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Stories by Bingblot

  1. Living Past the End by Bingblot

    The War was over and they were safe-- but that wasn't the end. The Trio transitions from war to peace-time and in the process, Harry and Hermione draw closer, finding comfort and understanding-- and maybe something more... *Rating Changed*

  2. Revelation by Bingblot

    If he lost her, he didn't think he could ever be completely whole again. Harry and Hermione face their worst fear and realize what they mean to each other. AU 7th year. One-shot.

  3. The Thing About Friendship by Bingblot

    Friends don't date their best friend's ex-girlfriends. But there are other, more important rules of friendship. One-shot of Ron's POV when he finds out about H/Hr.

  4. When Hermione Was Wrong by Bingblot

    They were just friends. If there was one thing she knew, it was Harry and she knew that he would never see her as anything other than his best friend... One-shot.

  5. The Mistletoe Muddle by Bingblot

    What mistletoe can lead to... AU 7th year one-shot.

  6. Portrait of a Marriage by Bingblot

    A series of fluffy vignettes from Harry and Hermione's married life-- beginning with the REAL 2nd Epilogue to stick into the back of DH. Mostly fluff and smut.

  7. What We Do by Bingblot

    Danger tends to highlight the most important thing in a person's life. A threat to Hermione's safety changes Harry and Hermione's relationship forever. Note: rating changed!

  8. The Right Thing by Bingblot

    A conversation of friendship and comfort leads to something more. One-shot.

  9. His New Year's Resolution by Bingblot

    Harry's New Year's resolution: Stop wanting Hermione. But some resolutions are made to be broken... One-shot.

  10. What Happened Before the Wedding by Bingblot

    He was going to marry Ginny; he wanted to marry Ginny. Didn't he? The story of what happened before Harry's wedding...

  11. A Matter of Destiny by Bingblot

    In a different time, Harry and Hermione were born in different countries and have never met. But some things are a matter of destiny... AU.

  12. Light in the Darkness by Bingblot

    She was his light in the darkness... One-shot.

  13. Masquerade by Bingblot

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hermione makes a quick decision in a last attempt to get what she wants: Harry. But will one night of passion be all she gets?

  14. The Truth About Love by Bingblot

    Hermione Granger was his best friend-- until one snub, one hint of scandal changes everything-- and their simple friendship is complicated by marriage. AU Regency fic.

  15. Watching Her by Bingblot

    This was his fantasy, his erotic ideal, come to life-- and, wrong or not, he wasn't stupid enough to miss this... Harry learns that fantasies can come true. Two-shot PWP.

  16. Because He Needed Her by Bingblot

    She was alive and she was there-- and he couldn't push her away now. He needed her too much... Another take on what should have happened at the beginning of HBP; one-shot.

  17. Fantasy by Bingblot

    It all happened because of a silly mistake. Hermione sees something that's very... stimulating... and formulates a plan to make her fantasies come true. PWP two-shot.

  18. What He Did About It by Bingblot

    He was loved-- and just what was he supposed to do about it? A follow-up to Mary G's 'One Morning in February'. Pure one-shot fluff.

  19. Just One Night by Bingblot

    He needed comfort and so she would comfort him, because she loved him and he needed her. But it was only one night, just one night to pretend he loved her too... Angsty smut fic. Another fic about what might have/should have happened in DH.

  20. What Happened One Night by Bingblot

    It was an odd, unforgettable moment when everything started to make sense, even as absolutely nothing was making sense. It was the moment he realized he was in love... AU of what should have happened in DH. Fluffy two-part smut.

  21. Moonlight Madness by Bingblot

    He'd never believed in it before but he was beginning to think there might be some truth to the belief in the erotic power of the moon... One shot smut, with no plot and no point whatsoever.

  22. Brave Enough by Bingblot

    Ron and Hermione divorced years ago and since then Hermione has retreated into herself. Harry calls her on it-- but will she listen or will he lose her forever? Written for the H/Hr ficathon.

