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  1. Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Barton Fink

    Hermione has fought inequality her whole life but some prejudices run so deep that even defeating Voldemort is not enough to overcome them. The final battle has left Harry and Hermione facing the greatest challenge of their lives, one that tests love and friendships to the limit. Post Book Seven; ignores epilogue.

  2. On the Street Where You Live by littlebird

    "She'd prepared for empty rooms and close air, but not the false play of light." Hermione goes home. Harry follows.

  3. The Reckoning by Dementor149

    Harry knew this day was coming almost from the time he arose as a vampire. What might happen when he and Hermione face their own ending. (Warning this is not a true sequel to Blood Bound: A Vampire Tale, but uses that story as a jumping off point. Consider it an intellectual piece of fluff)

  4. The Vampire's Gift by Dementor149

    Auror Ron Weasley has uncovered new evidence as to what happened to Harry and Hermione all those years ago. Now he wants to track them down. What is Arthur to do?

  5. Severus Snape's Severe Psychological Spanking by Rihaan

    Severus Snape is a bad teacher. McGonagall takes notice. Severus needs to be punish- okay, wait, that sounds WAY too dirty! Okay - Snape has horrible teaching methods, and McGonagall embarrasses him verbally. There were no paddles, no pale butts, no aging hands in motion. Just talking. So... enjoy, I guess.

  6. I never expected to be the one that survived by madscientist

    Set after the books, with bits of 6 and 7 put in, but not necessarily canon, Hermione reflects back.

  7. Until Midnight by Rosali

    After a very tiring months of fighting, Harry decides he cannot force his friends to keep living like that and so he asks them the most terrible thing: to leave him after the war is over and get on with their lives. But what happens when he realizes he doesn't want to make that sacrifice anymore? What happens when he realizes that Hermione and Ron are the most important things for him and that his life is empty without them? Without HER.

  8. 30 Shades of Brilliant by What contented men desire

    For Hermione's birthday, 30 Days of Character Development focused on one Hermione J. Granger. Parts will be loosely DH-compliant but no epilogue and, of course, Harmonious

  9. A Real Keeper by xelan

    Alt. 5th year. Voldemort is truly dead and Umbridge is not a problem. The Slytherin Quidditch match is upcoming and the regular Gryffindor Keeper is sick. Ron is not much of a replacement, but Harry has a better idea. H/Hr

  10. Story of a girl called Hermione Granger by rockstar

    AU-Non-magical story. Hermione Granger - a bookworm and a little bit insecure girl. Harry Potter -popular, handsome,and a football player.2 completely different people, with completely different life. See what happens when Harry enters in Hermione's life. Bound to turn their life upside down...Read to find out.

  11. just a little change by ayumi-nb

    [dh post-ch36, ewe] In a moment of clarity, Harry realizes this was not a good idea.

  12. Wait by afterthought and ellipses

    He stared at his watch, something that became a habit ever since he’d been assigned to this mission.

  13. built in the cold by ayumi-nb

    gof au // In which Harry is unreasonably jealous, Neville tries to help, and Hermione is her usual logical and comforting self.

  14. a vast ocean of green by ayumi-nb

    sequel to “put 1 and 0 together” // “He has my eyes.” Second chances come for a price, and Hermione finds hers to be too high. WARNING: Character Death.

  15. Little Broken Things by papermask

    It takes time to learn how to mourn. // drabble

  16. The Waltz by papermask

    Harry asks Hermione to teach him how to dance for the Yule Ball.

  17. He Knew by rockstar

    Harry is sitting in a restaurant waiting for Hermione. But instead of Hermione, a pretty blonde comes and joins him. Harry takes her home with him as Hermione doesn't come. See what happens between them and how will it affect Hermione. This is the companion fic to my other story, 'What Comes Out Of A Wild Night'. R&R.

  18. The truth about Rose Weasley by What contented men desire

    Fifteen years after the Epilogue of Death(tm), Hermione is struck by a Dark curse in the line of duty. At the hospital, Harry has a revealing chat with her eldest daughter Rose. Rating for one small reference near the end. Better safe than sorry.

  19. Never Lose Faith by TheGreatFox2000

    In their seventh year, Harry admits his feelings to Hermione, only to be rejected. After Hogwarts, the war against Voldemort drives them apart...will Harry ever see Hermione again, or will he silently carry his love for her to the grave? A short one-shot, PG for brief mentions of violence.

  20. Loneliness by Piccolo999

    Harry and Hermione are both lonely children. They meet at Hogwarts and form a strong bond of friendship, with undercurrents of love.

  21. Never Make a Deal With Harry Potter by afterthought and ellipses

    When Harry James Potter decided to kiss me, Hermione Jean Granger, to say I was shocked would be quite an understatement.

  22. I Never Told You by mspolapotter

    Lesson Learned: If your instincts tell you to say I Love You to that one person, do it. Because you only get one chance.

  23. Time by afterthought and ellipses

    Five seconds. That's how fast it was for her to make him smile. She simply walked through the kitchen door and there it was: a glorious smile that none of us had seen since the war started.

  24. What A Girl Wants by mspolapotter

    Hermione takes Harry on a crash course on how to make the girl of his dreams fall in love with his gentlemanly charm. But then, everything backfires, don't they?

  25. It Doesn't Matter by rockstar

    It wasn’t supposed to be this way. He wasn’t supposed to marry her.

