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Stories by Nox

  1. Blessing Delayed, Blessing Denied by Nox

    Post-DH, mostly Epilogue-compliant. (Heresy, I know!) The Epilogue says Rose was Hermione's daughter. As her mother's best friend, Harry has played a large role in her life. She just doesn't know by just how much.

  2. Hands Never Lie by Nox

    Vignette on two close friends, years after the War and how much can be said by not saying anything at all. A response to a prompt over at the wildly successful Harry Potter Non-Cannon Ships Comment Ficathon.

  3. The Road Not Taken by Nox

    Response to a the FY!Harry/Hermione FicFest 2010 challenge. Set in mid-DH, Harry and Hermione have a moment in the woods, some time after Ron has left them. Two roads lay before Harry: which road does he take? Can a literary passage help him chose?

  4. Seven Days by Nox

    Hogwarts, 7th Year. AU. Ron gives Harry seven days to fess up his attraction to Hermione before Ron does it for him. (Challenge) Day 5 finally up after long hiatus! (Started pre-HBP)

  5. Books and Lovers [Drabble] by Nox

    Hermione, discussing parallels of being a good reader and being a good lover.

  6. Strangers in the Night by Nox

    PWP. Post-Hogwarts by a year or two. Harry, the perpetually-on-the-road Quidditch star, returns to the London flat shared with his best friends for a much-needed post-season break. An evening encounter brings unexpected, if heady, results.

  7. The Simple Magic of Water by Nox

    One-Shot. Humour, Romance. Hogwarts, 7th Year. A series of scenes revolving around Ron's inability to ask a girl to the Graduation Ball. Among those helping out is Luna, who, as always, has an unorthodox way of giving a hand. Will Ron get the girl with Luna's help?