  23. Everything to Him by Bingblot

    He didn't know why or when he first started noticing Hermione like THAT but somehow, he did-- and now he couldn't stop noticing her. AU. What should have happened in 7th year.

  24. No Doubts by Bingblot

    Harry was dying, his chest tightening with an almost physical pain... Was Hermione having second thoughts about marrying him? Angsty one-shot smut.

  25. The Anatomy of a Love Affair by Bingblot

    The beginning and the end of a love affair. Affair!fic- smut, angst, and a bit of fluff. One-shot smut.

  26. What Could Be by Bingblot

    He could never tell how or why it happened; neither could she. But in the end, that didn't matter. It DID happen-- and it changed their lives forever. Very angsty affair!fic.

  27. Just For Tonight by Bingblot

    Just for tonight, she would kiss him the way she wanted to... Harry and Hermione find a moment of peace-- and something more than that. One-shot fluffy smut-- completely ignoring DH. AU (obviously).

  28. The Flaw in the Plan by Bingblot

    It was utter madness but at that moment, Harry could not remember any of the reasons why he absolutely should not be kissing Hermione, could not remember why this was wrong; he only knew he had to... Affair!fic.

  29. One Night With a Stranger by Bingblot

    Deliberately, she drew the ring off her finger. Now she was ready. Hermione experiments and finds pleasure in a sexy stranger. One-shot smut.

  30. Anything For Harry by Bingblot

    Harry's been poisoned while on Auror duty and the antidote is something only Hermione can give him. Just an excuse for fluffy H/Hr smut. Written before DH so very AU. One-shot.

  31. The Beginning by Bingblot

    He should be happy; he was with Ginny, living his happily-ever-after-- wasn't he? Harry realizes there's something wrong. One-shot.

  32. Maybe Love by Bingblot

    Harry was going insane-- but he couldn't seem to stop looking at Hermione's breasts, being distracted by her... One-shot fluffy smut.

  33. Something to Hold On To by Bingblot

    Some part of him was telling him he shouldn't be here-- but another part of him told him that this was Hermione and she was hurt and so the only place he needed to be was with her, trying to comfort her... AU of the canary scene from HBP. One-shot smut.

  34. Only Natural by Bingblot

    In the end, it was only the two of them, trying blindly to comfort the other. In the end, she was all he had, his only best friend now... One-shot of what might happen post-canon.

  35. Seduced by Bingblot

    What began as a gesture of innocent healing turned into a seduction-- and he was well and truly seduced. One-shot SWS.

  36. Playing a Part by Bingblot

    It was supposed to be an act to shield him from his fangirls. But can what started out as a pretense become real?

  37. Three Words by Bingblot

    Was it possible-- could Hermione possibly outgrow her friendship with Harry and Ron? One-shot.

  38. Hours by Bingblot

    In the hours after the final battle, Hermione keeps a long vigil over Harry, waiting-- and hoping-- for him to return... One-shot.

  39. From My Soul by Bingblot

    The search for the mysterious RAB and the Horcruxes begin-- as Harry and Hermione try to negotiate the muddied waters of their relationship after what happened in 6th year. Takes place right after HBP.

  40. A Glimpse of Truth by Bingblot

    She had always thought of Hermione as being the other girl, the interloper. Now, watching them, she knew the truth... Short one-shot.

  41. Honesty by Bingblot

    If only he hadn't been so blind... Harry realizes something and learns some painful truths about love and lies.

  42. One Night and One Morning by Bingblot

    A drunken shag and what happened the morning after. One-shot fluffy smut.

  43. Letters from a Lifetime by Bingblot

    The letters that Harry and Hermione exchange over a lifetime of love. One-shot.

  44. A Long Way Home by Bingblot

    Harry and Hermione were once together but they broke up-- can they find their way together again, in spite of all the hurt? Angst.

  45. Only One Love by Bingblot

    This is the story of the love of Harry Potter- the one true love of his life. One-shot.

  46. The Real Story by Bingblot

    Harry Potter's in love, as he's admitted. But with who? Everyone has a different idea-- who's right? Fluffy one-shot.

