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Phantasmagoria by Viopathartic




A/N: This was one sneaky idea. I was trying to study AP one night and suddenly this came to me. It takes place in a AU seventh book. I don't know where this will go. If I have enough reviews, I may continue.

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Harry didn't waste any time in finding the Horcruxes after he left Hogwarts. Immediately on returning to the Dursleys', Harry lived and breathed the books of Dark Arts. He dedicated his time in learning everything there was about Voldemort's past life and the location of possible Horcruxes.

A few weeks later, just as promised, Hermione and Ron came to the Dursleys' and stayed with him until his seventeenth birthday. Using items left by Dumbledore, including his notes and pensieve, Harry (with most help from Hermione) quickly found the candidate Horcruxes.

Harry decided to return to school as well. Hogwarts became a training school primarily for Defense against the Dark Arts. Students lower than 5th year were kept in the east side of the castle for theory. All of those above were involved in the more perilous and strenuous activities. That included practice with spell incantations and the art of dueling.

Dumbledore's Army was reborn and included more than 100 members. Harry was, of course, appointed the leader and took pride in training each and every student. All of the houses participated in this regardless of their differences. At first there was hesitation; Slytherin and Gryffindor were not meant to fight together. However, as time progressed, boundaries were forgotten and Hogwarts was finally united as one.

Harry had trained the hardest. He would fight against Remus or other qualified wizards every single day and if he fell, he would get back up and counter with renewed vigor. By the end of the year, he could beat half of them with only a few spells.

In romantic retrospect, Bill and Fleur's wedding had been a success. They were happy together, and to prove it, Fleur was even expecting a daughter. Molly Weasley was certainly happy about it. Hermione and Ron had started a relationship, but argued so much that Harry had confronted them one night. Both were embarrassed to learn how their "relationship" was affecting everyone and finally came to the decision to remain as friends. They seemed to be satisfied with this arrangement; there wasn't much tension between them. Harry did not have much time to think about his love life but when it passed through his mind, he would reflect on his time with Ginny.

The two never rekindled their relationship during the war period although Ginny had showed signs of wanting to. Harry tried to ignore it. All he needed was a friend, but she didn't seem to want to be just that. The Golden Trio grew closer as they fought against time to defeating Lord Voldemort. Harry's sanity was kept in check by his two best friends. They fought by him, comforted when he needed it, and helped him every step of the way in the hunt for the Horcruxes.

The locket, the cup, eagle statue of Ravenclaw, and snake didn't stand a chance against the trio.

After the destruction of the final horcrux, Harry didn't go to the Hospital Wing like everyone was telling him to do. After all, a gash to the side of his head and a bloodied leg wasn't that bad...for him.

Instead, Harry gradually proceeded to the old Quidditch pitch and lay himself down in the center.

The weather was light and breezy here; it was pouring and thundering at Little Hangleton when the Trio was there. He was content with just looking up at the sky with his hands linked behind his head and counting the stars that felt so close he could almost pick one up from its constellation and hold it in his hands.

Suddenly he tensed; someone was coming. He heard a pair--no, two pairs--of feet as they walked along the pitch, the combination of rocks and sand bending under its weight. He felt the air around him changing as someone walked through. His training in the past year had heightened his ability to separate his five senses and concentrate on each individually. In battle it was extremely helpful; it gave him a warning when someone was sneaking behind him. Now he had come so familiar with the ability, he used it everyday.

"Harry," called a voice.

It was Hermione. And Harry knew, wherever one of the Trio went, one of the other two would be close behind. Naturally, Ron had followed Hermione. Knowing this, Harry relaxed.

"Hey you guys," Harry sighed, waiting for them to join him.

Soon enough, Hermione was in the middle while Harry was on her left; Ron on her right. It was the famous Trio formation.

"We did it. We destroyed the last horcrux." Harry whispered.

He felt Hermione and Ron nod by his side. They didn't say anything because they knew what he was thinking.

Destroying the first horcrux had brought them a little closer to killing Voldemort.

Destroying the last horcrux will bring them to the final battle.

"What do you want to be when this is all over?" inquired Hermione, sandwiched between her boys.

Harry smiled slightly, loving the thought of a future. "An Auror."

"A quidditch player," sighed Ron in reverence.

Hermione frowned. "I thought you wanted to be an Auror too?"

Her friend shook his head. "I'm getting to tired of fighting…quidditch is something I know I'll love to do."

Hermione gave out a short laugh, causing both of her friends to exchange amused glances. "Then Harry, you're going to be an Auror and Ron, you're going to be a quidditch player."

The both of them smiled at how matter-of-fact their friend had sounded--as if she was so sure that they would survive the last battle.

"What are you going to be, Hermione?" asked Harry, turning his head to the right to look at her.

