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  1. Caught in the Past by hhragent27

    AU. CHAPTER 30! Harry James Potter has everything --- blazing good looks, a dukedom, and roguish charms. Everything except, that is…what truly mattered in life. But during a fateful evening, Harry’s world is turned upside down by the mysterious Countess of Ravenclaw, a feisty woman with an enticing smile, a mesmeric wit and surprisingly, revulsion towards him. Even as he decides to forget about their encounter, she comes into his life again, not as a countess…but as a woman scorned with hatred and loathing. Will he let her hate him forever, or will he abandon pretenses of having a heart made of stone to make her fall in love with him?

  2. The Bar Association by xelan

    Early chapters have no direct H/Hr. Story is about the parents of Harry and Hermione at first, then we'll get into their children... in a roundabout way.

  3. Severus Snape's Severe Psychological Spanking by Rihaan

    Severus Snape is a bad teacher. McGonagall takes notice. Severus needs to be punish- okay, wait, that sounds WAY too dirty! Okay - Snape has horrible teaching methods, and McGonagall embarrasses him verbally. There were no paddles, no pale butts, no aging hands in motion. Just talking. So... enjoy, I guess.

  4. you could call it a break by ayumi-nb

    [sequel to “veiled truths”] As soon as the words left their mouths, she became nervous, because they’d dealt with jealousy before and it hadn’t ended up well. But then, Neville smiled and Hermione felt relieved. And, really, she should have known better.

  5. The Last Casualties by muggledad

    "Lily, it's him! Take Harry and run!" It began the same way, but ended in a very different way. This change caused life instead of death for many. Life altering changes provide the Power The Dark Lord Knows Not. J/L, H/Hr

  6. Some Days Should Come With Their Own Warning Label by lillyfan16

    You know those moments you plan and plan in your mind? The ones where you imagine yourself doing something, over and over, until you come up with the perfect fantasy of how things will pan out? And despite always thinking “oh, it would never happen that way” or “he’ll never feel the same,” in your heart, you still just know it will go the way you’ve planned. And it isn’t something that is “better than you’ve ever imagined” or “didn’t go quite like you thought.” No. It goes just the way you imagined: no more, no less. It’s perfect, just like you knew it would be. You couldn’t ask for more.

  7. Nemo by Nym13

    I thought I would forever remain alone but somehow, someway when no one seemed to notice a thing... He found me, my dear, sweet and first friend. -AU, A Different look on how Harry and Hermione could have formed a friendship and finally into something more. Two shots. R&R

  8. veiled truths by ayumi-nb

    [sequel to “built in the cold”, 7th year au] They became official that very night and everything was great. But then everything went horribly wrong. Headmaster Dumbledore died and Harry decided it was better to be noble than to be happy.

  9. built in the cold by ayumi-nb

    gof au // In which Harry is unreasonably jealous, Neville tries to help, and Hermione is her usual logical and comforting self.

  10. Untitled by gti88

    Short scene set after the end of fourth year. My re-entry in the fandom...

  11. Hermione Granger and The Goblet of Fire by Coulsdon Eagle

    What if it had been Hermione's name that the Goblet of Fire spat out? A complex spell cast one summer with the most innocent of intentions results in the Brightest Witch of her Age being entered into the Triwizard Tournament. How can she get out of this?

  12. The Waltz by papermask

    Harry asks Hermione to teach him how to dance for the Yule Ball.

  13. The Elvin Bride by gypsybaby21

    (NEW CHAPTER) When Ginny was accidentally zapped by a spell that turned her into an elf some crazy things started happening, including a marriage that no one, not even the groom could get out of because of an ancient law regarding a Celtic necklace. (Third Theme: Fantasy)

  14. The Direct Approach by Rihaan

    It was obvious, really. She would eventually end up with one of the two. She knew who she wanted it to be. She wanted to know before her feelings got the better of her. So she took the direct approach.

  15. The Life Bond by Lissy_A

    Harry saved Hermione from the troll, but wound up in a coma. Hermione wished she could help her savior wake up. Who knew an innocent kiss would have such magical ramifications? Future Harmony.

