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Ailments of the Heart


Starting a good summer Part 1


The amount of sacrifices needed to go back was meant to be 1 person per year, meaning that I messed up my math. 2010-14=1996. They went to 1994 thus the sacrifices were 16, though it was meant to be 15. Nice double mess I made there :)

Just a side note that I'll keep retcons up here when I need to make them. I know that this one was so small I could quickly fix it by searching 14 and exchange it with 16. But it's not the important thing for me. I'd rather make sure that I've gotten it fixed for future references than anything else.

An Extra apology for the new upload onto Portkey, for me not fixing that there either.

July 4th 1994

Harry had spent the last two day's keeping out of trouble. Only mentioning to Vernon that he would be leaving the next day last night. It was good that the message had come when it did, if not Harry would probably have gotten out his broom to go over yet. Otherwise that would be difficult to explain to the Hermione's cousin. As it was, he just had to toss in what muggle clothes he had and get a quick breakfast before the Dursley's woke up.

Back in his room Harry could only stare at the clock while looking out the window. It was just 7 in the morning, but Hermione said early, when would she ever contradict herself? Two hours passed where nothing happened. Except The Dursley's waking up, eating, Vernon going to work. And just fifteen minutes ago Dudley went out. But the newest event was the phone ringing.

"Boy, down here now!" Petunia's voice bellowed up the stairs. Harry quickly walked down the stairs. "One of your kind." She said quickly before she walked back into the kitchen. "Hello?" Harry asked as he put the phone to his ear. "Hey, Harry. We'll be there in half an hour, just thought we should let you know." Hermione said.

"Alright. You think we can go to Charing Cross on the way back? I think I want to do some quick shopping." Harry said thoughtfully "Sure, I'll ask. Tell you when we get there, okay?" She replied. "Alright, see you then." Harry finished as he hung up.

"Who is coming here?" Petunia asked in a shaky voice. "Just a school friend. Then I'll be gone for the rest of the summer. I told you this yesterday." Harry said as he got up the stairs and took his trunk down into the hallway. "Vernon said you were not allowed to leave." Petunia said as sternly as she could. "One: I told you out of courtesy, not that I needed to tell you. Second: Do you want a repeat of last summer?" Harry said as he stopped in the kitchen doorway. "No... no..." Was all that was heard from Petunia after that. Harry quickly went back up to get Hedwig in her cage.

He took a seat on the staircase for the next quarter of an hour before the doorbell rung. Harry rose to his feet and opened the door. There stood a woman in her early twenties, shoulder length brown hair. "Hey, are you Harry?" She asked as she looked him over. "Eh yeah. Who're you?" Harry asked as he looked behind her. In the car he saw Hermione. "Hermione's cousin, Alicia. Come on get your stuff." She said in a reply.

Harry got his trunk and Hedwig before he walked outside. "Odd choice for a pet." Alicia said as Harry carried it out into the car. "Hermione mentioned you wanted a stop in London, that is fine by me as long as we don't make it overly long. I start work at 5 this afternoon." she said as we started the drive towards London. "So your an athlete at your school? I think Hermione mentioned track and football, is that right?" Alicia asked as they got out of Private Drive. Harry took a quick glance towards Hermione who made a short nod. "Yeah, yeah I do." Harry said, not even half convinced. "So how does a bookworm befriend an athlete up in a Scottish boarding school?" Alicia asked after a while.

"Same friends, same classes and similar background... I'd say it was just a matter of time before we became friends." Harry said thinking and hoping that even if Halloween of first year never happened they'd become friends at some point. "Yeah, I'd probably be roped in to help your miserable grades sooner or later." Hermione said teasingly as she looked back at him. "Their not THAT bad..." Harry said. "How about cooking?" Hermione said. It took a while before that one clicked in for Harry "But then again the teacher hands out recipes and just walks around making everyone nervous doesn't help much." That gave Harry a small smile. "But he's rather good in science class, not as good as me, but good enough." Hermione said.


