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  1. To Build A Home by ProphecyMarauder45

    A surprise awaits as she's mysteriously portkeyed to a place that would change her life forever.

  2. Ailments of the Heart by RedKorss

    Harry and Hermione have buried their feelings for eachother. On their year group's ten year anniversary those feelings make them do rash decision's. What happens now when they return to 1994? And who is this girl?

  3. Knife's Edge by Celtic55

    They carried the war them; each in their own ways. On the surface so many had moved on, but deep beneath they were soldiers plagued by their own demons. When Hermione receives an anonymous death threat it seems only natural that she should seek Harry to work together to solve the dilemma. But as Harry's behavior becomes erratic it seems that he might be the one in need of saving. The truth behind what they are about to face is greater than any of them could have foreseen. Unlikely allies and unheard of enemies emerge as secrets of Tom Riddle's life re-surface and nobody is safe. Moves from cannon, no epilogue.

  4. The Keeper by BB Ruth

    A Post DH/Post Epilogue fic. Four years after Hermione resigns from her job at the Ministry and moves away, she is forced by necessity to ask Harry to take care of Hugo. Harry doesn't know that Hugo is his son.

  5. Harry Potter and the Balm of Time 2 by ladylaughalot

    Since the defeat of Voldemort life has been good for Harry and Hermione. They’ve graduated from Hogwarts, gotten married, and their first baby is on the way. But during a routine mission everything goes horribly wrong and Harry ends up in the future. What he learns there changes everything....

  6. Harry Potter and the Twelve Caesars by SoraSummers

    Voldemort was but a distraction. Years after the Dark Lord's defeat Harry and his friends are enjoying a life of peace and prosperity. However, a threat both old and new begins to rise from the shadows, intent on reforming the very world itself as they see fit.

  7. Priapism by Rylee

    Harry wakes up with a hard--er, difficult little problem that just won't go away.

  8. The Head and the Heart by Celtic55

    Post epilogue- Happy endings don't always work out as planned. When a strange mystery causes Harry and Hermione to work together once more, long repressed feelings arise. But will their time together be enough to erase the pain of their past failures in love?

  9. Something to Talk About by MeiQueen

    When Ginny keeps getting disturbingly harassed, she goes to the one person at the centre of all Hogwarts mischief and malice- Draco Malfoy. While, strangely, he knows nothing about the harassment, he makes a deal to protect her in exchange for something of hers. When Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley begin to hang out constantly, the school not knowing Draco’s position as her bodyguard, they give Hogwarts something to talk about. For Draco’s payment, and in an effort to discourage her psychotic stalker, Ginny is more than willing to give people the impression that she’s dating the school’s most badass occupant—she just didn’t expect to fall for him in the charade. Rated for later chapters.

  10. The Elder Wand by rowan37

    With Voldermort vanquished but former supporters still at large the fate of the Elder Wand must be decided and Hermione needs to convince Harry about what should be done.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  11. The Meaning of Father by The Obsidian Warlock

    H/Hr; Post DH; Answer to the Super!Hermione challenge set by DarkPhoenix. As Harry unravels the legacy left to him in the form of the Deathly Hallows, Hermione is drawn deeper into the mysteries of her growing power. Driven by his love for Hermione, Harry prepares himself for a battle he knows he cannot survive.

  12. The Boy-Who-Killed by Kwan

    Blood. There was so much blood. Why was there so much blood? Short Story. Completed

  13. Gravity of Love by Perivayne

    Four years have passed since Harry and Voldemort disappeared after their final meeting, and now the mystery of what happening begins to pull at the threads of the present. The survivors of the Wizard's War have their own secrets as well.

  14. Journey Home by Lost Soul

    Hermione and Ron embark on a journey to find Harry after he went mysteriously missing a year ago. While they try to uncover the conspiracy behind Harry's disappearance, a dark force rises to claim the emptiness left by Voldemort.

  15. The Bachelor- best friend edition by heaven85

    This fic is based on what happens when Harry's friends sign him up for the show the Bachelor. Harry convinces Hermione to act as his spy for the show. Read to see what happens next. Please review and let my know what you think. What is up with the mysterious girl name Allie? Read to find out. Chapter 31 up.

  16. Soul Thief by Barton Fink

    It is five years after the final victory over Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter is finally looking to the future with optimism when a simple error of judgement leads to a personal catastrophe. Hermione must battle to reclaim her dearest friend before he self destructs and Harry must uncover the conspiracy that threatens to overwhelm them all in order to save the soul of a once bitter enemy. Post book seven, ignores epliogue.