  16. Red Rose by Nival Vixen

    When Ginevra's father leaves on a business trip, she asks for one gift on his return. Little does she know the consequences of a simple red rose. AU. Inspired by The Lady and the Lion, and Beauty and the Beast.

  17. The Last Casualties by muggledad

    "Lily, it's him! Take Harry and run!" It began the same way, but ended in a very different way. This change caused life instead of death for many. Life altering changes provide the Power The Dark Lord Knows Not. James and Lily, Harry and Hermione

  18. The Best Way by maxtaf

    The best way to deal with a kidnapping situation? An alternate view of the second task...

  19. Silent Insanity by Nival Vixen

    In a different world, the Chamber of Secrets ordeal broke Ginny Weasley. Harry had defeated Voldemort, but in his final act of revenge, Tom Riddle stole Ginny's sanity. She was placed in St. Mungo's, the world and her family slowly forgetting about the youngest Weasley child. Ginny was used to her routine, her silence, and her shattered mind. All of that changed when Draco Malfoy became a healer on her ward.

  20. Just Once by xelan

    Neville knows something bad is about to happen and he wants to warn Harry. Someone is looking for Hermione, and it is someone that she least expects. Will Neville make Harry understand what is at stake or will he be too late? H/Hr and N/L.

  21. The End and the Beginning by muggledad

    My stab at the Harry time travel genre. Significant inspiraton from "HP & the Nightmares of Futures Past". The twist is Harmony, of course!

  22. No Fairy Tale by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! "I'll fall in love with a boy who I have known for a long time and I know all about, just like he will know me. He doesn't have to be smart or handsome, but he'll have to love me for who I am," a young Hermione tells her mother after the story.

  23. Schism by Emmablk1

    Lily finds out that following the Marauders has repercussions. You never know what might happen during a full moon...(Formerly published as 'Werewolves').

  24. On Cupboards by xelan

    In Surrey, there is a little boy in a cupboard under the stairs... his parents might have something to say about that. Something different from me. Read carefully for full effect. Not really romance, but none of the other themes fit

  25. The Adventures of Owl Man by xelan

    When crime threatens Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, one figure cloaked in darkness appears to save the day. Owl Man meets his most intriguing adversary yet - Kneazle Woman. Harmony and less direct Weasley bashing. More Rogues to come.

  26. Highrollers by InTheStars

    Draco Malfoy doesn’t know how to have any fun. Incidentally neither does Ginny Weasley, so it’s all rather doomed from the start.

  27. Any Other Way by ShellyLove

    What really happened between Harry and Hermione in those hours of waiting for themselves to emerge from the Whomping Willow. [ this is my first fanfic ever, Reviews would be great!] Love, Shelly(:

  28. What He'll Sorely Miss? by MayorHaggar

    ((Last two chapters re-uploaded)) After the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament, Harry wonders if Ron is truly the thing he'd miss most, and tries to sort out his feelings for a certain bushy-haired bookworm.

  29. You Belong With Me by muggledad

    It's amazing when one's eyes open to Truth. Amazing, glorious and terrifying.

  30. Nothing Works by xelan

    Albus has always meddled in things that were none of his business, but now he finds himself in over his head in the face of Fate and Hermione Granger. Meddle not in the affairs of Hermione Granger, for you are old and have a heart condition. H/Hr.

  31. My Own Prison by lillyfan16

    Now, all this has landed me here. In front of the Wizengambot. Stating I have no defense. But I do. I have one. But I won’t tarnish his memory. I will take whatever punishment they give me as long as it means his memory will never reflect to anyone his weakness. He hated showing that. Except to me. So with me it will stay.

