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In the Eyes of the Eagle by frecklegirl87

In the Eyes of the Eagle


In the Eyes of the Eagle

Sequel to Winning the Heart of an Almost Seven Year Old

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Helpful Information: It's July of 2021. Lizzie is now eleven years old and Adrian is four years old. Lizzie was born on April 10, 2010 and Adrian on April 3, 2017. Also I'd like to thank my beta moogle_13 for helping me out, your awesome girl!

Chapter One: Mess Upon Messes

"Adrian Alan!" Ginny muttered under her breath as she entered the living room.

Toys. Toys were everywhere. Somehow Adrian had managed to drag out as many toys as he could possibly carry, dump them on the floor, and then went back for a second round and possibly a third.

Ginny stormed out of the living room of the Burrow and went outside to see Ron, Harry, Fred, George, and Adrian out on the old, quidditch pitch field. It was just what she wanted to see, right? Was she ready for her little boy to be up in the air soaring though the sky as if nothing mattered in the world, let alone ready for him to be on a broom along with it? No. No, she wasn't. Heck, she knew Draco was ready for that. She knew Draco was sneaking him off to take him up in the air before, but that was different. Adrian wasn't flying solo with his dad.

She also knew when Harry, Ron, George and Fred would take Adrian flying, she sometimes didn't want to know just how many tricks they had taught him, they certainly used to teach Lizzie tricks when she was young.

Then she saw it.

She could hear a faint giggle above somewhere. Ginny looked above her and there was her baby, on a broom and flying solo. Her worst nightmare had come true. If she could handle her worst nightmare then could she handle a pre-teen girl, let alone a pre-teen that already knew half a dozen languages at least? Who knows? She certainly didn't.

"Adrian Alan Malfoy! You get down here right now!" Ginny yelled at her youngest child, now forgetting full well the mess he had made in the living room.

Ron, Fred and George, who had heard their baby sister's cry, started to gather around towards Adrian and Ginny.

"Come down here!" Ginny said, reaching her arms towards Adrian.

Adrian reluctantly gave in and reached for his mother. Ginny grabbed a hold of Adrian and pulled him towards her, causing to make his broom to fall straight towards the ground and also into a rose thorn bush.

"Mummy!" Adrian shouted for joy. "I phew! I phew! Mummy, I phew!"

"You're never to do that again," Ginny scolded, as she took him inside the Burrow. "You understand? I don't want to see you on a broom until you're at least seven years old."

"But Mummy!" Adrian whined and began to whimper. "I brvoom! I brvoom! I brvoom!"

"No baby," Ginny said, carrying him with full force now, as he was kicking and waving his arms about, carrying on a brave and full precarious fit of his own. "Not until you're older."

"No!" Adrian wailed, as his little legs and arms were tiredly giving out from all the kicking and waving about. "I vus! I vus!"

"No, sweetie you mustn't. We're going home now. It's about time for Dadda and Lizzie to be home from their trip this morning."

"Dadda!" Adrian cheered. "I want Dadda! Dadda let me brvoom!"

"No, sweetie, Dadda is not taking you flying today."

Then an uproar might as well have happened because Adrian's little masterpiece of a fit was kicking in full force, as Ginny struggled to keep him still. He was back to kicking his legs and waving his arms wildly and madly in every direction.

Ginny quickly grabbed some floo powder with one hand, while her other arm was trying to hold Adrian. She quickly stepped into the fireplace and said, "Home!"

Ginny landed with both feet still pretty normal, like always, but her arms on the other hand, were a little outrageous. Ginny was struggling with all her might to just keep Adrian intact with her.

"What on earth is going on?" Lizzie asked, in Latin no doubt.

Adrian had gotten used to his older sister speaking six other languages around him; in fact, he'd try to learn from her, but his version of it didn't quite match the real thing sometimes.

"He's having a rotten and deranged fit, I'm convinced," Ginny said, as she carried him to his room, or at least as far as she could get.

"Oh I see," Lizzie said, following.

Ginny made it half way towards Adrian's room when Draco suddenly appeared and took him out of her arms. Instantly, he calmed down.

"Finally!" Lizzie said, from behind her mother. "The pest shuts up!"

"Elizabeth Nicole!" Ginny scolded. "Go alphabetize the whole library!"

"Mother!" Lizzie complained.

"Your section, the section your mother and I share, and your mother's section but you leave my section alone," Draco said, interrupting. "Go, before I make you clean the place from top to bottom with an old, grimy toothbrush."

Lizzie then scattered like the world was on fire and it all depended on her to save it from burning. He held Adrian in one arm, while Adrian was now asleep, as he then took Ginny's hand with his other hand that was free, and led her down the hallway. He let go of Ginny's hand as he then set Adrian down on his little bed. Adrian still slept, even though Draco no longer had touching contact with him.

Draco then took a hold of Ginny's hand and led her out of the room. He shut the door behind her and then took her into his arms.

"Ahh," Ginny said, as she willingly let herself lean against Draco's strong and muscled chest. "I missed you."

"Gin, I was only gone for a couple of hours," Draco said. "I didn't know Lizzie could shop for that long!"

Ginny laughed a little, "Ah, the wonders of the long hours of shopping! No wonder you eagerly took Adrian into your arms."

"Is she like that with you when you shop?"

"No, you're putty in the clay maker's hands compared to me," Ginny laughed.

"Yeah, sure laugh. I'll get you back for that."

"No you won't. Did you even take her to get her supplies for school?"

"Knew I was forgetting something. She really does have me wrapped around her finger, doesn't she?"

"That she does," Ginny said. "I'll take her tomorrow. You can handle Adrian for a couple of hours right? Just don't take him flying."

"Oh why not? It's fun. I can't wait to see him go solo," Draco pouted.

"He already did," Ginny grumbled.

"What?" Draco asked.

"And I told him he couldn't fly until he was at least seven years old," Ginny said.

"Ginny! That's harsh!" Draco said. "Come on, sweetheart, you know it was bound to happen sooner or later."

"Not when he's only been four years old for four months now. That's way too soon!" Ginny said.

"Aw, Gin."

"Don't aw Gin me, Draco," Ginny said. "I don't want him back in the air until he's older. Not just a couple of months after his fourth birthday."

"Ginny! Come on, sweetie you've got to let him on sooner than that. Don't deprive your own son from his natural abilities."

"Don't tell me about his natural abilities Draco," Ginny scolded.

"You know what I think?"

"No I don't know what you think."

"I think you need one long, good nap," Draco said as he picked her up and carried her to their room.


"Hush!" Draco hissed. "Don't wake Adrian. He needs that nap almost as much as you do."

"Draco Augustus Malfoy! How dare you say that to me! What did I ever do to you?" Ginny asked.

"You seriously want me to answer that one?" Draco asked, laughing a little bit as he shut the door behind him, sat her down on their bed, and then crawled on top of her so that she would stay down and not get up.

"Draco!" Ginny said. "Get off of me!"

"I think I know my name by now Ginny," Draco said. "Apparently, this has been one heck of a mess upon messes day. Let me see what I can do to help you unwind."

Before Ginny could respond, Draco had invaded her mouth with a sweet gentle kiss that instantly made her melt beneath him.