  47. After Fifty Years by Bingblot

    After 50 years, the marriage of Harry Potter, as others see them... Fluffy one-shot.

  48. As Long As He Needs Her by Bingblot

    Somehow, she knew he needed her... One-shot.

  49. Something More by Bingblot

    He'd come looking for some relaxation, something to keep away the nightmares; he'd found something more... H/Hr in the Prefects' Bathroom. One-shot smut.

  50. In Her Eyes by Bingblot

    It began as a blind reaching-out for comfort, for warmth, to soothe him and dispel his nightmares. But it became more than that... One-shot song-fic smut to Josh Groban's "In Her Eyes".

  51. Visits to a Graveyard by Bingblot

    There was something about the young man that attracted my notice more than usual, that made me think he was no ordinary young man visiting a graveyard. And I was right. One-shot.

  52. Searching for Destiny by Bingblot

    At precisely 8:22 in the evening on June 30, 2001, Harry Potter fell in love. And it was all perfect... Or was it?

  53. Miracle by Bingblot

    There was something missing in Harry's life. Luckily for him, what he's looking for might just end up being right in front of his eyes.

  54. To Find a Dream by Bingblot

    What began as comfort turns into something more for both Harry and Hermione. A short one-shot.

  55. The End of a Love Story by Bingblot

    A series of letters tell of the end of a love story... Angsty one-shot.

  56. A Summer Fling by Bingblot

    The Trio goes for a summer swim and Harry finds he likes the sight of Hermione in a bathing suit. Written for the harmony_summer ficathon.

  57. His Precious Friend by Bingblot

    What happens after the Yule Ball and Harry starts to have odd, new thoughts about Hermione... AU GoF. The sequel to 'The Only Girl'.

  58. The Only Girl by Bingblot

    AU 4th year. Harry decides his best hope of surviving the Yule Ball is to ask Hermione-- and everything goes on from there... The Yule Ball the way it should have gone.

  59. Remember the First Time by Bingblot

    He always remembered that night, that one moment. There were other times, happier times-- but, despite the darkness and the sadness of that night, it remained one of his favorite memories... One-shot.

  60. All He Needed by Bingblot

    It was getting so hard to keep hoping... Tragedy strikes and Harry finds comfort in the one person who's always been there for him. Sad one-shot song-fic.

  61. Honesty Between Friends by Bingblot

    A break-up and a beginning...

  62. Survivor by Bingblot

    He had never thought it would be like this. He had never thought it would end like this... Sad one-shot.

  63. Seeing is Believing by Bingblot

    Ginny sees some things that make her realize the truth about Harry and Hermione and about her relationship with Harry. One-shot.

  64. Just... by Bingblot

    They were just friends... For now... A short series of fics showing how Harry and Hermione go from being just friends to something much more than that... Part 4: Just Lust? Somehow Harry doubted it. Now complete!

  65. Forever Lovers by Bingblot

    Harry and Hermione's wedding night-- need I say more? Very fluffy one-shot smut.

  66. What Once Was Lost by Bingblot

    "I never thought we would have this..." Years before, his heart had broken-- but now, what he had never dared to hope for was happening... The sequel to "Loved I Not Honor More." SWS.

  67. More by Bingblot

    This was Hermione and he was her best friend—and she needed comfort so he would comfort her...

  68. His Favorite Holiday by Bingblot

    He knew who he *wanted* his secret Valentine to be from, but it couldn't be... She didn't care about him that way... Fluffy one-shot.

  69. Complicated by Bingblot

    Voldemort has been defeated for the last time. Harry Potter is the hero of the wizarding world... But no one in England knows where Harry is now. He left soon after the final battle and has been gone for more than a year. But why did he leave and when will he be ready to return? *Now Complete*

  70. What He'd Never Done Before by Bingblot

    In which Hermione dances, Harry is jealous and over-protective and blurts something out which he hadn't meant to say. One-shot.

  71. Loved I Not Honor More by Bingblot

    "He's my best friend, my first friend. I can't- I won't- break his heart." It was too late for them. One-shot.

