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Art of Bread Making by Green_Eyes_&_Bushy_Hair

Art of Bread Making


Disclaimer: Harry potter series and all the rights belong to JK. I am just borrowing them to have fun making them do silly things ;)

A/N: Any/all mistakes are mine. Don't hate me for it. I write these for fun only so have some yourself and do review if you like it enough :)

Ok, on with the good stuff...

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Harry opened his eyes, slowly waking up from his peaceful slumber. Beams of light were filtering into the room through the half open curtains, bathing the room in bright golden glow. His nostrils picked up a sweet smell in the air. Groggily reaching out to the other side of the bed, his hand came up empty. Judging by the still warm mattress, he reckoned, she had not been awake for very long.
Trying to dispel sleep from his eyes he pushed his legs out of the cozy blanket and sat up on the edge of the bed. The sweet fragrance was coming at him in waves now. His stomach growled at the pleasant smell, indicating it had woken up quickly than him, and urged him to go investigate the source of that mouthwatering smell. So he grabbed his robe, donned it over his boxers, and started to follow his nostril radar.
Harry descended the black marbled stairs and with soft steps entered into the wide kitchen area. His mouth watered some more at the sight that met his eyes and it was not entirely due to the heavenly fragrance that was coming his way.
Hermione was wearing a sunny yellow apron over her snowy white sweater and pajamas. She was kneading a white dough with her hands, well wrestling was the more likely word to what she was doing to that poor blob of flour. Flour was scattered everywhere; her apron had floury hand prints all over it, her nose also had a white powder smudge, and the shelf she was working on was coated with it. Her hair had become more frazzled but her face was of the utmost reflection of concentration and focus she usually reserved for exams. The whole scene was just too adorable for harry to just stand there and watch. She looked so cute that he wanted to take a picture of her right away, too bad his last camera had taken a fall when Ron decided to fling it out of the window right into the pool by 'accident'.
She was so focused on the task at hand that she did not notice Harry sneaking alongside the shelf, walking right behind her. He touched her elbows, and pulled himself against her, arms wounding around her waist, he nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck and whispered, "Good morning love".
She suddenly jumped at his sudden appearance and her hand went for the wand that was tucked into the front pocket of her apron but recognizing his voice she relaxed into his embrace.

"Harry! You almost gave me a heart attack"
As an answer harry softly bit her ear evoking a little sigh out of her.
"And good morning" she said somewhat breathily over her shoulder. She turned her head a little more to left and in a move that had been perfected over the years, their lips met in a warm embrace. Her lips pressed against his softly, moving lazily against each his, just taking in the taste that was all him.
When they had had their fill of saying proper good morning to each other they broke off.
Hermione gave a small chaste kiss to his lips once more before returning to her kneading and harry just held her lovingly.

He rested his head over her shoulder and peaked at the dough. "What are you making this early in the morning?"

"First, it is nine and it's not early. Second, I'm making bread for our dinner with Ron and Luna tonight"
"I thought you hated baking," he kissed her hair softly and sat down on the stool beside the marble shelf.
"I don't hate baking. I just don't have time and patience for it and you know I never saw the appeal of fresh baked breads but I thought I might try my hand at it during these holidays. I know how much you love Mrs. Weasley's baking."
"You will be amazing at it like you are at all the other things" he winked at her, the mischievous glint in his eyes suggesting less of her academic prowess and more of her mind blowing skills in their nightly activities. A slight blush was the only indication she had understood his intended meaning behind the sentence.
"I love you Mrs. Potter. And I will love anything you make."
Hermione smirked at him and began scooping the dough into pans. "You sure have learned your way around words, Mr. Potter"

She kissed him over the counter and pushed past him to turn the pans into the oven.
"Only for you love. Only for you" he said, catching Hermione's hand and pulling her to him. She squealed at the sudden grab and pushed at his chest.

"No harry. I have flour all over me. I have to change out of these", she tried to pull away but harry had already caught her between his hands.
"Let me help you get out of them then" he said, and his fingers began loosening the knot of her apron on the back. Opening the loose knot easily he pulled the apron off of her. Next came the sweater. Underneath it she was wearing her ivory silk camisole. Harry slowly traced her curves over the shirt before his hand closed on her waist, pulling the strings of her pajamas with teasingly slow pace.
Hermione had not been idle. She kissed him, her hands were tangled in his hair, making them messier with every move of her fingers.

