was that feeling she had when she drank it? Was it just a side effect to all those ingredients combined? She stopped just outside the door in puzzlement. She still felt normal, and certainly wasn't eager, so why the paranoia? Shaking her head, she entered the store with a "Hello!" from the talking door chime. Not at all surprised to see the story as empty as the alley, she walked towards the back corner of the store where the only other occupant was standing.

Ginny scanned each bookshelf in the History section, eyeing A History of Goblin Wars momentarily before she spotted exactly what she was looking for- House-elves; A History of their Sufferings by Hermione Granger-on a top shelf near the wizard. She inched herself as close to the book as she could without touching the wizard, who didn't seem to notice her, his face dug into a book and his blonde hair in his eyes. Nearly centimeters away from his left arm, she stood on the tips of her toes, stretching her short frame as far as she could to reach the book. Her fingers brushed the spine of it…she could almost grab it…she took a step closer when her right ankle gave out and she toppled right onto the wizard.

There were arms and legs everywhere. Ginny landed on top of the wizard, her stomach on his; their bodies laid perpendicular to each others. Her face burned red in embarrassment as she hastily pushed herself off, squeaking an apology over and over again. She glanced to see who she had fallen on before running away, when she noticed that his book had fallen right on his face.

"Er, let me help you with that," she muttered as she bent down to take it off. "I'm really sorry-I can be such a klutz at times." Just as soon as she picked it up, she dropped it in shock, hitting Draco Malfoy squarely in the nose.

"Dammit, Weasley!" Draco yelled as he cupped his nose, still lying on the ground. "Stop moving already!"

Ginny felt a surge of warmness and then her body did just that, allowing only her eyes and mouth to move, though she was too shocked to put two words together.

Draco picked himself up and ran a hand through his messy blonde hair. He glared at Ginny standing still in front of him. "Now I'm going to have to throw away these brand new robes; they have Weasley filth all over them."

Ginny wanted to narrow her eyebrows at him, but they wouldn't move. "It was an accident, Malfoy," she said with an angry tone, though her face was still frozen in shock. "Though if I had known it was you I fell on, I wouldn't have bothered to apologize."

A sudden jolt of pain ran through her body the moment she insulted him, leaving her cry out in pain. Draco dropped his glare. "What, did you manage to hurt yourself in the middle of jumping me?"

Her eyes watered with tears. The pain was an aching dull now, but it treaded deeply in her stomach as she watched Draco. She wanted to look away, but when the pain subsided, she realized what he said. "I didn't jump you!" she yelled. "How on earth did you even come up with that conclusion?"

"Simple-you want me."

Ginny felt another surge go through her body, making her heart flutter. Her eyes blinked at Draco, suddenly noticing how handsome he has become since his years at Hogwarts. He had stopped slicking back his hair; it hung partially in his eyes and covered the upper halves of his ears. His face grew into his pointed features, leaving him with more of a chiseled chin and cheekbones. He had grown a few inches, and though he still had his seeker built, he seemed more muscular. He looked absolutely delectable to Ginny.

"I," Ginny paused, trying to resist licking her lips, "I don't want you, Malfoy."

Draco's smirk grew at her shaky voice. "Is that so?" he asked lightly. "Well, be as it may, I'm not done with shopping and I don't have time today to play a game of cat and mouse with you. But, by all means, if you find me too irresistible to let go, don't hesitate to follow."

The moment he stepped away from her, Ginny's body sprang alive and mirrored his steps. They were both out of the shop before Draco turned around and noticed her. "Is this some kind of a joke, Weasley?" he said, both of them coming to a halt.

Ginny shook her head. "My brothers are the jokesters, not me." Ginny gasped-why hadn't she thought of them before? Surely the potion backfired and was making her do all these ridiculous things. Ginny tried to remember what all the ingredients were, but could only remember the Imperi-O-No, which explained enough.

"Look, just tell me to go away or something," Ginny said desperately. She glanced next door at Weasley Wizard Wheezes-she was so close.

Draco studied her for a moment. "No, I don't think I will," he said with a twisted smile. "I think I'm rather enjoying having a Weasley stalking me-imagine what a stir it would cause if anyone saw us together."

