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  1. Always and Forever by Lorelover

    This is an alternate ending to the original story. It starts at the end of Harry's third year, and continues thru his seventh. There is action in many of the chapters, but it's not the focus of the main story. I believe the overwhelming focus should be the main characters. I'm trying to write about a realistic and honest relationship between Harry and Hermione.

  2. Harry Potter and the Knight of the Radiant Heart by Raven3182

    During the battle at the Department of Mysteries something unexpected happens and a knight from a place far, far away suddenly finds himself in the strange world of Harry Potter. How will Harry, as well as the rest of the wizarding world react to having a paladin thrust into their midst? Evil closes in on all sides, yet the Light still shines in the Darkness. A/U.

  3. Hogwarts Battle School by Kwan

    AU. Voldemort kills Dumbledore and advances on the Potters but is vanquished by just a child. In Dumbledore's will, Snape is left the position of Headmaster of Hogwarts and he has changed the school into something else entirely. Harry, sorted into Slytherin, is beginning his Third Year when he realizes that friend and foe are all too similar for his liking. Competing against allies and enemies, Harry learns that there is a price to winning.

  4. Legacy of Magic by CA Crawford

    Harley Denson is a normal witch with the normal problems of a witch living in a muggle town with a disloyal wand. However, one discovery in her grandfather's bookshop will reveal the secrets of her real identity and put her on a collision course with the greatest evil the wizarding world has yet faced.

  5. It's not losing a daughter, it's gaining a son! by alayneni

    The town of Hogwarts is a quiet town. Four great mansions stand on the four cardinal points of town, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The Gryffindor Mansion has been abandoned for centuries but what happens when a new heir to the mansion is revealed?

  6. Fifth Element Companion by Bexis

    Over the past several years, I thoroughly edited Harry Potter & the Fifth Element. While doing so, I created the Companion, which is a compilation of all the original magical elements, and Muggle references, contained in 1.3 million words of HP&5E.

  7. Unhinged by nikki13088

    This story takes place a few months after the final battle, the trio returns to Hogwarts to finish school and Lucius is becoming more powerful and with an army of Death Eaters a new threat washes not only over the wizarding world but the Muggle world also. Differences will have to be put aside for any chance of them surviving. I have big plans for this story.PLEASE REVIEW!!

  8. Ailments of the Heart by RedKorss

    Harry and Hermione have buried their feelings for eachother. On their year group's ten year anniversary those feelings make them do rash decision's. What happens now when they return to 1994? And who is this girl?

  9. Harry Potter and the Balm of Time 2 by ladylaughalot

    Since the defeat of Voldemort life has been good for Harry and Hermione. They’ve graduated from Hogwarts, gotten married, and their first baby is on the way. But during a routine mission everything goes horribly wrong and Harry ends up in the future. What he learns there changes everything....

  10. Her Story: Chamber of Secrets by I Heart Harry

    Lindsay and Karen have finished the Philosopher's Stone and are onto Hermione's second year at Hogwarts. What awaits them is a slightly darker tale than was told in their beloved series. Is this a work of fact or fiction? Only time will tell. Will be Harry and Hermione.

  11. Book One: Turning Tides by Sapphire Rose

    Darkness is creeping slowly from the shadows and the only way to stop it is for unlikely pairs to see past their differences and work together. The Wizarding world will never be the same once Voldemort rises to power. But until then, our heroes only need to worry about surviving the next year of school without killing one another. LE/JP, SB/OC, RL/OC

  12. Harry Potter and the Twelve Caesars by SoraSummers

    Voldemort was but a distraction. Years after the Dark Lord's defeat Harry and his friends are enjoying a life of peace and prosperity. However, a threat both old and new begins to rise from the shadows, intent on reforming the very world itself as they see fit.

  13. Alice Evans and the Lost Days by hermy_madness

    So Alice and Co. have returned for their fourth year at Hogwarts, but what will the changes of last year mean for the new one? How will her new identity change relationships? A new danger threatens Hogwarts and there are yet more secrets to be uncovered! Please R&R! For a summary (yes it has been that long) go to chapter 9. CHAPTER 16 NOW UP! And Finished!

  14. Harry Potter and the Ghosts of the Past by Sebastian07

    The War is done, but the Trio still have a long way to go before they ride out the waves of it's violent storm. There are still several loose ends to wrap up, those to which they are aware of, and yet still those which they are not. Follow Harry, Ron and Hermione as they face these challenges to come.

  15. Harry Potter: Beyond the Looking Glass by madscientist

    The Dark Lord is destroyed, but the cost was beyond measure. Harry and Hermione survived, but their hearts were shattered in the process. Now years later, they have recovered to an extent, and gone on. The war is over, but a new threat is arising, one that could destroy all they have accomplished in the interim. What you know to be fact, might just be illusion, and illusion, fact. A sequel to Harry Potter and the Circle’s End, so go read that first…along with all the one shots and stuff that are related to it.