  72. The Ficlet Machine by Bingblot

    A series of unrelated scenes and moments I've written out- a collection of my ficlets. Some fluff, some angst. All H/Hr, all the time. HBP Spoilers from Ficlet 30 on.

  73. No Better Fate by Bingblot

    There are worse fates in the world than being married to a smart and beautiful woman. One-shot SWS.

  74. An Affair of the Heart by Bingblot

    He shouldn't be turned on by Hermione. He was. And it was all the bathrobe's fault. Eventual NC-17.

  75. Settled With a Hug by Bingblot

    If knocking out a ten-foot mountain troll was something that three people couldn’t go through together without becoming friends, then searching intensely for horcruxes while fighting a defensive war was one that would deepen any friendship—and so it had. Ron thinks about how Harry and Hermione's friendship had deepened.

  76. The Best Christmas Gift by Bingblot

    "Christmas won't be Christmas without any gifts," Ron grumbled. But Harry, Ron and Hermione have a happy Christmas after all, while Hermione receives the one gift she never dared hope for. One-shot.

  77. Time to Say I Love You by Bingblot

    It was time. They'd been avoiding it, refused to acknowledge the truth of their feelings but it was going to happen now-- because there might not be a later. One-shot.

  78. Together by Bingblot

    Ron didn't pretend to understand the relationship Harry and Hermione had. All he was sure of was that somehow, it would last forever-- even beyond death. Very angsty one-shot.

  79. Second Chances by Bingblot

    He had given her up for the sake of friendship-- and left England immediately afterwards. Harry receives a surprise visitor and learns a lesson. But is it too late for love?

  80. Not a Sister by Bingblot

    Hermione takes matters into her own hands and shows Harry, once and for all, that she's NOT his sister. One-shot SWS.

  81. What You Need by Bingblot

    He should not have done that. He absolutely should not have kissed Hermione... But he had-- and now what was he supposed to do? One-shot.

  82. You'll Never Be Alone by Bingblot

    I hope you realize you're never alone... H/Hr from Dumbledore and Lily's PoV. One-shot.

  83. Because You're Mine by Bingblot

    He'd never imagined it would happen like this... And that what should have felt so wrong instead felt so right... One-shot SWS.

  84. It Wasn't Supposed to Be Like This by Bingblot

    It wasn't supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be you and Harry, not Hermione and Harry. Why did nobody understand that? Ginny's PoV- followed by Hermione's PoV. One-shot.

  85. Storybook Love by Bingblot

    "Dad, when did you first know that you wanted to marry Mum?" Harry tells his daughter a story. One-shot.

  86. The Final Truth by Bingblot

    'Do you suppose we'll ever find that someone who's perfect for us?' she asked. 'I've already found my perfect someone...' One-shot.

  87. It's In the Way You Know Me by Bingblot

    In which Hermione reads, Harry is distracted, and Harry distracts Hermione in a very... pleasant manner... Fluff, smut and maybe a drive-by mention of plot. One-shot SWS.

  88. Need You to Need Me by Bingblot

    It was over. Harry was safe. But what was she going to do now? One-shot.

  89. The Last Confession by Bingblot

    Hermione finally gets the courage to tell Harry how she feels... But what will this do to their friendship? One-shot.

  90. What I'd Do For You by Bingblot

    "You have no idea just how much I would do for you." "Yes, I do, because I'd do just as much for you..." H/Hr one-shot. Written before HBP.

  91. Waiting For Us by Bingblot

    Harry and Hermione find what they've been waiting for all along... One-shot SWS.

  92. The Truth is What Matters by Bingblot

    Harry thinks about the Hermione he knows-- and the Hermione JKR portrayed in HBP, and realizes, after all, the truth is what matters... Sort-of parody. One-shot.

  93. Fixing What Was Wrong by Bingblot

    JKR realizes what was wrong in HBP- and tries to correct her mistake for Book 7. Sort-of a parody. One-shot.

