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  1. Big girls cry by Rosali

    Life has guided Harry and Hermione towards very important positions throughout the years, but with big responsabilities come big sacrifices. But when are the sacrifices too big to accept? Post Hogwarts, ignoring Crapilogue.

  2. Harry Potter and the Knight of the Radiant Heart by Raven3182

    During the battle at the Department of Mysteries something unexpected happens and a knight from a place far, far away suddenly finds himself in the strange world of Harry Potter. How will Harry, as well as the rest of the wizarding world react to having a paladin thrust into their midst? Evil closes in on all sides, yet the Light still shines in the Darkness. A/U.

  3. Caught in the Past by hhragent27

    AU. CHAPTER 30! Harry James Potter has everything --- blazing good looks, a dukedom, and roguish charms. Everything except, that is…what truly mattered in life. But during a fateful evening, Harry’s world is turned upside down by the mysterious Countess of Ravenclaw, a feisty woman with an enticing smile, a mesmeric wit and surprisingly, revulsion towards him. Even as he decides to forget about their encounter, she comes into his life again, not as a countess…but as a woman scorned with hatred and loathing. Will he let her hate him forever, or will he abandon pretenses of having a heart made of stone to make her fall in love with him?

  4. Legacy of Magic by CA Crawford

    Harley Denson is a normal witch with the normal problems of a witch living in a muggle town with a disloyal wand. However, one discovery in her grandfather's bookshop will reveal the secrets of her real identity and put her on a collision course with the greatest evil the wizarding world has yet faced.

  5. Art of Bread Making by Green_Eyes_&_Bushy_Hair

    Hermione tries to make bread. Harry tries to help. They both succeed in the end. Just a fluffly drabble. One shot.

  6. In the Red by MeiQueen

    Ginny Weasley. 25. Shopaholic in debt up to her eyeballs. Draco Malfoy. 26. Multibillionaire, and financial planner responsible for Ginny Weasley's file at Gringotts. Who will make it out alive?

  7. The End of the Beginning by CA Crawford

    Sequel to "Lost Pieces". The trio returns for their final year at Hogwarts. New relationships and new challenges arise at our favorite castle. Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Ron/OC.

  8. It's not losing a daughter, it's gaining a son! by alayneni

    The town of Hogwarts is a quiet town. Four great mansions stand on the four cardinal points of town, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The Gryffindor Mansion has been abandoned for centuries but what happens when a new heir to the mansion is revealed?

  9. The Pre-Veil Saga by Rihaan

    During a game of Harry Hunting, Harry found himself on the roof of the school. in his excitement and confusion, he fell back off the roof, and he appeared on the roof again. Strangely enough, he doesn't consider it an isolated incident anymore. And that's when everything changes.

  10. Hermione's Choice by CA Crawford

    (Freshly edited!) When Ron made it clear he was leaving and asked what Hermione would do, she made a choice that she can no longer hide from.

  11. Magical Reunion by alayneni

    Lavender Brown wanted to have a reunion of her Hogwarts class but she didn’t want to hold it at Hogwart’s. On a suggestion from Paravti she decides to hold it in Las Vegas. Find out what happens as a bunch of wizards try to have fun in Las Vegas! Harry Potter crossover with Las Vegas.

  12. Seven Years Later... May the Best Wizard Win by Island Girl

    AU,EWE: All these wizard competing for her hand has pushed Hermione to her limit! Fleur knows exactly how to prove who should be Hermione's True Match. Mild swearing, Molly-bashing, moderately redeemed Slytherins. Companion piece to Two Years Later Reviews are intrinsic to a writer's well-being!

  13. Two Years Later... by Island Girl

    AU, EWE: Hermione is blackmailed into attending the 2nd anniversary of Voldemort's defeat. Harry/Hermione if you squint. Hermione-centric, with Ron-bashing. Resurrected Snape, Sirius, Regulus and Remus. Mild swearing, hence the PG13 rating. Companion piece to follow. Reviews much appreciated and cherished

  14. Adventures in Healing by Dementor149

    A series of short stories about Ron's adventures as a healer. This series is based on "The Most Ancient Magic." Chapter 0ne is about one of Ron's mistakes and Luna's effort to teach him. Chapter Two - Ron learns some valuable lessons about his own emotions while healing others. Chapter Three Luna has to come to terms with losing patients sometimes.

