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Stories by Celtic55

  1. Knife's Edge by Celtic55

    They carried the war them; each in their own ways. On the surface so many had moved on, but deep beneath they were soldiers plagued by their own demons. When Hermione receives an anonymous death threat it seems only natural that she should seek Harry to work together to solve the dilemma. But as Harry's behavior becomes erratic it seems that he might be the one in need of saving. The truth behind what they are about to face is greater than any of them could have foreseen. Unlikely allies and unheard of enemies emerge as secrets of Tom Riddle's life re-surface and nobody is safe. Moves from cannon, no epilogue.

  2. In Truth by Celtic55

    They try to deny the truth, deny that they will never again be normal, that they will always need each other. Truth can be painful, but eventually it trumps denial. A somewhat dark one-shot with a not so dark ending. Follows cannon, ignores the epilogue.

  3. The Head and the Heart by Celtic55

    Post epilogue- Happy endings don't always work out as planned. When a strange mystery causes Harry and Hermione to work together once more, long repressed feelings arise. But will their time together be enough to erase the pain of their past failures in love?

  4. Crave You by Celtic55

    "Do you want me like the other boys do? They stare at me while I crave you." It's their final night at Hogwarts and emotions are running high as the school hosts a farewell ball. Nearly every boy in the room has his eyes on Hermione Granger, except for the one gaze she craves; a certain pair of emerald green eyes.

  5. Half Dead by Celtic55

    How do you carry on when you've seen so much evil, fell in love with the wrong girl and your closest associates are the dead? Post Hogwarts.

  6. Reality by Celtic55

    "I had told Hermione I could never go back to caring about the mundane things of life". After defeating Voldemort Harry falls into a rather odd existence all the while yearning for Hermione.