  26. Love You Always by rockstar

    "We were already failing in our marriage. We were constantly fighting and we’re not happy together. I want a happy life and Ginny makes me happy." Harry said looking at Hermione straight in her eyes. Harry and Hermione have a fight. See where one major fight leads them to. And don't forget to REVIEW.

  27. When Hermione Was Wrong by Bingblot

    They were just friends. If there was one thing she knew, it was Harry and she knew that he would never see her as anything other than his best friend... One-shot.

  28. Tides by vanillaparchment

    Grief and change are parts of life- like the moon- like the tide. Like love.

  29. When In Need by DarthMittens

    Hermione's in pain and Harry wants to know why. And no matter how angry she gets with him, he'll never stop trying to help her. One-Shot.

  30. a different future by ayumi-nb

    post-dh, epilogue compliant // In which Harry wonders about a different future while he learns a few shocking truths

  31. Another World: Hermione Chapter by DarthMittens

    Harry Potter is a class-skipping delinquent who's also dating the student council president, Hermione Granger. There comes a time when one has to grow up and realize that not all people's paths are the same. Based on the Clannad Tomoyo OVA. Muggle HHr.

  32. Estimation by papermask

    “Ginny, there’s just one key to the relationship between Harry and Hermione. And, not surprisingly, you’ve missed it again.”

  33. All Your Fault by DarthMittens

    Harry's world crumbles around him as he sees the love of his life in anguish following Ron and Lavender's kiss. The pain he feels from his unrequited love drives him to recklessly seek out Voldemort. AU. No Horcruxes. Inferred final battle.

  34. Decisions by DarthMittens

    Harry had one week with Hermione before she disappeared without a trace. 15 years later, he finally finds her and discovers why she left. Will they get their happy ending? Written a while ago, so don't expect writing on par with my current stuff!

  35. The Next Great Adventure by cuteybearkel

    Harry is about to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the world that he loves, but is stopped along the way. What happens when love and loyalty outweigh the risks and someone joins him on his next great adventure? (Not affiliated with Vicarious Leigh's like-titled piece.)

  36. Resurrection by DarthMittens

    Harry's depression a few months after the final battle is slowly but surely destroying Hermione, who decides enough is enough.

  37. Like Never Before by papermask

    "As they kiss, they don’t see fireworks. That has never been their style." Drabble.

  38. Decisions about Divination: A Guideline for the Sidekicks by starwberry_nerd

    Advice for the Good Auxiliary Character (Good Guy’s sidekick/s): If the Hero is fated to slay certain evil entities, Evil Overlord’s in Particular, this mean I will not slay them and I should avoid trying But then we all know how certain people feel about divination...

  39. Don't Fear the Reaper by starwberry_nerd

    From the challenge of Reptilia28 comes Don't Fear the Reaper!- Harry has died, big surprise, but he discovers that he has died six times! In the process of being rewritten

  40. Granger, Hermione Granger by IanC

    Harry never became a wizard and knows nothing of magic. Now with Voldemort on the rise only novice aurour Hermione Granger can protect him.

  41. Blessing Delayed, Blessing Denied by Nox

    Post-DH, mostly Epilogue-compliant. (Heresy, I know!) The Epilogue says Rose was Hermione's daughter. As her mother's best friend, Harry has played a large role in her life. She just doesn't know by just how much.

  42. Flowery Names by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! Hermione and Ron are arguing about naming their first child. He wants to give her a flower name and she's pissed that he's trying to use the tradition of Harry's family. What does Harry think? What will Hermione decide?

  43. Avoidance by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! Movie-verse. At the Christmas dinner hosted by Professor Slughorn, Hermione consumed Dragon tartar in order to "keep Cormac at bay." What if Harry had a better idea? HPHG! Happy one month Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

  44. With You by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! Movie-verse. "She looked around the common room... Her best friend of six years was curled up on a small seat near the fireplace...the potions book he had devotedly been going over...was absent. Without thinking, she headed towards him." HPHG!

  45. But I Really Love You by DarthMittens

    'The woman I loved sat down opposite from me. "Harry, I need your help. Can you help me...make Ron jealous?" My heart wilted. "Yeah...Okay," I replied hollowly. Man, was I pathetic.' A little one-shot about the ups and downs of love.

  46. Valentine's Day Blues by DarthMittens

    Harry confesses his feelings to Hermione, who doesn't believe him and shoots him down. How will she ever make it up to him, especially considering the fact that she feels the same way? Will he even listen to her apologies? One-shot.

  47. How a Resurrection Really Feels by DwarfLord128

    After the War, Harry stands at a crossroads. The one task that he had devoted most of his life to at this point is over. Not knowing where to go from here begins to take its toll on the Boy Wizard and he begins to wonder why he decided to come back in the first place. Luckily he has Hermione Granger to help him talk it through.

  48. It's Never Too Late by utkari02

    One-Shot. Hermione's fiance isn't convinced that her relationship with Harry is purely platonic. Includes a Flashback to the Final Battle. AU post Book 5.

  49. Lovely by LadyAkako

    The story of Lily Evans' life from the day she received her Hogwarts letter until the day she died told through small moments, both important and not. A collection of drabbles, if you will, all put together into a long one-shot

  50. The 5 Lives of Hermione Granger by greymalkin

    Post-Hogwarts AU: This life starts with a rainy night in September and approximately 9.4 hours of labor.