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Anima Summa Book 1 - The Mystery of Rhedae by Anima Summa

Anima Summa Book 1 - The Mystery of Rhedae

Anima Summa

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The Burrow

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author's Notes : This is the final chapter of book 1. At the end of the chapter I've included a few notes and a preview of book 2. By the way, sexytexy, you're absolutely right. I'm a big fan of the Indiana Jones films - that's the genre I'm trying to emulate in some small way. Books 2 and 3 also contain the same sort of adventures that Indy would have got up to.

Harry lay awake in bed on his first night at The Burrow. He smiled as he thought about the previous evening spent with all his friends and Ron's family - it had been great - so different from Privet Drive.

He tried to ignore the snoring coming from the other end of Ron's small bedroom, but he just couldn't get to sleep. He thought of Hermione - she was in the next room, sharing Ginny's bedroom. They had been able to relax for the first time since they had discovered each other - since the wonderful shock of their joining, endless meetings with Dumbledore and his team, Voldemort's attack, their OWLS, and the involvement of the Ministry and the Press. It had been hectic, and he and Hermione had had precious little time to themselves.

At The Burrow, he looked forward to them being able to spend some time together and to explore the new powers they'd been given. The Burrow was pretty crowded now, but there were plenty of secret little spots in the garden and down by the river that was not far from the house.

He again smiled as he fingered the ring on his right hand, and tried to project his thoughts to the room next door - trying to make contact with the girl he loved.

'Are you awake, Hermione?'

There was no response. Harry sighed - she was either asleep or they had to be very close to be able to hear each other's thoughts.

Eventually, he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, the four friends walked slowly through the garden after finishing their breakfast.

"Look," said Harry, "I've been thrust into the limelight ever since I came back to the wizarding world, and I've learned to ignore it. But what about you three - are you going to be able to cope? Seeing your photographs splashed all over the newspapers, complete strangers walking up to you and shaking your hands and wanting to know everything about you? It's like living in a goldfish bowl at times."

"Oh, I think I'll be able to cope with a little bit of fame, Harry," said Ron nonchalantly.

"But it's not only that," said Harry. "All the Death Eaters in the country will get to know what you all look like - not to mention Voldemort."

"But we're just as much a target for them now as you are, Harry," said Ginny. "Don't forget that Wormtail saw us with you in France, and Hermione's already been attacked. So I don't think it will change anything as far as the Death Eaters are concerned."

"And don't forget," said Hermione, "Fudge will tell the Daily Prophet that 'You Know Who' is back. They'll be able to recruit more Aurors and be that much better prepared for any attacks that are coming."

Harry thought for a moment, his brow creased with worry. "I don't know, Hermione. I really don't know."

"Look, Harry," said Ron. "Us three think that Dumbledore should go public - why don't you? You know it makes sense, and anyway, it's only a matter of time before it comes out."

Any further discussion was interrupted by the sounds of scuffling coming from the bushes about ten yards in front of them. They stopped as Sirius and Remus backed out onto the path, followed by Ceri, who was firmly holding Rita Skeeter by her arm. The reporter held a camera in her other hand.

"Let me go," shouted Rita. "I've got every right to keep the wizarding public informed of any developments in their world."

"Not when you're trespassing on people's private ground, and on their right to privacy," said Sirius sternly.

"Harry," shouted Rita. "What can you tell me about the Anima Summas?"

"Look. I thought I said ..." started Sirius, but he was interrupted by Harry, who shook his head in resignation.

"It's ok, Sirius. Let her go. Look, Miss Skeeter, if you agree to leave and not come back, I'll ask Professor Dumbledore to tell you everything you want to know."

Rita stared at Harry. She hadn't expected this response. "Ok, Harry. When will that be?"

"I'll get in touch with him today, and then it'll be up to him when he tells you."

"Will you leave now please?" said Ceri.

Rita shot Harry a grin, and then turned on her heels and walked towards the rickety gate and out of the garden, back towards the village.