  17. Harry Potter and the True Blood Brotherhood by Carbonbased

    Years after the Fall of Voldemort Harry is attacked by a pocket of Death Eater Loyalists that sets him on the case of his career as an Auror. He has to get to the bottom of the recent flair up in Death Eater membership while trying to figure out if he should intervene in the crumbling relationship of his partner Ron and the long time love of his life, Hermione.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  18. In Retrospect by cosmopolitan411

    FINALLY COMPLETE! Now a disenchanted Auror, Harry Potter struggles with his past, the mistakes following the war, and the path to redemption just as the murder of the century and an unexpected partner are, untimely, thrust his way, all forcing him to face the memories that had so long gone unearthed.

  19. Ghosts of Yesterday by LadySophieKitty

    Lily has inherited the ability to see ghosts. However, after making a mistake, Lily ignores her talent until the summer before her 7th year. Desperate for money Lily becomes an Au Pair to James Potter's cousin Amy. Her most pressing problem comes in the form of Amy's ghost of a brother. Everyone thinks he was murdered but Lily is convinced to find the truth.

  20. Hermione Granger and the Insidious Plot by apaidan

    Something has happened and Hermione's been recalled to London from the middle of a delicate mission for the Ministry. She can't seem to find satisfactory answers anywhere, and she certainly can't seem to find one Harry James Potter. Is there a connection?

  21. One Red Rose by gti88

    These ideas chased each other around his mind without effect and in the end, only succeeded in frustrating him further. Still, he settled on bringing in only Ron and Hermione on this sensitive information. A best friend and girlfriend could be trusted with anything. He needed the Order to work efficiently after all.

  22. The Angel of Darkness by Sageon

    A stranger calls in the middle of an early-morning downpour. He implores Harry to promptly escape Privet Drive and seek sanctuary. However, the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters soon descend with an overwhelming advantage ... until an Angel of Darkness interposes.

  23. Wrath of the Caesars by SoraSummers

    Years after Voldemort's demise at the hands of Harry Potter, the world is at peace even as its government displays stains of corruption. It is then that a league of men calling themselves Caesars seek to eradicate the government's corruption with Machiavellian ideals, intent to live up to their namesake as the rulers of men.

  24. Sorcerers' Nook by JanieB

    THIRTEENTH INTERLUDE AND CHAPTER TWENTY EIGHT: In which everyone at the meeting at Hogwarts has to fight for their lives and Harry reveals something he learnt from Voldemort that he never intended for anyone to know about... SORCERERS’ NOOK: A place of mysterious intrigue or just your normal, run-of-the-mill wizard block of flats? Whichever it is, it is where Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Dean and Neville are all living, south-east of London in beautiful Kent. This is their story, picking up four years after Voldemort has bitten the dust. Relationships are in upheaval – some are ending, some are beginning and others are waiting in the wings. While they all get on with their lives, an ancient, evil force is slowly gathering with one, implacable purpose: revenge.

  25. Forever and Beyond by Candra

    When Harry finally kills Voldemort something goes seriously wrong. Harry now has a major part of Voldemort's soul inside himself and there is only one way to remove Voldemort's spirit that won't kill Harry. This way will change Harry's and Hermione's lifes forever.

  26. Hesperides' Apple by ogygiasylph

    When Ginny Weasley becomes Draco Malfoy's wife, he suspects neither her true identity nor her dangerous motives. But when all Hell breaks lose and their relationship takes unexpected turns, there is more at stake than preserving their marriage--namely, preserving their lives.

  27. More Than Meets the Eye by E. C. R. Potter

    Having barely recovered from the post Voldemort war, the Wizarding World is suddenly caught in between another war fought between mysterious “abnomalies” who transform into various muggle contraptions. Ignores DH epilogue. H/Hr, R/LL. Harry Potter/Transformers crossover.

  28. Whatever It Takes by Phantom Keeper

    Ginny gets in over her head when she's unsatisfied by Auror Malfoy's handling on the serial killings that have been sweeping through women her age after one of her close friends is killed. She takes it upon herself to find the killer, never expecting to be putting herself in his sights.

  29. The White Elixir by Wizardora

    A sort of 'Harry Potter meets 24' fic. A threat faces the worlds of Muggle and Wizard alike, Harry Potter will be pushed to his extremes to save them both. He has just 24 hours to avert disaster. post-Dh, epilogue compliant but H/Hr centric

  30. Full Circle: A Second Turn by gti88

    Sequel to Full Circle - life goes on, and things will heat up, as a new evil stirs...marriage, murder, intrigue and anger, as loyalties change, and pressure builds...

  31. Waking Up by runningidiot

    What starts off as a simple party spins out of control when Harry wakes up and everyone he partied with is gone. Of course his most loyal friend is there to help him out.

  32. My Name is Harry Potter by Kwan

    My name is Harry Potter. The year is 2007. I have not spoken to a human being in six years, three months, and twenty three days. Completed.

  33. Hermione Granger In the Ministry's Secret Service by apaidan

    Hermione Granger, member of the Golden Trio, driving force behind the Bureau of House-elf Relations and best mate of Harry Potter has a secret life. Well, two of them if you count the fact she acts as the Ministry's secret agent. On a trip to America to retrieve some stolen artifacts she finds a conspiracy, evil waiting to be reborn, and more about herself that she ever bargained for.