Half an hour later they arrived at a small restaurant near Charing Cross road. "I'll see you two in an hour or so yeah?" Alicia asked as the two teenager's started to climb out of the car. "Yeah we'll be here." Hermione said before she closed the door and joined Harry as they walked towards the Leaky Cauldron. "So what are you going to get now?" She asked before they got there. "Some muggle money. I'd say if I can stay away from the Dursley's a year I may as well wear clothes that fit me." Harry said with a small grin gracing his face a second. "Well that's nice." Hermione said as they entered the pub. The walk down to Gringotts was quiet. "I'll wait here then." Hermione said as they entered the bank. "Why?" Harry asked quietly as he stopped two steps ahead of her. "Well, I don't want to pry and..."

"Hermione, there's no prying. There's probably some book in there that you'll manage to make sense of and I have no secrets from you. Besides, you'd better become comfortable with the ride before you graduate." Harry said remembering how Hagrid looked when they went down there for his first shopping trip in Diagon Alley. "Oh, alright." Hermione said as she nervously joined him in finding a teller to take them down to the vault.

"Hello, I need to enter my vault." Harry said as he closed to a teller. "Yes, don't you all. Key?" The teller said as he looked up from the tome that laid on his desk. "Eh, about that. I don't have it." Harry said. "But something I've noticed is that the key seems to never be with me when I'm not scheduled to be here." Harry said quietly as he looked between the teller and Hermione.

"Please go to room A3, its down that corridor." The teller said as he pointed at said corridor. Harry and Hermione did that. It was a short walk as it was the third room of the first hallway. Inside was an older goblin, dressed in what could be assumed to be exquisite robes for a goblin. "Ah. Hello Mr. Potter, and I do not believe I know who you are." The Goblin said as he rose from his desk in the nicely decorated room. "This is my friend Hermione Granger." Harry said as they took their seats in front of the desk.

"Well, it is quite the predicament we have here. Easy to fix the main point. You need a key, and we can make one. But first. Verification on who you are. We have samples of your parent's magical signature. We'll match them to you, if they do match we'll grant you the key. If not, the consequences will be severe. I have not served three generations of the Potter line to make a mess of things now. No ser." The Goblin said before he pulled out two phials of a liquid blue from his desk. One was a vibrant marine while the other was a faint turquoise. "Which one is which?" Harry asked as he noted the two.

"The colors? They do not exactly matter, most wizards whom get a love bond or a soul bond will find one in the same color region as themselves. If I recall correctly there were maybe a dozen or so lucky people at the time that managed that. Not so many more since You-Know-Who was defeated. Now I'll begin the process."

It was a quick five minutes while the goblins face seemed to show more emotion's than was healthy for a human to see. "I have half a hart to toss you out right now. But I also see that it have nothing to do with you in particular." The goblin pondered for a moment. "What have nothing to do with me in particular?" Harry asked. "I doubt it is my right to tell you. Now, as this is your first proper visit to Gringotts we have a few things to go over." The goblin said as he put the phial's back where he found them and came back with a scroll of parchment. it was sealed with what looked like a griffin's head. "Now, this is your parent's last will and testament, I believe the one that was given to your ministry have been buried by someone in the Wizengamot, oddly enough it was done so before Sirius Orion Black was supposed to have his trial. Well onto the Will shall we:

We Lily Potter and James Potter are on the date of 26th of October in sound mind and healthy bodies. With no outer influence. Any will's made before this point is now null and void.

We leave 750 000 Galleon's to Remus Lupin

We leave 250 000 Galleon's to Sirius Orion Black

We leave 500 000 Galleon's to Pandora Lovegood

We leave 500 000 Galleon's to Peter Pettigrew- Thank you for being our secret Keeper

We leave 250 000 Galleon's to Arthur and Molly Weasley. Take care of your little ones now.

Finally we leave the rest of our possessions to our son Harry James Potter, a personal vault of 100 000 Galleon's for his schooling, and the family vault to be his when he claims his title of Lord Potter.

Guardian's of Harry is in this order
- Sirius Black- Godfather
- Amelia Bones
- Pandore Lovegood
- Arthur and Molly Weasley- if they have the space that is.
- Frank and Alice Longbottom
- Charles Potter. if he is still alive.

