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Magical Reunion by alayneni

Magical Reunion


Summary: Lavender Brown wanted to have a reunion of her Hogwart's class but she didn't want to hold it at Hogwart's. On a suggestion from Paravti she decides to hold it in Las Vegas. Find out what happens as a bunch of wizards try to have fun in Las Vegas! Harry Potter crossover with Las Vegas. Chapters are short.

An: I have twenty chapters of this story pre-written but I need to warn you that they are short and I desperately need a beta.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.


Chapter 1

It had been a rough night for Danny McCoy. There had been three attempts at stealing money from the slot machines, four cheaters at the poker table and a disorderly drunk out by the pool. It had been really hectic. The only bright spot in the day was that Mary had broken up with Jake was staying in the Montecito. It was now 6 in the morning and he was ready to head home and enjoy his day off.

As Danny exited the security room he said his good byes to Mitch and headed for the lobby. Danny's mind seemed to have shut down and he let his feet do the walking for him. However, his foot encountered something large and hard and he ended up toppling over the item.

"Oh I am terribly sorry." A lady with an English accent said as she tried to assist him up.

The minute Danny heard the accent he was instantly reminded of Nessa. He picked himself up off the floor and spun around to face the lady. He was met with the site of a beautiful brunette. She was 5 foot 8 with brown hair pulled back into a tight bun. She wore hardly any makeup and was wearing a conservative suit.

"It's no problem Miss, I normally end up on the floor of the casino somehow!" Danny replied with a smile.

She returned his smile with one of her own.

"I feel so bad. The receptionist at the counter told me to wait here with my bags."

Danny looked around the casino. Sure at six in the morning it wasn't that crowded but why on earth did the receptionist tell her to wait in the middle of the lobby with her bags. The lady in front of him seemed to read his mind and answered his question for him.

"The porter isn't here yet. She told me if I waited here I would be able to see him as he enters through that door." She said as she pointed to a door off to the side of the casino. "and he could help me with my bags." She said finishing off her sentence.

Danny took a look at her bags. She had two rather large ones and a carry on slung over her shoulders. At six in the morning he had nothing to lose by helping her upstairs.

"I can help you with those" Danny said politely.

The woman in front of him looked at him skeptically.

"Do you always offer strangers help?" She asked curiously

"No, only beautiful ones!" Danny replied back "Actually, I'm head of hotel security and your bags are kind of the middle of the lobby, and since it is my responsibility to take care of the safety of our guests, I'll help you move these obstructions upstairs."

Danny said smiling at her.

The woman crossed her hands in front of her chest "Does that line work on everyone here?"

Danny gave her a perplexed look.

"You know, just because I'm not American doesn't mean I'm some gullible tourist." She stated "Furthermore do you really expect me to believe that you, are the head of hotel security here?" she said with a chuckle.

Danny was quite shocked at her response. No one had ever actually questioned his ability to do the job before.

"As a matter of fact I am." Danny said pulling out some identification to show her.

The woman in front of him looked at the identification but she still didn't seem convinced.

"Ok Mr. McCoy it says"

"Danny, please call me Danny."

"How about I just confirm with the receptionist that you are who you say you are!"

Before Danny could respond she was halfway to the desk.

`Damn she's fast' Danny thought to himself.

He saw her walk over to the desk and talk with the receptionist. They looked his way and he saw the receptionist shaking her head. Danny waved to her and saw the woman's face go red. He watched the woman compose herself and head back in his direction.

"Very well you may assist me in taking my bags upstairs." The woman said.

"That's it, no apology?" Danny asked

"I will not apologize for being cautious. Afterall, I read that in Las Vegas there were many hustlers that try to con you out of your money, as well as other sorts of criminals." The lady responded implying that she thought Danny was after her money as well as other things.

Danny really didn't have any response. He had lived there his whole life and seen so many tourists get swept up in the lights and magic that was Vegas. She did have a valid point and despite her attitude it was nice to see someone with a level head on her shoulders.

Danny moved to grab her suitcases. "I warn you they are quite heavy!"

"I am sure I can manage!" Danny said with a smile.