"Are you sure about this, Harry?" asked Remus.

"The others already thought we should go public. It was me who was a bit reluctant. But when I saw what just happened, I knew there was no use in delaying the inevitable."

"Ok, Harry," said Sirius. "I'll get in touch with the headmaster straight away."


That afternoon, Charlie and Nadine arrived for a week's stay at the Burrow. The reports had been finished, and Demont had agreed that he would present them to the French and British ministries himself and answer any questions that may arise.

"Nadine!" squealed Ginny as Charlie and the French girl opened the kitchen door. She ran over and hugged her warmly and then caught her hand. "Come on, let's go for a little walk around the garden, I've got loads I want to ask you. Oh, hello Charlie."

Charlie laughed as the two girls walked out of the kitchen. He was then greeted by his mother and Ceri, who had been trying to decide what to cook for dinner that evening.

"What are you going to do now the dragon thing is all done and dusted?" asked Ceri.

"I don't know, Ceri," he replied. "We haven't really discussed it yet - I think we're both a bit afraid to broach the subject. You see, I could be sent anywhere in the world; it all depends on which family of dragons they want me to study. I know that Nadine just loves Southern France, and I don't want to take her any place where she may be unhappy."

"Don't worry, Charlie," said Molly. "The way you two feel about each other, I can't see you being apart, wherever they send you."

"I hope so, Mum."

"Charlie!" Fred and George had just come down from their bedroom, and slapped their brother on the back.

"So where is she then?" said George.

"Nadine? Oh she's been collared by Ginny - they're out in the garden."

"Come on then, George," said Fred. "Let's go and see what she looks like."

"Hey, you two," said Molly. "Be nice - and no tricks. We don't want to frighten her away."

"I'll give them a couple of minutes, then I'll go and rescue her," said Charlie.

The twins spotted their sister and Nadine at the far end of the garden, and ran over to them.

"Nadine," said Ginny, "these two are my twin brothers - Fred and George."

"Uh, which is which Ginny. How can you tell?" said a stunned Nadine as she looked at the identical twins.

"Oh it takes practice," said Ginny.

"I'm Fred," he said as he hugged Nadine.

"And I'm George," he said as he pulled Nadine away from Fred and also gave her a big hug.

"So," said Fred, "how did a nice girl like you manage to tame the dragon man?"

"More to the point," said George, "how did the dragon man manage to attract such a beautiful girl?"

"Fred, George," said Ginny sternly. "Leave her alone. You're embarrassing her."

"That's all right, Ginny," said Nadine laughing. "I must say I was a bit in awe about meeting you two after the things everyone has said about you, but anybody who can make the Slytherins go bang can't be all that bad."

"Ah, so you've heard about our little farewell prank?" said Fred.

"Yes - Ginny told me. I'd only just stopped laughing when you two came over."

"It'll be nice to have another sister in the family, won't it Fred?" said George.

"Yes. When's the wedding, Nadine?" said Fred.

Nadine smiled at the two boys as she blushed prettily. "Fred! George!" shouted Ginny. "You're embarrassing her. Now leave her alone."

"I've arrived just in time, I think," said Charlie as he caught Nadine's arm and led her away from his two grinning brothers and Ginny.

"I hope they didn't pull any tricks or anything," he said as they walked.

"No, Charlie - they're a bit overpowering, but I'm going to like those two, I think."

"Charlie! Nadine." They turned to see Harry and Hermione approach.

"It's great to see you both again," said Harry.

"It's nice to be here," said Nadine. "And congratulations, you two. We were thrilled to hear about what happened. Come on Hermione, tell me all about it."

Charlie and Harry watched the two girls as they walked arm in arm, in front of them, chatting merrily.

"Ginny told us that you two are together at last, Charlie."

"Yes - I still can't believe it," said Charlie.

"I know the feeling," said Harry.


The kitchen was crowded at dinner that evening. Arthur had magically increased the size of the kitchen table so that everyone could sit around it.

