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  1. In the Eyes of the Eagle by frecklegirl87

    Sequel to Winning the Heart of An Almost Seven Year Old. This has along the same lines of the first story but yet, this time what if there was someone who turned on the family and tried to destroy it in the process? How will Ginny and Draco survive the process? And what if Molly had more family out there than we knew about? The only family who would be the key to saving Draco, will Ginny be able to convince them to help save their family? I'm currently redoing this story, I will be posting the chapters again, at least once a week or sometimes three times a week. Thanks for the support! Read and review please!

  2. Pure Golden Heart by frecklegirl87

    Ginny walks in Harry's apartment to see that he's cheating on her with Hermione. Ginny goes and ends up at a pub, where does she wake up though? Read and find out. Sorry the chapters are really short, for now at least.

  3. The Prequel: Stormy Eyes of the Unbeaten Path by frecklegirl87

    You know the present time, but now it’s time to tell you how we came one as a couple for the first time. There may be sad points of my life but then again, who’s life isn’t? You already know of my children in the future. So maybe you should get to know us now. Want to know more? Read and find out. Just a click away. I promise.

  4. Winning the Heart of An Almost Seven Year Old by frecklegirl87

    She had been his secretary for almost 3 years. She was pretty damn good at her job. Sneering and casting cold glances at each other once in a while soon became to love. Now, she’s gone. No note, nothing. It’s been 6 years since he last saw her. What could have happened to her? He had just about every detector looking for her. But all came up with nothing. So he finally gave up until that one day… Now, he meets his daughter. Can he win the heart of Ginny and his new child back? Read and find out.

  5. Tale of A Forbidden Love Revealed by frecklegirl87

    Ginny Malfoy recalls her past. She fell in love. She tried to forget somebody she loved. In the end, how’d it work out? Now, she tells you her story of her past. Read and find out.

  6. Coming of A New Age by frecklegirl87

    Has Harry/Hermione & Draco/Ginny....Draco and Ginny have changed since Words of True Love Finally Spoken. Sequel to Words of True Love Finally Spoken. Story is after Hogwarts. Please read.