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Ailments of the Heart by RedKorss

Ailments of the Heart


Disclaimer:I do not own Harry Potter or the character's from those Books. JK Rowling does. The OC's of this fanfic's are mine unless stated otherwise.

It is 2010. The ten year anniversary of Hermione Granger and Harry Potter's graduation from Hogwarts. Along with all of their friends. From the same year as they. No one who managed to attend could have called their last year during the war, educational.

Neville and McGonagall walked around the fifth floor with little miss Granger as her Mother had gone off for a while and she enjoyed spending time with her Uncle Neville. "Right down here is the library. If you're anything like your mother I'd say you'll enjoy it very much." McGonagall said as they entered the hallway. Before a loud scream sent a shiver down their spines. "There are no books that does that right?" Neville asked sure of the answer. McGonagall shook her head. "Stay here and keep young Danielle here." McGonagall said before she rushed off ahead and into the library. "Humenum Revelio." She says as she walks down the aisle in front of the clerk desk. In the back on the third floor of the library. Two people, barely. McGonagall rushed off to the stairs. Up the stairs and to the other side of the library.

There it was, where she feared. Hermione sat there as peaceful as she had ever been. A note and a crystal phial with a tad of green liquid left on it. The body lying in front of the table was not as peaceful. In many way's more peaceful than he had been in life. But it was just one wound on him. And that was done with precision. His own wand laid there on the floor next to him. Blood on its tip. Self inflicted. McGonagall strode over the body of the student she had cared for for eight years and still had been in regular contact with since he left.

Staring at the note in disbelief McGonagall started to read.

Now I have one final request off of you McGonagall. Send my soul back. Back till the end of fourth year. I know that Ceremony or Ritual. I don't recall what its called, but i do recall it only works on Yearly increments. Thus I'd be back till before the third task. I could get Harry ready then. I could make it so we are all ready. And make a future where we all have a chance of happiness.

With regard's Hermione.

Beneath Hermione's elegant handwriting was Harry's hasty scrawl.

Send me back with her Minerva. I can't do what she wants off of me. I've never met Danielle before today. Neville should be her Caretaker from now until she comes off age.

On a larger piece of parchment further down on the table was a revised will. Scrawled as hastily as Harry's addition to Hermione's note.

McGonagall hastily walked out into the hallway to find Luna, Ron, Neville, Dani and Hannah. "Who was it?" Luna asked as she saw the face of the headmistress. "The two who is missing from this group." She said as she gave in to her tears. "Mommy?" Dani said as she started for the door before Neville and Hannah gripped a shoulder each. "How?" Ron asked dumbfounded. How did his two best friends died. "Not now." McGonagall said as she wiped her face with her sleeves a few times. "Neville, Hannah. Could you take her somewhere else. I'll fill you in later." She said as she was fighting a new wave of tears as it still hit her. "Sure." Neville said before they turned and started down the hallway towards the stairs. "Follow me Luna. Ronald, go and get the books in my office labeled Time. The password is 'Those who wanders'." McGonagall said before she started back into the library.

Back to Hermione's favourite spot in the library. Luna gasped and her eyes got glazed as she saw two of her best friend's dead. One by poison and one by near decapitation. She noticed the note and the will and seemed confused. "Not now." McGonagall said. "I'll need your help with the runes. Set up the Ceremony called Untangled Soul's. We have roughly 20 hours to complete it. "Why 20 hours?" Luna asked as a few tears flowed down her cheeks. "I last saw her three hours ago. That ceremony needs to be completed no later than 24 hours after the person's death." McGonagall said before she started to leave. "Are you going to leave them here?" Luna asked as she looked between her two dead friends and the headmistress. "That is how it works. It needs to be completed where they died." She said as she turned to see Luna. "I need to inquire with Minister Shacklebolt." McGonagall said as she strode off towards her office. Crossing Ron on the way. She gave him a sympathetic smile as she told him where he would find his old friend's and Luna.

In her office she went to her cabinet and found a bottle of Fire Whiskey before she grabbed a chair towards the fireplace where she floo called Minister Shacklebolt. She quickly made a drink and drank it before the floo had a chance to connect. "Minerva. What can I do for you?" Shacklebolt said as he heard her in the fireplace. "I need 14 of your prisoner's Shacklebolt." She said with tears forming in her eyes again and she started to have some trouble speaking. "Harry and Hermione's dead." She said as he looked confused at her. "How, why, when?" He asked shocked. "She may have died almost three hours ago and he died less than half an hour ago." McGonagall responded.

