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  1. To Build A Home by ProphecyMarauder45

    A surprise awaits as she's mysteriously portkeyed to a place that would change her life forever.

  2. The Perils of Innocence by puck_nc

    AU. In an institute to help children with mental and psychological problems, a child is abandoned by his guardians because he does extraordinary things. Rather than fear him, the doctors work to help him try to control this ability. They discover other children with these incredible powers. And then odd letters arrive one summer day. Rating will probably go up later. Eventual H/Hr.

  3. Fifth Element Companion by Bexis

    Over the past several years, I thoroughly edited Harry Potter & the Fifth Element. While doing so, I created the Companion, which is a compilation of all the original magical elements, and Muggle references, contained in 1.3 million words of HP&5E.

  4. Little by Little by SweetSolitude137

    The September sun was setting, casting warm orange streams of light at random intervals along his journey, through the crooked, mis-matched windows, each separated ray like the blast conjured by a particularly well-performed spell. G rating to increase.

  5. A Twist of Fate by CA Crawford

    Hermione is always dropping in on Harry at his home in Godric's Hollow, but this time is different from all the rest. Alternate version of the Epilogue.

  6. Witch Switch by rockstar

    Just one more night and I will be there where I am supposed to be, with my dream man, Harry Potter. It is inspired by an episode of Aladdin 'Sandswitch'

  7. "I'm Already Gone" by CA Crawford

    Song fic based on the title song by A Day to Remember. Ron leaves the emptiness of his old life for a new life on the road with Luna.

  8. A Matter of Life and Death by Barton Fink

    Harry was supposed to have died after defeating Voldemort, but a clerical error grants him an extra two hours of life; two hours in which something occurs that challenges the very fabric of the universe. Join our hero and heroine as Harry argues his case in a celestial court and fights for his right to remain on Earth with Hermione. Post Book 7; ignores epilogue.

  9. The Truth About Harry by Rylee

    This is a little bit o' sweetness one-shot that I wrote one day when I was missing the HP universe. I hope that it will do all be at least a little appeasement until I can get back to sorting out Priapism. By the way, this is based only on the movie, not the books, because Steve Kloves saw something that J.K. didn't want to admit to until much later. Lol Disclaimer: I don't own them. They aren't mine. But they're fun to play with.

  10. Finally Us by rockstar

    He was confused, but then he remembered the day he had asked her to dance with him, the day he had finally let his heart acknowledge his feelings for his only female best friend..... Harry and Hermione have a conversation after they get together.... It is the second part of my other fic...Moments of Recognition

  11. Suppose by Viopathartic

    One-Shot: Harry supposes to Hermione. EXCERPT: Hermione smiled softly and delicately brushed her hand against his cheek. Harry turned his head so that his lips would touch her palm and then sighed, at ease with her presence around him. He could have been asleep, for his soft breathing and closed eyes could have been indicators. But no, Harry was merely reveling in being with the one he loved, the one he cherished every moment with.

  12. Harry Potter and the Balm of Time 2 by ladylaughalot

    Since the defeat of Voldemort life has been good for Harry and Hermione. They’ve graduated from Hogwarts, gotten married, and their first baby is on the way. But during a routine mission everything goes horribly wrong and Harry ends up in the future. What he learns there changes everything....

  13. Forever Sounds Good by afterthought and ellipses

    'This looks like a date' she thought, glancing at the emerald-eyed man next to her before quickly looking back at the telly. It was the first 'Friday Night In' she had with just the two of them.

  14. Revelation by Bingblot

    If he lost her, he didn't think he could ever be completely whole again. Harry and Hermione face their worst fear and realize what they mean to each other. AU 7th year. One-shot.

  15. Tidal by Aeryn

    You've become my best friend // I want to love you but I don't know if I can...

  16. Equals by betweenthelines2

    A series of scenes from DH finishing off the story the way that it should have been (based on how everyone acted up to HBP), attempting to bring what was always between the lines to the forefront.

  17. Alice Evans and the Lost Days by hermy_madness

    So Alice and Co. have returned for their fourth year at Hogwarts, but what will the changes of last year mean for the new one? How will her new identity change relationships? A new danger threatens Hogwarts and there are yet more secrets to be uncovered! Please R&R! For a summary (yes it has been that long) go to chapter 9. CHAPTER 16 NOW UP! And Finished!

  18. A Dash of Romance by afterthought and ellipses

    But with her it's different. She shares your sentiments on romance. Although that doesn't mean that the two of you aren't "romantic", you just show each other differently.

  19. Heart Haven by vanillaparchment

    A home is a haven of hearts- a place where loved ones are cherished and sent out, and a place to which they can always return. Sequel to 'That Old House'.

  20. Moments Of Recognition by rockstar

    “Dance with me,” He said extending his hand towards her. This fic is about Hermione's realization of the most important truth of her life. read and Review.

