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  1. Adventures in Healing by Dementor149

    A series of short stories about Ron's adventures as a healer. This series is based on "The Most Ancient Magic." Chapter 0ne is about one of Ron's mistakes and Luna's effort to teach him. Chapter Two - Ron learns some valuable lessons about his own emotions while healing others. Chapter Three Luna has to come to terms with losing patients sometimes.

  2. "I'm Already Gone" by CA Crawford

    Song fic based on the title song by A Day to Remember. Ron leaves the emptiness of his old life for a new life on the road with Luna.

  3. Stardust by papermask

    Ron never likes to tear down Luna's dreams. They are always such beautiful dreams. // drabble

  4. Like Never Before by papermask

    "As they kiss, they don’t see fireworks. That has never been their style." Drabble.

  5. A Rather Indecent Proposal by Carla

    'I need you to be my boyfriend.' 'Luna, you... do know I'm with Hermione... don't you?' 'Yes, but don't worry, it's okay. I'm not a jealous person.' Ron's eyes almost bugged out. Every time he thought he'd seen her at her limit of craziness, she managed to surprise him yet again.

  6. Orange nail varnish by Rid

    pre HBP-When the 'Quibbler' runs into financial trouble,the only thing that can save it is Ronald Weasley and Luna knows that. What's weird is that the 'Quibbler' is the last thing on Luna's mind.- “I mean, I've just always wondered how I'll ever come to know who's the one made for me?” he said. “Will she carry around a board that says `I was made for red haired Ronald Weasley? Or when we'll meet lightning will strike, it'll suddenly start pouring, what? How will I know?” he asked. “Well I've always believed that we have been made in pairs, and for every man on the earth there is a woman. For every blonde, there is a crazy in love Italian,” she said, pointing towards the back of the couple on the other boat. “It's just getting together that's been left to us,” she said, softly. “Meeting the right person and identifying them is up to us. And as for your question- how will you know?” she said, looking up. “Your heart just will,” she said simply.

  7. Only The Lonely by papermask

    Luna's thoughts while watching the Burrow from the top of a hill. Drabble.

  8. test uploads by gal-texter

    PK co-admin doing more test uploads

  9. PK staff testing story uploads by gal-texter

    Portkey fic staff testing story uploads here. No need to report this story; I'm one of the people who'd get those reports anyway. :) PK staff make these tests from time to time. --------- Latest test: can PK take Word .doc uploads again?

  10. A King Until The End by papermask

    "It was quick. At least, they said it was. He didn't feel any pain. Mostly just a shock and then it was over. That's what they said." Epilogue accuracy, Major Character Death!

  11. You Crazy Moon by papermask

    Ron sits and observes at Harry and Hermione's wedding. He drowns himself in memories, but can anyone bring him out of the past? Epilogue accuracy, couples include R/LL and H/HR. :)

  12. Iron Man by Classic Cowboy

    It’s easy to see the sun when you’re on top of the world, on the highest mountain. The beauty of the world amazes you. The heat of the sun warms you. Nothing can touch you. You can go through life with ease and without fear. But it’s when you’re knocked down that’s when life has meaning. When you have to struggle to climb, just to see a single glimpse of the sun through dark clouds… that’s when it’s worth it. But not all can accomplish this. Most settle in the dark shadowy valley. But a few, a glorious few, will stand back up. They will dust themselves off and climb again. They may fall back into the shadows of the valley, or they may return to the summit and light of day. The point is they try and they will keep trying. All it takes ... is A Will of Iron. Ron/Luna H/Hr Ginny/Neville

  13. Ronald Weasley and the Subtle Knife by quizgirl

    When Luna suddenly has no choice but to leave the magical world, Ron follows her simply out of spite. The consequences, however, are greater than either of them could have imagined. Rated for some swearing... Not your ordinary R/L story!

  14. Finding Father by Ancient Werewolf

    Post-Hogwarts. Little John Granger is orphaned when his mother and grandparents die. He goes to live with his parents' best friend, who has some problems of his own. Will a young woman be able to help them heal? Will John find his father, who has disappeared since before he was born? R/Lu, H/Hr.