Ginny's face dropped at the thought of Harry and Ron strolling by. "You're a complete arse," she muttered, sending a shock of pain through her body.

Draco grinned at her and continued on his way, Ginny close behind. She tried to walk off in the other direction several times, but her legs continued to pull her towards Draco, as if there was an invisible leach attached to the two.

"So, do you always stalk men, or am I the only lucky one?"

Ginny glared at his back. "It's not like that, Malfoy. It's-"

Ginny hesitated. She thought about telling Draco all about the potion. She could desperately explain that it was making her follow him and have strong attractions, but the thought of admitting to him that she had to become a mail-order bride in the first place stopped her. No amount of lustful thoughts could make her want to admit to Draco such a detail that he would no doubt tell everyone about. Plus, telling a Slytherin that she under a potion that made her do anything under his command could only turn out badly. "It's nothing."

Draco stopped and eyed her, no smirk in place. And then-

"Do you secretly fancy me?"

Ginny's mouth dropped open. "No! No, its not like that-"

Ginny altogether stopped breathing when Draco took a step towards her, their faces only inches apart. She could feel his warm breath on her face, and her eyes were immediately drawn to his perfect, pink lips, wet with moisture.

"Because I won't deny it, Weasley," he spoke in a low, deep tone. "I've seen how nicely you've filled out since your days as a gangly tomboy."

Ginny felt her cheeks burn. "You-you have?" she whispered, biting her lip. There was a surge of energy in her stomach, and she had the sudden desire to push Draco up against the alley brick wall and put those gorgeous lips to good use.

Draco slowly nodded. "It's human nature to always want things we're not supposed to have. Do you have any idea what my father would do at the mere sight of us together?"

Ginny released her lip. "I'd rather not think about that."

Draco smirked. "But you can't deny that there's the temptation to be caught, can you?"

Ginny's hands itched to push the blonde hair out of his eyes and run her fingers through it; she had to shove them in her pockets to keep calm.

"Thought about this before, haven't you?"

Draco looked taken aback, and to Ginny's disappointment, he stepped back. She could finally breath again. "Can't say it hasn't crossed my mind." He then walked into the Apothecary store, as if their conversation never took place.

Draco headed for a shelf full of gooey mice eyeballs and slimy worms. "Ugh," he said as he eyed the two. "Of the two ingredients I had to be low on-Weasley, this is more your level. You do it."

Ginny opened her mouth to protest, but her arms automatically reached for the scoop and grabbed the ingredients. Draco watched her work with his mouth open in shock, before he added, "Get a dragon liver, too."

Ginny's hand reached over him to grab a liver with prongs, brushing his hand on the way. Her heart skipped a beat at the touch of his smooth skin. She couldn't help but steal a look at him while her hands were busy. He was staring around the shop, unaware of Ginny's wandering eyes traveling slowly down from his broad shoulders to his thin waist. Though his body was hidden by his wizard's robe, she could tell he was well built, and in all the right places…

"Like what you see?"

Ginny turned red and pulled her eyes away from Draco, frustrated more at finding his smirk adorable instead of annoying. She quickly sealed up the dragon liver and shoved it in his hands, avoiding his eyes. He stared at her for a moment longer before they headed next door into an antique store.

Ginny's mouth dropped open. She had never been in this shop; everything looked too expensive. A candle chandelier hung from the ceiling, lighting up cases of jewelry and shelves of glass vases and old, wooden clocks. On one wall stood a bookcase filled with ancient looking books, on another wall, large, bright paintings hung with gold frames. Draco merely glanced around, unimpressed, when his eyes landed on Ginny with a smile.

"Oh, Weasley?" he asked in an innocent tone.

Ginny raised her eyebrow in suspicion. "What?"

He glanced around before stepping very close to her again. "I have a proposition."

His cologne clouded her mind. "Y-yes?"

"The woman who owns this shop positively loathes me-no idea why-but I need to get something for Pansy's wedding gift. Can you talk to the owner for me about what she would recommend?"

Ginny waited her feet to move without her choice, but she realized it was a question, not a command. She breathed a sigh of relief, but then let it go at the sight of Draco's face. He was looking at her expectantly, asking her for a bit of help.