  16. A Real Keeper by xelan

    Alt. 5th year. Voldemort is truly dead and Umbridge is not a problem. The Slytherin Quidditch match is upcoming and the regular Gryffindor Keeper is sick. Ron is not much of a replacement, but Harry has a better idea. H/Hr

  17. Harry Potter and the Magi Games by Sebastian07

    AU. The Dark Lord Voldemort is stalled only briefly with his run-in with the Boy-Who-Lived. Afraid to attempt the curse on Harry twice, Voldemort instead decides to hold the boy as his prisoner. As he molds the English Isles into a dark new world, the surviving wizard populace is segregated into their Four respected Clans, and are only brought together once a year by a group of selected, school aged children to pay tribute to his victory, and to remember the cost of defiance as all the rest are forced to watch them duel to the death in the Magi Games.

  18. No More Mysteries by MayorHaggar

    After his ill-fated trip to the Department of Mysteries that led to the death of his godfather, Harry Potter decides he must take control of his own life. But if a certain Gryffindor know-it-all has anything to say about it, he won't be doing it alone.

  19. What is love? by Rosali

    REPOST OF THE STORY because of a few adjustments. I'm so sorry I'll lose all your wonderful reviews! - A multiple timeline love story, a past triangle the trio has carried throughout the years like a ghost lingering between them. Now, at their 24 years, an affair and a potential rearise of darkness later, the Golden Trio will be brought back together but, will they be able to overcome all the scars and the pain? ºººººSnippet from a review(posted with th reviewer's permission): "This has got to be one of the most emotionally charged fics I have ever read. I love this story!!! Thank you for this fic. I don't know how I managed to miss it before. Keep up the good work; you and authors like you keep this ship floating!!"ººººº This time around I'll really finish the story, promise!

  20. The Duelist by Hawkins

    Harry and Hermione realize their true feelings about one another during the time-turner adventure after saving Buckbeak and before saving Sirius. This leads to a different approach to the following events, where Harry fights Voledemort with Hermione by his side and blending more of Hermione's hard working approach. Story will feature a good Dumbledore, a good Ron. Will not be NC-17 to start with, but I expect it will eventually go that way, at least in bits, so rating it initially for safety.

  21. Dark Lord Rising by Andrewsquill

    Forced to compete in the Triwizard Tournament against his will, Harry faces things which no fourteen year old wizard should. A loss of innocence, coupled with betrayal, causes Harry to either give up or change in order to meet the challenges ahead.

  22. The Island by forbiddenharmony7

    In early drafts of Sorcerer's Stone, JKR had the Potters living on an island, and none other than Mr. Granger discovered Harry among the wreckage of the Potters' home. What if this had really occurred?

  23. Hermione Granger and The Goblet of Fire by Coulsdon Eagle

    What if it had been Hermione's name that the Goblet of Fire spat out? A complex spell cast one summer with the most innocent of intentions results in the Brightest Witch of her Age being entered into the Triwizard Tournament. How can she get out of this?

  24. Harry Potter and the Fifth Element by Bexis

    Harry's summer and sixth year. Examines H/Hr in context of his unwanted wealth and fame, and her need for independence, requiring them to save one another's lives. H struggles for magical control over a mysterious fifth element, receives an inheritance and finds OC summer romance. Hr knows everything and nothing. The brain encounter changes R. D is dispossessed and vengeful. CC is not what she seems. Featuring H/Hr affinity, Auror training, poor parenting, goblins, kidnapping, death, a crash, a fire, an explosion, bribery, funerals, testimony, battles, tarot, pensieves, secret engagement, Stonehenge, a succubus, love potion, triads, and Druidism. The war against Voldemort spreads to the Continent and becomes a liberation struggle.

  25. Will You Avenge her? by Island Girl

    The Three, The Four, and The Five. Without the Summoned Twelve, there’d be no justice for the wrongly slain. Without the combined power of The Thirteen, there’d be no hope in rescuing the one who’d been murdered from the land of the dead: Hermione Granger. EWE?, Anti-canon, Anti-Dumbledore, Anti-Weasley. Sirius, Remus live, Redeemed Snape, Reformed Malfoys, Theo Nott, Marcus Flint and Viktor Krum

  26. The Elvin Bride by gypsybaby21

    (NEW CHAPTER) When Ginny was accidentally zapped by a spell that turned her into an elf some crazy things started happening, including a marriage that no one, not even the groom could get out of because of an ancient law regarding a Celtic necklace. (Third Theme: Fantasy)

  27. The Journey of Hearts by nikspen

    An adventure started their friendship. Now another has deepened it. Together they are going to change what presumably was written in the stars. Will be AU after POA.

  28. Hellfire by HogwartsHellion

    When a Demon is summoned from Hell, the entire human species is threatened. Life as it is known hangs in the balance as Harry, Hermione, Ron, and their friends, both old and new, race to defeat an immortal enemy. WARNING: LANGUAGE,EXTREME VIOLENCE

  29. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Take Two by Rihaan

    The Harmony version, or remake, of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Hermione thinks twice about the mistakes that she made in the past, and Harry finally realizes - with a little help - that he is in a war, and Death Eaters are just as much of a threat as Voldemort, and should be treated as such.

  30. The Life Bond by Lissy_A

    Harry saved Hermione from the troll, but wound up in a coma. Hermione wished she could help her savior wake up. Who knew an innocent kiss would have such magical ramifications? Future Harmony.

