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  1. A Light in the Dark by CA Crawford

    An alternate OOTP scene after the Department of Mysteries. Harry is being swamped by the darkness in his life and only one person can bring him back from the brink.

  2. 25 days of christmas by ayumi-nb

    drabbles&oneshots Christmas collection, multi-ships, mainly hhr // This is our season. 08: “Ribbon not enough for you, Potter?”

  3. Egyptian Earth by gypsybaby21

    Egyptian Series Book 2 - Hermione finds out that in another life she was an Egyptian princess who yielded the element of Earth. She also finds out that she had fallen madly in love with Ginny's second in command, which was now, in this life, Harry Potter.

  4. Kissing Ginevra Weasley by gypsybaby21

    Inspired by the movie ‘Kissing Jessica Stein’. Ginevra Weasley is fed up with guys who don’t understand her witty humor, her intelligence, or her slightly over-bearing family. So she takes a chance and tries something new by answering a ‘female wanting female’ ad. What Ginny gets is a snooty, famous, long-brown haired Slytherin whose best friend just happens to be Draco Malfoy!

  5. The List by Rihaan

    It was just supposed to be a simple list - a snippy response to a stupid, sexist list he found. He thought more than a few people would be mad at him. He was wrong. So, very wrong.

  6. confusing by ayumi-nb

    [ootp au] He certainly was clueless when it came to girls, but Harry knew he was well-versed in everything related to Hermione. At least, he hoped so.

  7. A Real Keeper by xelan

    Alt. 5th year. Voldemort is truly dead and Umbridge is not a problem. The Slytherin Quidditch match is upcoming and the regular Gryffindor Keeper is sick. Ron is not much of a replacement, but Harry has a better idea. H/Hr

  8. The Crossways Guest House by Heaven

    After graduation, Hermione's great aunt invites her and her friends to help her restore an old bed and breakfast she's recently inherited. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ginny and Neville have all come to a crossroads in their life and as they find out more about the secrets of the old house, friendships are cemented and love blossoms during the summer holiday. H/Hr, R/LL, D/G and N/G

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  9. sweeten my life by ayumi-nb

    [post-ootp, 6th year au] Harry pops the last piece of the sweet candy into his mouth.

  10. The Warren by xelan

    I keep getting attacked by plot bunnies. When I'm not being actively mauled by plot bunnies, this is where they reside. Perhaps one day, a lucky bunny will be spunky enough to become a plot rabbit. Expect all different kinds of things from me here. Comments on the plot elements would be much appreciated.

  11. No More Mysteries by MayorHaggar

    After his ill-fated trip to the Department of Mysteries that led to the death of his godfather, Harry Potter decides he must take control of his own life. But if a certain Gryffindor know-it-all has anything to say about it, he won't be doing it alone.

  12. What is love? by Rosali

    REPOST OF THE STORY because of a few adjustments. I'm so sorry I'll lose all your wonderful reviews! - A multiple timeline love story, a past triangle the trio has carried throughout the years like a ghost lingering between them. Now, at their 24 years, an affair and a potential rearise of darkness later, the Golden Trio will be brought back together but, will they be able to overcome all the scars and the pain? ºººººSnippet from a review(posted with th reviewer's permission): "This has got to be one of the most emotionally charged fics I have ever read. I love this story!!! Thank you for this fic. I don't know how I managed to miss it before. Keep up the good work; you and authors like you keep this ship floating!!"ººººº This time around I'll really finish the story, promise!

  13. Never Lose Faith by TheGreatFox2000

    In their seventh year, Harry admits his feelings to Hermione, only to be rejected. After Hogwarts, the war against Voldemort drives them apart...will Harry ever see Hermione again, or will he silently carry his love for her to the grave? A short one-shot, PG for brief mentions of violence.

  14. Whisper Your Sins in My Ear by gypsybaby21

    Has the chance of being similar to Lovingly Seduced) Draco has smoothly executed his latest gamble of deflowering Ginny Weasley, but it’s the last part of the bet that slowly forces him to realize the truth. He fell in love.

  15. A Tribute To My Own State Of Ruin by lillyfan16

    When I’ve see the beautiful Eiffel Tower in Paris, how could I settle looking at a simple picture? After tasting the decadence of crème brulee, how can I enjoy a stale, hard store-bought chocolate biscuit? When I’ve felt the jubilant magic a wand can perform, how could I go back to living without it?

  16. Never Make a Deal With Harry Potter by afterthought and ellipses

    When Harry James Potter decided to kiss me, Hermione Jean Granger, to say I was shocked would be quite an understatement.

  17. Through His Eyes by ISEanity558

    Hermione needs to understand what's going on with Harry. With a little research she mixes up a potion to see through Harry's eyes. Set during Year 5.

  18. The Letter by forbiddenharmony7

    When Hermione is in the hospital wing after her encounter with Dolohov in the Department of Mysteries, she decides that she has a few things she needs to say to she tells him in the best way she knows how.

