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Stories by madscientist

  1. I never expected to be the one that survived by madscientist

    Set after the books, with bits of 6 and 7 put in, but not necessarily canon, Hermione reflects back.

  2. Harry Potter: Beyond the Looking Glass by madscientist

    The Dark Lord is destroyed, but the cost was beyond measure. Harry and Hermione survived, but their hearts were shattered in the process. Now years later, they have recovered to an extent, and gone on. The war is over, but a new threat is arising, one that could destroy all they have accomplished in the interim. What you know to be fact, might just be illusion, and illusion, fact. A sequel to Harry Potter and the Circle’s End, so go read that first…along with all the one shots and stuff that are related to it.

  3. Overdue Books by madscientist

    A small little ficlet set in the HP and the Circle's End Universe...

  4. A Winter's Night by madscientist

    Revelations on a stormy early Christmas morning change a great many things.

  5. Sleeping Beauty by madscientist

    A lost scene from COS as it should have been and maybe was.

  6. Without Supervision by madscientist

    PG-13 to NC-17 outtakes and “lost” scenes for Ron and Luna in Harry Potter and the Circle’s End… These are scenes that either weren’t written originally or for some other reason did not make the book. They will rate, as stated above, from PG-13 to NC-17, though the group will be rated NC-17 for the occasional bit of happiness… This came about from a couple of emails about how Ron and Luna were “Without Supervision” when they were off doing something while Harry and Hermione took the spotlight. For the most part, these are, or will be, primarily Ron and Luna, though I’m sure that Harry and Hermione and the rest of the gang might wander through occasionally.

  7. Out of Sight by madscientist

    A little one shot that I wrote that has the first appearance of !Voyeur!Jenny. A non-Shiny-hair friendly one shot. Ginny learns something she'd rather not. Not set in any particular universe, except possibly Deathly Hallows... H/Hr(Most definitely) R/LL and vague mentions of R/T

  8. A Night's Musing by madscientist

    A Short lost scene set between Harry Potter and the Circle's End and HP: Beyond the Looking Glass. Harry coming home to his girls in the moonlight.

  9. Harry Potter and the War of Shadows by madscientist

    Voldemort is dead. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna and the rest have begun to live, to have families and homes and lives outside of the fighting. However the darkness only retreated it, it did not surrender. Plans that have been in play since the first time Tom Riddle was defeated and indeed long, long before are coming to light. In the end, choices, will have to be made that may determine the fate of the world. Can our heros survive? Will they even want to? Sequel to Harry Potter and the Lions of Gryffindor

  10. A Christmas Miracle by madscientist

    This little ficlet is for the Hogwarts in Harmony Secret Santa exchange. It's not set in any of my current universes, Lions, Circle, Brain Trust, Interlude, or related to any other one-shot. I wrote this one off the top of my little head, so any insanity, is purely my own. It's set about four years after the Dark Lord was roasted over an open fire...Jack Frost nibbling at his toes...Sorry, couldn't resist. Harry made a decision four years ago that has haunted him ever since. H/Hr, with a side of R/LL...

  11. Not Even Close by madscientist

    A one shot set in a non Lions/Non-Circle universe. Harry is confronted by Ron about something that he has fought to hide. And that secret could change everything.

  12. Shooters by madscientist

    A bit of a future cookie in The Circle's End universe, Harry and Hermione having a touch of a night out on his birthday, and making up for lost time...rating for a tad touch of language and highly suggestive actions.

  13. Harry Potter and the Circle's End by madscientist

    Picks up two weeks after the events of HBP. However reluctantly Harry has inherited a quest that will determine the fate of the world. Rating upped for later chapters

  14. A Visit to the Headmistress' Office by madscientist

    A small little cutscene from Harry Potter and the Circle's End. A slightly belated birthday present to Hermione.

  15. Prelude by madscientist

    A short cookie set between HBP and HP and the Circle's End The scene was referenced in the book, but I never wrote it until now...H/Hr implied, R/LL begining, and a touch of bitter Ginny.

  16. Study Break by madscientist

    This is a touch of PWP in the Harry Potter and the Lions of Gryffindor Universe. It does answer one question that came up in reviews. Have fun.

  17. Sharing among Friends by madscientist

    This little ficlet is set somewhere between chapters 33 and 39 in Harry Potter and the Circle’s End. It started out as another interlude in the spinoff series of Ron and Luna based cookies Without Supervision, which are set in the “off camera” scenes of that main book. But this cookie grew to a one shot, so here it is. It’s posted as a R/LL fic because Ron and Luna get more conversation, but both couples are definitely in here

  18. A Summer Vacation by madscientist

    A post book 7 oneshot that starts with Hermione, Ginny and Cho in bikinis sunning by a know you want to read that...H/Hr and several other couplings both current and implied, A/U fic.

  19. The Cost of Betrayal by madscientist

    A VERY dark one shot...Of treason and vengence. Of what happens when those they trust most, give them to the wolves. If you're bothered by this, then this might not be your cup of tea. A/U alternate Universe fic.

  20. A Nighttime Revelation by madscientist

    RATING UPPED FOR LANGUAGE A 2ND Chapter Added 03/20/06 Starts immediately after HBP. Harry and Hermione are left alone with the Durselys after Ron is forced to retreat to the Burrow. Starts out a touch dark, gains a bit of fluff but keeps the angst that HBP forced on us.

  21. Em and Horry's First Christmas by madscientist

    Set in the Darkness/Lions/War of Shadows universe. Harry, Hermione and thier twins' first Christmas. Toy firebolts, mistletoe, Padfoot, a touch of everything really.

  22. Harry Potter and the Lions of Gryffindor by madscientist

    The board has been set for the final confrontation with Voldemort. Their destinies have been revealed in fire and blood, but our heros may not be strong enough to win. Harry and Hermione have finally revealed all to each other, but can the trio survive the revelation? ? The town of Hogsmeade lays in waste, but that was just the warm-up, for Voldemort has a plan that may cost everything that they hold dear. Are the forces of light strong enough to beat back the tide of darkness that threatens to engulf them all? I don’t know let’s find out shall we? This book is the sequal to the Harry Potter and the Darkness before the Dawn.

  23. A Howling Wind by madscientist

    This is a one shot based on what happens when it all falls apart, The balance of Power is about to shift in the wizarding world. WARNING: the fic is rated R for language, an Implied Dark Dumbledore and Major Character Death(s)...Let me know what you think

  24. Career Advice Part 2 by madscientist

    This is a short ficlet set in my Lions of Gryffindor series. Its the missing scene from OoTP, Hermione's career discussion.

  25. Harry Potter and the Darkness before the Dawn by madscientist

    Sirius Black has fallen, The trio is left dealing with the results of that disasterous night. A destiny has been revealed, and sides have been choosen. The ones that must stop the darkness must first find it in themselves to to step into the light... Let me know what you think. Now completed