  31. Harry Potter and the Final Adventure by What contented men desire

    Because DH angered me with it's HG and RHr ships, and MadEye's death and countless other things, this is how HP7 would be if I wrote it. Rating for later chapters. HHr MMAD NLL RPP RLNT

  32. Could have been by leedee

    What would've happened to Harry Potter's life if things had gone different that fateful night his parents were stolen from him? What if Snape hadn't heard the prophecy? What if Harry and Voldemort didn't meet that night and Voldemort remained powerful?

  33. PK TEST UPLOADS by Nappamort

    There is an upload issue - we are attempting a fix.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  34. SERIOUSLY?! by starwberry_nerd

    Hermione just wanted to get married, was that really so much to ask?

  35. The Other Boy Who Lived by Kwan

    Reposting, read CH1 AN. AU. On that fateful night, Neville Longbottom was the child that You-Kno-Who marked as his equal. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, Longbottom lived through He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's Killing curse. Fourteen years later, Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived-But-Not-Like-That, is caught in the middle of not only the War against You-Know-Who but a war against himself as he fights to assimilate himself as a key player in the battle against You-Know-Who. While he knows that Neville Longbottom is the leader, he can't help himself when he falls for his sidekick, Hermione Granger. Completed

  36. Pierced by DarthMittens

    When Harry is bitten by a vampire will he finally learn what the 'Power-He-Knows-Not' really is? M for Violence and Sexual Situations...No Smut!

  37. I'm a what? by Agent Bahamas

    Animagi, Metamorphmagi, werewolves, Veelas, Boggarts, and Kelpies are the shape shifters of the wizarding world. As Harry learns in Hogwarts, he realizes he is one too , though he's not sure what he really is exactly.

  38. A Promise Restored by MapleMountain

    This story is the promised, but much delayed sequel to my much earlier (December 2004-July 2005) story Keeping A Promise.

  39. Alice Evans and the Prisoner of Azkaban by hermy_madness

    They're back for a third year! Alice, Harry, Ron and Hermione have another action packed year full of broken rules, dangerous beasts and more than a few life changing revelations. Please R&R to find out more!

  40. Her Story: Philosopher's Stone by I Heart Harry

    With the end of the Harry Potter era drawing near, two girls at the locally owned bookstore Just Imagine stumble across a bundle of journals entitled 'Her Story'. Join Lindsay and Karen as they spend their evenings huddled in a cramped break room reading from the journals of one Hermione Granger.

  41. Gravity of Love by Perivayne

    Four years have passed since Harry and Voldemort disappeared after their final meeting, and now the mystery of what happening begins to pull at the threads of the present. The survivors of the Wizard's War have their own secrets as well.

  42. The Low Shine of Light by phoenixwriter

    “Expelliarmus!” One Death Eater’s wand shot from his hand, disrupting his spell. Hermione managed to duck the red beam of the other’s attack. As she cast her next spell toward the remaining Death Eater, a strange globe of light absorbed the spell. He then Stunned Hermione as his companion retrieved his wand. Both turned back to the Muggle couple that Harry now recognized as Hermione’s parents and raised their wands. Hermione struggled to her feet, screaming in denial as the attackers began to mutter an incantation Harry couldn’t quite place.

  43. Decisions about Divination: A Guideline for the Sidekicks by starwberry_nerd

    Advice for the Good Auxiliary Character (Good Guy’s sidekick/s): If the Hero is fated to slay certain evil entities, Evil Overlord’s in Particular, this mean I will not slay them and I should avoid trying But then we all know how certain people feel about divination...

  44. Just Once by xelan

    Neville knows something bad is about to happen and he wants to warn Harry. Someone is looking for Hermione, and it is someone that she least expects. Will Neville make Harry understand what is at stake or will he be too late? H/Hr and N/L.

  45. Don't Fear the Reaper by starwberry_nerd

    From the challenge of Reptilia28 comes Don't Fear the Reaper!- Harry has died, big surprise, but he discovers that he has died six times! In the process of being rewritten

  46. Homecoming by MaggieMerc

    Hermione's back in England after fifteen years abroad. Harry's hunting for a new dark wizard. Ron's anticipating the arrival of a baby. Ginny is looking for love in new and diverse places. It's a HP/HG tale with much love for those Weasely kids.

  47. Granger, Hermione Granger by IanC

    Harry never became a wizard and knows nothing of magic. Now with Voldemort on the rise only novice aurour Hermione Granger can protect him.

  48. The End and the Beginning by muggledad

    My stab at the Harry time travel genre. Significant inspiraton from "HP & the Nightmares of Futures Past". The twist is Harmony, of course!

  49. Darkness Descending by Andrewsquill

    Harry tries to understand what Dumbledore meant by his greatest power while deciding if the Wizarding World is really worth saving.

  50. The Second Strike by gti88

    The next generation is off to a great start - school, girls, boys, relationships and adventures - until a new evil stirs. Voldemort would wish he were this evil. Introducing a dimension of sci/fi, raw characters and my foray into an independent novel, featuring our favourite, along with my own characeters! Better summary to come...