  19. Gravity of Love by Perivayne

    Four years have passed since Harry and Voldemort disappeared after their final meeting, and now the mystery of what happening begins to pull at the threads of the present. The survivors of the Wizard's War have their own secrets as well.

  20. Meta by xelan

    Harry and Hermione are together, their foes are defeated and everything is simply brilliant. Then why does it all seem so very odd? Read to find out. H/Hr.

  21. The Low Shine of Light by phoenixwriter

    “Expelliarmus!” One Death Eater’s wand shot from his hand, disrupting his spell. Hermione managed to duck the red beam of the other’s attack. As she cast her next spell toward the remaining Death Eater, a strange globe of light absorbed the spell. He then Stunned Hermione as his companion retrieved his wand. Both turned back to the Muggle couple that Harry now recognized as Hermione’s parents and raised their wands. Hermione struggled to her feet, screaming in denial as the attackers began to mutter an incantation Harry couldn’t quite place.

  22. It Happened One Night! by Muirnin

    Chapter 7 corrected, Chapter 8 finally updated... and it is STILL PG13! Attempt at Jakia's Wedding Challenge (as well as MY OWN attempt at writting something other then R or NC-17!) For full challenge details see summary inside. In a nutshell... Harry and Hermione wake up after a night of drinking and find themselves married!

  23. Hogwarts and Beyond - Take 2 by Muirnin

    Part of Chapter 17 is Loaded... Please read Author's Note....Summary: With the death of Sirius behind him Harry must look ahead to destroying Voldemort and the woman whose love he finds while chatting in a Wizarding Chat room and finds he can't live without. Story is mostly Canon but is also AU because of the Internet. Rated for Language, Sexual content and Violence.

  24. Ghost of You by spacegal

    With a promise broken and a promise unfulfilled…how far will you go for revenge? Hermione-Centric

  25. Caught Off Guard:Hooligan of Hogwarts/A Hooligan Among Us by Island Girl

    The Hooligan continues to strike, Harry keeps botching his romance with Hermione,Ron's figured out that Luna is truly lovely, and Draco is all sorts of snarky, bad-boy, sexiness. The Trio's Seventh year has only become more interesting. not compliant to any book after OotP. Last Chapter: The Hooligan Confesses to someone! *** Reviews are SO SO valued! Please review!***

  26. For Harry by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! While Hermione is fretting over Harry's hearing, Sirius thanks her for always looking out for his godson, and implies that Harry might feel more than friendship for her. What will happen when Harry comes back from the Ministry? HPHG! Minor RLNT

  27. It's Never Too Late by utkari02

    One-Shot. Hermione's fiance isn't convinced that her relationship with Harry is purely platonic. Includes a Flashback to the Final Battle. AU post Book 5.

  28. The Wedding Planner by Mara Jade Potter

    Based on the movie! To Hermione's delight, Harry comes home from working as an Auror...only to announce he's engaged! And guess who he wants to plan the wedding??Chaos abounds! CH 15 UP!

  29. While You Were Sleeping by burgosdamasco

    During the final battle Ginny Weasley was left in a coma. Years later Ginny awakens. brief mentions of other ships Harry/Hermione, Ron/Padma etc. Just a warning: This is very different than my other story Draco's Favorite Nurse. If angst, drama and kissing till after chapt 10 isn't your thing....stop reading now! If a story with lots of suffering is up your away!

  30. Till Death Do Us Part by nmffnurse

    Inspired by a Walk to Remember with Ginny in the Jaime Sullivan Role and Draco in the Landon Carter role.

  31. Draco's Favorite Nurse by burgosdamasco

    Employed at a low income health clinic, Nurse Ginny is surprised to find herself working with new Healer Draco Malfoy. * COMPLETE* Just a warning: Much different than my fic WYWS! Sometimes we just need a bit of fluff in our lives, don't you agree?

  32. The Bachelor- best friend edition by heaven85

    This fic is based on what happens when Harry's friends sign him up for the show the Bachelor. Harry convinces Hermione to act as his spy for the show. Read to see what happens next. Please review and let my know what you think. What is up with the mysterious girl name Allie? Read to find out. Chapter 31 up.

  33. The Stowaway by IronChefOR

    A Christmas oneshot. A security officer on the Queen Elizabeth 2 finds a mysterious stowaway aboard her ship. His name: Harry Potter.

  34. Anything for Love by coriander

    This is an oldie but a goodie! One of my most popular stories. I added an Author's note at the end... you will be seeing more Coriander stories soon! --Harry is in love with the most wonderful woman. But she is married to his best friend. Ten years of watching her marriage fall apart is more than Harry can take. (Books 1-5)

  35. Pure Golden Heart by frecklegirl87

    Ginny walks in Harry's apartment to see that he's cheating on her with Hermione. Ginny goes and ends up at a pub, where does she wake up though? Read and find out. Sorry the chapters are really short, for now at least.