But why should she help him? After all, he was always mean to her at school, and just because he's handsome doesn't mean he should get his way all the time.

But you want to help! You do!

Ginny shook her head. She swore she just heard her own voice talk back.

Help him, Ginny! Don't you want to make him happy? Doing what he asks will make him happy, and nothing is better than being with a happy man!

Ginny's eyes popped out. It was her own voice, only extremely high pitched and way too eager.

No, she thought stubbornly. That was a horrible idea, and she couldn't give a hippogriff's ass if Draco was happy or not. After all, she was miserable, and no one was helping her out.

Draco looked at her expectantly. "Any day now, Weasley."

Ginny glared at him, and wanted to tell him to shove off, despite getting zapped or not, when the voice spoke up, louder.

Maybe he'll reward you if you do what he says. Yes! Make him happy and he'll treat you for your hard work! Don't you want to help him?

Footsteps echoed from the back of the store. "Weasley, the owner's coming this way! I swear you're slower than Crabbe and Goyle."

Help him!


Come on, do what he says!

"All right!" Ginny screamed.

Both the voice and Draco stopped talking. Draco looked shocked, blinking slowly at her.

"Can I help you?"

Ginny turned around. An older woman with dark brown hair looked at her with a frown. Her nametag said Mrs. Lindsey.

"Oh! I-" Draco nudged her in the ribs. "I need something for a wedding gift!"

Mrs. Lindsey smiled at her. "Why of course! Why won't you just follow me. And you, Mr. Malfoy, I guess you can come with, but only if you behave yourself."

Ginny turned to Draco in surprise, who merely shrugged. "Told you."

The two followed Mrs. Lindsey to a shelf full of glass objects. "This," Mrs. Lindsey said, pointing to a vase, "is an eighteenth century vase that the king himself gave his wife as a wedding gift."

Ginny awed her approval, but Draco scrunched his nose. "Why would someone want a vase for their wedding present?"

Mrs. Lindsey glared at him and looked as if she was biting down on her tongue. She went on to the next item. "And this, Mr. Malfoy, is a set of glass combs from Japan. See the floral paintings? Hand painted by a very famous geisha at the time."

"Painted by a whore-surely you've heard of Pansy's reputation."

Mrs. Lindsey scowled. "No, Mr. Malfoy, only of yours."

Ginny couldn't help it-she let out a laugh. Draco turned on Ginny with a glare, and then Mrs. Lindsey, as if not sure who to hex first. He settled on Mrs. Lindsey. "How dare you speak to a Malfoy that way!"

Mrs. Lindsey deepened her glare. "You don't scare me, little boy. Now keep your snide comments to yourself or get out of my shop!"

Draco matched her glare, but said nothing back. Mrs. Lindsey continued down the shelf. "This is a crystal wine glass set from an old, famous Muggle."

Draco blanched at the word Muggle, but before he could make another crude comment, Ginny said, "We're looking for something a bit more…of our kind, please."

Instead of frowning, Mrs. Lindsey smiled at Ginny. "Such a polite young lady," she said with a warm smile. "I must say, Mr. Malfoy, she does seem a bit out of your reach, but it is nice to see you've finally settled down, especially after the incident."

Draco managed to let out a loud, choking cough. Ginny frantically shook her head. "No, wait." She paused.

But don't you want to be with Draco?

Ginny groaned. The voice was back again. Absolutely not, she yelled back. Sure, he was incredibly attractive and that smirk made her go weak at the knees…

And being with him will make the lady like him! Don't you want to help Draco out? You know you do.

Mrs. Lindsey cocked her head. "No? You're not together?"

Draco opened his mouth, but Ginny elbowed him in the ribs. "Ha! Don't be silly, of course we are!"

Draco stopped rubbing his chest. "Weasley! What the hell are you-"

Ginny grabbed his hand and squeezed it painfully, cutting him off. "He's such a kidder. He's just a private person-doesn't like to parade around how happy we are together."

Mrs. Lindsey studied Draco with her appraising eyes before slowly nodding. "I see." Then she continued down the aisle, talking in a slightly nicer tone to Draco.

