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Stories by papermask

  1. The Dance We Do by papermask

    You and I are being pulled into two very different directions, Draco. It won’t be long before one of us breaks.

  2. Little Broken Things by papermask

    It takes time to learn how to mourn. // drabble

  3. The Waltz by papermask

    Harry asks Hermione to teach him how to dance for the Yule Ball.

  4. Stardust by papermask

    Ron never likes to tear down Luna's dreams. They are always such beautiful dreams. // drabble

  5. Damn the Consequences by papermask

    In a split second, in a fleeting moment, Harry has a revelation. An alternative to the already lovely "I'll Go With You" scene.

  6. Back to Black by papermask

    Ginny had no excuse when it came to Harry and Hermione. In the end, she had always known that they were in love. A companion piece to What's In A Name.

  7. Estimation by papermask

    “Ginny, there’s just one key to the relationship between Harry and Hermione. And, not surprisingly, you’ve missed it again.”

  8. Like Never Before by papermask

    "As they kiss, they don’t see fireworks. That has never been their style." Drabble.

  9. The Choice To Stay by papermask

    Hermione is killed in the final battle. However, upon learning of Harry's life after her death, she chooses to come back to help him in the only way possible. As a ghost.

  10. Four Things Harry Never Said (and One He Did) by papermask

    Four things Harry didn't have the courage to say, and one that was too important to be afraid of.

  11. What's In A Name? by papermask

    Hermione reflects on her marriage with Ron, why she still has feelings for Harry, and what is truly in a name.

  12. Love Him by papermask

    Hermione's perspective of the last scene of Book 7, and what follows. Chapter 3 coming soon.

  13. How It Feels by papermask

    EWE / Hermione and Luna share a moment regarding the boys they love most. / Chapter 2 coming soon

  14. Open Cage by papermask

    Ron finally gives Hermione the gift of freedom. He lets her go.

  15. Time by papermask

    Harry's turmoil. Drabble.

  16. Full of Grace by papermask

    "Dust coated the floor of the old church. It was still dark outside when Hermione entered. She coughed as she walked through the heavy doors. Her eyes scanned the church, and then she saw him. He was slumped up against the wall, right in front of the aisle of the church." Epilogue accuracy.

  17. What Dreams May Come by papermask

    Hermione's last moments.

  18. Peace To You by papermask

    A tragedy leads Harry and Hermione to leave the wizarding world behind.

  19. When Hermione Granger Almost Walked Away by papermask

    "It happened today. What I've been dreading since the day I realized I loved him. He chose her."

  20. Only The Lonely by papermask

    Luna's thoughts while watching the Burrow from the top of a hill. Drabble.

  21. I've Loved You For So Long by papermask

    Hermione waits for Harry at a park. Drabble.

  22. Boats and Birds by papermask

    Harry and Hermione share a dance. A songfic to 'Boats and Birds' by Gregory and the Hawk. Fluff abounds.

  23. On My Own by papermask

    "It was something that was always on my mind. How could I forget it? It's too deep. It runs through my veins now. I love him - I always have. But only on my own." - epilogue accuracy, slight ginny bashing, warning: not my best story, just a drabble, but reviews are greatly appreciated. :)

  24. A King Until The End by papermask

    "It was quick. At least, they said it was. He didn't feel any pain. Mostly just a shock and then it was over. That's what they said." Epilogue accuracy, Major Character Death!

  25. You Crazy Moon by papermask

    Ron sits and observes at Harry and Hermione's wedding. He drowns himself in memories, but can anyone bring him out of the past? Epilogue accuracy, couples include R/LL and H/HR. :)

  26. On Your Doorstep by papermask

    When Luna Lovegood shows up on Ron Weasley's doorstep, bruised and tired, how far will Ron go to make things right? (epilogue accuracy, all ships include r/l, h/hr, n/g)

  27. Coming to Peace by papermask

    Harry lies next to a sleeping Hermione and evaluates his marriage with the one he loves. (not the best summary, epilogue accuracy, couples include h/hr, r/l, and n/g, i hope you like it)

  28. Night of Love by papermask

    Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ginny, and Neville are all having affairs. With each other. Find out how they go about never getting caught, and what happens when they do. (not the best summary, i know. :P)