"That still does not explain what you need 14 prisoners for." Shacklebolt responded. "She asked me to perform the Untangled Soul Ceremony on her. He found her body and rather than deal with whatever it was that she wanted off of him he ripped away that part of the note and vanished it before he took his own life." McGonagall said before she starting tearing up again. "There are not many death eater's in Azkaban, that breakout two year's ago took enough of our guards there that we do not have many that people would not miss." Shacklebolt stated.

"Then start from those who committed the worst of crimes then. The clock is ticking here. I would almost be willing to sacrifice anyone at this point. Including myself if it were not for the fact that I am the only one present that have any idea how to perform it." McGonagall said as she leaned back and took another glass of her whiskey.

"I'll see what I can do Minerva. I may not have known them when they were young, but I've cared about them since I did meet them." Shacklebolt said before he cancelled the call.
"Then there was the waiting." McGonagall said before she took a swig from her bottle. This was worse than when Severus killed Dumbledore. At least that was in war time between what was assumed to be enemies, but in retrospect was a perfect laid out plan. Even if it was quite a bit of chance in play. "I'll have to inform the other's that are here."

McGonagall said before she started down towards the Great Hall, she informed whoever it was that she came across on her way to find their friends or family and come down to the Great Hall. It was not long after she had taken her place on the front that she saw that every seat bare seven was occupied. "It is with great sorrow that I must inform you that... That... That Mr Potter and Mrs Granger have died." She said unsure of how she managed to get it out. A great murmur and panic swept through the hall. "Do not worry, it was not death eaters." She said. It calmed them down. For a moment. Dean Thomas rose. "Then what did happen?" He asked. "That would not be for me to say, I'm afraid. Mrs Granger wanted to keep it hidden and thusly I can also not tell of Mr Potter." She answered blankly. Reigning in her emotion's. "But I'd please ask all of you to stay out of the Library. And to allow any auror's that comes to pass." She added as she managed to.

Dean sat down in his seat again. McGonagall quickly walked out of the hall and the out onto the ground's and headed for the Greenhouses. It was a one in five chance that was where Neville and Hannah would have taken Danielle. And it was. They were in the first year Greenhouse looking at the various plant's. "How is it?" Hannah asked as she saw the headmistress come. "There are plan's. I'd like the two of you to come up to my office shortly. I'll fetch some documents that will be for you." McGonagall said as two other kids entered the Greenhouse. "Mommy, Daddy." The two kids said as they arrived at the feet of their parent's. "What is it?" Hannah asked. "Aunt Hermione and Harry is dead." The younger boy said. "You told them?" Neville asked angrily. "Most of the people they cared for was here. I thought it best to have it done quickly." McGonagall said.

"It probably was." Hannah said as she looked over Neville, their two kids. And Dani. "What plan's are those then?" Neville asked "The one we attempted with Dumbledore. If it even succeeded he must have ended up doing the same things over again because he had no recollection about what happened. I'd like you Neville to take memories from them and put them into Diaries of sort for them. Things they'll need to remember. And don't just give the memory to the one it belongs to. Some memories needs to be given to both. Hannah, I'd like you to do the same to Dani. And please do give memories from your self if you feel like it. I'll ask the other's to do the same." McGonagall said as she started for the door.
"If they can not remember how are they supposed to do so if we force out their memories?" Neville asked. "By branding them into the diary with a note on who it is from and what it is about." McGonagall said before she left. First a trip to the library to pick up the will and note without disturbing rune etching and clearing of space. "Ronald, have you told your family yet?" McGonagall asked it had nearly been five hours of their time now. "No, I thought it best to wait until we were done with this. Maybe it'll be alright when we're done. Right?" He responded not sure if he even half heartedly believed it himself. "Luna, once you have finished etching the Ceremony runes and painted the container runes I'd like you to lock the Library door's and key it to me, Hannah, Neville, yourself and Ronald." McGonagall said before she strode off.

McGonagall read the will for the Longbottom's and Dani. "This is how he wanted to divide his asset's it seems." McGonagall said as she finished.