The room was filled with the sounds of laughter and animated talk, Fred and George to the forefront of it all. Then Ginny nudged Ron, who nudged Hermione, who nudged Harry. The four sat grinning as Harry cleared his throat.

"Fred, George," he said, "you've both been full of surprises during the five years us four have been at Hogwarts. Now there's a little surprise we've got for you."

Fred and George looked at Harry, wondering what he was going to say.

"Do you remember the Marauders Map you gave me a couple of years ago?"

"Yes," said George.

"The one made by Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs," said Fred.

"They've been your heroes haven't they?" asked Harry.

"Too true," said George.

"Their exploits at Hogwarts are legendary," said Fred. "They were the ones who inspired us - we wanted to follow in their footsteps."

"Did you ever find out who they were?" said Harry.

"Well no," said George.

"You're going to tell us who they were Harry?" said Fred.

Harry and the other three grinned in anticipation, and then Harry continued. "Let's get the worst bit out of the way first. Wormtail is Peter Pettigrew - Voldemort's sidekick."

Most of those around the table shuddered. Fred and George just stared.

"And Prongs was my father," said Harry.

"Whoa, cool - we didn't know, Harry," said George.

"Now Moony and Padfoot," said Harry.

"Go on - go on," said Ginny, unable to contain her excitement.

"Well," said Harry, "Fred, George - meet Moony and Padfoot, also known as Remus Lupin and Sirius Black."

Fred and George were thunderstruck - they looked at the other end of the table where Remus and Sirius sat together, grinning. Then they erupted.

"What!" they both shouted together.

"You're kidding us," said George

"He's not, George," said Sirius. "I'm Padfoot."

"And I'm Moony," said Remus.

Fred and George both jumped from their seats and rushed over to their two heroes, shaking their hands and just staring at them. Eventually, Fred found his voice.

"You've got to tell us how you made that map."

"And we want to hear how you pulled that floating stunt on the Slytherins," said George.

"We've got loads of new stuff we're working on," said Fred. "Come and have a look - we'd value your opinion."

Moony and Padfoot were dragged from their seats and marched up to the twins' bedroom, followed by the laughter coming from the ones left at the kitchen table.

"That was so good," said Ron. "I've never seen them so gob-smacked before. That was a masterful performance, Harry."


"So, Sirius," said Ginny, a slight smirk on her face. "What's happening with you and Ceri, these days?"

The four friends and Harry's godfather were sitting in the garden while breakfast was being prepared.

"What do you mean, Ginny?" he answered, knowing full well what she meant.

"You're going to have to get used this, Sirius," said Harry. "She's looking for something new to focus on now that Charlie and Nadine are together."

"I think my sister's going to open a dating agency when she finishes school," said Ron, laughing.

Sirius was spared further embarrassment as they heard two owls flutter overhead. One headed into The Burrow with the morning post, but the other just hovered over them, and dropped three official-looking letters. It then hooted and flew off, heading north.

Hermione picked up the three letters, looked at them, and then drew her lips back in a grimace. "They're from Hogwarts," she said, looking at Ron and Harry. "One for each of us. I think they're our OWL results."

"Oh hell," said Harry. Ron just went a light shade of pale.

"Well go on then," said Ginny, "open them."

"I can't Ginny," said Ron. "Mum'll kill me if I haven't done as well as Percy. And you know how many OWLS he had."

The three just sat looking at each other, and then Hermione ripped open her letter and read it.

"Ahhhh," she screamed. "I don't believe it - I've passed them all. I've got full marks in every subject except Potions."

She read a note on the bottom of the letter ..

'Congratulations, Hermione. You had the best marks in the whole of the fifth year. Only Kristen came close to you. I tackled Professor Snape about the five percentage points he deducted from your Potions result - he said that he just couldn't bring himself to give top marks to a Gryffindor - the cheek of it!

Minerva McGonagall, House Mistress, Gryffindor House.

