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  1. Just One More Thing by HarryandHermionesLoveChild

    With Voldermort defeated,Harry,Ron and Hermione are sharing a flat in Hogsmede and moving on with their lives. But soon, a shock announcement is going to put the strength of Harry and Hermione's friendship to the ultimate test and alter their relationship forever.

  2. In the Red by MeiQueen

    Ginny Weasley. 25. Shopaholic in debt up to her eyeballs. Draco Malfoy. 26. Multibillionaire, and financial planner responsible for Ginny Weasley's file at Gringotts. Who will make it out alive?

  3. The Reckoning by Dementor149

    Harry knew this day was coming almost from the time he arose as a vampire. What might happen when he and Hermione face their own ending. (Warning this is not a true sequel to Blood Bound: A Vampire Tale, but uses that story as a jumping off point. Consider it an intellectual piece of fluff)

  4. Magical Reunion by alayneni

    Lavender Brown wanted to have a reunion of her Hogwarts class but she didn’t want to hold it at Hogwart’s. On a suggestion from Paravti she decides to hold it in Las Vegas. Find out what happens as a bunch of wizards try to have fun in Las Vegas! Harry Potter crossover with Las Vegas.

  5. Adventures in Healing by Dementor149

    A series of short stories about Ron's adventures as a healer. This series is based on "The Most Ancient Magic." Chapter 0ne is about one of Ron's mistakes and Luna's effort to teach him. Chapter Two - Ron learns some valuable lessons about his own emotions while healing others. Chapter Three Luna has to come to terms with losing patients sometimes.

  6. The Vampire's Gift by Dementor149

    Auror Ron Weasley has uncovered new evidence as to what happened to Harry and Hermione all those years ago. Now he wants to track them down. What is Arthur to do?

  7. Suppose by Viopathartic

    One-Shot: Harry supposes to Hermione. EXCERPT: Hermione smiled softly and delicately brushed her hand against his cheek. Harry turned his head so that his lips would touch her palm and then sighed, at ease with her presence around him. He could have been asleep, for his soft breathing and closed eyes could have been indicators. But no, Harry was merely reveling in being with the one he loved, the one he cherished every moment with.

  8. Until Midnight by Rosali

    After a very tiring months of fighting, Harry decides he cannot force his friends to keep living like that and so he asks them the most terrible thing: to leave him after the war is over and get on with their lives. But what happens when he realizes he doesn't want to make that sacrifice anymore? What happens when he realizes that Hermione and Ron are the most important things for him and that his life is empty without them? Without HER.

  9. Harry Potter and the Twelve Caesars by SoraSummers

    Voldemort was but a distraction. Years after the Dark Lord's defeat Harry and his friends are enjoying a life of peace and prosperity. However, a threat both old and new begins to rise from the shadows, intent on reforming the very world itself as they see fit.

  10. The Vampiress and Veelan by Nival Vixen

    Ginevra finds out that she is a Vampiress and works to show everyone that she can be happy with who and what she is becoming. Draco is a Veelan and discovers that Ginevra is immune to his charms... The future always changes. DG

  11. Until the Very End by SplishySplash

    Hermione is hit by a curse that is meant to destroy her life

  12. Handcuffs by SwishAndFlick31

    Aunt Marge visits again during the summer before Harry's sixth year. They talk about some things that get Harry very, very mad. Then, Vernon calls a facility that takes care of 'violent' teens. Little does Harry know, that Hermione's father just so happens to own the facility. AU. Yes, I'm uploading this SIX years later.

  13. Harry Potter: Beyond the Looking Glass by madscientist

    The Dark Lord is destroyed, but the cost was beyond measure. Harry and Hermione survived, but their hearts were shattered in the process. Now years later, they have recovered to an extent, and gone on. The war is over, but a new threat is arising, one that could destroy all they have accomplished in the interim. What you know to be fact, might just be illusion, and illusion, fact. A sequel to Harry Potter and the Circle’s End, so go read that first…along with all the one shots and stuff that are related to it.

  14. Draco + Ginny by Phoenix_eyes15

    It's Romeo and Juliet, Harry Potter style! Two Wizarding Families, alike in fame yet not at all in dignity...weeks after the defeat of the Dark Lord, where our story begins. From ancient battles over blood lines surface new tensions...where those who were once honest now give into the bloodshed...

  15. the response by ayumi-nb

    [authorized sequel to Paladeus' "Minerva's Advice"] After a little chat with Professor McGonagall, Hermione is left questioning her current behaviour and wondering what she should do next. But she’s a smart girl, she’ll figure it out.