  15. Shadow Walker by lorien829

    What happened to the Other Hermione that Harry encountered in "Shadow Walks"? As she struggles to survive, despite immense loss, in a world that no longer has a place for her, how will the reappearance of someone she'd thought she'd never see again change her life completely? Reading "Shadow Walks" first is advised. Companion piece; alternate universe.

  16. Nothing Left Unsaid by CA Crawford

    WARNING: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH. She takes a trip to Godric's Hollow, because there are some things that Hermione Granger never got the chance to say.

  17. Lost Pieces by CA Crawford

    The trio heads to Australia to retrieve Hermione's parents, their friendships stronger than ever. But will her parents get her memories back? And what will happen when all three of them have to face the hard choices presented to them? Sequel to "Continental Holiday"

  18. Continental Holiday by CA Crawford

    After the final battle, the trio take a holiday through Europe to sort through all that has happened to them over the past year. Some bonds are broken, while others are deepened. Will the trio survive the changes the aftermath brings to their relationships? Post DH (skipping the Epilogue). The first in a trilogy of post-DH stories.

  19. A Light in the Dark by CA Crawford

    An alternate OOTP scene after the Department of Mysteries. Harry is being swamped by the darkness in his life and only one person can bring him back from the brink.

  20. 25 days of christmas by ayumi-nb

    drabbles&oneshots Christmas collection, multi-ships, mainly hhr // This is our season. 08: “Ribbon not enough for you, Potter?”

  21. Harry Potter and the Desideratum Crusade by Roz

    This is an alternate version of Harry's seventh year that I wrote before reading Deathly Hallows, and explores the hunt for the Horcruxes and developing relationships. Harry, Ron and Hermione begrudgingly return to Hogwarts for further training for the showdown that they know is in the near future. While hunting for the Horcruxes in between classes, they come to realize the sacrifices that are needed to destroy each one. Will the love and friendship they have for each other be enough to end the battle they have begun?

  22. In Vino Veritas by puck_nc

    It begins at a night in a pub... Post-Hogwarts AU.

  23. Coming Back Later by Bexis

    Unconsented-to, but unobjected-to continuation of Paracelsus' masterpiece "Coming Back Late." Begins with aftermath of Draco Malfoy's suicidal effort to avoid being sent back to Azkaban when Harry and Ron unravel his plot to blackmail Hermione on behalf of the cartel.

  24. The Catalyst by lorien829

    A little girl of mysterious origins will become the driving force that will change the very nature of Harry and Hermione's relationship with each other. Moves from canon, disregards epilogue. There is initial H/G and R/Hr.

  25. innocent wisdom by ayumi-nb

    post-dh, epiloque compliant… sort of // In which Rose learns about whole truths, truths, half-truths and lies. She also learns there’s more to being a grown-up than jobs and marriages and children. Just like there’s more to her Mum’s apparently broken relationship with Uncle Harry.

  26. Hopeless by Viopathartic

    HP's POV: I'm a coward. I'm standing in the corner, holding a butterbeer. I'm smiling a smile that is not mine, I'm laughing a laugh that is not mine, and I'm watching something that I try to never watch. [Begins R/HR, ends H/HR] Revamp of an old story.

  27. Healing is hard to do by Word_waterfall

    Post-Hogwarts. Harry is left with a painful neurological condition following his final battle with Voldemort. Hermione watches Harry decline without being able to help, but when she decides she has had enough of being helpless, can she help Harry put his life back together. Dark themes within, and lots of angst, but a happy ending awaits!

  28. Journey To The New LIfe by rockstar

    'Harry had never felt so free in his life before. Now he had a whole life in front of him to plan, with Hermione right by his side.' A post-Hogwarts fic.

  29. Love and Like by rockstar

    He was sitting on one of the stool at the corner of the bar looking, no, blatantly staring at the most stunning girl at the party right now, Ginny Weasley.

  30. In Truth by Celtic55

    They try to deny the truth, deny that they will never again be normal, that they will always need each other. Truth can be painful, but eventually it trumps denial. A somewhat dark one-shot with a not so dark ending. Follows cannon, ignores the epilogue.

  31. Fulfilling Obligations by forbiddenharmony7

    Did you ever wonder what happened in the 19 years between the last chapter and the epilogue of Deathly Hallows? Or what happens afterward? Totally, completely, and eventually H/Hr, but we have a long road to get there! Rated PG13 for language & sexuality.

  32. The Bar Association by xelan

    Early chapters have no direct H/Hr. Story is about the parents of Harry and Hermione at first, then we'll get into their children... in a roundabout way.