If no one on this list is available then Remus Lupin- he have a small issue but would rather have him take care of our son, than someone else. If he declines then we leave him to the Ministry.

" The goblin looked up at them once he was finished. "If I remember correctly Sirius Orion Black was in Azkaban night of the first of November that year. And escaped in the beginning of last summer. If you'd like I could hire the Tonks' law firm to make some inquiries about this. And before you ask about your grandfather... He passed 2nd of January 1982. From what I could tell in his personal letter to me he was heartbroken of the death of his only child and daughter in law. Believe me when I say he did make inquires about Mr. Black's guilt several times in those few months as well as inquires about your where about. The fact that he was pushed aside for most of those inquires did not help the matter. I always knew him as a stubborn man, but that was far from gentle. At 80 he was hardly in shape to duel half the Wizengamot several times a month." The goblin spoke as he walked over to a cabinet and fetched an enchanted parchment and a dagger.

"Now, I'm sure you are who you say you are but this is a double redundancy. It'll showcase your ancestry back five generations." He said as he put down the parchment and dagger onto his desk. "Just slice a finger slightly. We just need a few drops of blood. Harry got up and sliced his left hand's pinky finger quickly and stood there for a few second's. When his own name began at the top he wrapped his right hand around the finger as he stepped back.

"Now this is quite the list of names, all direct ancestor's for the last five generations. The Evan's traces back to the Cromwell's Powerful figures in Late 1600 and early 1700 England. The Potter line is of course quite renowned on its own. You see here that it was a man that married your fifth ancestor on that line, marrying into the line instead of the other way around. Well now it is all satisfactory. I'll join you on this trip and you should come see me on the first of August for your new key as well as your appointment to Lord Potter." The goblin said as he grabbed a key from a drawer before he walked around the desk.

"What do you mean Lord Potter? The age of Adulthood is 17." Hermione said as she looked at the goblin. "Yes, if one have family, Mr. Potter does not have a family remaining that belongs to the Potter line- thus he will be emancipated and given his family vault at 14. And I believe you humans have a birth party. Thus I would like him to come here on the first of August." The goblin explained as he walked towards the door.

The ride was quick, but somewhat painful. Between Hermione's screams and her grip on his hand Harry had a ringing ear and a left hand with almost no blood circulation when the carriage stopped. "Here we are Mr. Potter." The Goblin said as he got out of the carriage with the two teens stepping out behind him. The door swung in to reveal heaps of gold, silver and bronze as well as a small bookcase and three cabinets holding various items. "Shall we have a look?" Harry asked Hermione as he took one of the bags hanging near the door and begun to scoop up galleon's. "Harry... That is a lot of money." Hermione said as she looked over the heap's of gold, silver and bronze. "I know... I attempted to give Mrs. Weasley a bag last year but she refused it. Said I needed it more." Harry said as he coiled the lashing around the bag and put it into a pocket on his jacket and walked behind the mounds of money to take a look at the small bookcase.

"Hey look." Harry said as he pulled out a light green and gray book. 'Secret's of the Animagi' "They hid it here?" Hermione asked as she looked it over. "Well, I doubt we should even attempt it before we got to fifth year." Harry said as he put it on top of the small bookcase before they started to look trough it again. " 'The Darkest of Creation's and its uses' Why would your parent's have that?" Hermione asked as she took out a book so dark that it almost sucked out the light of the gold letters that were written on it's cover.

"I don't know." Harry said as Hermione opened it up.

'To enlighten you of what we face'.In Dumbledore's loopy handwriting was on the inside of its cover. "What does that mean?" Harry asked as Hermione closed it and put it with the Animagi book. "I don't know, but if your parents made that book here instead of in the family vault it must be important for you to see." Hermione said quietly as she tried to think over what she knew of various dark creation's. But given that they had only had one good defense teacher so far it had probably not been covered yet. "I'll bring it with me so that we can figure it out." Harry said before he walked over and looked into the cabinet's on the other wall.