"Alright then." McGonagall said as she looked over two diary's that looked exactly the same. Except on one's spine it stood Harry J. Potter. While the other had Hermione J. Granger on its. "I think that is all the memories we can muster. Its almost five hours left until our time is up." She said as a face came into her fireplace. "We have found the required number. Only four that will be missed much. But those four year's are rather important so. I suppose it had to be done." Shacklebolt said. "When will they come?" McGonagall asked as she sat down in the chair she had put in front of the fireplace ages ago. "It will be an hour before they arrive in hogsmeade with portkey and auror escort." Shacklebolt said. "It was easier than I thought to get the consent from those who could authorize it. I suppose that is what happens when those who died was the head of DMLE and the Auror Corps. Neither of their place takers denied me." Shacklebolt said with a small smile. "I hope you know what you're doing here Minerva. It would not do to wake up tomorrow to find our world completely different. As much as I want the Death Eater's gone. I believe it could just as well change it for the worse if the ripples collide the wrong way." Shacklebolt said.

"I suppose you are right. But we are nearly out of time. We've worked through the night, and morning to make it as good as we can. We have nothing left to add to it." McGonagall said. "Well I hope you have time for me to add my memories to those diaries of yours." Shacklebolt said. "How did you know?" McGonagall asked. "Easy enough. I do share that painting of yours." Shacklebolt said and nodded towards the desk. "Albus, I should have know. And I suppose you have gotten some from the rest of the Order and or the Weasley's?" McGonagall asked. "Yes. I assumed you and those you trusted would be too busy to reach out to get them. They are labeled and ready to be sealed." Shacklebolt said. "Alright then. Come over." McGonagall said before she shove the chair back a few paces and sat back down. It had been a long day. A few moments later Shacklebolt climbed out of the fireplace. "Ah. it has been so long." Shacklebolt said as he dusted off his clothes. "Indeed. It seems age does not agree with you too well." McGonagall said. "Hmm. Its nothing too bad. Its mostly work. There's been a lot that's happened in the last year. Not a lot of time for sleep." Shacklebolt said as he emptied his pockets of phial's of various memories. Ranging from engagement's Harry never heard about. To other point of view's to those he had been a part of as well as things they must have believe he should know this time around. "Ah, they have one each. I'll sort this then." Shacklebolt said as he started to sort through the various memories. "You should check in on the patient's." Shacklebolt said.

McGonagall walked into the library to find Neville and Hannah sitting with Dani at the Clerk Desk. "How are you?" McGonagall asked as she walked up to them. "I don't know. Mommy is dead because she loved Harry too much and Harry is dead because he did not know how to cope with me. But he always liked me before." Dani said. "I am afraid there is more to it than that." McGonagall said. "Like what?" Dani asked. "I think he was also in love with her. He may have buried it down a lot more than she ever did. But I believe he did. His handwriting on the will and note was hasty even for him. I don't think he wanted to live without even having her in his life." McGonagall responded. "Is that what love is? Not knowing how to be without that person?" Dani asked. "If I were to condense it down. Then I'd say yes. Yes, that is what love is. But even if they could not live without each other I'm sure they both loved you. He may not have known you were his until he died. But I'm sure he did." McGonagall said. "It is finished." Ron said as he came to them. "All we is missing right now is the sacrifices." Luna said as she looked towards the doors. "I don't hear people outside." She added.

"That is because they'll arrive here in about an hours time." McGonagall said. "Oh Goodie. I do hope it works this time." Luna said. "I do believe it worked the last time as well. But the dear Headmaster seemed to do things the same way." McGonagall said. "I knew we should have given him memories of the last year." Luna said before a knock was heard on the door. "I believe it is warded." Shacklebolt said. McGonagall opened it. "Indeed it is." McGonagall said before she opened the door. Shacklebolt walked in and saw the group near the Clerk's desk. "I'm sorry for all of your losses." Shacklebolt said as he looked at Dani. "Do you remember me Danielle?" Shacklebolt asked. Danielle looked at him and nodded. "You helped mommy. Mommy works for you." Dani said as she looked at him. "That is right." Shacklebolt said as his face lightened at the fact that the young girl had not yet learned about the horror's of the last war. "I guess I should walk down and meet the auror's." Shacklebolt said as he took a look at the watch. "No. I'll do it for you. Just tell her about her mother, I think you know more interesting things than I do" McGonagall said as he began to walk.