"Well done, Hermione," said Harry and Ron as they both kissed her.

"There was never any doubt was there?" said Sirius as he added his congratulations.

"Come on you two," said Hermione, "open them."

Harry was the next to open his letter, not without some nervousness.

"I've passed everything except Potions," he said, smiling. "The marks aren't bad, either - I'm pleased with that."

"Come on, Ron," said Ginny.

"I can't Ginny," he said as he passed his letter to his sister. "You open it."

Ginny took the letter and ripped it open hurriedly as Ron sat with his arms folded over his head. She had a serious expression on her face as she looked at Ron.

"I knew it," he said miserably. "I've failed everything, haven't I?"

Ginny's face then split into a grin. "Sorry to tease you, Ron. You've passed everything except Potions and Divination - your marks are very good. Mum'll be pleased."

They all shouted with delight, and then ran into the kitchen to tell everybody. They pulled up short as they went in. Everybody was gathered around Arthur, who had a copy of the Daily Prophet in front of him on the table.

Sirius and the four friends walked over and stared at the front page of the paper. Large banner headlines roared,


And underneath, in equally large print,


In the middle of the page there was a large photograph of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny walking in the garden at The Burrow. Moving arrows pointed from 'Anima Summas' in the headline to Harry and Hermione in the photograph.

As Arthur turned the pages, it seemed that the entire paper was devoted to Voldemort's re-appearance and the story of the four's first quest in France.

"Well Percy," said Arthur, "I don't think we'll get much work done when we go into the office today. We'd better prepare ourselves for a grilling from everybody at the ministry."

"I suppose we'll be inundated by reporters now," said Molly despondently.

"No Molly," said Sirius. "Dumbledore told me that a condition of making the story public is a ban on visits to The Burrow by the press. We won't be bothered by them."

"How do you feel about it?" said Harry to his three friends. "Any regrets?"

"Well, only ..." said Ginny as she stared at the photograph with a pained look. "I ... I don't think that photo's very flattering. If I'd known, I'd have combed my hair!"

"Come off it, Ginny," said Charlie, laughing. "You look stunning, as usual"

Everybody laughed at the little redhead as her face slowly matched the colour of her hair.

Harry and Hermione spoke to Sirius as they were finishing their third cup of tea after breakfast.

"Sirius. Hermione and I've been talking. We want to pay a brief visit to Lara in Privet Drive. I haven't been able to write to her recently, what with everything that's been going on, and what we want to tell her is best done in person. What do you think?"

Sirius thought for a few moments. "It should be ok, Harry - as long as it's only for a few minutes. I don't want to leave The Burrow unprotected for any longer than that. Ceri, Remus and I'll have to come with you, of course, but we'll keep a discreet distance from the house. When do you want to go?"

"Right now, if it's ok," said Harry.

"I'll round up the other two," said Sirius. "We'll meet you out in the garden. You can hang on to us as we Apparate."

Five minutes later, Harry stood at the kitchen door of number 12 Privet Drive. Hermione waited just behind the house, at the edge of the garden. Harry could hear Lara talking to her mother inside as he knocked and stood back. Lara's mother opened the door.

"Hello, Mrs Smythe. Is Lara in?" asked Harry.

"Hello Harry," she said. "It's nice to see you again."

Lara looked over her mother's shoulder and then pushed past and hugged Harry briefly. "It's great to see you Harry. What brings you here? Are you back with the Dursleys?"

"Uh, no Lara - not this summer. We can't stay very long, I'm afraid. We just wanted to see you for a few minutes."

"We?" asked Lara.

"Hermione and I - she's just round the back of the house."

"I won't be long, Mum," Lara said to her mother as she closed the kitchen door and walked with Harry round the back of the house and into the garden.

Lara looked at Hermione and smiled. "Hello again. You two are together, aren't you? I can see it in your faces - just as I could see it back last year in that cave."

She hugged Hermione tightly and then did the same to Harry. "Is that why you came - to tell me about you two?"