  94. Never Let You Down by Bingblot

    She needed to know. “Harry, what happened after I- while I was unconscious?” OotP missing moment fic. One-shot.

  95. No Greater Love by Bingblot

    Greater love hath no one than to give one's life for another... It was the power of love, the power of sacrifice... the power Voldemort knows not.

  96. Fancies, Friendship and Feelings by Bingblot

    It was now or never... Ron finally gets up the courage to ask Hermione on a date. My take on R/Hr and H/G-- and why they're just not meant to be. Finished- with why H/Hr is right.

  97. What Really Matters by Bingblot

    It was deja vu. It was happening over again, just as it had last year. Only this time it hurt so much more to know that Cho was pursuing Harry... One-shot fluff.

  98. The Impossible Thing by Bingblot

    This was misery, Harry decided. He never really talked to Ron or Hermione anymore and he never, if he could help it, allowed himself to be alone with Hermione. But it was killing him... One-shot.

  99. More Important Things by Bingblot

    In which Ron finds out. And learns that some things are more important than jealousy and fancying a girl... One-shot. The sequel to "Something Like Love".

  100. What Best Friends Did by Bingblot

    She always told herself it didn't matter. She told herself she didn't care... But deep down inside, part of her did still care... Hermione's POV during two scenes in OotP. One-shot.

  101. Something Like Love by Bingblot

    It all started with a dream. And now Harry can't stop thinking about something he really should *not* be thinking about: kissing Hermione...

  102. A Hero's Choice by Bingblot

    No one walks alone from choice. In the aftermath of Sirius' death and the Prophecy, Harry has to decide what he must do.

  103. Better by Bingblot

    "Can I kiss your bruises and make them better?" she asked... PWP. And fluffy PWP at that. One-shot.

  104. Once, Before I Go by Bingblot

    He was leaving tomorrow. He needed to tell her that, needed to say goodbye... One-shot SWS.

  105. Forgive Him His Trespasses by Bingblot

    One of Harry's worst fears comes true and he has to face a truth he hadn't realized before. One-shot.

  106. Mistletoe Kisses, Mistletoe Truths by Bingblot

    Maybe it was the firewhiskey's fault. Or maybe it was the mistletoe's fault. Or maybe it was simply the fault of her own curiosity. Lily overhears the Marauders talking and it leads to a change in her relationship with James.

  107. Truths Revealed by Bingblot

    Harry tells his nearest and dearest about the Prophecy. An attempt to 'predict' HBP. One-shot.

  108. The Reasons for Dating by Bingblot

    Harry decides Hermione needs a boyfriend. Ron plots. And Harry realizes that sometimes the best things in life are right in front of your eyes. *Now Complete*

  109. Promises to Keep by Bingblot

    Sometimes it takes suffering and the sight of tears to realize the truth... One-shot and SWS. The companion fic/sequel to "This".

  110. Live to Love by Bingblot

    Voldemort has been defeated and Harry was still alive. He was free, free to live and free to love... One-shot SWS.

  111. This by Bingblot

    Hermione turns to Harry for some comfort and something unexpected happens. SWS. One-shot. Prequel/companion fic to "Promises to Keep".

  112. A Hard, Hard Thing... by Bingblot

    A memory, a revelation, a plan made out of desperation, and a promise... Hermione's POV of one moment in OotP. A short one-shot.

  113. The Road to Red Roses by Bingblot

    Lily and James set out on a journey that will change their minds, their hearts and their lives.

  114. Need by Bingblot

    Harry is made to face one of his deepest fears and realizes just how much he needs Hermione. One-shot.

  115. Beginnings by Bingblot

    It all started with a challenge... And then a dress at a Christmas Ball that sets Harry and Hermione out to begin a new phase in their relationship. Written for the New Year's Eve Challenge Fest.

  116. Aftermath of a Kiss by Bingblot

    It all started with a kiss. He'd only meant to frighten her a little but then one kiss turned into something more... One-shot.

  117. The Reward by Bingblot

    Harry is faced with a choice that will literally change his fate forever... One-shot.

