Unofficial Portkey Archive

Stories by Barton Fink

  1. Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Barton Fink

    Hermione has fought inequality her whole life but some prejudices run so deep that even defeating Voldemort is not enough to overcome them. The final battle has left Harry and Hermione facing the greatest challenge of their lives, one that tests love and friendships to the limit. Post Book Seven; ignores epilogue.

  2. A Matter of Life and Death by Barton Fink

    Harry was supposed to have died after defeating Voldemort, but a clerical error grants him an extra two hours of life; two hours in which something occurs that challenges the very fabric of the universe. Join our hero and heroine as Harry argues his case in a celestial court and fights for his right to remain on Earth with Hermione. Post Book 7; ignores epilogue.

  3. Soul Thief by Barton Fink

    It is five years after the final victory over Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter is finally looking to the future with optimism when a simple error of judgement leads to a personal catastrophe. Hermione must battle to reclaim her dearest friend before he self destructs and Harry must uncover the conspiracy that threatens to overwhelm them all in order to save the soul of a once bitter enemy. Post book seven, ignores epliogue.

  4. Harry Potter - The Sword & the Snake by Barton Fink

    It is the summer before 7th year and Harry is still struggling to come to terms with the death of Albus Dumbledore when he receives some surprising correspondence that leads him to reconsider much of what he has previously held to be true. A traditional 7th year fic where the trio find aid from unexpected quarters and where Harry discovers that death may prove to be the greatest weapon of all in the fight against Voldemort...