"Yes - that was one reason, Lara." said Harry, "And we wanted to share with you what we feel - about each other, and about you. We wanted to see you now, when we had the chance. I don't think we'll be able to visit you again for a long time - things have become pretty complicated in the wizarding world."

"You mean it's become very dangerous, don't you?" asked Lara nervously.

"I'm afraid so," said Hermione, "and Harry and I are - well - we're right in the middle of it."

Harry caught Lara's hand, and Hermione caught the other. Then they closed their eyes and let their feelings and emotions flow into the blond-haired girl. After a few minutes, they broke contact, and Lara staggered slightly. Tears were running down her face, but she was smiling.

"You two have something very, very special," she said quietly. "I've never felt anything like that before - never knew such feelings could exist. Is it something that only wizards and witches can share?"

"Well yes and no, Lara," said Hermione. "It's something that's very rare. We only found out about it - we only found each other - a few weeks ago."

"Well it's so beautiful," said Lara. "You're going to have a lovely life together."

"I hope so, Lara," said Harry. "When all the trouble is finished with, when times are better - we'll come to see you again."

"We have to go now," said Hermione.

"Please be very careful, both of you." Lara waved as Harry and Hermione walked away.


"What took you so long, Wormtail?" growled Voldemort as the rat-faced wizard entered the cave, accompanied by Lucius Malfoy. "I suppose you'd still be looking aimlessly through the library if I hadn't sent Lucius to get you?"

"There were millions of books there, my Lord," said Wormtail. "I'm sorry."

"Well - did you find what I sent you to get?"

"Yes, my Lord," said Lucius. "The rose-red city is in the Southern Jordanian desert. It was built by the Nabataeans and was once an important stopping place on the ancient trade route between the Far East and Egypt. It has long since been abandoned, and no one lives there - it's only visited by tourists these days. The city is ringed by mountains, and was hewn from the pink and salmon-coloured desert rock"

"What is its name?" asked Voldemort.

"Petra," said Lucius. "I've taken the liberty of contacting the Dark Forces of the desert region, and they will provide an Arab guide to take us to the city and to the Treasury building."

"Excellent, Lucius. We can leave first thing in the morning - make the necessary arrangements. I want you, Wormtail, Travis and two of my best servants with me."

"Yes my Lord," said Lucius and Wormtail together.


They'd been at The Burrow for just over a week, and the four were just getting used to the idyllic life style.

A keen rivalry had been built up over the week. There were enough of them at The Burrow to form two teams of five, and they'd played several games of Quidditch in the garden. Harry and Charlie revelled in pitting their Seeker skills against each other, and Harry usually came out on top since Charlie was a bit stale. He still enjoyed the encounters, though.

Harry and Hermione, aided by Ron and Ginny, started to explore their new powers, and after a few days, they found out a few things - including Dumbledore's feeling that they still had a lot of developing to do.

They found that they couldn't do wand-less magic on their own. When they weren't physically linked together, their magical strength seemed about the same as it had been before they bonded. And even when joined, they could only do the force-field protection spell. They couldn't bring to mind any new spells - it seemed that they would surface only when the need arose.

They could still feel their emotions when they touched, and they could read each other's thoughts when they were close together. They spent a lot of time trying to improve that aspect of their powers.

They would concentrate very hard, and try to project their thoughts at increasing distances from each other. At the end of three days of trying, they found they could do it at a distance of about 50 yards. This was a marked improvement from the first day, and they knew that with a lot of practice and effort, they'd be able to extend the distance even further.

They couldn't read Ron and Ginny's thoughts, however, even when each of them was in close contact to their friends. They could only do it when the four of them joined hands.

"I don't know Hermione," said Harry one day. "We can improve our telepathy, but what about the ancient spells and knowledge that are buried deep inside us? It doesn't look as if we'll be able to find out any more unless we're put in the position to access the spells - and that usually means a position of danger."

