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The Prequel: Stormy Eyes of the Unbeaten Path by frecklegirl87

The Prequel: Stormy Eyes of the Unbeaten Path


The Prequel: Stormy Eyes of the Unbeaten Path

Prequel to Tale of a Forbidden Love Revealed


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Oliver Wendell Holmes said these words. Yes, he tells us these words but does he tell us what it means? Well, yes and no. It's a no brainier really.

But you see, it is I that it describes perfectly. Let me begin at the beginning of my story.

It was the summer before my sixth year at Hogwarts. No one noticed me, well that is except for Ron, Hermione, and Harry; in other words: the Golden Trio.

The Golden Trio always seemed to be the ones in the face of danger. If you said the word danger, they'd be there.

Our family never had the extra money, considering we were the Weasleys'. Weasleys', that's us; red hair and all.

Mum was wonderful; she somehow, I don't know how, kept up with all seven us of children of hers'. She was sweet and kind but yet she lived up to her red hair when the time was needed. We never really got along. Sure we did when I was younger, always doing my hair in pigtails every morning, putting up with me when I was grouchy or sad, or sometimes just plain cranky.

But after my first year, after the Chamber of Secrets that is, something changed between us. The mother-daughter bond was just no longer a mother-daughter bond anymore.

But what I think what really set us apart was my newfound love.

She never quite agreed with him. Well, truth be told, nobody wanted us together; nobody except us. If I had known what my future would have been then maybe things would be different, maybe not.

But anyways, as you now have already perhaps heard my first story, maybe you should know my past. You already know my present time… So far you've heard my present, but yet you haven't heard my past… So now as I tell you how we came together, relax and enjoy the words you are about to hear.