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  1. Hopeless by Viopathartic

    HP's POV: I'm a coward. I'm standing in the corner, holding a butterbeer. I'm smiling a smile that is not mine, I'm laughing a laugh that is not mine, and I'm watching something that I try to never watch. [Begins R/HR, ends H/HR] Revamp of an old story.

  2. Suppose by Viopathartic

    One-Shot: Harry supposes to Hermione. EXCERPT: Hermione smiled softly and delicately brushed her hand against his cheek. Harry turned his head so that his lips would touch her palm and then sighed, at ease with her presence around him. He could have been asleep, for his soft breathing and closed eyes could have been indicators. But no, Harry was merely reveling in being with the one he loved, the one he cherished every moment with.

  3. Tortured by Viopathartic

    Instead of Voldemort invading his dreams, Harry finds himself tortured by something else...someONE else...

  4. A Club by Viopathartic

    “A club, Harry?” asked Minerva McGonagall with an eyebrow raised skeptically. Harry nodded. “And what is this club?” Harry shrugged. “You don’t know?” Harry nodded. “Why?” There was no point in hiding the truth. “Because…I’m bored.” After his godfather's murder, Harry is compelled to form a club. What kind of club? He's not exactly sure. But he never expected three certain people to come to the first meeting. Join Harry Potter as his club overcomes the barriers of rival houses and form friendships among the most unlikely people. And see how he deals with Hermione dating Ron. Not neccessarily Portkey pairings but there WILL be Harry/Hermione.

  5. Class, what did we learn? by Viopathartic

    A teacher is slightly dismayed when her students start to educate her on the faults of Deathly Hallows.

  6. the Extreme by Viopathartic

    A parody of H/Hr fanfiction that makes you want to smack the author. You might want to smack me for making this fic. Fortunately, you can't.

  7. Hopeless by Viopathartic

    HP's POV. I'm standing in the corner, holding a butterbeer. I'm smiling a smile that is not mine, I'm laughing a laugh that is not mine, and I'm watching something that I try to never watch. The couple smiles at each other. I can't help but feel so alone.

  8. Learning to Be by Viopathartic

    Ignores The Epilogue. H/Hr. Dudley's daughter is magical. Knowing nothing about those sorts of things because of his upbringing, he enlists the help of Harry. Along the way, a friendship is formed and Harry finds that along with his help came help from Dudley. Especially in the female department.

  9. Sleeping by Viopathartic

    One-shot: Summary: Not what it seems. Ron and Hermione have a talk while Harry sleeps. Excerpt: "Thank you for your compliments, Ron; you always had a way with words," Hermione sarcastically said. Then, with her mood suddenly changing, she glanced over to her right. A soft smile formed as her head tilted. Ron felt as if she was listening to something that he could not hear. Like it was a conversation between her and someone…

  10. Damn Car by Viopathartic

    It all started with a damn car. 3/22/08: Chapter 7 is up!

  11. In the attic by Viopathartic

    Harry finds Hermione in the attic. "Your favorite color is green, but I don't really know why. You just like to use green bookmarks, and I noticed that you wear green in the summer...of course, you can't wear it at Hogwarts because muggle clothes are not aloud," rambled Harry matter-of-factly. He didn't seem to notice Hermione's shock. "And your favorite book is Hogwarts, A History, though that might be obvious from the numerous times you quoted from it," Harry finished in one breath. His face registered shock for a second. It seemed that even he was surprised at how much he paid attention to Hermione.

  12. She's Not Hermione Granger by Viopathartic

    Companion piece to My Urge to Tickle Hermione Granger. Normal POV: Ginny ponders (loudly) why Harry does not want to date her anymore. Ron and friends gladly answer.

  13. Operation CoJacks by Viopathartic

    Recent note 1/19/07: Chapter 14 is 15 pages: After the death of his headmaster, Harry is drawn into the world of espionage. Danger lies ahead and Harry trains in both muggle and wizardry ways so that he will soon meet his destiny. Harry attends the headquarters of Operation CoJacks, a secret organization based in the British government. Along with strange plot twists, Harry finds that he could use his newly discovered Muggle ways in order to find the remaining Horcruxes. Starts in the summer before Harry's seventh year. Slight H/HR. Some Ginny bashing because the author feels like being evil.

  14. No More Weird Guys by Viopathartic

    John Greenwald has to meet Harry Potter before he can date Hermione Granger.

  15. Phantasmagoria by Viopathartic

    Takes place in AU Seventh Year and before/after Final Battle. No other summary will be revealed because it will seriously ruin everything. Length depending on the amount of reviews but author swears that she only wants opinion on whether this one-shot/short story should continue on in Portkey or die in the recycle bin. Read this because you're the one who has power.

  16. They Hear Him at Night by Viopathartic

    They always hear him. Somewhat angsty...don't really know how to describe it.

  17. My Urge to Tickle Hermione Granger by Viopathartic

    The title pretty much explains it all.

  18. Out of Breath by Viopathartic

    One-shot. Response to 'Short of Breath' challenge. Harry gets hit by a spell that renders every girl (and guy!) breathless and speechless and lusting after Harry. See how he gets out of this mess!

  19. The Concept of Crushes by Viopathartic

    A two-shot. Harry needs to learn the concept of crushes and how to deal with his crush, Hermione, having a crush on a person other than him. If you've read my other fics, you'll know that my works are usually original. So read this and please leave some reviews to tell me what you think!!

  20. Three Big Words by Viopathartic

    PG13 for momentary use of profanity but that is it. Inspired by Three Small Words by happy-daze. There. Hermione Granger said the three words that made Harry freeze. How will he react? Does this summary sound familiar? If it does, I assure you it is NOT WHAT YOU THINK. Read and you'll see.

  21. Uh...what? by Viopathartic

    Very short humorous one-shot: Excerpt// “Y-you’re—?” The woman asked, barely keeping her disgust out of her tone as she watched the red-haired man chew obnoxiously on a handful of cookies. She meant to ask if he was really Hermione’s husband-to-be, but for some reason she couldn’t speak. He smiled, showing particles of previous foods stuck in his teeth. Carol, somewhat of an OCD person, flinched and turned her head away. “Yep. I’m Ronald Weasley.” Wiping a hand onto his jeans, he stuck it out for her to shake. Slowly reaching out as if he carried a dangerous disease, Carol briefly touched his hand then drew back. God, that cookie monster is Hermione’s fiancé? Lord help Hermione Granger.

  22. The Letters by Viopathartic

    AUTHOR'S NOTE 3/20/07: VERY IMPORTANT! Former one-shot, now multi-chapter fic: Six hours. Harry said in six hours he would be back from the battle and free of Voldemort's power. But...will he come back alive?