"I'm not sure, Harry," replied Hermione. "There may be other ways to access all that knowledge - there just has to be. We'll have to ask Professor Dumbledore what he thinks."

The following day, Harry and Hermione were sitting by the side of the river on a lush area of grass and ferns. They were holding hands, and gazing into each other's eyes, revelling in the strong emotions that close contact brought. They were startled when a voice spoke behind them.

"I am sorry to intrude - please forgive me."

They turned to see the tall, white-haired, green-eyed girl standing just inside the line of trees that skirted the river.

"Margot!" exclaimed Hermione as she and Harry got up and walked over to the girl.

"Yes 'Ermione. My name ees Margot Denarnaud."

"Denarnaud," said Hermione. "Are you belonging to Marie Denarnaud, Berenger Sauniere's house keeper?"

"Yes. I am zee great-great granddaughter of Marie and Berenger. Eet ees not known to many persons zat zey 'ad a son together - my great-grandfather."

"We've been puzzling, Margot," said Harry. "Why have you been watching me? We thought that you were my Anima Summa."

"No, 'Arry. As soon as I met 'Ermione, I knew eet was 'er who was ze one. I was watching for a different reason. You see, I live in Rennes-le-Chateau, and when I first saw you at ze top of ze church tower - even though you were in your eagle form - I knew you were ze Anima Summa. I dreamt then - you see, I am a seer."

"A seer?" said Harry.

"She can see things the rest of us can't - she can see into the future," said Hermione quietly.

"Yes," said Margot, "but zat ees not why I am 'ere. I received a message in my dream - a message for ze two Anima Summas. When I saw you, 'Ermione, ze time was not right to deliver ze message. You 'ad not yet joined with 'Arry. But now, ze time ees right."

Harry and Hermione stared at the French girl, waiting.

"Eet is now time for you both to 'ear your second quest. But eet ees only ze first part of your quest. More will be given to you by another after you 'ave completed ze first part."

She stared at Harry and Hermione, making sure that she had their full attention.

"Now listen carefully …"

End - of Book 1 - The Mystery of Rhedae.

Author's Notes (2)

Before I tell you a bit about book 2, just a few thoughts about book 1.

First and foremost - thanks to everyone who've taken the trouble to review, and especially to those of you who review regularly - you're my inspiration.

Secondly - You may be interested to know that when I first wrote the outline of the story, Hermione wasn't the Anima Summa - it was Ginny. When I reviewed it, reading it over and over, I could tell that something wasn't quite right and it took a while for me to put my finger on the problem. Hermione's character was far stronger than Ginny's, who seemed to be far too docile by comparison. I could see that it was Hermione who'd contribute more to the concept of Anima Summa - it was her raging intellect. So I re-wrote the outline, making Ginny a far more spirited and compassionate person - ideally suited to support her friends. I hope you think it worked. But that left me with a problem - I originally intended to get Ron and Hermione together (although as the book progressed I came to realise that that pairing just wasn't right!), so that left two loose ends in the romance stakes. But there's still books 2 and 3 to come!

Thirdly - I took a bit of a risk with the subject matter of the fic. I knew that religion was a touchy subject and that some readers may be alienated by it, but I was determined to write a fic that combined the amazing Harry Potter world with one of my other great interests. The mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau is not some figment of my imagination - it's a real-life mystery that still baffles the many authors and television filmmakers that cover it. And it's essentially a mystery with religion at its core - the man at the centre of the mystery was Berenger Sauniere - a Catholic priest - and the iconography inside the church at Rennes-le-Chateau is exactly as I've described it in the fic - and a lot more - it seems to be a map of some sort, urging the seeker to unravel the esoteric messages that abound within (and outside) its walls. Many commentators agree that the solution to the mystery is to do with Jesus - either that he's buried somewhere nearby or that his bloodline is perpetuated in the Merovingian dynasty, following the children produced by him and Mary Magdalene. Either of those scenarios would, of course, have devastating implications on Christianity today. What the true answer is, I just don't know, but my fictionalised solution to the mystery preserves both the belief in the resurrection and Jesus' presence around Rennes-le-Chateau. To those of you who were offended - my apologies.