  15. Ronald Weasley and the Costume of Doom by Longfletch

    Halloween is always a momentous occasion in the Wizarding World. Unfortunately, it's a bit too momentous for Ron.

  16. On Your Doorstep by papermask

    When Luna Lovegood shows up on Ron Weasley's doorstep, bruised and tired, how far will Ron go to make things right? (epilogue accuracy, all ships include r/l, h/hr, n/g)

  17. Little Lost Things by goddess_of_ether

    The morning of Dumbledore's funeral, Luna Lovegood packs away her returned stolen items and considers both the coming year and the companionship of the confusing boy that is Ronald Weasley. Oneshot/Birthday!Fic

  18. Without Supervision by madscientist

    PG-13 to NC-17 outtakes and “lost” scenes for Ron and Luna in Harry Potter and the Circle’s End… These are scenes that either weren’t written originally or for some other reason did not make the book. They will rate, as stated above, from PG-13 to NC-17, though the group will be rated NC-17 for the occasional bit of happiness… This came about from a couple of emails about how Ron and Luna were “Without Supervision” when they were off doing something while Harry and Hermione took the spotlight. For the most part, these are, or will be, primarily Ron and Luna, though I’m sure that Harry and Hermione and the rest of the gang might wander through occasionally.

  19. Letters in Love by Wizardora

    I wrote this for the 7for7 contest. Ron and Luna like each other but its unrequited. Enter Fred and George, with some help from Harry, to save the day!

  20. The Fine Arts of Crafts by gti88

    Hermione forces Ron to take Muggle studies...despite his inadequacy in the subject, a certain blonde will save the day. Please R&R

  21. Long Way Home by HavaBisqitPotter

    [Sequel to Sweet Child of Mine] Ron Weasley left London to make sense of his new life sans Hermione. He never expected to fall in love. R/L, with H/Hr and D/G.

  22. Just My Crapilogue by Ancient Werewolf

    AU Post-DH. My pointless and completely non-canon version of the DH epilogue. This was written mostly to myself. Expect silliness and pointless stuff. R/Lu, H/Hr, N/G.

  23. Crippity Mites and Crumple-Horned Snorkacks by moogle

    Luna offends Ron, and now Ron wants revenge. What better way than to play a prank?

  24. Hands by Daisy Miller

    Hands are the window to the soul.

  25. To Hate Or Not To Hate by HHRandG

    HBP Scene Filler. One shot. Ever wonder how Luna and Hermione became partners during the Battle at Hogwarts? And what did they talk about while they were at the dungeon? Sorry, not good at summary. Please read and review.

  26. Could Have Waited a Lifetime For That by Poisonchik88

    When Ron finds out the girl he wants more than anything, is dating another man he decides to do something about it and tell her how he feels... Oneshot.. Fluff RL

  27. A Tale of Dead People by Ancient Werewolf

    Post-Hogwarts. Voldemort is dead, as is Ron. But what happens when a group of spirits return from the Otherworld to capture an old foe? This is one of the first stories I wrote for HP, try not to kill me. R/Lu, H/Hr, A/M.

  28. Reputations by loony9373

    People are wondering what Ron and Luna do when no one can find them, will our favorite Gryffindors figure it out?

  29. [what's that sound so loud, we're heading for a breakdown] by midnight pain

    She remembers things, tiny pieces, and she doesn’t move; she lies still while she tries so hard to put them together. There were people here; there was screaming here.

  30. A Lesson From Luna by Eternal Love LJ

    Just a cute little fic of Luna and Ron. My first, so leave a review! Love you all! (P.s: 100th R/LL on the site! Oh yeah!)

  31. Loony Ron by Longfletch

    Sometimes it takes a Loony Ron to make a Loony Luna see what's in front of her. Answer to challenge over at Kindred Spirits.

  32. The Start of a New Life by alayneni

    Sequel to Letters. What does Ron do after he leaves Hermione’s apartment?