"I don't know."

"Mate, of course she's going to be head of some Elves' Rights organization!" exclaimed Ron, merely trying to annoy his friend.

"Or a member of another organization that has some name that we can't even pronounce."

"Or a bookshop owner in Muggle London--"

"Or a Healer--"

"A Potions Master--"

"A Transfiguration professor--"

"A Charms professor--"

They continued to list the hundreds of possibilities for their friend's future occupations; they knew that they could to anything--except for Quidditch of course.

"Oh quiet, you guys," scolded Hermione, although she was hiding a small smile.

"I can't wait." Harry whispered, continuing to think of the future in a positive light. "No more of this. I can finally"

"We can do whatever we want without having to worry about Voldemort." Hermione breathed, grabbing each of her best friends' hand. She smiled at Ron and turned her head to Harry. He smiled--truly smiled at her. He took their linked hands and brought to his lips, kissing it gently.

There was another thing besides the Trio's relationship that had improved.

Hermione and Harry admitted that their friendship was strained during their sixth year and did what they used to do--just talk. A lot was said; for example, Hermione actually confessed she was jealous of "Won-Won" and Lavender Brown's relationship. She had thought that Ron actually liked her (Harry pointed that he did). She then explained how she was jealous of Harry's top marks in Slughorn's Potions class. Hermione had believed it was unfair and very unlike her friend to "cheat" by using the book. She admitted her envy may have clouded her trust towards Harry.

In clearing the air of all that occurred in sixth year, their relationship, in contrast to Ron's and Hermione's or Ron's and Harry's, grew much stronger. They gave each other more of everything--their feelings and their thoughts.

When Ron and Hermione decided to date, their special bond did not stop. In some ways it grew even more. Hermione always went to Harry when she and Ron would argue, and there were many nights when they would stay up at night together and talk as Harry or her kept watch over their hideout.

Harry had supported the relationship as a best friend would, but deep down he knew the relationship was doomed from the beginning. Hermione and Ron shared absolutely nothing in common and frankly, he believed Hermione deserved better--not that Ron didn't try. He did in the beginning, but finally gave into reality. He and Hermione were not compatible and it was useless to try.

"Where do you guys want to live? I know that we're gonna get a flat together, but where? Muggle or Wizarding?" Ron voiced, obliviously disturbing their moment.

The three of them had talked about this before. They already knew that they'd be together no matter what. Life after the war won't ever change it; their bond was too special to just forget.

"I don't think you'd survive in the muggle when you can't even pronounce the word 'telephone'," Harry teased, humor light in his tone.

" I guess the wizarding it is," finished Ron. Hermione laughed.

"Yes, it'll be fine. Everything will be after this."

The night ended in perfect harmony as the three lay in silence letting their thoughts float through their minds. For one night, they could just if they were merely teenagers who were best friends and were just staying up late at night to escape from homework and stuff.

A week later, the final battle finally came.

The Death Eaters were tightly deep-rooted in Hogsmeade, a large percentage of which was already ablaze. Aurors, Order members, and students were spread apart, positioning themselves in the woods that encircled Hogsmeade. Harry could hear the cries of fear from townspeople as Aurors tried to evacuate them from their residences. He could already hear the angry rejoinders from the Death Eaters at a distance. He felt the familiar thrum of anger buzz in his ears over the crackling of the flames, and swore, knowing this was only the beginning.

Harry rose to his feet, his knees bent so that he was crouching but standing at the same time. He inclined his head toward the town, making sure that there wasn't any lurking Death Eaters. He decided to stay back unlike the other fighters who immediately went in to attack. Hermione and Ron were positioned at the other entrances to Hogsmeade.

He briefly wondered if any Death Eaters had tried to enter Hogwarts and anticipated the surprise that the Death Eaters would find there.

The rain came down on him, heavy and fast. He was thankful for his Impervious'd glasses and clothing that Hermione had charmed. This enabled him dryness and the ability to move quicker. Large pellets of water poured onto the ground, eroding the surfaces of soil and grass. Harry nearly slipped on numerous accounts but thankfully regained his balance before he could.

Suddenly a red beam soared his way.

Harry grunted as he dove to the ground, dodging the Reductor Curse cast by a nearby Death Eater. Mud and clumps of wet grass flew around him as other miscellaneous curses were fired. He immediately regained grip on his wand and used both hands to lift himself to a crouching position. He looked up to realize that the Death Eater had been stunned by Hermione.

Harry nodded his gratitude, and she smiled in return but that soon turned to be a mistake. Someone, a lone Death Eater among the battlefield of black cloaked henchmen of Voldemort, lifted their wand against the young witch and cast a Stunning charm that would only hold her for a moment. Harry quickly produced a Reductor charm which collided with the ground, momentarily blinding the Death Eater with rubble and rocks, and followed it up with a Stunning Charm. He sent another one and the next Death Eater met the same fate.

