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Pure Golden Heart by frecklegirl87

Pure Golden Heart


Pure Golden Heart

Disclaimer: I own nothing! I just borrowed them because I like to write. It's a hobby. If you want to read something that doesn't have any of the characters out of character, then you're in the wrong place. I'll admit, some of the character that are in my story, are out of character. But honestly, it's just the way I see them in my mind.

Chapter 1: Ginny's Perspective

Ginny silently waited by the stove, while waiting on her hot tea. Her mother had always said when you were down and needed some aramotherapy, a fresh hot cup of tea would do it. She hadn't had nothing in over a week, besides tea. Ginny's stomach just couldn't take it, or at least, not yet.

Ginny had always found the one source of courage and happiness when she needed it most in times that life was rough on her. Except this time, her mother hadn't been there to give her that comfort that she needed. She was lost, with what her greater ancestors had done, they had called her home, for good. Molly Weasley, wife of Arthur Weasley, and mother of seven children: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and the one that couldn't be forgotten was Virginia, or called Ginny; was no longer there for Ginny.

Ginny hadn't expected this sudden turn in her life, her mother's death, or the fact that Harry had finally come to his senses and went to Hermione, before even bringing up the courage to face Ginny and call it off. But instead, Harry went the cheating route. Ginny had walked into his apartment one day and immediately dropped the bag of clothes she had gotten while shopping the previous hours, and watched as Harry was kissing, more like playing tonsil hockey, with Hermione and leading her into his bedroom.

Ginny thought her heart had broken and shattered to pieces at that moment. But now, she had other things to work out. Besides, that was almost 3 months ago, she should have already gotten over Harry, right? No, she hadn't. Now, she had more on her plate then she could imagine would be imaginable. Ginny now had a baby to plan for, in seven months to be exact. In fact, the baby that she carried was conceived the night that she had caught Harry with Hermione. To be honest, all she remembered of that night was going into a pub, getting drunk and ending up in a stranger's bed the next morning with one hell of a headache pounding every minute that she breathed.

Ginny had just written the father of her child, sent it off and waited for a response back in the meantime. She then thought of her mother. Oh how she missed her mother. Molly was practically the only one that Ginny knew that really understood her. And now, she was gone. Ginny began to weep and grieve for her mother.