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Stories by SweetSolitude137

  1. Little by Little by SweetSolitude137

    The September sun was setting, casting warm orange streams of light at random intervals along his journey, through the crooked, mis-matched windows, each separated ray like the blast conjured by a particularly well-performed spell. G rating to increase.

  2. All Things Related by SweetSolitude137

    “That day as I cried, my tears were for the loss of a loved one, yes, but also for the loss of myself. It was difficult for me to remember the person I had always been before that year, the real me, the real Hermione Granger.” One-shot.

  3. Distinctly by SweetSolitude137

    “I’m going to do everything I can for as long as I can to protect her. To protect her life and her happiness and her brilliance and just her; she’s my number one priority.” Harry realizes that something that is distinctly Hermione. One-shot.

  4. The Power of Their Love by SweetSolitude137

    I got this idea over in the challenge forum from Mycha_ kk. A Muggle who’s catching a train, like they have every year for the past four years, at Kings Cross examines Harry and Hermione’s relationship by just taking a look into the intensity of their gaze. One-shot.

  5. So In Love by SweetSolitude137

    Hermione's late for class (yes, you read right, Hermione's late for class) one gray, rainy day when she runs into something unexpected that changes her forever. One-shot sweet, little ficlet.