  34. Muggle Confusion by Mstar

    This is a compilation of "A Contraceptive Controversy" and "The Trouble with Toys". The OCD in me demanded consolidation. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, the Marauders and friends learn the purpose of various Muggle... objects.

  35. The Trouble with Toys by Mstar

    A sequel to "A Contraceptive Controversy". Frank Longbottom finds a certain Muggle innovation lying around the castle and has difficulty identifying it. Fortunately, the Marauders are there to help.

  36. Through a Long and Sleepless Night by Alexandria Malfoy

    He chanced upon it much like the others did. By simply wandering about the streets of Dublin; somewhat safe from the bloody awful mess he created back home. A portal that led to a place where every dream became reality.

  37. Harry Potter and the Power of Love by Solomon Aegis

    The story begins with the last few words. All was well - but all was not what it seemed. It is six months after the final battle, and the war has forced friendships apart. Harry discovers that Hermione is missing, after going to the other side of the world to face her parents, and it is down to him to find her, and save her, if he can.

  38. Death with a Butterbeer chaser - hold the cat by apaidan

    It's late in the evening the day after the Battle of Hogwarts, and Harry is having difficulty dealing with the events of this momentous day. One last conversation helps him gain a bit of perspective. Years later, events come full circle.

  39. Getting Closer to Fine by Mary Caroline

    After Hogwarts, Harry deals with life, love, and loss - with a little help from the rest of the trio. [R rating for language.]

  40. Fallen Angel by RaineMalfoy

    [Sequel to Blue-Eyed Angel] It has been six months since Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley’s lives collided so dramatically, and nothing is going quite right or how Draco would like. The families are divided and mistrustful, and with a wee-Malfoy on the way as well as mysterious happenings all around London, Draco must balance his responsibilities as a father with being a lover and a reluctant hero, yet again.

  41. Bridges by lorien829

    After twelve years in Australia, Auror Harry Potter is called back to England for a case. Can he find justice for a little girl who was brutally assaulted? And can he come to terms with his past, and restore his shattered relationship with Hermione?

  42. The Fortunate Accident by LadyElla64

    After both a depressing and disappointing seventh year and start to her summer, Lily is forced to leave home. Her new adult life is filled with foreign countries, arrests, Death Eaters, and, of course, James.

  43. The Purple Potion by BB Ruth

    A year after her best friend betrays her, Hermione has to face Harry and work with him to uncover the truth about the past, as Harry struggles to convince her that they can have a future.

  44. Harry Potter: A Gift Thrice Given by Elivania

    After escaping Voldemort yet again, Harry returns home after his sixth year hoping to regroup. But Voldemort has different plans and too soon events turn deadly. The Dark Lord has a new pawn in his quest for domination and immortality. An ancient power--content to remain in the shadows for several thousand years--has now re-entered the active world, implanting a gift upon an unlikely carrier. As Voldemort makes progress against the ministry, Dumbledore must call in his last favors. The Trio enter their last year at Hogwarts, unsure of their present or their futures, and most especially their feelings. (Ignores HBP and DH--started before their publication)

  45. Moments From the Past by Marauders__x

    Harry Potter is engulfed by the White Lourdes, a magical group filled with witches and wizards. They're quest is for them to find the second meaning of the prophecy between Harry and Voldemort. Along the way Hermione Granger is pulled into this whole thing. Both Harry and Hermione adventure out with the help of the White Lourdes to find the meaning and seek something both of them knew they had in each other.

  46. The Stalker by Harry85

    Hermione has a secret admirer. How will Harry react to it? And how will Hermione deal with the matter, adding to a stressful period at work?

  47. Harry Potter and the Heretic's Vault by auser

    Harry Potter is back for his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With old enemies gathering and new challenges ahead, this year may prove to be Harry's darkest and most difficult yet. Action/Adventure - H/HR - AU Following OOTP

  48. Blue-Eyed Angel by RaineMalfoy

    Thirteen years after the Dark Lord was vanquished, Draco Malfoy is out of Azkaban, wandless, practically destitute and physically afflicted from his trespasses against Voldemort. Who should chance by and save this shell of a man from the ice he has become, but a fiery redhead from his dark past. (Written before book 7, but some scenes bare a certain resemblance that is too striking to not have a spoiler warning for DH.)

  49. Reporter Girl by cosmopolitan411

    he was supposed to hate her, but somehow she managed to get past his defenses regardless of that fact.

  50. Vox Corporis: A Very Voxie Christmas by Barmy_old_Codger

    A continuation of 'Vox Corporis' by MissAnnThropic. Starts after her 2nd Epilogue and is mostly compatible with 'Vox Corporis: Rebirth' by Edmond O'Donald on fanfiction dot net. story # 3623347