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Stories by rockstar

  1. Witch Switch by rockstar

    Just one more night and I will be there where I am supposed to be, with my dream man, Harry Potter. It is inspired by an episode of Aladdin 'Sandswitch'

  2. Finally Us by rockstar

    He was confused, but then he remembered the day he had asked her to dance with him, the day he had finally let his heart acknowledge his feelings for his only female best friend..... Harry and Hermione have a conversation after they get together.... It is the second part of my other fic...Moments of Recognition

  3. Journey To The New LIfe by rockstar

    'Harry had never felt so free in his life before. Now he had a whole life in front of him to plan, with Hermione right by his side.' A post-Hogwarts fic.

  4. Love and Like by rockstar

    He was sitting on one of the stool at the corner of the bar looking, no, blatantly staring at the most stunning girl at the party right now, Ginny Weasley.

  5. Love For Ever by rockstar

    Life was taking a cruel turn for her and she couldn’t do anything to prevent it, except watching as a spectator and pick up the broken pieces of her heart. [Sort of a typical H/Hr story.]

  6. Moments Of Recognition by rockstar

    “Dance with me,” He said extending his hand towards her. This fic is about Hermione's realization of the most important truth of her life. read and Review.

  7. Story of a girl called Hermione Granger by rockstar

    AU-Non-magical story. Hermione Granger - a bookworm and a little bit insecure girl. Harry Potter -popular, handsome,and a football player.2 completely different people, with completely different life. See what happens when Harry enters in Hermione's life. Bound to turn their life upside down...Read to find out.

  8. Transfer Auror- Brianna Johnson by rockstar

    'My friends say that I can have any guy in the world, including famous Harry Potter of course.' This story is about a girl Brianna Johnson who is going to work with Harry Potter for the first time.

  9. To Have You With Me by rockstar

    Hermione craves for Harry's company but Harry is being a jerk. They both have a fight...What's next..find it in this fic... READ And REVIEW.

  10. Never Let You Go by rockstar

    It was his unwavering presence beside her, which gave her hope and willpower to live…to live, for him and with him.

  11. Strangers Meet by rockstar

    His predatory eyes had been following her since the moment she had entered the pub.

  12. The Boy She Loved by rockstar

    He knew that it was his bad luck. He fell in love with someone who didn’t love him back. -- It's not original, but I hope you would like it.

  13. Why She Loves Him? by rockstar

    Hermione thinks about why she loves Harry, that too on her wedding day. Companion fic to my other story, In Love With A Crazy Witch.

  14. He Knew by rockstar

    Harry is sitting in a restaurant waiting for Hermione. But instead of Hermione, a pretty blonde comes and joins him. Harry takes her home with him as Hermione doesn't come. See what happens between them and how will it affect Hermione. This is the companion fic to my other story, 'What Comes Out Of A Wild Night'. R&R.

  15. I Don't Want To Live by rockstar

    Soon it will be over and I’ll be free of this cage of unrequited love I am trapped in.

  16. Choose Who You Love by rockstar

    It's Hermione's wedding day.But is she getting married to the person she loves? Her past returns back two days before the wedding.

  17. In Love With A Crazy Witch by rockstar

    He finds it hard to point out the reason that why his lips always curl upwards whenever he looks at her. One-shot. Disclaimer:- I don't own Harry Potter and anyone or anything related.

  18. Personal Diary- A World Of Secrets by rockstar

    Hermione has been writing a personal diary since her fourth year about her feelings for Harry. But what would happen when Harry finds about the diary? Give your reviews to tell whether you liked it or not.

  19. It Doesn't Matter by rockstar

    It wasn’t supposed to be this way. He wasn’t supposed to marry her.

  20. Love You Always by rockstar

    "We were already failing in our marriage. We were constantly fighting and we’re not happy together. I want a happy life and Ginny makes me happy." Harry said looking at Hermione straight in her eyes. Harry and Hermione have a fight. See where one major fight leads them to. And don't forget to REVIEW.

  21. What Comes Out Of A Wild Night? by rockstar

    Hermione is going to get married. Her cousins and friends want to take her out for a wild night. There Hermione meets a handsome bloke. See what happens....

  22. You And Me by rockstar

    Harry and Hermione are in their seventh year. Hermione is in love with Harry and Harry is competely clueless but one conversation changes everything. Read to find out.. and review as well.. Three- Shot. Disclaimer:- I don't own Harry Potter and anyone or anything related.

  23. It's You I Love by rockstar

    'Harry please, listen to me. You know you don't love her. You still love me. Give me one more chance. I was a fool to break your heart and let you go. Don't go ahead with this marriage. Come with me.' Harry and Cho had been together, but then she broke his heart. Who would be here to heal it?