Only when they were on the last item did Ginny realize that she was still holding Draco's hand. She glanced down at the conjoined hands; anyone who didn't know the two would probably think they really were together. Deep down she knew she should have let go, but she suddenly wanted to hold on tightly. In fact, she wanted to do quite a number of other things that made hand holding look childish. And she couldn't help but notice that Draco was holding her hand back.

"This is a glass mirror that tells the person that they're the prettiest of all the rest-some wizard based a Muggle children's movie around it."

Draco snorted. "Pansy would love that-wrap it up and ship it to Malfoy Manor."

Mrs. Lindsey scowled once more. "Such poor manners-you'd think you'd be a bit nicer after that little incident of yours."

"What bloody incident are you talking about, woman?" Draco finally yelled.

The woman gasped. "What incident? What incident? You don't remember taking my poor, lovely daughter on a date and then never returning her owls when you promised you would?"

Draco stared at her with a stump look. With every minute he spent in silence, racking his brain, Ginny watched the tick in Mrs. Lindsey's face grow larger.

"Was she the blonde ditz with the big rack?"

Ginny had just enough time to gape at Draco before the two were running out of the store. Mrs. Lindsey chased them with her wand, blasting glass objects toward Draco's head. "Don't you ever come back here again!" she yelled as Draco pushed Ginny out of the door, following after her.

The two ran down the alley and didn't stop until they were near the end of it. Panting, they stood in silence briefly, still hand in hand. Ginny only released him so she could smack him in the arm.

"You dolt! You just had to insult her daughter!"

A jolt of pain ran through her body, making her cry out in pain.

Draco looked at her in alarm. "Did she manage to hit you with something?" Without waiting for a reply, he skimmed his hands over her arms. "I don't see glass anywhere…"

They both froze in position: Draco with his hands on Ginny, and Ginny, staring at Draco. Draco stared at Ginny's body before he slowly brought his eyes up to hers where they locked. His face was colored a slight pink, but he made no stuttering apology, and threw no insult at her. He just simply stared into her brown eyes, his hands still on her arms, and held her look for a moment before he let go and continued walking.

Ginny would have stood there, frozen in shock and confusion, if it wasn't for the invisible pull between her and Draco. She followed him for a bit down Diagon Alley before he turned so sharply into another alley that Ginny almost didn't see him. She too was about to enter it when she noticed that it was Knockturn Alley.

"I can't go in there!" she yelled, making him stop.

Draco glared at her impatiently. "Who's making you? I don't know what you're playing at, but why won't you go back to hating me? Things were much easier back then." He turned back around and headed off down the darker alley.

Ginny followed. They were now completely submerged with dark magic shops. Draco just passed a group of wizards huddled together when two of them cut Ginny off, blocking her from Draco.

"What's the rush, sweetheart?" a toothless, greasy wizard asked. "Don't ya wanna stay and chat?"

Ginny eyed the other three, burly men, and quickly shook her head. "I need to get going…"

The toothless wizard smiled as the other men closed in on her. "Oh no, we're not letting you go anywhere."

Ginny's breath quickened in panic. She grabbed for her wand, but the wizard brought out his own on her and shook his head slowly. Two of the men made a move to hold her still when a sudden flash of green erupted towards them and one by one the men went flying.

Ginny ducked and covered her head as curses were being thrown over. She didn't move until someone grabbed her arm and yanked it. She opened her mouth to scream when she saw it was Draco, who no longer had his collected face but looked extremely startled.

"Come on!" he yelled as he grabbed her hand and broke into a run down the alley. Ginny glanced over her shoulder and saw two of the men starting to stir. He pulled her into a shop of collected items and threw Ginny behind him, protecting her from sight, as he watched out the window next to a giant, grandfather clock that read nine-o-five in the morning. A moment later the men ran right past them.

Draco let out a breath. "That was a close one," he muttered, then turned onto Ginny. "What the hell were you doing with them? You have no idea what they could have just done if I wasn't there to save your sorry ass!"

Ginny's mouth dropped open when she suddenly stopped. Two male voices were coming from the back room. Draco too stopped and strained his ear for a moment when a look of terror crossed his face. "You've got to be kidding me…we need to hide." He quickly grabbed her hand again and looked around frantically before he shoved her and himself into a large wooden wardrobe, closing the door to a crack behind them.