  32. All Because of a Hippogriff by muggledad

    What happens if Harry realizes how important Hermione is to him during their time travel experience at the end of Book 3. AU

  33. The Beautiful People by Dead On Impact

    Harry vanished just before his 17th birthday for 6 months. Most assumed him dead, but not Hermione. She waited, and searched, and now he's back. Only he's... different somehow... Vampire!Harry HHr

  34. Of Vanity and First Kisses by moogle

    There are some things that cannot be tolerated. Hermione Granger getting a first kiss before you is one of them. Suffering this humiliation, Ginny sets out to protect her pride and get that fabled first kiss. Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan...

  35. That Bloody Ball by jennygryffindork

    Short scenario in the midst of the Yule Ball in which Harry talks to himself, searches his inner soul, and finds happiness. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll lose 10 pounds.

  36. Eight Ways From Sunday by Clio-jlh

    A sixth-year ensemble comic romance. It could be standing before you, needing a bit of a push. Or sitting beside you, waiting for you to let go. Perhaps it's sneaking up from behind, hoping you will turn around. But sometimes, love falls from a clear blue sky, and you just have to catch it. How do you decide which is the right path, when you're only sixteen? Ships: H/Hr, D/G, Ron/Padma, and Seamus/Dean (ie, slash).

  37. Revenge by mynewgenesis

    Hell hath no fury like a Ginny Weasley scorned. .In which Ginny gets a little revenge. D/G Warning: Very little plot. Lots and lots of snogging. Intended to be silly. Enjoy!

  38. Divination Made Easy by Suzanne of Dragons Breath

    The summer before fourth year Harry looks to an unusual source of inspiration to make his divination homework easier. Pre-ship.

  39. Lifeguard by mynewgenesis

    Draco proves his love for Ginny with unexpected consequences! OneShot! Review! :)

  40. Dirty little Secret by Dead On Impact

    Harry Potter is the sole Heir to the Potter line, and is used to getting what he wants handed to him without having to work for it. He's never been one for commitment. So what happens when Hermione Granger walks into his life and a shocking descovery threatens to both ruin their budding relationship, and cause him to commit to something he hadn't signed for?

  41. Love Lines by lilymione1203

    ONE-SHOT. Hermione's p.o.v- a rant/fluff piece after Hermione's final divination class. What WAS going through her mind when she stormed out? R&R, if you please!!

  42. A Day of Woes by moogle

    There Draco had been, one hand clutching the bookshelf behind him, while his other gripped a generous handful of the Weasley girl’s very shapely derriere. Of course, it was all her fault that he ended up that way. Not that her brother had believed him.

  43. Cold Hands by cakeandmilk

    “Harry, it's cold out here.” Her voice breaks through his muddled thoughts. This story came to be when… I’m bored out of my mind. So don’t expect any decent plot here. LOL. Just read it! ;)

  44. Acting on a Moment by moogle

    Ginny Weasley was on a mission: get Draco Malfoy's attention or die trying. She would prefer to skip the dying part, though…

  45. The Hell I Will! by gphoenix51

    What if? What if Harry had more contact with Sirius after his escape? What if Harry and Hermione made a new friend at the World Cup? What if the Goblet of Fire scene played out differently?

  46. Doodles by lilymione1203

    ONE-SHOT. Completely ignores GoF and takes place beginning of fourth year/ Hermione's pov. My first H/HR sincerely hope you enjoy!

  47. Cake and Milk by cakeandmilk

    Ron reflects about Harry and Hermione’s relationship. I really don’t want to ruin the surprise with the summary. So, best if you read it. ;)

  48. Walk Like An Egyptian by moogle

    “What’s the matter, love? Can’t stand on your own two feet?” He eyed her from head to foot, and then back again. “Then again, I’m not surprised with that outfit. It’s a wonder you even manage to walk at all.”

  49. Happy Birthday, Harry by cakeandmilk

    This is a very late piece for Harry’s birthday, but I decided it’s worth a shot. It is Harry’s birthday and Hermione feels unnerved because she is worried that Harry might not like her gifts.

  50. A Tune For His Music by cakeandmilk

    Life’s music, Harry Potter thinks. It’s a compilation of scenes of Harry and Hermione’s love story with how Harry thinks Hermione is this precious music box. It’s better than it sounds. Trust me.