  118. Someone to Watch Over Me by Bingblot

    Dark dreams and darker thoughts torment Harry until he turns away from everyone around him. Only to find that even then, he still has the most important person of all. One-shot.

  119. Fateful Moments by Bingblot

    There are moments in people's lives that change everything. Hermione makes a decision and her life changes forever... Sequel/companion fic to 'She's Out of My Life'.

  120. She's Out of My Life by Bingblot

    Harry reflects and regrets about the mistakes he made and what he's lost. One-shot. Prequel/companion fic to 'Fateful Moments'.

  121. Their Little Secret by Bingblot

    It was their little secret... But secrets have a way of coming out...

  122. The Snitch by Bingblot

    Hermione gets a tattoo. But why? Based on Nacey's drawing of 'The Snitch'.

  123. His Wife, His Widow by Bingblot

    The love of a lifetime, memories from a lifetime of love, and going on when your life has been changed forever... One-shot.

  124. Voice of the Heart by Bingblot

    "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" Eavesdropping and its consequences...

  125. Once, Twice, and Always by Bingblot

    How do you go on when you've forgotten the last 16 months of your life? Harry has an accident and, as always, turns to Hermione for help.

  126. A Happy Christmas Indeed by Bingblot

    In which Harry has a realization, Hermione is kissed- twice!- and mistletoe has an important supporting role. One-shot.

  127. Sleep by Bingblot

    Harry comes home and sees something perfect...

  128. By Way of Quills and Parchment by Bingblot

    It all started with a mistake... Harry must deal with his troubles after OotP and finds that he's not alone.

  129. For Love by Bingblot

    In which a promise, a decision, and a choice are made, all for love. Harry must decide what's most important to him.

  130. First by Bingblot

    Harry and Hermione deal with some issues, both personal and professional and come to terms with their feelings for one another. One-shot.

  131. Beautiful by Bingblot

    In which Hermione is distracted, Harry makes some realizations and Hermione is proven right about something... *OotP Spoilers*

  132. Heart to Heart by Bingblot

    Harry has a nightmare and is comforted in an unexpected way.

  133. All Because You Kissed Me Good Night by Bingblot

    She's in love. He's oblivious. Or is he?

  134. Remembrance by Bingblot

    Can Love outlast Death? A song fic.

  135. Worth the Risk by Bingblot

    James makes a decision; are Lily and James through? A prequel/companion fic to "Worth Any Danger".

  136. Worth Any Danger by Bingblot

    What is the price of Love? Harry turns to Sirius for some advice.

  137. There You'll Be by Bingblot

    Hermione reflects on her life, 5 years after tragedy strikes... A song fic.

  138. Amor Vincit Omnia by Bingblot

    Ron and Hermione are about to get married, but before she can, Hermione has one last secret...

  139. I Will Protect You by Bingblot

    Lily makes a promise. Some L/J. A one-shot, sort-of songfic.

  140. When You Say Nothing At All by Bingblot

    A fluffy song-fic as Harry and Hermione celebrate New Years. Please Review!

  141. On Parchment by Bingblot

    A very fluffy one-shot fic; Harry writes Hermione a letter.

  142. When by Bingblot

    A Hermione monologue, when she comes to a realization.

  143. A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Bingblot

    The story of one kiss and how it happened.

  144. Sometimes Love by Bingblot

    Ginny thinks about the beginning of their relationship. Rating just to be safe.

  145. When Harry Met Hermione by Bingblot

    An interview with Harry and Hermione, on how they fell in love.

  146. When My Best Friends Got Married by Bingblot

    Ron thinks about Harry and Hermione's relationship.

  147. The Love I Found in You by Bingblot

    A little song-fic about Harry's feelings for Hermione.

  148. Two weddings by Bingblot

    Sirius' PoV of two weddings he attends, mostly L/J with a little H/Hr.

  149. Ten years by Bingblot

    Hermione reminisces, ten years after her marriage.

  150. So This is How it Happened by Bingblot

    Harry thinks about how he and Hermione got together.