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  1. The Vampire's Gift by Dementor149

    Auror Ron Weasley has uncovered new evidence as to what happened to Harry and Hermione all those years ago. Now he wants to track them down. What is Arthur to do?

  2. Our Reality by Elban Fehl

    Madness is not a state of mind. Madness is a place. What is real? Let us go there, shall we? -- A post-plot AU.

  3. Prince of the Dark Triangle by DarkWizardKiller

    What would happen if you woke up one morning and discovered everything you've come to know, come to understand about yourself, about your life...was a lie! My name is Simon Bane...I'm a Wizard...This is my story.

  4. Ghost of You by spacegal

    With a promise broken and a promise unfulfilled…how far will you go for revenge? Hermione-Centric

  5. Epitaph by Snowfire

    Humanity is emotion, it is what makes us unique and so very powerful. I gave that up, sacrificing my own humanity to pursue my vengeance. Remember me when you feel that, when you rail against those around you. This is Harry James Potter, signing off.

  6. Fire and Screams by Snowfire

    The screams can't leave. Not mine. Not my friend's. Not those of the innocents lost to horror every day. But they'll be free soon. And the torturers won't have time to scream. This fire burns too quickly for that. Vastly AU post-apocalyptic bittersweet.

  7. The Python Defense by canoncansodoff

    Harry borrows dialogue from Monty Python's Holy Grail during one of Snape's Remedial Potions lessons. It backfires when Snape retaliates and discovers who Harry secretly lusts after. Harry preemptively comes clean with the other witches and true love!Hermione, and then they they retaliate. An occasionally disturbing, often bawdy crack-fic.

  8. Harry Potter and the Bird of Hermes by Obscurum_Venator

    In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen... HellsingxHP crossover

  9. Penchant for Blood Red by hrmny4etrnty2

    Harry defeated Voldemort, but the second war affected our beloved characters in a disturbing way.

  10. PK staff testing story uploads by gal-texter

    Portkey fic staff testing story uploads here. No need to report this story; I'm one of the people who'd get those reports anyway. :) PK staff make these tests from time to time. --------- Latest test: can PK take Word .doc uploads again?

  11. The Cousin by BigHeadFics

    Sometimes, it really is all about the Blood. Rating changed due to violence.

  12. The Pale by The Obsidian Warlock

    My answer to the Hotel of Horror challenge from Ancient Werewolf. In the wake of Sirius' death, Harry finds solace in two things: Hermione and his friends. With Voldemort's war begun, Harry fights to save his friends from an insane professor, and Hermione from his own darkness. Chapters 1 and 2 are tame in comparison to what I'm going to do in Chapter 3.

  13. Traitor by evilrubberducky

    They say hindsight is twenty/twenty. No one knows this better than Peter Pettigrew, Marauder-turned-bad and everyone’s favorite traitor. The war is over, and he is minutes away from confronting his biggest fear – death. Why are all of these memories coming up?

  14. My Last Duchess by Alexandria Malfoy

    ONE SHOT A representative from another member of the wizarding aristocracy inquires about Draco's last Duchess.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  15. The Downside of Immortality by serpentclone

    Voldemort, longing for vengeance against Harry and Hermione, is resurrected for the second time. Part five of the “Screams Universe”. Evil Dark H-Hr

  16. Cause and Effect by serpentclone

    What happened to Hermione while Harry was unconscious in the story “Reunion”? Fourth part of the “Screams Universe.” Dark/Evil Harry and Hermione

  17. Blood Bound: A Vampire Tale by Dementor149

    Through no fault of his own Harry becomes a vampire. Yet, he carries on his war on Voldemort. Which battle will prove the more difficult; the war with the most evil wizard of our time or the struggle to maintain his own failing humanity? Begins after the events of Half-Blood Prince and makes an immediate detour into the Twilight Zone.

  18. Reunion by serpentclone

    “Scream” Universe. Harry is separated from Hermione. Sociopath/Harry! Violence and Gore

  19. The Unwritten Last Chapter by padfoot_puppyeyes

    A oneshot I wrote as a pathetic attempt at humor before JK announced that the last word was no longer "scar". It still appealed to me, so I wrote it. It has a surprise ending (one I'm sure you'll all hate) but what can I say- I like surprises. O=) VERY SHORT Harry's last thoughts as he defeats Voldemort...

  20. The Smiling Man by serpentclone

    Continuation of “Screams”. Fugitives Draco and Ginny try to find a place to hide from their pursuers. Post HBP DARK FIC Features Dark Harry and Insane Hermione

  21. Screams by serpentclone

    After the war ends, Neville is visited by a friend he thought dead. An experiment in a darker style of writing by the author. Feedback appreciated. One shot. DARK FIC! DARK/EVIL HERMIONE! MAJOR CHARACTER DEATHS! Standard Disclaimer: Not mine, all characters belong to JKR, I am writing this purely for entertainment, no money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended.