If you want to find out more about the mystery - and I've touched on only the basics in my fic - just put 'Rennes-le-Chateau' into your search engine - you'll come up with loads of hits.

Now onto book 2 :

It's finished (as indeed is book 3) - it's a bit longer than book 1, with fourteen chapters and an epilogue and I'll start posting within a day or two.

Book 2 is about two quests - one by Harry and his friends and one by Voldemort. There's an element of religion in it - but mainly those of pre-Christian cultures. I don't want to say too much about it at this stage though. It's far wider in scope than book 1, and it's also a bit darker - the storm clouds brewing at the end of book 1 are about to burst!

So, walk beside our four friends as they unravel the clues that lead them over half of Europe and beyond in their search for the second repository of ancient wizarding knowledge.

If you dare, join Voldemort in his search for the dreaded Necronomicon, and cringe when he opens its pages and finds out about the deadliest thing ever to threaten the human race.

And we'll meet a few of Harry's old friends along the way, some were mentioned in book 1, and some weren't, but most are from JK's world (apart from my own characters that are essential to the plot.)

As for romance - it's there, but I won't say who it involves. There's also another 'Who-Is-It', which has a rather surprising outcome, although after reading the reviews for book 1, some of you will no doubt second-guess me!

Here's a snippet from chapter 1 of the second book…




Harry and Hermione were sitting quietly side by side on the bank of the river that flowed past the side of the garden at The Burrow. Their eyes were clouded, immersed in their own thoughts. They sat slightly apart from each other, each knowing that their emotions were at that moment hidden from the other. They were also careful to keep their thoughts guarded. They had learned that in order to hear their thoughts, they had to consciously project them.

They were both, however, thinking about the same thing - the thing that was becoming increasingly difficult to conceal, both from themselves and their friends - a raging and passionate desire. They were desperately in love, a love that seemed to be growing day by day, and they both wrestled with the consequences of what that love would inevitably lead to. They were red-blooded, healthy teens and over the last few days they had become more and more aware of their developing needs and urges.

Both were pure in mind and body, and their experiences of life up to this point did little to help them cope with the problem they now faced. They both knew, of course, where their love would eventually lead them, but they both felt that they were too young to enter into such full-blooded intimacy.

Although they both thought the same things, they had been careful to conceal it up to now, so they didn't know how the other felt about it. But Hermione knew that the situation had to change, she knew that if she kept her raging feelings hidden from Harry for much longer, it might just cause a rift between them.

She brushed a lock of hair away from the side of her face and looked at Harry tentatively, wondering what she should do. Then she spoke in a quite voice, "Harry?"

Harry jumped slightly, drawn away from the thoughts that mirrored those of his girlfriend. "Yes Hermione?"

"Harry… I… I think we need to talk."

"About what?"

"About… about what I'm feeling right now. Oh, this is so hard!"

"Hermione…" Harry reached over to touch her hand, but Hermione drew back slightly, denying the contact.

"No, not yet Harry. I want to say what I feel before you feel what I feel."

Harry smiled wryly. "Hermione, I think I know how you feel. I feel it too."

Hermione's eyes grew wider. "You do?"

"How could I not? I mean, I'm in love with the most beautiful girl in the world and we're always together. It's torture Hermione, but I don't know what to do about it."

Hermione smiled and reached out her hand, lightly brushing the unruly mop of hair from his eyes. Then she dropped her hand and rested it on top of Harry's, letting her emotions flow, all thoughts of hiding her feelings now gone.

Harry sucked in a deep breath as he felt the love and raging passion enter his very being, and Hermione gasped as Harry exposed his own thought and emotions to her probing mind. They both reached out then and drew each other into a tight embrace, crushing their lips together in an outward pouring of their wild passion.




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