Disregarding the man that lay on his back, Harry rushed passed him and to Hermione.


"Thanks," she said, quickly getting up on her feet. She turned and placed a small coin, one that resembled D.A's coin, on top of each of the men's body and pressed it. Both the object and person vanished before them.

"Why aren't you back at the west side?"

"Back up arrived. Many Aurors came and took control. They reckoned they could handle the Death Eaters themselves and so, I left," Hermione explained. She began to walk, her eyes open for other opponents.

"The others?" Harry asked even as his eyes darted around anxiously.

"D.A's keeping it up. Everyone is still staying strong. They're rooting for you, Harry," said Hermione breathlessly. She dodged another spell that melted the ground next to her, turned around, and countered, "Petrificus Totalus!"

The arms and legs of the cloaked Death Eater snapped together and his body fell backwards onto the ground. Knowing the spell was only temporary, Hermione conjured a set of ropes, which then encircled his body.

"Oi!" The both of them turned to see their best friend running towards...with two Death Eaters sneaking up from behind.

"Stupefy!" Coins were placed on the unconscious bodies, and they were then taken back to the cell where all of the captured Death Eaters were to be held.

The cell was essentially a strongly warded area, which was guarded by capable Aurors. Hermione had suggested creating such a place because of the known fact of Death eaters easily escaping when not under well surveillance. The strongest wizards aided them in carefully sealing the area.

"Ron, this is a battlefield; not the corridors of Hogwarts," scolded Hermione despite their situation. Ron, instead of rolling his eyes, nodded gravely.

The three stood in what seemed to be the middle of everything--they could tell that the battle was on their side at the moment. The number of Death Eaters was diminishing by the hours. The Order, the D.A, and the Trio had dealt with Dementors awhile ago. The soul-sucking ghouls that used to guard Azkaban had chosen the side of Voldemort, but they were easily defeated by Patronus charms. Only two wizards were unfortunate enough to experience the kisses.

The giants' civilization was split in decision. Across the globe there were nearly a hundred tribes of giants.

Approximately half had decided to join up with Voldemort. It was a known fact that the giants were looked down upon because they were only "half-humans" but somehow, Voldemort had persuaded them. The other half, thanks to Grawp, Hagrid's half brother who was a full giant, had joined the good guys. They were now guarding the area where wizards and witches were staying and if danger were to come, they'd take care of it. The Aurors were forced to kill any giant who threatened their lives.

Harry's every hair stood on end and his nerves seemed to crackle with electricity and the scar on his forehead burned like fire when he felt him.

Harry gasped in pain and alerted his friends.

"He's coming," he gasped, "Voldemort's coming soon."

Hermione and Ron closed around Harry with their wands withdrawn. Seeing what his friends were willing to do, Harry pushed them away.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed. Ron gave him a bewildered glare.

"Go! Let me handle him by myself!"

"No--we told you already! We're gonna be by your side no matter what!" yelled Ron.

"Fight them--the Death Eaters. Let them nowhere near me and Voldemort," ordered Harry. He saw the look on Hermione's face and knew what she was feeling.

"The prophecy said that only I will defeat him. Me, Hermione!" Harry grunted as he grabbed his scar. It felt like it was unfair--as if it would burst at any moment. "I don't want you guys to die in order to save me. Too many people have already done that…p-please go!"

"Wait!" The two of them immediately turned around at Harry's cry. Tears were already streaming down her face and he could tell she was resisting the urge to run back into his arms.

"I love you two, you know that right?"

"We love you too, Harry." Hermione whispered tearfully. Ron nodded to show he felt the same. Then, exchanging one last look with his friend, The Chosen One, he grabbed Hermione's arm and forced her to follow.

The two ran back into the center and met up with Ginny. The left side of her face was bleeding but other than that, she looked fine.

"Where is he? Where's Harry?" she asked, immediately seeing Hermione's tears. Hermione didn't answer--she couldn't.

"You-Know--I mean…V-voldemort…" Ron stuttered, looking back to where the Final battle will be taking place.

"Oh god," Ginny grabbed onto Hermione's arms; she suddenly looked as if she might collapse at any moment.

Harry noticed him beginning to arrive and decided on a sneak attack. He quickly apparated so that he was behind and raised his wand.


"Apparating. Very excellent tactic." Voldemort said sarcastically, not even turning to his opponent. He turned his wand onto Harry and Harry's wand was cast away.

Harry's eyes followed his wand as it flew into the air and he raised his hand, calling it. It immediately was summoned into his grasp. He mentally thanked Remus for teaching him the proper way of nonverbal magic.