"These are some interesting things..." Harry said softly as he looked over various heirloom necklaces and wristbands that the males of the Potter line had worn and or made. Ranging from Charles' dogtag from WW2 as his cover while serving with the muggle air forces onto various other item's. One necklace that Harry took out was a pair of wings made out of silver and laced with runes that were so covered that Harry barely saw them. "What do they mean?" Hermione said as she spotted them herself. "I don't know, the surge from them is peaceful, protective almost." Harry said as he took the wings in his hands so that he could drop them if something happened. Nothing did happen, except the faint prickling his scar always had was gone. Quicky he tugged out the leather thong the two feathers was on and put it on properly. "That is so much better." Harry said as it was on. "What is better?" Hermione said as she looked at him.

"The scar, it's like it isn't there. It's quiet." Harry said as he closed his eyes and looked into himself, into the magic itself. There he looked at a dark gray mass slowly be absorbed into a pitch black mass centered above his right eye. As he saw his toes become a dark marine blue instead of gray he fell backwards in his scare. "What is it Harry?" Hermione asked as she sat down next to him. The Potter goblin came in as Harry smashed into the galleon's. "What happened. I personally oversaw that nothing cursed was in here." The Goblin said in a fear filled and angry voice. "It wasn't cursed. Though it was enchanted. Did you know my magic was a dark gray instead of it's intended dark blue?" Harry asked as he looked at the goblin. "Yes, I did. That was what I meant with something that was not for me to tell. If you saw that, you also saw the darkness that loomed around that scar of yours. Ah, the tranquility and protective wings. Yes, they will force it into controll for you." The Goblin said as he looked over the boy. "I'm sorry if I am prying here young Mr. Potter, but what is your eating habits? And sleeping habits." The Goblin said as he took in the thinness of the young boy.

"What have that got to do with anything?" Harry asked as he came up to his knees. "You seem malnourished. Almost as if you eat half of someone your age should be eating, couple that with lack of proper sleep I'd wager that it adds to the issue of your malnourishment." The Goblin said before the took a small bag from his pocket and took an extra 50 galleon's to fill it. "Here miss. Make sure to get him some dreamless sleep potions as well as a dozen Reambrandt's nourishment potion's. That should help him recover some of what he have lost." The goblin said.

"I'm fine mister Goblin." Harry said as he got to his feet. "You are certainly not Mr. Potter. And my name is if you've not heard it- Mister Dangru Helfaxe. You are short a hands height as well as several pounds of weight. If you weighed any less the wind could blow you over." Helfaxe said as he took his leave from the vault. "Harry, what is the worst that could happen? You get a month's worth of good sleep and recover that hand of height? That does not seem so bad to me." Hermione said with a small smile. "I... I suppose... we could do it." Harry said as he got back to his feet and looked over the cabinets again.

"Nothing in particular that seems interesting to me. Do you see anything?" Harry said as his gaze went over the rings. Various Engagement and promise rings that seemed to have been made for the person it was meant for. "Not really, I think it's a bit early to be in such a relationship." Hermione said as she noticed where Harry was looking. A faint blush crept into his cheeks as he heard what she said.

"Now, we need to hurry and do your shopping in the alley. The rest can be done tomorrow." Hermione said as she started to lead him out of the vault. "I will change the lock's and get you your key on the first of August Mr. Potter." Halfaxe said as they started to climb into the cart. "Is that necessary?" Harry asked. "Yes, at least with your family vault, Mr Dumbledore and Mrs Weasley have been using it since your grandfather died. Not large enough sums to make it uncomfortable for you, but enough that it should be possible to make a criminal case out of it. Out of the 15 Million Galleon's it had when your grandfather died it is now down to 10 Million Galleon's." Halfaxe said before they begun their ascent. "That is a third of his funds..." Hermione said as they went out of the cart at the top. "What was they used for?" Hermione asked as they walked towards his office. "I don't know, if it is not established to be paid after purchase we have no list of what the money have been spent on. But I believe with some look into the books we can learn about that. I'll create a folder of documents for you and the Tonks' to look over." Halfaxe said before he took his leave into his office.