  36. The Prequel: Stormy Eyes of the Unbeaten Path by frecklegirl87

    You know the present time, but now it’s time to tell you how we came one as a couple for the first time. There may be sad points of my life but then again, who’s life isn’t? You already know of my children in the future. So maybe you should get to know us now. Want to know more? Read and find out. Just a click away. I promise.

  37. Winning the Heart of An Almost Seven Year Old by frecklegirl87

    She had been his secretary for almost 3 years. She was pretty damn good at her job. Sneering and casting cold glances at each other once in a while soon became to love. Now, she’s gone. No note, nothing. It’s been 6 years since he last saw her. What could have happened to her? He had just about every detector looking for her. But all came up with nothing. So he finally gave up until that one day… Now, he meets his daughter. Can he win the heart of Ginny and his new child back? Read and find out.

  38. Tale of A Forbidden Love Revealed by frecklegirl87

    Ginny Malfoy recalls her past. She fell in love. She tried to forget somebody she loved. In the end, how’d it work out? Now, she tells you her story of her past. Read and find out.

  39. Mr. & Mrs. Evans by i found nemo

    brandSPANKINGnewchapter~AU!~They lead an exciting and suspenceful career by day and by night come home to their quiet domestic life as a married couple, neither having the faintest clue that their significant other is magical and that their work is a bit more extreme then they let on. But Harry and Hermione Evans' seperate lives are about to collide when their next target is their own spouse.H/HR-D/G~romance/action/angst/drama/humour all combined into a great piece of work!R&R

  40. Last Dance by Amynoelle and Heaven

    A soap opera style fic about the next generation of characters from the core couples of Dirty Dancing. There's still lots of H/Hr in here!

  41. Boyfriend by Molly Raesly

    Potter was going to say that he wasn't my boyfriend. I couldn't let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn't tell her the truth. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  42. The Python Defense by canoncansodoff

    Harry borrows dialogue from Monty Python's Holy Grail during one of Snape's Remedial Potions lessons. It backfires when Snape retaliates and discovers who Harry secretly lusts after. Harry preemptively comes clean with the other witches and true love!Hermione, and then they they retaliate. An occasionally disturbing, often bawdy crack-fic.

  43. Harry Potter and the Curse of the Prophecy by quizgirl

    When Voldemort hears the Prophecy, he interprets it in a way no one on The Light Side would’ve considered. Voldemort is convinced that as long as he and Harry both live no one can kill them. And what is better than to have Harry on his side, as his Heir? As it turns out, Harry may not have much choice in the matter...

  44. A Different Universe by dunuelos

    A spinoff from another fic I wrote on another site. With the help of an unusual messenger, Harry starts to take back control from those that would use him.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  45. Light in the Darkness by Bingblot

    She was his light in the darkness... One-shot.

  46. Bonds of Blood and Love by spacegal

    The Summer after Fifth year, Harry is visited by someone he never expected to visit at all. Learning the truth of who he really is, Harry cuts off all ties and disappeared for the entire summer to become stronger. Harry comes back but he is no longer the same man who left at the beginning, now the Wizarding World must learn that a bite is always worse than a growl… On hiatus

  47. Prank or Threat by cakeandmilk

    I am pleading guilty for killing yet again another plot bunny. “A silly prank gone awry” was all she knew of it. But Harry knew better. How will Harry and Hermione deal with something that blatantly threatens their friendship and relationship?

  48. Guardians and Gatekeepers by wolvesorrow

    Eight years have passed since Harry Potter, the younger twin of Jonathan Potter a.k.a. TBWL, disappeared. Now four new Japanese students arrive to shake the very foundations of the school. But why are they really at Hogwarts? What are they looking for? And who exactly is the Gatekeeper? Pre-OOTP but follows plot for the most part, AU Harry/Hermione

  49. Awakening the Dragon Redux by Kai_Lun_Mau

    This is a rewrite of a previous story by me: The prophecy is revealed but once more Harry is sent back to his aunts and uncles alone, this time its to much and it's time the wizarding world learns what happens when you wake the dragon

  50. Harry Potter and the Years of Rebellion by full_pensieve

    SUMMARY BY MIKE / AMP: This is the definitive version of Harry Potter and the Years of Rebellion (YoR). YoR is an epic reimagination of Harry's story, beginning with the summer after OotP and plotted through his final encounter with Voldemort and beyond. It spans the wizarding and Muggle worlds and is at once dramatic, comic, tragic, political, and a host of other things. It's long, wordy and at times challenging to read, and often times things are not as they seem - consider yourself warned. This was begun in 2003, so it is very much pre-HBP: no horcruces, no hallows, no Slug Club, no magical mystery tour of Voldemort's early life, etc., etc. The few tidbits that have been taken from HBP or DH (e.g. Snape's potions textbook) play out very differently here. ------- NOTE BY PK STAFF: Before you read this, take note of my advisory in Chapter 1. Thanks. - gal-texter, PK fic team -------

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.