She moaned impatiently when he reached for her pajamas. "Come on Harry I am ready" she whispered seductively into his ear making him shiver and urged him to make fast work of divesting her of her clothes.
"That's more like it" she moaned again.
When Harry had her out of clothes and in her birthday suit before him. She smiled at him innocently and then she pushed herself against him letting him feel her body through his open robes.
"I am ready... for shower now," his currently foggy mind did not comprehend what she was saying before she was running out of the kitchen laughing. When it did, he growled in frustration and yelled after her, "you will pay for this Mrs potter," to which her loud giggle was the only answer before he heard a door slam shut after her.
Adjusting himself and thinking of Snape in Neville's grandmother's clothes Harry set about preparing breakfast for both of them. He was just setting up his plate when she walked in, freshly showered, wearing a deep red sweater and faded jeans. She looked delicious and Harry was suddenly hungry for a different kind of appetite.
"Thanks merlin I'm starving," she dived right into her plate and Harry couldn't help laughing at her.
"Trying to outdo Ron, are you?"
"Oh shut up" she said in between chewing and munching. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and she jumped off the chair running up to the oven and pulled open its door. Harry had followed her and was now nervously looking at her and then the bread, "well?"
"They are fine. Just the same color of brown as the book described but the edges are a bit burnt though." She frowned at the bread, thinking of any way to make to better when Harry took the pans out of her hands, replacing them over the shelf, and pulled her to shelf area with spare dough sitting there.
"Let's finish our breakfast and then we can make another one, alright?"
Despite Hermione's grumbling something that sounded very much like darn bread dread, she sat down to finish her eggs.
After the breakfast was done, Hermione decided to make another loaf of bread, followed by an eager and encouraging Harry.
"You know it would be so much easier to just buy one from store," he mumbled. Hermione had put him to knead the dough some more before it was ready to be put into the mold.
"Yes but one should know the basics anyway"
Harry smiled at her answer. It was just like her to master anything that came under her notice.
"Ok that looks pliable enough. Let's put it into oven." She made an elongated blob out of dough and pushed it inside the mold. After the mold was back in the oven, Hermione turned her attention to her husband, winding her arms around him, and kissed him lightly on the lips.
Harry gave in instantly and kissed her back with equal tenderness.
When Hermione pulled back from him, he saw her face lit with a bright knowing smile. She seemed to be holding back something from him and was probably to the level of bursting from it already.
"What's that smile for?" He asked, nudging her nose with his playfully.
"I am happy." Her simple and honest answer brought a similar smile on his face. He was the luckiest person alive, to have her as his best friend and partner. He hugged her and she understood what was being conveyed through that simple embrace. She turned her head towards him, her mouth close to his ear.
"And I am pregnant."
It was just a whisper but it had an effect of an explosion on him. He broke away so quickly that she thought he must have apparated a few inches back in his shocked state.
"What?" He asked, his eyes begging her to say it again, to confirm that what he had heard was indeed what she meant.

She smiled at him then, showing him all the emotions she had felt since she found out herself.

"I am pregnant,"

Her affirmation pulled him out of the shocked state he seemed to have fallen into because then she was in his arms again and he was whirling her round with such contagious enthusiasm that she couldn't help laughing at his excitement.

Gradually the excited whirling morphed into slow waltzing, her hands wound around his neck, fingers caressing his hair with sweet torture, his around her waist holding her body close to him.

"We are pregnant" He said it like a revelation and she heard it as an epiphany. This right here was everything she could have ever wished for in her life. She was the luckiest person in the world to have such an amazing person before her as her best friend and partner.

They stayed like that for some time before the fragrance of baking bread reached her clouded senses. "I should get the bread, It is already few minutes past said time," she pulled herself out of his arms before he could protest to her actions.

When the bread was out cooling on the table, Hermione joined him on the couch and cuddled into his arms.

"We did succeed in putting a bun in the oven" to which her smack of hand on his chest and an indignantly voiced "Harry!" was the only reply followed immediately by gale of laughter from him. She smiled inwardly at his inane remark. She liked this side of Harry; happy and content, without the ever present cloud of impending doom that had plagued him most of his youth. She was proud to be the reason behind his bliss and happiness, the same way he was the reason behind hers.

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