  16. Dudley's Girlfriend by greenevans

    Dudley has a girlfriend, & Harry’s been relentlessly teasing him about her. Dudley retaliates by with the typical, “At least I have a girlfriend,” causing Harry to pull out a picture of Hermione and claim she’s his girlfriend. What happens when the Grangers show up at the Dursley’s and Dudley demands proof of Harry and Hermione’s “relationship”? My submission for the totally awesome "Invitation-only KiwiMelon15 Challenge" Officially NC-17 as of Ch 7

  17. The Dance We Do by papermask

    You and I are being pulled into two very different directions, Draco. It won’t be long before one of us breaks.

  18. The Mistletoe Plot by xelan

    The twins make some great pranking supplies, but what happens when their new magic mistletoe is abused. Someone catches Hermione unaware leaving Harry all alone and unprotected. Divergent timeline. Late Christmas story.

  19. Something to Talk About by MeiQueen

    When Ginny keeps getting disturbingly harassed, she goes to the one person at the centre of all Hogwarts mischief and malice- Draco Malfoy. While, strangely, he knows nothing about the harassment, he makes a deal to protect her in exchange for something of hers. When Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley begin to hang out constantly, the school not knowing Draco’s position as her bodyguard, they give Hogwarts something to talk about. For Draco’s payment, and in an effort to discourage her psychotic stalker, Ginny is more than willing to give people the impression that she’s dating the school’s most badass occupant—she just didn’t expect to fall for him in the charade. Rated for later chapters.

  20. Whip Him Into Shape by MeiQueen

    Draco Malfoy needs a trainer to get him and his bridal party into shape in time for his wedding to Pansy Parkinson. When he reaches out to Shape Gyms, he gets more than he was expecting in the form of a certain redheaded Weasley.

  21. Harry Potter and the Fifth Element by Bexis

    Harry's summer and sixth year. Examines H/Hr in context of his unwanted wealth and fame, and her need for independence, requiring them to save one another's lives. H struggles for magical control over a mysterious fifth element, receives an inheritance and finds OC summer romance. Hr knows everything and nothing. The brain encounter changes R. D is dispossessed and vengeful. CC is not what she seems. Featuring H/Hr affinity, Auror training, poor parenting, goblins, kidnapping, death, a crash, a fire, an explosion, bribery, funerals, testimony, battles, tarot, pensieves, secret engagement, Stonehenge, a succubus, love potion, triads, and Druidism. The war against Voldemort spreads to the Continent and becomes a liberation struggle.

  22. Secret of Life by gypsybaby21

    Harry knows. Hermione’s just lucky she was smart enough to catch on. [Series of one-shots]

  23. Harry Potter and the Final Adventure by What contented men desire

    Because DH angered me with it's HG and RHr ships, and MadEye's death and countless other things, this is how HP7 would be if I wrote it. Rating for later chapters. HHr MMAD NLL RPP RLNT

  24. To Protect You by Caroline Delacour

    Takes place in Sixth Year. Hermione is tired of Harry avoiding her so she finally faces him, demanding an explanation for his isolation. Harry still feels guilty about Hermione’s wound in the Department of Mysteries, but how to tell her? His answer will take them to where neither of them expected. H/HR

  25. PK TEST UPLOADS by Nappamort

    There is an upload issue - we are attempting a fix.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  26. Changes by alayneni

    It's been seven years since Harry left England with Ron and Ginny. They've returned to find that things haven't turned out the way they expected. This was written before DH. Warning: The story is very suspenseful!

  27. The Mistletoe Muddle by Bingblot

    What mistletoe can lead to... AU 7th year one-shot.

  28. One Night by spacegal

    Okay...he was still going to kill the person who put him in this position...after giving that same person a hug for making him open his eyes Prompt for September 6th (Yes - I'm late!)

  29. A Series of Theories by angel pi

    Revenge is always a dish best served cold... or is it. This is a series of stories promted by a review for 'A Night to Begin All Nights', it is not necessary to read it but it helps with the back story. Enjoy and Review...

  30. Don't Fear the Reaper by starwberry_nerd

    From the challenge of Reptilia28 comes Don't Fear the Reaper!- Harry has died, big surprise, but he discovers that he has died six times! In the process of being rewritten

  31. Granger, Hermione Granger by IanC

    Harry never became a wizard and knows nothing of magic. Now with Voldemort on the rise only novice aurour Hermione Granger can protect him.

  32. Avoidance by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! Movie-verse. At the Christmas dinner hosted by Professor Slughorn, Hermione consumed Dragon tartar in order to "keep Cormac at bay." What if Harry had a better idea? HPHG! Happy one month Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

  33. With You by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! Movie-verse. "She looked around the common room... Her best friend of six years was curled up on a small seat near the fireplace...the potions book he had devotedly been going over...was absent. Without thinking, she headed towards him." HPHG!