Hermione quickly went to the Apothecary to get the potion's that Halfaxe suggested while Harry went to the luggage store and got a bag with several pocket's and three internal compartments to store most luggage he'd have. Not too much larger than a school bag on the outside but it would be invaluable to store most things he'd need. Harry quickly went to Madma Malkin's as Hermione had not gotten to the luggage store yet.

"What can I help you with today?" She asked him as he entered. "I'd like to give my measurements so that you could create some various everyday robes and other wizarding clothes for me." Harry said as he walked past the counter. "Well that is what we do, well robes for every occasion. Ah, Harry Potter. Well, what kind of robes? Everyday. Yes, you would probably enjoy some shorter ones? Say, knee length." Malkin said as her measurement tape went around him and made various notes. "You've grown taller, but barely gotten any thicker, some width." She said as she compared her new notes to her older ones. "Yes, well. I was told by my goblin accountant that I should take some nourishment potions to get back the height I've lost." Harry said in a response. "Well, height is not to bad, the extra width and thickness of your torso is dreadfully necessary. I'm glad you came by in the beginning of summer. You'll need that regiment for the rest of summer to regain those properly." Malkin said as she took him to the counter. "I'll give you 15 percent off for a new wizarding wardrobe at the end of summer. I'll recheck your measurements then. Now I'll need you to check the boxes next to these various colors and then these various cut's of various types of clothing." Malkin said as she turned the parchment over to the boy and gave him a quill with ink.

Two minutes later Harry was done with the colors and begun on the type of clothes. "Dueling robes?" Harry asked as he went over the various robes. "Yes, family crest if applicable with the name as well as a wand holster in arm that the owner uses their wand with." Malkin said. Harry quickly checked it. "It's also enchanted to guard against most jinxes and a good few hexes." Malkin added as Harry started to go over the other robes. And indeed besides some new school robes he only noted down a few that should only reach down to his knees. After robes there were a few shirts, trousers. Shoes, sock's, gloves, scarf and three hat's. As he finished Hermione entered the store. "Done with your clothes shopping for the wizarding world yet?" She asked as she joined him. "No, Malkin said that I should just put down what type of clothes I'd like and then she'd take a new set of measurements later on in the summer so that it fits me during the school year." Harry said as he handed over the parchment to the store owner. "I'll put these down into your file Mr Potter. I'll be ready for you when the school letter's arrive." She said as she walked into the back to put them away. The two teen's left and begun their path up towards the Cauldron.

"So... How long will I be on those potions?" Harry asked as they closed in on the pub. "Out the month at least. The physician that worked there, I'm sure he have some healer experience because he asked what age you were, height, gender, weight and all of that. Then he found the potion's with the right dosages for someone like that." Hermione said happily.

5th of July

Harry woke with a start as the dreamless sleep potion went off. A quick check of his surroundings were discomforting for him. It was a derelict half attic with a half finished wall that cornered off his bedroom. It was not all that bad, it had a bed, a dresser and a desk. The bed was much better than the one he had at the Dursley's... 'I'm not at the Dursley's?'Harry thought as he got up and checked his watch. 7 in the morning. Looking out the window he saw the backyard, a swimming pool. That will be a nice way to relax and exercise a bit during the summer.'Why did you say I ran track instead?'Harry mused as he got on jogging gear and walked out of the house before he began to jog up and down the stretch of road the Granger house was on.

At 7:30 an alarm went off on his watch so Harry begun to half jog- half walk his way back to the Granger's house. As he entered he saw Jonathan stand in the kitchen preparing breakfast. He gave Harry a quick nod before Harry started up the stairs and got a set of clothes and took a shower. 10 minutes later Harry was down in the kitchen when Alicia came in. "Running even during the summer? You going for the olympics? At least take a few days off." She said before she took a seat. "I am, the weekends." Harry said with a small grin playing on the corners of his mouth before he took another bite off the sandwiches John had made. "The weekends. You'll be no fun this summer. Between Hermione tutoring you and your exercises you'll just be lying in bed." Alicia said with noticable glee on her face. "Well I'll be off to bed again John." Alicia said before she left. "What work does she do?" Harry asked as he looked back at John. "She's a nurse. Some minor clinic in Londo that does good work. More than that I've not been capable of getting out of her. But she's been the only friend Hermione have managed to have over the years." John sdaid before he took another sip of his morning cofee. "How much did you take out in mundane money?" John asked as he put his cup down. "Five thousand." Harry replied. "That should do. Get a suit as well, you don't need to go all out on it, nor do you need to get a tie or a bowtie. Just a simple suit. Now, Hermione told us that even with all the fame you have in that world that you're down to earth and simple. We respect that." John said as he looked over the boy.'He is a boy, but behaves like a man about the finish his time in university' John thought. "Now, do keep my daughter safe when you go out today." John said as softly as he could, which was quite hard as she was not just his only daughter, but also his only child. "I will sir." Harry said with conviction as Hermione joined them for breakfast.