  33. What Do I Think of Hermione by xelan

    Ron asks Harry a question. Any good lawyer will tell you, never ask a question unless you already know the answer.

  34. on standby by ayumi-nb

    [sequel to "what was lost"] Regardless of what was done, Ron is still his friend, so he tries to keep the displays of affection to a minimum.

  35. Her Story: Chamber of Secrets by I Heart Harry

    Lindsay and Karen have finished the Philosopher's Stone and are onto Hermione's second year at Hogwarts. What awaits them is a slightly darker tale than was told in their beloved series. Is this a work of fact or fiction? Only time will tell. Will be Harry and Hermione.

  36. Whatever I Am To You by Aeryn

    One conversation. That's all that separates their relationship, the before of it, from the after. (Mild PG-13 for some language.)

  37. The List by Rihaan

    It was just supposed to be a simple list - a snippy response to a stupid, sexist list he found. He thought more than a few people would be mad at him. He was wrong. So, very wrong.

  38. confusing by ayumi-nb

    [ootp au] He certainly was clueless when it came to girls, but Harry knew he was well-versed in everything related to Hermione. At least, he hoped so.

  39. Harry Potter and the Twelve Caesars by SoraSummers

    Voldemort was but a distraction. Years after the Dark Lord's defeat Harry and his friends are enjoying a life of peace and prosperity. However, a threat both old and new begins to rise from the shadows, intent on reforming the very world itself as they see fit.

  40. Learning to Deal by dtown_curly_q

    Post-Hogwarts. After the Final Battle, Harry, Ron, and Hermione live together outside of London. But when they think the worst is over, can Hermione help Harry work through yet another struggle?

  41. you could call it a break by ayumi-nb

    [sequel to “veiled truths”] As soon as the words left their mouths, she became nervous, because they’d dealt with jealousy before and it hadn’t ended up well. But then, Neville smiled and Hermione felt relieved. And, really, she should have known better.

  42. Love For Ever by rockstar

    Life was taking a cruel turn for her and she couldn’t do anything to prevent it, except watching as a spectator and pick up the broken pieces of her heart. [Sort of a typical H/Hr story.]

  43. Handcuffs by SwishAndFlick31

    Aunt Marge visits again during the summer before Harry's sixth year. They talk about some things that get Harry very, very mad. Then, Vernon calls a facility that takes care of 'violent' teens. Little does Harry know, that Hermione's father just so happens to own the facility. AU. Yes, I'm uploading this SIX years later.

  44. A Certain Romance by Alexandria Malfoy

    ONE-SHOT. Ginny Weasley was the last person Draco expected to pick to join him in holy matrimony. Originally written for the 2011 D/G Fic Exchange on LiveJournal.

  45. As You Wish by Alexandria Malfoy

    "I suppose a lot of this could be my fault. I’ve always been the adventurous type, and I knew it was only a matter of time before that aspect of my personality caught up with me." Draco is gifted with a magic lamp. Who he finds inside is the last person he’d ever expect. Originally written for the D/G Fic Exchange on LiveJournal.

  46. what was lost by ayumi-nb

    [set between "put 1 & 0 together" and "a vast ocean of green"] The only thought circling around his head is: it’s not supposed to be like this.

  47. hold that thought by ayumi-nb

    Because before James Potter managed to sweep her off her feet, one Lily Evans had to learn that he was more than cocky smiles and insufferable attitude—that he had, you know, moments like these.

  48. the mirror of erised by ayumi-nb

    [post-dh, right after ch36] "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi" It is their hearts’ deepest desire. Second part, Hermione's POV.

  49. Missed Opportunities by lillyfan16

    Miss [mis] Verb (used with a subject) 1. To fail to take advantage of (to miss chance) Noun 2. A failure to hit something. Verb phrases 3. Miss out on, to fail to take advantage of, experience, etc.: You missed out on a great opportunity. Opportunity [op-er-too-ni-tee, plural—tees] Noun, plural—ties 1. A favorable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances 2. A chance or prospect

  50. Some Days Should Come With Their Own Warning Label by lillyfan16

    You know those moments you plan and plan in your mind? The ones where you imagine yourself doing something, over and over, until you come up with the perfect fantasy of how things will pan out? And despite always thinking “oh, it would never happen that way” or “he’ll never feel the same,” in your heart, you still just know it will go the way you’ve planned. And it isn’t something that is “better than you’ve ever imagined” or “didn’t go quite like you thought.” No. It goes just the way you imagined: no more, no less. It’s perfect, just like you knew it would be. You couldn’t ask for more.