  22. Road to the End by Noelle

    Harry waits for the final battle with Voldemort. He plans to sacrifice himself in battle to vanquish the evil--if only it were that easy. Slightly AU. Rated R for strong violence.

  23. Pride Goeth by AnndeeGranger

    "Pride is a cunning little devil". Some sins are deadly for a reason. Written for the Hogwarts in Harmony Seven Challenge. 1st in my Seven Sins Series.

  24. Exquisite Corpse by diggingupophelia

    Bellatrix Lestrange is responsible for Hermione's horrible state. Harry gets revenge. Very dark. Reviews are welcome but never required. Read and Enjoy.

  25. Divinity Forensis by RogueBHS

    Harry's summer has had the worst start ever, and now he's barely alive. Will it take help from the undead to keep him alive? Or will drastic measures have to be taken? Chapter 4 is up...Finally.

  26. The Dark Menace by Tazer

    RESUMED. Read Author's notes in chapter 24. After working hard during the summer to get over his depressions after his disastrous fifth year with great losses and mischief, Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts with his recently found girlfriend, something that makes Hermione Granger very depressed. Everyone remains totally unaware of the terrible danger that hides among them in school, until a lot of hideous deaths among the students come to light. (Harry/Hermione romance will come at the end.)

  27. Blood Moon by Mudbloodcaz

    Hermione is attack by a werewolf and becomes one herself. She and Harry must keep this dark serect from the rest of the school and find out who attacked her. Harry/Hermione, Please Read and Review

  28. Beautiful Disaster by Gaya Hriive

    Song-fic to Kelly Clarkson's "Beautiful Disaster." One-shot about Harry and Hermione's final moments together.

  29. Jealous of Your Cigarette by mem0rycafe

    Ginny has an unsavory habit that Draco is jealous of.

  30. The Angel of Death by TheOneandOnlyAdam

    AU. Dark. See disclaimer.

  31. Push by Demosthenes

    When Harry decided to push Hermione away for her own good, he never once considered what he could be pushing her towards. Dark!Fic! One-Shot - SWS - Consider yourselves warned!

  32. The Importance of Blood Magic by TheOneandOnlyAdam

    Harry's POV after Voldemort's fall. Cutting and character death. Very dark.

  33. Heartbreaker by merletto

    *AU* In a dark dream, a madman reveals his plan for a murder that he IS going to commit, pulling Ron Weasley into a twisted game by disclosing his next victim: his best friend Hermione Granger. In a frantic race to save her, he contacted Harry Potter, his other best friend who he hadn't seen in years, to protect Hermione. Now, even while Hermione and Harry feel a strong attraction between them, they work together to solve this puzzle-- and one false move could cost both of them everything that mattered to them.

  34. Hell Hath No Fury by DigitalFeonix

    A dark fic made from the merging of several evil, dark plot bunnies. Can't say more without spoiling the story. Warning! Major character deaths.

  35. Before Harry Potter by Green Eggs and Ham

    The battle that both Harry and Voldemort have been waiting for finally happens, and the world can can finally go back to the way it should have been, which may or may not be a good thing...

  36. Complements by Nousia

    AU. He was hidden in the shadows, watching her intently. Ladies and gentlemen, the corniest and weirdest fic you'll ever read is here! :p

  37. Captivity by Nokomis

    For four months, Draco had been held captive. Now all he wanted was a glimpse out the window.

  38. Tainted Souls by Dragonlord

    We are all born with one soul and one life, that we can turn both to the Light or to the Dark, all depending on our decisions and acts. And yet, some rare individuals find themselves trapped within the wheel of Reincarnation, time and time again throughout eternity, under the choking grasp of destiny and its brother, fate, unable to find peace, to break free of the binds of previous lives, of past and maybe regretted actions. Harry Potter may not believe himself tainted by his bond to the Dark Lord, but when truths and secrets of a past life come up to torment the Boy-Who-Lived Harry may find that he was –and still is- tainted beyond flesh, beyond blood… Indeed he may find that he never had a pure soul, but instead, possesses a tainted one

  39. Instincts by harryherm84

  40. Second Best by Lady_Slytherin

    Draco and Ginny get their hearts brocken by the people they love most in the world. Draco and Ginny deside to make all those who had ever hurt them pay...

  41. Betrothed by E. C. R. Potter

    A transfer student comes to Hogwarts in the trio's sixth year and claims to be Harry Potter's betrothed since childhood: his future wife. Things start to get suspicious however when people start falling into comas. Will contain H/H.