Harry and Hermione was getting ready to leave with Emma as she went to the clinic for her early shift. "We'll be back in an hour or two Dani, we'll do something then." Harry said as he looked at her'the younger girl that he for some reason cared about more than Hermione, his best friend. Wait wasn't that Ron? What's going on?' Harry thought as he looked between the two. "Alright. I'll see you then. Maybe I can get Alis to do something with me." Danielle said as she walked into the backyard.


Harry and Hermione walked down the street from the dentist clinic in Oxford and went down towards the Claredon Center where they shopped at Gap and the French Connection. Gap was nice for casual clothes. While at French Connection they bought the suit. Almost two hours after arriving they bought a meal at McDonalds before they went back home.


Harry walked in first and took his purchases up the stairs to his bedroom stopping only slightly in the small library that occupied most of the half attic. Quickly changing into a pair of khaki slack's and a green longsleeved t-shirt he walked back down to join the others. "Well, that looks a lot more.. you." John said as Harry joined them in the living room. Having barely sat down Danielle was over at him. Harry looked bewildered over at the other people in the room, but they had equally bewildered look to send back at him. Except Hermione hers was less so. Mostly becasue she got used to it after their odd wakeup in May. "Something doesn't change so easily." Hermione said to ease the atmosphere in the room. "When Hermione said that she liked you I thought she was joking. At least not more than as a friend." Alicia said while trying not to laugh.

Harry raised an eyebrow in response as he got comfortable in his seat while Danielle burrowed further into his side stopping first when he draped his arm down to hold her there. "I mean I'd almost say that she was your girlfriend." Alicia said with a laugh. The blush and panicked look on Harry's face gave the rest of the room reason to give a round of laugh's. "You've got to admit Harry, she took a real liking to you when she lost her memories, makes me wonder how she'll react when she gets them back." Hermione said. "Not to be mean to her, but hopefully learn about personal space." Harry said as he looked down at her. Barely a minute and she was already asleep. "Did she sleep when I wasn't here?" Harry asked as he looked up again.

"Not too much." Alicia said "And what about personal space? I'll come over there and tickle you to death you know." Alicia was barely halfway out of her chair before Harry looked terrified and tried to be absorbed by the sofa.

"Ah. You're no fun." She said as she went back into her chair. "So what'll you be doing today then?" John asked to try to diver the conversation onto something Harry would be more comfortable with. "Just relax around the pool, bring Harry up to speed on Advanced Mathematics and Latin. Though that will probably take all summer." Hermione said. Harry shrugged and nodded in response. "I thought tutoring was meant to be during the school year." Alicia said. "I took them up at the end of the school year, I was good enough to take the exam's, but I would need to take another exam by the end of august to see if I really am good enough to take the classes." He said. "You took up classes you can not do on your own?" Alicia asked with a raised eyebrow. "Ofcourse not, its just that I was dumb and took one interesting elective course and one that was just meant to be humorous. Animal care and Fortune telling." Harry said. "Advanced mathematics and Latin, seems to be a more long term investment. Especially in comparison to Fortune telling." Harry said.

"I did not know any middle or high school in the UK gave latin education anymore." Alicia said as she seemed to be deep in thought. The other three that was awake in the room looked afraid at that. "It was brought back in that year." Hermione said convincingly and that seemed to be enough for Alicia. "Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to see if that pool is as good as it looks like." Harry said before he gently placed Danielle down onto the sofa. "Sounds good." Alicia said before she got up and went by him before he got to the stairs. He quickly shot Hermione a questioning look before he continued up the stairs.

