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Stories by What contented men desire

  1. 30 Shades of Brilliant by What contented men desire

    For Hermione's birthday, 30 Days of Character Development focused on one Hermione J. Granger. Parts will be loosely DH-compliant but no epilogue and, of course, Harmonious

  2. The truth about Rose Weasley by What contented men desire

    Fifteen years after the Epilogue of Death(tm), Hermione is struck by a Dark curse in the line of duty. At the hospital, Harry has a revealing chat with her eldest daughter Rose. Rating for one small reference near the end. Better safe than sorry.

  3. Falling by What contented men desire

    In the Tent, on the path to the fulfillment of Destiny, Harry Potter is falling. Heroes do that, you know; they fall. And even the greatest heroes need someone to pick them up. DH-Compliant For a change.

  4. Broken Strings by What contented men desire

    Formerly "The Choices We Make." We say everything is surviveable, that strength will see you through the hardship. But it's easy to forget that when you're hanging onto your last thread. Mostly Epilogue-compliant: H/G and R/Hr in the beginning, painful in the middle, but Harmony in the End.

  5. Harry Potter and the Final Adventure by What contented men desire

    Because DH angered me with it's HG and RHr ships, and MadEye's death and countless other things, this is how HP7 would be if I wrote it. Rating for later chapters. HHr MMAD NLL RPP RLNT

  6. Harry Potter and the Holy Spear by What contented men desire

    Challenge fic courtesy of LeoLupin. Hermione Granger has lived her entire life without the knowledge that she is a witch. When a chance encounter with Harry Potter sends her on the treasure hunt of a lifetime, can she overcome these new obstacles just to stay alive?

  7. Volumes that I prize above my dukedom by What contented men desire

    AU. Hermione is reading in the library. When Harry starts to join her, and Ron pulls away, will they follow suit? Or will they grow closer instead?

  8. Whatever remains must be the truth by What contented men desire

    AU Sixth-year fic. Ignores everything after OotP. Harry, about to begin his second-last year at Hogwarts, is thrust precariously into the world of teen drama when his best friend takes offence to his new girlfriend. A healthy dose of angst from his 'family,' not to mention the never-ending war against Voldemort, balances the equation nicely. HHr, DG, NevilleLuna, RemusOFC. Rating for violence, mature themes, and explicit se.At some point.

  9. The most terrible poverty by What contented men desire

    After ten years Harry Potter returns to the home he left behind, and the friends he abandoned in a fit of over-rationlization. His mission: get a second chance at once-in-a-lifetime love

  10. Mad, not Ill by What contented men desire

    Semi-AU, picks up five years after Voldemort's death. Harry's married to Ginny, bue hisn't really happy. When he divorces her to woo Hermione, who's dating his best friend Ron, will things get any better? One-shot, kind of a sad fic. Rating for suicide themes at the end, so be forewarned.