  33. Daydreamers by IslandPrincess1

    "The new Weasley house in Ottery St Catchpole is not as large or lopsided as its predecessor just some roads down. It is not filled with strange Muggle artefacts useless in the magical world, or with patched, old furniture, or children… yet. It does not have a ghoul pounding away in its attic, a magically-meddled-with Ford Anglia in a garage or, unfortunately, a magical clock that tells locations instead of time. It is not in any way The Burrow."-- After the Second War, Ron and Luna are married and....

  34. Lose It All by PuppyNoelle

    7th year; Despite the raging war and turmoil of the wizarding world, Ron’s life finally seems to be turning around. But as he tries to decipher Luna’s mysterious ways and defend her from relentless tormenters and non-believers, he must choose between being a renowned hero alongside his two best friends and being the hero of a single lonely girl.

  35. Cupid's Little Helper by moogle

    Anonymous love letters, confusion and snogging. All is happening in the Ministry of Magic, caused by a very bored ministry worker.

  36. Shine Your Light by MissLexi

    Sometimes love isn't enough.

  37. I'll Be by MissLexi

    Ron tries to get the girl - with a little help from his friends... R/L, H/HR, and a touch of D/G.

  38. Sharing among Friends by madscientist

    This little ficlet is set somewhere between chapters 33 and 39 in Harry Potter and the Circle’s End. It started out as another interlude in the spinoff series of Ron and Luna based cookies Without Supervision, which are set in the “off camera” scenes of that main book. But this cookie grew to a one shot, so here it is. It’s posted as a R/LL fic because Ron and Luna get more conversation, but both couples are definitely in here

  39. Never Let a Ghost Fish Sneak Up on You by Amethyst

    When Luna asks Ron on a date and gets rejected, she confronts him about his feelings for Hermione.

  40. See It to Believe It by Herminia

    An occurrence at Grimmauld Place during Harry, Ron, and Hermione's Seventh year...

  41. Of Quidditch and Mackled Malaclaws by Hermiones Twin

    Ron has been invited to be the Keeper of his favorite team, the Chudley Cannons. There's one problem, though: Luna keeps showing up to watch his matches and search for the source of the Cannons's bad luck. What happens to them in between will forever change the way Ron thinks of her.

  42. Another Hard Day - Harder Night by Island Girl

    Someone else has had an ugly day. This time, solace is found in joy of love and marriage. Told from a wife's point of view.

  43. Beyond the Stars by H_HrFan

    For all you Red Moon fans out there. Luna advises Ron to look beyond the stars... “But as I said, you've been far too busy over the years looking at the stars to notice much else.” Ron's expression softened and he looked at her questioningly. “Tell me again what's wrong with that.” “Nothing, really,” Luna sighed. “Unless you take into account that the star you're looking at only shines for one man…” she looked at him with wide, sad eyes, “and if you were being honest, then we would both know that he's not you.”

  44. A Sure Cure for Loser's Lurgy by Herminia

    In the darkest days of the Second War, Ron and Luna have depended on each other's comfort and companionship, but Luna Lovegood hardly dared to believe that they would ever be any more than "just friends." This was written to accompany my Year Seven (H/Hr) fan fic, but it's not necessary to read that for this one-shot to make sense.

  45. In Another Life by adri9692

    On the eve of her wedding, Luna Lovegood reminisces of how she met her soon-to-be husband and the poem she wrote to win his heart

  46. Eleven and a Half Minutes by Daisy Miller

    It took eleven and half minutes to bring them back together.

  47. An Illuminating Dinner by PruTru

    Tonks teaches Harry and Ron an important lesson one evening at dinner about how to get their girls.

  48. Looking Glass Eyes by Daisy Miller

    Luna and Ron get caught in the rain. One-shot.

  49. A Marvelous Thing by Daisy Miller

    "She had pushed it aside and found the man she loved. The man she could only ever love. And it was a marvelous thing."

  50. Saving Him, Saving Her by Moonstruck

    Ron gets detention, but it's a very unusual one. Then the Death Eaters attack the castle and Luna is missing! Can Ron find her before it is too late?