Harry got on a pair of blue and red board shorts and rejoined the other's downstairs. Hermione was gone as well. "Will all of you be alright home alone?" John asked as Harry entered the kitchen. "Yeah, why?" Harry asked nervously as he took a seat at the kitchen island. "I've got work in half an hour. There should be enough in the fridge and freezer. You guy's decide on what to make." John said before he turned and went into the garage where he heard the garage door open before the car even turned on.

Deciding to get into the pool and enjoy himself properly Harry walked out onto the patio and then over to the pool. It was warm enough Harry thought. Not nearly as cold as the crevice of the Black Lake he had attempted to swim in before the year went out. A minute after sliding into the shallow end of the pool Harry heard Hermione and Alicia come out. A few moments later he saw them jump into the pool. Alicia wore a bikini, not revealing but definitely an eye gluer. Harry did not even notice the two girls laugh slightly when his gaze did not even shift when they started to move towards him. "You know it's rude to look more at the host's cousin, than the host right?" Hermione asked in a sweet voice. Harry shook his head at that and looked at Hermione. Hermione wore a one-piece, she was equally beautiful, she did not have the boobs. But did that matter?

Shaking his head again. No it didn't. "Alright Hermione, I'll oggle you the rest of the day we're out here." Harry said as he looked her over. That earned a blush from Hermione and a light giggle from Alicia. It took them awhile to get Harry to actually swim and that was usually two lengths behind them. If it was so that he could oggle at them from behind or not they did not know. First half an hour later did they see his reasoning. Just before he turned to begin another lap the two girls saw length's upon lengths of scars across his back, ranging from the small of his back, to just below his neck. both of the girl's stopped and swam in the way of him.

"Harry?" Hermione said softly when he came at a halt before them. "What? Time to get out?" Harry asked as he looked between them. That look on their faces gave him more discomfort than he would ever dare admit. That pitying look and gaze, it almost made him vomit. "Those scar's..." Hermione began. "Don't even dare said that was an accident it's too little of an actual pattern to them for it to be from a car crash, or going down the stairs. It's only explanation is that you've been whipped with a belt." Alicia said as she looked him over. "That was why you were in the corner when we came out wasn't it. It was also why you were behind us when we were swimming." Hermione said. And Harry knew it was more of a statement than a question. "Doesn't mean the view wasn't good." Harry said trying to deflect the question. "Harry, I have to report this..." Alicia said as she climbed out of the pool. "I'll get the camera and notepad. I'll be in the library until you're ready." Alicia said softly before she walked into the house.

"Why didn't you say anything, Harry?" Hermione said in a whisper as she embraced him. "I did not want to cause anything." Harry said in a barely audible whisper as he stood there. "You did not cause anything. It was your cousin wasn't it?" Hermione said as she let go of him. "He did the beating when we became old enough that Vernon could whip me with his belt." Harry said as a few tears started to trail down his face. "It's not your fault Harry, they were the ones that abused you." Hermione said as she climbed out of the pool. "Come on now. She doesn't like waiting much." Hermione begged as she slowly pulled him up and out of the pool.

Hermione slowly pulled him into the house and up the stairs to the library. "Are you going to see all of it?" Harry asked shakily as he noted that Alicia had gotten on a robe and sat on a sofa on the far side. "I think it'd be better for you to get it all over with at once." Alicia replied. Harry nodded and went into his room and wrapped a towel around his waist before he shimmied out of his trunks before he walked out again. "It's just on the back right? Nothing on the front?" Harry nodded and laid down on the other sofa and tucked the towel so that his dick wasn't visible. Hopefully it wasn't. Then he unwrapped the towel and laid down completely.

To say that Alicia was shocked was an understatement. The fact that his back was crisscrossed in various scar's was one thing. Then he unwrapped the towel and showcased that his butt was equally scarred as well as his thighs. She quickly walked over and took various photo's both overview ones and close up ones at various clusters. Then she started to count it over at the number of wound's that existed on each bodily region and muscle group before she noted it down. The final number was nearly 15 000 that she could see. The oldest notable one was the scar on his forehead. But that one didn't count. Everyone knew about that one. Well any from the wizarding world atleast. As she started to rise she looked over his thighs again and barely saw his dick and balls.'Was that a small scar?'

