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Stories by gypsybaby21

  1. Egyptian Earth by gypsybaby21

    Egyptian Series Book 2 - Hermione finds out that in another life she was an Egyptian princess who yielded the element of Earth. She also finds out that she had fallen madly in love with Ginny's second in command, which was now, in this life, Harry Potter.

  2. Kissing Ginevra Weasley by gypsybaby21

    Inspired by the movie ‘Kissing Jessica Stein’. Ginevra Weasley is fed up with guys who don’t understand her witty humor, her intelligence, or her slightly over-bearing family. So she takes a chance and tries something new by answering a ‘female wanting female’ ad. What Ginny gets is a snooty, famous, long-brown haired Slytherin whose best friend just happens to be Draco Malfoy!

  3. Secret of Life by gypsybaby21

    Harry knows. Hermione’s just lucky she was smart enough to catch on. [Series of one-shots]

  4. The Elvin Bride by gypsybaby21

    (NEW CHAPTER) When Ginny was accidentally zapped by a spell that turned her into an elf some crazy things started happening, including a marriage that no one, not even the groom could get out of because of an ancient law regarding a Celtic necklace. (Third Theme: Fantasy)

  5. Whisper Your Sins in My Ear by gypsybaby21

    Has the chance of being similar to Lovingly Seduced) Draco has smoothly executed his latest gamble of deflowering Ginny Weasley, but it’s the last part of the bet that slowly forces him to realize the truth. He fell in love.

  6. Thrill Me and Then Loveā€¦ by gypsybaby21

    [No real spoilers] A naughty sequel to my PG-13 story ‘Teach Me’.

  7. Teach Me by gypsybaby21

    [No real spoilers] Hermione wants to know what it’s like to be kissed. [Complete]

  8. Egyptian Fire by gypsybaby21

    Egyptian Series Book 1 - Ginny has a secret, one that could break her family, one that has already broken her. When her brothers’ life is in danger, what she’s been keeping from her family so she could protect them won’t be a secret any longer. What she doesn’t know is that she’s an Old Soul, a soul that’s doomed to repeat her past lives, over and over again. Draco Malfoy was never to fall in love, but his destiny had already been set into motion the minute he first met Ginevra Weasley.

  9. Just You by gypsybaby21

    [Complete] Kinky dreams and seductive looks get James and Lily a little uncomfortable.

  10. A Day Without Rain by gypsybaby21

    [Sequel to Knock on the Sky.] Draco and Ginny come back from their summer break and are forced to face the trials and tribulations of their actions. {Chapter Thirteen: Heaven and the Epilogue)

  11. October by gypsybaby21

    Ginny leaves Draco, forcing him to make the most important decision of his life, for once on his own.

  12. Passionate Interlude by gypsybaby21

    (No PLOT what-so-ever) Harry and Hermione find themselves in a very ‘intense’ situation after their usual night of sitting by the fire and reading. Passion and sex ensue.

  13. I Already Do by gypsybaby21

    Ginny makes a realization that will change everything.

  14. No Thinking Thing by gypsybaby21

    After an accidental yet passionate run in with Hermione, Harry wants to go further, but fear is holding Hermione back, only slightly. (Both virgin and non-virgin parts up)

  15. Close Your Eyes by gypsybaby21

    Hermione finds something of interest for Harry…his mothers’ diary. Lily and James: Their love, their joy, and their death. (I didn't know which ship to put this under because it's both based on L/J and H/HR)

  16. The Power by gypsybaby21

    An attempt at ‘The Great Auction’ challenge made by Feron [Only the 1st chapter]. Having power over another person can be addictive…welcome to slavery. Additional pairings: D/G and R/L

  17. Raspberry Swirl by gypsybaby21

    Harry and Hermione find some erotic pleasure in raspberries, ice water, and whipped cream.[Repost & Revised] INCLUDES Story Two: Draco/Ginny ~ Chocolate Syrup, Butter Mints, and Strawberries. Ginny finds out that chocolate, butter mints, and strawberries are good for many other things.

  18. The Magic of Switzerland by gypsybaby21

    A month after the events of ‘Strange New York Encounters,’ Draco asks Ginny to accompany him on a business trip to Lucerne, Switzerland.

  19. The Therapeutic Chef: Sugar Coated by gypsybaby21

    "A seductive story based on “hex” appeal"…and who said love, food and magic wasn’t a way to a man’s heart, or a wolf's?

  20. Strange New York Encounters by gypsybaby21

    Two years after Hogwarts, Ginny, in a Muggle subway, ponders over a strange encounter with Draco Malfoy.

  21. Should You Need Me by gypsybaby21

    It's the perfect medicine.

  22. Knock on the Sky by gypsybaby21

    (Revised) Ginny hates flying. Madam Hooch has Harry tutoring two days a week and Draco the rest of the week. When the kinks get going and Ginny’s hormones go haywire whom will she go too? Her green-eyed crush that gives her butterflies, or the silver green dragon that makes her belly do flip-flops? Last chapter and the Epilogue is up!

  23. Lovingly Seduced by gypsybaby21

    Ginny’s been dared to seduce a beautiful blonde Slytherin god, but he turns out to be more of a challenge than expected. Now she’s got a crush and she always gets what she wants! Always!