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  1. Big girls cry by Rosali

    Life has guided Harry and Hermione towards very important positions throughout the years, but with big responsabilities come big sacrifices. But when are the sacrifices too big to accept? Post Hogwarts, ignoring Crapilogue.

  2. Until Midnight by Rosali

    After a very tiring months of fighting, Harry decides he cannot force his friends to keep living like that and so he asks them the most terrible thing: to leave him after the war is over and get on with their lives. But what happens when he realizes he doesn't want to make that sacrifice anymore? What happens when he realizes that Hermione and Ron are the most important things for him and that his life is empty without them? Without HER.

  3. What is love? by Rosali

    REPOST OF THE STORY because of a few adjustments. I'm so sorry I'll lose all your wonderful reviews! - A multiple timeline love story, a past triangle the trio has carried throughout the years like a ghost lingering between them. Now, at their 24 years, an affair and a potential rearise of darkness later, the Golden Trio will be brought back together but, will they be able to overcome all the scars and the pain? ºººººSnippet from a review(posted with th reviewer's permission): "This has got to be one of the most emotionally charged fics I have ever read. I love this story!!! Thank you for this fic. I don't know how I managed to miss it before. Keep up the good work; you and authors like you keep this ship floating!!"ººººº This time around I'll really finish the story, promise!

  4. Hide your love away by Rosali

    It is the 11-year anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts and some news from his best friends make Harry's world come crashing down. First part told from Harry's PoV and second part told from Hermione's. Of course, no Epilogue. I started cooking this on the 10-year anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts (this past weekend) and I decided it might be good to undust the quill, hehe. Enjoy! R&R too please!

  5. Eventualities of a less than normal gang by Rosali

    This is the compendium of stories I'm working on for the "7 'fore 7" challenge. It will consist a one-shots and twe three-shots (It will say in the story title, so no worries). Hope you enjoy! Please R&R 'cause it's the first time I take part in a challenge here at PKY.

  6. Was and Will Be (repost) by Rosali

    Chapter 2 summary: An encounter sets the base for much worse things to come. A conversation that went beyond planned and a familiar face lightens Harry’s days. Two battles, big powers and intentions discovered. // Story summary: Ancient beliefs said that history is a circle, that it repeats itself from times unknown... or does it? We'll see the founders and Hogwarts' birth while our heroes become their destiny, and change it. // WARNING: Novel-length, with long chapters (but worth it, I promise!). Posted in as well

  7. Children of War by Rosali

    After some news from Hermione, Harry finally finds the strength to face his destiny and leaves a letter behind for the one he loves.

  8. Switch of Life by Rosali

    What if... what if James had picked differently? A one-shot of October 31st 1981.

  9. A Wrinkle in Time by Rosali

    The final battle is over. Many perished in the way, and so did The Dark Lord... and Harry and Hermione lay dying on the battlefield. Ron and Luna manage a spell to give them one small wrinkle in time to give them what they deserve before it's over.

  10. Death and Paradise in Rome by Rosali

    After the last battle, Hermione sought refugee and peace faraway from everything and everyone. But one can't run away from theirpast, and it eventually caught up with her. It's been seven years since they graduated school. Many things happened and realizations came... though they came too late. Is it really too late? Did she lose her one and only chance with her soulmate?

  11. Darling Jo by Rosali

    Hapiness is not forever. Harry was left alone WAY before anyone should, and he was left with a little girl to care for. Our hero has a new and much more difficult challenge; raise a little girl and do it good while protecting her. The story takes place when JoAnna Jane Potter is starting at Hogwarts and Harry is having A LOT of troubles with her while teaching at Hogwarts. Slow down wild child, all you need is a mum to heal your dad... a mum and YOU.

  12. Drop Dead by Rosali

    The final battle... with a little touch of the forces of nature and the forces of the impossible :D

  13. Forbidden is not Forgotten - The Real Histoires by Rosali

    A forbidden los is sometime the strongest... just like the one they share. This is a sort of compilation of all the stories these two might share. They're individual ones, but will be uploaded as chapters for convenience (for you and me too ;) )

  14. Do you Remember Love? by Rosali

    Harry, Hermione and Ron have been separated for almost four years and none of them feel the persons they used to be back then. Accompany them in a journey to find themselves again. WARNING: Drugs are mentioned and it may contain sexual oriented scenes

  15. In a day that holds so much sadness by Rosali

    The entire Wizardring Community is celebrating. The Dark Lord is gone. But at what cost? Was it really worth it?

  16. The Last Goodbye by Rosali

    Harry's gone. According to him to prevent anymore people he loves from getting hurt. But he loves Hermione too much adn he wants to say goobye, maybe his last goodbye

  17. Just one moment of peace by Rosali

    This takes place almost eight eyars after the events in WWB. A peek into Harry and Hermione's future life, they have a family now but Harry and Draco still fight the Dark Arts side by side