It was an extremely tight fit-Ginny was pressed right against Draco, and couldn't help but notice how his hip bones dug into her own.. His chin just grazed her head as he leaned over and looked outside the crack, watching the outside.

"What's going on?" Ginny whispered. "Why the hell are we in here?"

Draco looked down at her, the light from the crack resting on his face. "My father's here."

Terror pooled into her stomach at the thought of Lucius catching the two together. She highly doubted that Draco was serious about what he said earlier. "What's he doing here?"

"Business," Draco whispered. "Knowing him he's got lots to sell, so we might as well make ourselves comfortable."

Ginny wanted to laugh-she doubted either of them could move an inch. They stood there quietly for a few minutes, trying not to look at each other.

"It's hot in here."

"Yes, Weasley, that's what happens when you're confined in a small place."

"But I'm starting to get all sweaty."

A soft groan filled the cabinet. "Weasley, can you please avoid mentioning your body glistening? Otherwise you're going to feel exactly how my body is managing to react."

Ginny stared at his face in confusion. "How is me being wet doing anything-"

Something hard was hitting her stomach. "Malfoy, get your wand out of your pocket. It's poking me."

Draco ran his hand over his face. "I assure you, Weasley, that's not my wand."

"Well, then what the hell is it?"

There was an awkward silence in the cabinet. Lucius' voice continued talking on the outside. Then-

"Oh," Ginny whispered. "Oh!" Her face grew incredibly red.

"Took you long enough."

Though she willed her body to stay still, now that she knew what exactly was digging into her, she couldn't help but adjust herself.

Another groan erupted. "Weasley, will you stop moving?"

But the thought of knowing what she was doing to him overpowered listening to his command. "Why?" She knew exactly why, she just had the sudden need to hear it from his lips.

She watched him clench his teeth. "Because then I won't be responsible for what I do to take care of the problem."

Silence broke out again. She could hear Draco's heavy breathing, and found hers matched it. But all she could think about was what Draco told her about wanting things you weren't supposed to have, and how great of a temptation it was. Ginny stared into his gray eyes, and making sure they locked, she shoved her hips into his.

She saw his concentration break a second after he moved; he grabbed either sides of her face with his hands and quickly pressed his lips against hers-hard. A muffled moan escaped Ginny's lips as he tugged and bit at her bottom lip before he captured them with a deep kiss; his hands now moved to her hair, which he tugged. Ginny's own were stuck between their bodies, but she grabbed onto his robes and tried to undo them with what little space was provided. Draco released her lips and moved his mouth to her neck, leaving marks along a path he made up to her ear which he nipped at before trimming her earlobe with the tip of his tongue.

Ginny felt her knees go weak. "Draco," she whispered desperately.

"Shh," he replied before kissing her again. Ginny wiggled her hands out from them and wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him even closer to her. She frantically rubbed her pelvis onto his own, his want painfully obvious.

Ginny felt a warmth in her when Draco brushed the tip of her tongue with his, and she was certain she was about to lose herself. "Bugger your dad," she said between kisses. "We need a room-now."

Draco murmured in agreement, still kissing her. He blindly moved his arm to open the door when a pool of light shined in.

Draco and Ginny froze in their positions, his hands in her hair, and Ginny's arms still clinging onto his neck. They blinked as their eyes adjusted to the light. Then-

"Fred?" Ginny screeched. "George?"

The twins stared at the couple with their mouths wide open, looking like they both just ate a handful of Acid Pops. George's left palm held a compass pointing directly towards Ginny.

The four stared at each other for a moment, no one moving, no one speaking. George lunged for Ginny, grabbed her arm and pulled her off of Draco and out of the wardrobe.

"Ouch! George-ouch, let go!"

But he didn't let go until they were out of the otherwise empty shop-Lucius was nowhere in sight- and down Knockturn Alley. Once they were in the safety of Diagon Alley, Ginny resorted to stamping hard on her brother's foot until he let go with a yelp. She turned to go back to Knockturn Alley when she saw Draco and Fred following them, Fred pointing his wand at Draco.