He extended the handles on both suitcases and attempted to pull them behind him. However, he soon found that they were quite heavier than anticipated. Not wanting to look weak he forced himself to drag them over to the elevators.

"I warned you they were heavy." She said

"Yeah what did you pack in here, your whole house!" Danny asked

"Sort of" The woman responded.

Unbeknownst to Danny the woman in front of him was a witch. Quite a famous witch too. She had helped destroy one of the darkest wizards in history. She secretly chuckled at his comment. In fact, it wasn't that she packed her whole house, more the fact that she packed her whole library. Her suitcase was a special magical suitcase that expanded to fit objects on the inside while the outside remained the same size.

She was always one to be prepared and despite all her reading about Las Vegas, one never knew what could happen. It was Las Vegas. She guessed after all those years of Mad Eye Moody stressing `Constant Vigilance'; she actually took it to heart.

"By the way, I'm Hermione Granger" She said as she offered her hand to him.

"Danny McCoy, but you know that already. So what you doing in Vegas?" He asked as he shook her hand.

"Believe it or not I am here for a reunion." Hermione said casually as she watched the elevator count down to the ground floor.

"Oh the Hogwarts reunion right?" Danny questioned

"Yeah you know about that?" Hermione asked curiously.

"I am the head of security. I know about everything going on in this hotel." Danny said smugly.

She raised her eyebrow at him. His over confidence reminded her a bit of Draco at that point.

"Or more like I should know about everything going on in the hotel." Danny said to her.

Hermione chuckled.

"Actually, my friend Mary is the special events coordinator and she has been arranging all the events for you. I must say you guys have made some unusual requests."

"Oh." Hermione said. She was hoping that Lavender and Parvarti hadn't gone to overboard with this reunion.

"So you seem to be the first one to arrive. What are you going to do for the rest of the day?" Danny asked as he held the elevator door open for Hermione to step inside.

"I guess I should sleep a little bit. It would be the most sensible thing to do." Hermione said as she watched the door close and the elevator start counting up to her floor.

"At six in the morning on the first day of vacation, I would sleep in to!" Danny replied as the elevator doors opened and they exited the elevator on the ninth floor.

"I'm coming from England. It's still lunchtime there, so I'm not really tired but I will take a nap and maybe get up later and look at some sites." Hermione said before she read the signs on the wall to see which way to her room.

"By yourself?" Danny questioned as he grabbed the key from her hand to read the room number on it.

"Yes my friends don't arrive until later today and I read about a few things that I would like to see." She responded as she retrieved her key from Danny.

"Like?" Danny asked curiously.

"Well, the Pyramid, the fountains, the Hoover damn, some of the shows, definitely the way the city looks at night!" Hermione said as she started stating what was on the top of the list of things she wanted to see.

"Ah all the popular destinations!" Danny declared as he opened Hermione's room and ushered her inside with her luggage.

"There are a few others that I saw mentioned in a book or two that weren't quite popular!" Hermione said

"And how many books have you read on Vegas?" Danny questioned as he decided to leave Hermione suitcase on the floor and not try and rest it on the small stand for it.

"So far I have read six books but I brought along two more to read while I'm here!" Hermione said quite enthusiastically.

"I hate to burst your bubble but there is more to this town than books." Danny said

Hermione opened her mouth to protest but Danny cut her off.

"Listen, today is my day off and since I can't have one of my guests wondering about Las Vegas with only a book for reference, I am going to offer to give you a guided tour. I have spent all my life here and I can show you a side to this town that tourist normally don't see." Danny said. "And since you already know that I'm a reputable person, because the Montecito doesn't hire just anyone to be her head of Security! I'll pick you up at 3."

"Mr. McCoy," Hermione protested

"Danny" he corrected her. "Since you accepted I'll see you at three." He said before he could give her a chance to reject him. He turned around and headed out the door and back to the elevators.

Hermione sighed and sat on the bed. Being the kind hearted individual that she was, she would accept his offer. Besides she would be alone for most of the day and when Harry and the others get here she won't be able to see half the things she wanted to. She closed the curtains, set the alarm clock and attempted to get some rest.