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  1. Untitled by gti88

    Short scene set after the end of fourth year. My re-entry in the fandom...

  2. The Second Strike by gti88

    The next generation is off to a great start - school, girls, boys, relationships and adventures - until a new evil stirs. Voldemort would wish he were this evil. Introducing a dimension of sci/fi, raw characters and my foray into an independent novel, featuring our favourite, along with my own characeters! Better summary to come...

  3. One Red Rose by gti88

    These ideas chased each other around his mind without effect and in the end, only succeeded in frustrating him further. Still, he settled on bringing in only Ron and Hermione on this sensitive information. A best friend and girlfriend could be trusted with anything. He needed the Order to work efficiently after all.

  4. Gone Senile: An Interview With a Fan-Fiction Author by gti88

    I sat down on the armchair, expecting my fictional guests to arrive. Contemplating my own thoughts during the last hour, I found there was something rather interesting, even magical if you will, about talking with your characters.

  5. Full Circle: A Second Turn by gti88

    Sequel to Full Circle - life goes on, and things will heat up, as a new evil stirs...marriage, murder, intrigue and anger, as loyalties change, and pressure builds...

  6. The Meaning of Christmas by gti88

    Along with the fierce wind and snow, the recognizable form of Hedwig flew in, and swooped around the little cabin. Harry managed to glimpse her, before closing the door with some difficulty, and lowering his wand back into its holster. “Hedwig!” Hermione exclaimed.

  7. Forever by gti88

    She remembered the long nights spent with her grandmother, when she was but a little girl. She told her incredible stories of her life, of her youth and adventures. In those times, she recalled listening raptly, her mouth slightly open with wonder and amazement. Her grandfather often joined them – he embraced her grandma, and smiled ever so slightly beneath his moustache, while looking on amusingly with a piercing green gaze at the innocent child.

  8. A Thrilling Affair by gti88

    …the waves of pleasure came over me, each stronger than the last…my mind rushed, as the thoughts became an incoherent blur, and I was carried off into another world entirely…one of blissful perfection, where it was only me, and nothing else…

  9. Intense by gti88

    My first fanfic, which I dug from the archives...written in 2005!! Quite horrible, but only fair, since all the authors here started somewhere, maybe I should reveal my starting point too...

  10. Whispers of Friendship by gti88

    She slowed to a walk as she approached Madam Pince’s sanctity of knowledge, and attempted to rub her tears away, but without the desired effect. Her inability to understand how she was at fault with the redhead, still placed a heavy burden on her chest, and she could do nothing but dwell on it. Even the allure of Arithmacy, Charms and Transfiguration had failed to entice her to escape from her troubles.

  11. My Heart Will Go On by gti88

    “I thought,” he went on, his face reddening with anger, “that you would honour me, respect me and cherish me as a wife should do for a husband! And not go around, sinking to the level of a prostitute! Have you no shame!” “Have you no human decency!” I countered heatedly, as another ball of anger flared up inside me.

  12. Truly, Madly, Deeply by gti88

    Harry drew in a deep, sudden breath that made his lungs burn with pain. His eyes flew open, and sudden clarity engulfed his mind. His heart beat faster, and confused, he cast his gaze around, as much as his injured neck would allow him.

  13. Heart's Content by gti88

    Hermione still looked murderous. Exasperated, I grabbed her by the hand, and dragged her by the hand up the stairs, back to our dormitory. I didn’t speak a word to her, until the door was closed behind me, and I charmed the chamber for complete privacy.

  14. A Fiery Affair by gti88

    Hesitating, on purpose or not, you don't know, he takes a seat down next to her…he puts hand on her thigh…it starts sliding excruciatingly slowly…back and forth…the fingers of his hand venture beneath the hem of the dress for the briefest of seconds…you can feel your breath quicken with hers…you stare, transfixed, not daring to even blink…

  15. How Am I Supposed to Live Without You by gti88

    Gingerly, Hermione stepped over the threshold, and into the cold night air. By now, the clouds had entirely disappeared, and a chilling calm had taken hold around them. Fully supported by Ron, Hermione leaned on the railing of the balcony, silent and staring at the stars.

  16. A Strike Upon the Hour by gti88

    An affair looms...Hermione cannot stand it any longer...a secret rendez-vous turns into something more, as passion soars and sparks fly... Disclaimer: Characters - JK, plot - me.

  17. Swept Aloft by gti88

    Harry had dived, Ron slammed into him, and both of them collapsed in a heap on the ground. Hermione shrieked in surprise, and ran over to them.

  18. I Would Rather Die by gti88

    One of my earlier fics...Harry's confidence in Voldemort's defeat is shaken...will he regain it, in the face of a strengthening evil?

  19. The Fine Arts of Crafts by gti88

    Hermione forces Ron to take Muggle studies...despite his inadequacy in the subject, a certain blonde will save the day. Please R&R

  20. If Only by gti88

    Harry knows what he must to end it all, but the price is too great...

  21. A Lifting Love by gti88

    An elevator gone wrong, a Basilisk, and a hospital visit. Apparently, that equals love. Read on to find out more. :))

  22. In High Spirits by gti88

    A Weasley anniversary, and a sweater is at the root of the problem...

  23. Remember Me by gti88

    He knows what he must do, and it will cost him his shot, HH.

  24. Full Circle by gti88

    Two years since the final battle, and things are about to get interesting, as Harry is brought back by a determined girl...

  25. A Watery Affair by gti88

    One late afternoon study session becomes much HHr, NC-17, and all I can say is...enjoy ;)