  34. Good News by xelan

    A/U. Ron has been traveling trying to find himself for over a year. Now he has some good news that he's sure Hermione will want to hear. If he can find her, that is. Mild to Moderate Ron bashing ahead. H/Hr. NOT an Affair Fic.

  35. Two Steps Back by Emmablk1

    Lily comes to stay with James for the whole summer!...Wait...itsn't that supposed to be a good thing? Between all the teenage angst, will these two ever get together? Hmmm...maybe with some help with a little birdie named Sirius...

  36. She's Hermione Granger by cakeandmilk

    This is a snap decision to post it now. Siriusly. :) Die plot bunny! Harry’s POV. Harry’s losing his mind because he started noticing bushy-haired bookworm best friends. Is he really losing his mind or finally realizing what we, HHr shippers, have realized a long time ago? R&R pleeeaaasssseee. :)

  37. Harry Potter and the Destruction of Magic by The Dark Aeon

    An pseudo-continuation of a previous story: Magic is. To state anything different is to ignore the fact that magic is indefinable - in other words: Hermione's world of magic is not the only one. Everything changes with an attack on her and her family; what's suppose to happen to her? And Harry, who lying in the hospital, alone and hurt?

  38. Captivated by [x]Mrs_H_Potter[x]

    AU: The final battle is getting closer and Harry Potter is one step closer to finding and killing Voldemort but one thing stands in his way: Hermione Granger. Rated R for now, may change later.

  39. Harry Potter and the Trials of a Hero by Garet Jax

    Reloaded, Re-edited and Revamped! The ship sails here people!Now considered VERY AU - 6th/7th Year epic: A brotherhood will be broken. A heritage will be revealed. A destiny will be accepted. A love will be realised and a power will be awakened. UPDATED!

  40. By Firelight by Rebecca Ripple

    Barely sixteen years old and fearing for his mother's life, Draco stepped up in his father's absence to take his place amongst the Death Eaters. The following year at Hogwarts School was, without a doubt, the hardest he had ever endured. Now seventeen, the young Malfoy seeks to keep safe all he loves by doing the opposite, and taking the golden advice Albus Dumbledore had left him minutes before his death.

  41. Dealing with a Percieved Threat by SHOULDBEHHR

    Harry and Hermione are the closest of friends, far too close to suit Ginny Weasley. While they may be just friends now, Ginny doesn't want them becoming more that friend later. So she's devised a plan to make sure that they will never want to.

  42. Running From Darkness by MattUF1

    'Post HBP' After the war, Hermione is left alone when Ron is killed and Harry is left severely wounded. She is withdrawing from fear and struggling to cope with the afterlife of the violent Second War. She is missing pieces of herself, her courage and heart. H/Hr

  43. The Secrets of War by Liz21

    The war is over and Voldemort won. Ginny Weasley, the last Order of the Phoenix survivor, is given to Draco Malfoy as a prize for his help in the death of Harry Potter. When she thought she would only find misery, Ginny discovers a secret in Malfoy Manor that will change her life and Draco's part in the war.

  44. From Among You by Faith Obrien

    The righteous shall walk a thorny path...but how long before the lure of darkness becomes overpowering? Being revised and revisited! Look for updates soon!

  45. Forever by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! Harry has a nightmare. What was so bad that he didn't even want to tell one of his best friends about it? After a little persuasion, she relives it with him. Hermione reassures him. After all, only friendship and love last forever. HPHG

  46. Heaven by MattUF1

    One Shot--Shortly after the Dumbledore's death, Harry finds himself at an impasse. He's lost and through the darkness of what's happened, Harry finds a person to lean on. He finds someone who will never leave him, who never has.

  47. Angelica by DeliverMeFromEve

    There are angels and demons; dreams and nightmares; magic and miracles. WARNINGS: Some R+Hr... very slight; a whisper, I promise (sorry R+L fans. Ain't happening in this story). Supernatural overtones later.

  48. This Isn't A Dream Potter by hjptimes2

    This fic totally ignores HP and the Deathly Hallows. It is my take on what should have occurred following the end of Half-Blood Prince. Follow Harry and his friends on the treacherous journey to find the horcruxes and defeat the most evil dark lord in Hogwarts history. Please enjoy.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  49. A Matter of Destiny by Bingblot

    In a different time, Harry and Hermione were born in different countries and have never met. But some things are a matter of destiny... AU.

  50. Wedding Dress by Kwan

    One-shot. No DH. Small little drabble I wrote. In every romance story, there's always three people. This is the story of the third person.