Fred was fuming mad when they reached her. "Please explain, little sister, why when we did a tracking charm, we found you snogging Malfoy in Knockturn Alley?"

George hopped up and down on one foot. "Ron's going to go mental."

"Ron's not going to find out," Ginny snapped. "Not unless you want me to tell Mum what you did to me! It's your fault I'm even attracted to Malfoy in the first place!"

Draco looked at her with an extremely confused look. "What are you playing at?"

"They made me take a potion!" Ginny exclaimed, pointing at the two boys. "It's for a mail-order bride service-"

"Wait-you're a mail-order bride?" Draco yelled.

Ginny shook her head. "Only for today, but that's not important." She rounded on the two red haired men. "You two lied to me! You tricked me into thinking the potion didn't work and then sent me off into a world full of men, just waiting for me to latch onto one and try the potion out for size!"

George quickly shook his head. "The scale was faulty! We figured it out only minutes after the potion was due to wear off."

Ginny's yelling spree stopped. "When it wore off?"

"Yeah, Gin. Remember, it wore off at nine?"

Ginny stared at the two, and then looked at a very confused Draco. "But that means," she glanced at Knockturn Alley, "that means it wore off when we were in that shop-that clock said nine-o-five." She stared at Draco in awe. "You kissed me."

Draco raised an eyebrow at her. "Yes, I believe I did."

"And I kissed back…after nine."

George yelled and covered his ears. "I don't want to hear that!"

Fred grabbed her arm again. "You have a lot of explaining to do! How the hell did you end up with this git?"

Draco scowled. "Hey!"

Ginny pulled her arm away. "I fell into this git right after I took the potion."


"And then bam-I was forced to listen to his orders because of that stupid Imperi-O-No thing, and I was way too eager earlier for my own good…"

Fred turned on Draco. "So its your fault then!"

Draco held up his hands. "What are you-"

"The potion isn't triggered unless the bloke is interested in the woman in the first place!"

A silence broke out, and Draco was doing a good job of looking everywhere except at Ginny.

"That's just," he spoke, "that's just ridiculous…"

George stuck out his tongue in disgust. "This whole conversation is more than I need to know."

"Oh, grow up!" Draco snapped, clearly flustered. "So I think your sister is attractive-big deal! I mean-look at her!"

Ginny's eyes caught Draco's. "But when I bumped into you and we fell, a book fell on your face and blocked your view…but the second I took it off and you saw me, I had to listen to your commands. There wasn't enough time for you to size me up before the potion started to work."

Draco looked like a cornered ferret. He stared down at his feet, then to both sides where the twins stood, as if risking the chance of running like hell. "This whole conversation is ridiculous!" he snapped.

George blinked slowly, looked at Draco, Ginny, and then back to Draco. "You've got to be kidding me," he said to Draco in a whisper. "You fancied her even before today!"

Draco's face turned pink. "I don't know what you're talking about-"

Fred looked at Ginny in horror. "Did he make you do anything disgusting? Its okay, Gin, you can tell us. We'll make him pay!"

But Ginny didn't hear Fred-she was too busy staring Draco. It seemed so impossible, but despite the odds, according to how the potion worked, it was the only possibility. "For how long?" she asked him.

Draco let out a sigh and looked at her. "Does it matter?"

Fred looked frantically between Draco and Ginny. "So? What did he do? Does it really work, Gin?"

Gin ignored him. "No," she spoke to Draco. "I guess it doesn't. Not anymore."

Draco held her stare before his face turned to confusion. "Are you really a mail-order bride?"

Ginny sighed. "Yes. I-oh!" She rummaged through her pockets and pulled out the letter from Witch Wish Catalog. "I need to cancel my account before I get sold!"

Draco gave her an impish grin and snatched her papers and her hand, pulling her down the hallway and towards The Leaky Cauldron. Ginny heard the twins yell at them, but she paid them no mind.

"Where are we going?" she asked as she tried to catch up with him.

Draco grinned at her and waved the letter. "What, haven't you ever heard of sampling something before you buy it?"

Ginny glanced at the papers, then at Draco, and then the sign at The Leaky Cauldron indicating available rooms. Ginny returned his grin.

"This mail-order thing may not be so bad after all."