"You're losing, Riddle." Harry said, pointing his wand at Voldemort who merely laughed at the boy's usage of a name he hasn't thought of since many years ago.

"Riddle? I see you are overconfident!" He shot a flame at Harry who easily dodged it with his sharp reflexes. "Let me help you with the pesky tone of yours!"

"Look around you. You're Death Eaters are captured."

"They're nothing to me! They're merely here to help, but since I have you now, they can be dead for all I care!" Voldemort laughed again, shooting yet another foreign spell at him.

It was like a game of dodge ball. The dodge balls were spells cast by Voldemort and directed at Harry and he would then either dodge them or cast a counter spell. But he knew that he couldn't try to escape the curses forever.

Deciding to turn the table, Harry cast a Stunning Charm at his opponent. Voldemort was hit in the shoulder but it merely caused him to stagger a step behind.

"Pathetic. You're not strong enough, Potter. Dumbledore may have thought that you would defeat me in the future but that old cook knew nothing. Nothing!" The Dark sorcerer whirled his wand into the air.

A whirlwind of fire was produced, swirling above Voldemort's head. It grew larger and larger as he added more of his power into the spell. With a grunt, Voldemort slashed his wand down in a vertical line, launching the fire right at Harry.

Harry lifted his wand and concentrated, forcing the magic from his core to transmit to the wand. He thought up a large mast of water and the product rapidly formed from, covering Harry like a barrier. The fire collided with this and disappeared as the water put out the fire. The barrier collapsed around Harry who was breathing heavily.

Voldemort smiled evilly. He had other things up his sleeve. Voldemort stabbed his wand in Harry's direction and whispered an incantation. Harry couldn't see anything coming up but still prepared himself. Suddenly, he was blown away by an invisible force and he fell, painfully, on his back.

He groaned at the impact but forced his mind to ignore it. He quickly leapt to his feet and apparated. The smile on Voldemort's face had faded a bit as he watched the boy disappear.

Voldemort waited for the sound of apparition but none came. For a hesitant moment, he relaxed his hold on his wand, thinking maybe the boy had retreated.

It was his mistake.

Harry appeared at Voldemort's right side and shot at him with his wand. The Dark sorcerer, in turn, faced that direction but found the boy had vanished again.


Voldemort allowed himself of moment of astonishment as he was thrown nearly 15 feet away by Harry. However, before he collided with the earth, he recuperated and stopped himself from falling.

The battle between him and Voldemort had caught the attention of those who were alive. They watched as their friend dodged the torrent of spells and deep down, hoped that Harry Potter would come out alive. They could tell that Harry was already losing strength and Voldemort seemed unscathed and even more powerful.

"C'mon, Harry!" yelled Ron as he watched the battle. He felt useless at the moment as he saw his best friend dodging the line of spells and then countering with his own. He wanted to help, but he and Hermione knew that Harry would want to do this alone.

Harry turned his head at the sound. Suddenly, he felt an ill sense of doom washing over his entire body. He knew that Voldemort had noticed this and had focused his attention on his friends.

Damn you, Ron, he thought, seeing the smirk that slowly crept onto Voldemort's snake-like face.

"They're cheering for you, Harry. How nice," he said. "Why don't you ask for them to join us?"

"The fight is between you and me, Voldemort."

"It's getting a bit boring, don't you think? Yes it is!" Voldemort shot another one of his spells that threw Harry across the distance of the battlefield.

For a moment, Harry thought it was over; that Voldemort was finally going to kill him at any second. Instead, Voldemort did not and thinking Harry wasn't going to get up at any moment, he turned and overlooked his opponent.

Maliciously laughing, Voldemort yelled out, "Avada Kedavra!"

He felt the hot beam as it flew past and above him. Knowing that the cursed, green light might hit one of his closest friends, anger quickly rose inside of him. Hermione and Ron were not supposed to die before he could kill Voldemort. He'll never let that happen.

He stabbed his wand into the air--right at his enemy. He felt tears running down his cheek as the reality of getting rid of the person he loathed the most finally hit him.

He couldn't feel the rain, which pelted against his skin in large, wet bullets. He couldn't see the lights of the curses that were flying in the battle field. He couldn't hear the grunts and screams of those who had defeated their enemies and were now standing and watching the end of the war.

He couldn't feel anything except for the bulging sense of relief and anticipation. Life without him was only a curse away. After this everything will be fine, just fine.

With that, Harry bellowed, "Avada Kedavra!"

All of his energy faded after casting the last spell. He brought down his hand that held his wand, breathing heavily.

Harry closed his eyes, knowing that he would be dead in a short while.

And finally, finally, he found peace as he realized that at least someone he loved would be in heaven with him.

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