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Stories by Phoenix_eyes15

  1. Draco + Ginny by Phoenix_eyes15

    It's Romeo and Juliet, Harry Potter style! Two Wizarding Families, alike in fame yet not at all in dignity...weeks after the defeat of the Dark Lord, where our story begins. From ancient battles over blood lines surface new tensions...where those who were once honest now give into the bloodshed...

  2. As the Seventh Month Dies by Phoenix_eyes15

    The date is July 31st, 1980: Lily Potter finds herself alone and wandless after an unexpected attack by the Death Eaters. Incapacitated by pain, a man from her past appears out of the darkness to offer her aid. (One-shot)

  3. Just Breathe by Phoenix_eyes15

    It's 5 months after the defeat of Lord Voldemort, and an unexpected enemy rises out of the ashes and is bent on revenge. Lives are ruined, and Harry's world is suddenly turned upside down. (H-Hr) (Warning: Some adult themes and language)