The hallway's were far from empty. It was a school day in the middle of May after all. But it was a lot more somber than anyone could think. Few who had been there that weekend for the reunion of sort for the year group that should have graduated that summer the the war was finally over in had left. Most of them stayed wondering what it was that would happen next. The Death eater's still existed sure. But they were not exactly a real threat on the Isles anymore. But with Harry gone that could change in an instant. In the Entrance Hall she found Ginny. "Is it true? Please tell me this is a terrible joke McGonagall." Ginny pleaded. In her hand was the daily prophet of the day. "May I?" She asked as she signaled for the paper. Hesitantly Ginny gave it over.

Yesterday evening a shock was sent trough Hogwarts as news was given to the gathered that Harry J. Potter-The Boy who Lived, The Chosen one and Head Auror was found dead with an even more Dead Hermione J. Granger a long time companion of his since his Hogwarts years. And that is hardly all. Speculations has it that the Ministry wants to keep it quiet as they are moving Auror's there on an unspecified mission. I have yet to figure out why it has yet to be done as they will have been dead for at least 12 hours by the time this paper comes out.
For more please see page 4-6

A picture next to the article showcases Harry and Hermione at an event just before Christmas. It is so obvious in retrospect McGonagall thought as she saw his eyes sparkle as he leaned over her in the photo while she stiffens before she relaxes but she did not reach even half the glow. She was too occupied in burying it when she got those moments unlike he did. He relished himself in them. A few tears went down McGonagall's face as she stared at that picture and tried to think how it would have been if they had told each other how they felt.

"It is true. They are dead?" Ginny said as she slumped down onto the floor. "I'm afraid so Miss Weasley." McGonagall said before she walked out with the prophet under her arm. As she reached the ward boundary she was greeted by the auror's "So what is it you need these for?" One of them asked. "And we have read that." Another said pointing at the Prophet. "Lets just say we've tried something before that in a sense worked. But at the same time did not." McGonagall said as she led the way. "It worked, but it didn't?" He asked. "Yes. We think we've fixed the reason why it did not work." McGonagall said. "And this is why we were to bring exactly 14 prisoner's here?" He asked again. "Exactly. It is a ceremony of sort's." McGonagall said.

Back in the Library they positioned the 14 prisoners in a circle around the two .With exact positioning's of each of them it begun to go quickly. As the two bodies begun to glow Dani Busted free from the hold Neville and Hannah had on her as she sprung between the sacrifices and positioned herself on the table in front of her mother. "I Don't want you to leave me mommy." She said as she let her tear's go. Two seconds later the bodies are gone. Anything they wore with the exception of the books which were laid on Harry and the book that was laid in front of Hermione were gone. But the biggest issue was that Danielle was gone as well. She was not dead. Not where she even conceived yet. How could she disappear.

15 of May 1994

Hermione comes too as if she'd been asleep for a long time. In Front of her is a girl hardly a few years younger than herself. But she's naked. "Excuse me miss." Hermione said as she looked at her. "Who are you?" The girl asked. "I am Hermione. What is your name?" Hermione said. "I don't know. Where am I?" The girl said. Panic shot through Hermione. There's a girl with no knowledge of who she is and where she is. That can not be good. And she's naked, definitely not good. As Hermione looked around she saw Harry lying on the floor looking up at her and the girl. "Harry. Stop staring down the poor girl." Hermione said. But Harry was speaking. Or at least trying to. His mouth was moving until Hermione stopped talking. At which point he turned to look the other way. "Here take my robe." Hermione said as she handed it to the girl "Wait. My vest first." Hermione said as she took it off of herself and put it on the girl. "What were you trying to say before Harry?" Hermione asked as the girl had gotten the vest and the robe on. After a few cuts and mends to make it fit.

She looked at Harry as he sat up and shrugged. "Really?" Hermione said. Harry pointed at his adam's apple and then sent a finger across his throat. "What do you mean? Wait let me find you some parchment, quill and ink." She looked around. "Wait were is my bag. Where is your bag?" Hermione asked. Again Harry shrugged. "Fine. Lets get to the Hospital Wing. Pomfrey must be capable of fixing whatever ails you. And at least figure out who you are." Hermione said as she lifted the girl off of the table and sat her down. As she did so she saw a book had been beneath her. Wait, it had her name on it. This was a book she had never seen. Yet her name was on it clear as day.
As they came to the entry door's of the library Madam Pince looked at them. "Didn't you two leave just an hour ago?" She said as she looked them over. "And that one I don't think is a student." Pince said. "I don't know. She was there when I woke up." Hermione said honestly. I had left an hour ago. Then why did I wake up as if I had the best sleep I'd have in ages, Hermione thought.