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Stories by Dementor149

  1. The Reckoning by Dementor149

    Harry knew this day was coming almost from the time he arose as a vampire. What might happen when he and Hermione face their own ending. (Warning this is not a true sequel to Blood Bound: A Vampire Tale, but uses that story as a jumping off point. Consider it an intellectual piece of fluff)

  2. Adventures in Healing by Dementor149

    A series of short stories about Ron's adventures as a healer. This series is based on "The Most Ancient Magic." Chapter 0ne is about one of Ron's mistakes and Luna's effort to teach him. Chapter Two - Ron learns some valuable lessons about his own emotions while healing others. Chapter Three Luna has to come to terms with losing patients sometimes.

  3. The Vampire's Gift by Dementor149

    Auror Ron Weasley has uncovered new evidence as to what happened to Harry and Hermione all those years ago. Now he wants to track them down. What is Arthur to do?

  4. Blood Bound: A Vampire Tale by Dementor149

    Through no fault of his own Harry becomes a vampire. Yet, he carries on his war on Voldemort. Which battle will prove the more difficult; the war with the most evil wizard of our time or the struggle to maintain his own failing humanity? Begins after the events of Half-Blood Prince and makes an immediate detour into the Twilight Zone.

  5. Honeymooned by Dementor149

    This is a one shot addedum to The Most Ancient Magic. The story covers Harry and Hermione's honeymoon and first day back at Hogwarts. intended to be just a bit of fluff.

  6. The Most Ancient Magic by Dementor149

    The course of true love has never run smoothly, but for Harry Potter how bad can it get. This was written while waiting for the publication of HBP and is my take on year six. I was trying to answer the question, what would it take for Harry and Hermione to marry before the end of the year. AU Hermione Granger powerful and precociously magical starts Hogwarts at the age of ten. I am sorry, I did not realize that I could not change the rating for each chapter. I am going to have to re-rate this to R because of a scene of sexual molestation in a later chapter and Harry and Hermione's wedding night. There is an addendum to this story entitled "Honeymooned." Check it out.