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Behind the Burrow by starwberry_nerd

Behind the Burrow


I don't own Harry Potter, I don't have a very high opinion of malfoy. This may be somewhat ooc but I had fun writing it. This is not set at any particular time

Anyone could tell you that Ginerva Weasley was not a shy person. She was outgoing and friendly and often compared to the twins in terms of humor. She was confident in her abilities and in the way she looked. But she was also not a patient person, as her boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, could testify. After five years of dating the young firecracker Weasley girl, he had learned not to keep her waiting.

As he looked apprehensively at his girlfriend, who was angrily hexing every inanimate object in the vicinity, he was torn between the desire to run for the hills and a slight relieved feeling that she had waited until they returned to the Burrow before releasing her temper.

Draco tried to think of what might have caused this little outburst. They had just returned from a double date with Luna and Longbottom at the muggle movie theater. He had agreed since Ginny was eager to go and he would win the bet with Potter as to whether or not he could be among muggles for more than an hour without hexing anyone. By going to the movie he would be around muggles and he wouldn't have to speak to them so there was no way he could loose.

While Ginny continued hexing, Draco checked his pocket watch and grinned, two hours and twenty minutes with the muggles, Potter would have to pay up next time he saw them. A particularly large blast of magic drew the attention of the young Malfoy back to his lovely fiery tempered girlfriend.

They had arrived and the girls went to the bathroom while Longbottom went to secure seats, leaving Draco to ponder as to which muggle snack each person would like and wish that the muggles would just stock chocolate frogs. He had finally decided that Luna would indeed enjoy the chocolate covered raisins and that Ginny did seem to be a licorice person, when Ginny came storming out of the bathroom, a scowl upon her face. She had refused to say anything to him for the rest of the night. Instead she had chosen to scowl at the screen and growl at any remotely romantic moments, of which there were a lot since Longbottom had accidentally purchased tickets for what Longbottom later told him was a chick flick.

Once they had apparated back to the Burrow, Ginny had begun her storm of hexes. Finally Draco gathered together all the courage that had gotten him through the final battle and meekly he asked,

"Ginny, what's the matter?" Ginny paused in her symphony of mayhem and looked at him. When Draco saw the look he wondered why Voldemort had bothered getting the basilisk when he had Ginny and her glare in his control.

"Did you know that Neville proposed to Luna just before they came to the movies with us?" Ginny asked, her every word dripping with venom.

"No." Draco squeaked and the intensity of Ginny's glare increased ten fold as she went on,

"Did you know that I am the only unmarried person in my family?"

"You don't say." Draco gulped and tried to ignore his every instinct that screamed at him to run away.

"Did you know that I am now the only one in my Hogwarts year that is not engaged, married, or pregnant?" she growled as Draco took a step back, "And did you know that my mother is putting pressure on me?" Draco's face cleared, finally something he could help with.

"Is there anything I can do to help with that?" Ginny contemplated the question for a moment before nodding,

"Yes, you can marry me." She said in a matter of fact tone.

"WHAT?" Draco yelped and Ginny smiled smugly and apparently she even felt generous enough to repeat herself,

"You can marry me. Then I won't be left behind and mum will back off." She explained. Draco was shocked and blinked several times before the statement finally sunk into his brain. He felt something in his brain screaming to say no, to get away. But his finely honed skills of getting out of danger kicked in and then he shrugged,

"Okay, do you want me to pick out the ring now or should we go together?" he asked her. Ginny's smile brightened considerably and she hugged her new fiancé.

"You're so sweet!" Ginny cooed, "I think it would be more romantic if we went together." Draco nodded and felt strangely relieved that the pressure of proposing himself was taken off of his shoulders. He drew Ginny towards him for a kiss and then together they watched the crescent moon rise over the trees by the Burrow.

The only thing that ruined the moment, for Draco at least, was the constant thought of what his beloved Ginerva's brothers were going to do to him when they found out the newly engaged status of their baby sister.

Oh crap Draco thought but he couldn't make himself care too much, yet, as Ginny snuggled closer to him with a brilliant smile on her face.