  21. The Mundane Things by afterthought and ellipses

    It's the little things that remind you of how and why you're in love. A series of drabbles.

  22. Transfer Auror- Brianna Johnson by rockstar

    'My friends say that I can have any guy in the world, including famous Harry Potter of course.' This story is about a girl Brianna Johnson who is going to work with Harry Potter for the first time.

  23. Without You by afterthought and ellipses

    For the past nine years of his life she was always there by his side. And for the past nine years, he'd gotten so used to having her around that he'd never bothered to think what his life would be like without her hand gripping his arm.

  24. Untitled by gti88

    Short scene set after the end of fourth year. My re-entry in the fandom...

  25. Never Let You Go by rockstar

    It was his unwavering presence beside her, which gave her hope and willpower to live…to live, for him and with him.

  26. The Boy She Loved by rockstar

    He knew that it was his bad luck. He fell in love with someone who didn’t love him back. -- It's not original, but I hope you would like it.

  27. Why She Loves Him? by rockstar

    Hermione thinks about why she loves Harry, that too on her wedding day. Companion fic to my other story, In Love With A Crazy Witch.

  28. The Elder Wand by rowan37

    With Voldermort vanquished but former supporters still at large the fate of the Elder Wand must be decided and Hermione needs to convince Harry about what should be done.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  29. Falling by What contented men desire

    In the Tent, on the path to the fulfillment of Destiny, Harry Potter is falling. Heroes do that, you know; they fall. And even the greatest heroes need someone to pick them up. DH-Compliant For a change.

  30. Stardust by papermask

    Ron never likes to tear down Luna's dreams. They are always such beautiful dreams. // drabble

  31. The Direct Approach by Rihaan

    It was obvious, really. She would eventually end up with one of the two. She knew who she wanted it to be. She wanted to know before her feelings got the better of her. So she took the direct approach.

  32. All Because Of A Song by HogwartsHellion

    Lily hears James singing a love song.

  33. The Best Anti-Depressant by HogwartsHellion

    Harry is depressed, very depressed, when Hermione seems to be in love with Ron. Why and what does Hermione have to say about it? My first fic, and one of the ONLY oneshots you will get from me.

  34. Choose Who You Love by rockstar

    It's Hermione's wedding day.But is she getting married to the person she loves? Her past returns back two days before the wedding.

  35. Always Been by afterthought and ellipses

    After all, she isn't yours to have. She isn't yours to hold. She isn't yours to want. She isn't yours to love. But you do so, anyway. You've always been stubborn.

  36. SERIOUSLY?! by starwberry_nerd

    Hermione just wanted to get married, was that really so much to ask?

  37. The Thing About Friendship by Bingblot

    Friends don't date their best friend's ex-girlfriends. But there are other, more important rules of friendship. One-shot of Ron's POV when he finds out about H/Hr.

  38. Summary by littlebird

    In the Great Hall, the crowd is celebrating Reconstruction. Here, in this cupboard, things have just begun to fall apart.

  39. The Best Way by maxtaf

    The best way to deal with a kidnapping situation? An alternate view of the second task...

  40. The Letter by forbiddenharmony7

    When Hermione is in the hospital wing after her encounter with Dolohov in the Department of Mysteries, she decides that she has a few things she needs to say to she tells him in the best way she knows how.

  41. Alice Evans and the Prisoner of Azkaban by hermy_madness

    They're back for a third year! Alice, Harry, Ron and Hermione have another action packed year full of broken rules, dangerous beasts and more than a few life changing revelations. Please R&R to find out more!

  42. The Funeral by rowan37

    Harry looks back over some of the events that have shaped his life.

  43. The Mistletoe Muddle by Bingblot

    What mistletoe can lead to... AU 7th year one-shot.

  44. Return to Sender by romulus lupin

    A different take on the infamous "Harry Dies and Is Sent Back in Time" challenge - what if Harry dies but someone *else* is sent back to fix things?

  45. The Big Day by starwberry_nerd

    unrelated chapters of cavity inducing sap dealing with one of the most important days in any girl's life: the wedding day, initially inspired by Xelan, further chapters subject to request/suggestions/inspiration

  46. Hermione's Hollow by ChocolateFrogsForBreakfast

    Very short one-shot. Hermione's POV.

  47. When I Have Fears by vanillaparchment

    Truly fearless people are scarce. Those without fears rarely become heroes. It is, after all, our fears that make us courageous.

  48. Trust No One by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! When there's no one left to trust, who do you turn to? (Set within Deathly Hallows.)

  49. Full Circle by Crazy Mishka

    After the war a paranoid Harry Potter discovers something amiss, and sets out to find and hopefully save Hermione Granger. Due to circumstances beyond his control, time throws in a twist.

  50. That Old House by vanillaparchment

    An old house sits at the end of a lane. Abandoned and forgotten, no one would have guessed who was going to buy it... or how full a life that old house was yet to live.