"Hermione. I think you should go down now." She said almost in an almost robotic voice. "Why?" Both teen's asked. "Because the next thing could be embarrassing to Harry." She responded again in an almost robotic voice.

Hermione noticed where Alicia was looking and got a faint blush before she got up and walked out. Noticing that Hermione closed the door to the attic Alicia tugged him over onto his back. "Where did that scar come from?" She asked blankly. "A car crash..." Harry said thinking it was the one on his head. "The one you have down there." She said and pointed at his crotch. "My uncle neutered me." Harry said quietly as new tears started to go down his face. "Why, Harry?" She asked as she looked into his eyes. "He said that freaks should not reproduce." He said before he begun to cry in earnest. A scowl was visible on Alicia's face at that point. "I'll tell Hermione to let you be alone for a while. I think I should head to the hospital and file the paperwork." Alicia said before she gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "You're not a freak, Harry." She said before she walked out.

St. Mungo's Hospital
Division of mundane injuries.

Being in to work early was nice on most days. Today wasn't such as day. The boy was beaten, most likely had half the bones in hid body broken at one point or another. A wonder that his spine had never been injured. But then again, his magic may have made sure he could keep on walking. 15 000 notable scars from the middle of his shoulder blades and down to the middle of his thighs. "Who's the patient." One of her male coworkers asked her. "I shouldn't say yet." Alicia said as she looked over her photo's. They had just been finished being made. Between them they covered it all with the three overview pictures and at least half of them in the more close up and personal ones. "Must be something big for you to be down here instead of up in Spell damage." He said softly as he walked over. "A schoolmate of my cousin." She said absentmindedly as she looked over her notes. "friend of your cousin... Potter?" He said as he sat down next to her. "Yes, don't tell anyone. I honestly thought he just needed someone to help him get good grades, but this." She said as she took her arm over the desk space her notes and pictures took up. "So Mr. Famous got a beating. Should just give him a reason to be more down to earth." He said absentmindedly as he looked over her notes. "Mr. Famous? Eric, that is the dumbest thing I've heard. You'd think he actually did something." Alicia said as she rose up and stretched her arms. "He defeated you-know-who..." He said before he was cut off. "Without doing a THING. He lost his parents that same night. And the ONLY scar that I can date is the one on his forehead. The rest is a jumble starting at the age of three. I need to check him over for bone fractures when I get home tonight." She said as she sat back down and started on a full medical file for Harry. "Hmm. Would think you actually cared... Wait they neutered him?" Eric said as he looked at the last line of her notes. "Yes, his response was: He said that freaks should not reproduce." Alicia said. "That's quite dark..." Eric said as he slumped halfway into the chair.

"Want to help remove them as his guardians?" Alicia asked. "Do you know who is next on the list? Hopefully someone better than those muggles." Eric said as he started to go over and make his own notes based on the pictures. "I believe they went to Gringotts yesterday when we went to pick him up. Based on the fact that they spent a large time there. There must have been something wrong. Maybe he was read his parent's will? Should be no later than 14 right? That's when the noble family's can be emancipated." Alicia asked as she noted down the neutering in her report.

"Yeah, that's right. He should most likely have a copy of it now then." Eric said as he looked over the close up pictures. "How did he sit after any of these?" He asked quietly as he noted the clusters of scar's on Harry's butt cheeks. "I'll look over his things tonight as well. Maybe I can find it and see who're on the guardians list." Alicia said as she stopped writing about the injuries and begun noting down the scars on a body chart.

Author's Notes:

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Will they catch the rat?

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When will the Harry/ Hermione pairing start properly?

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Will Harry and or Hermione be ridiculously powerful by unknown means or because they are the heir's to one of the founders?

Short answer. NO. Long answer, maybe. That is to say they may become more powerful than they are described as in the books- though honestly, how powerful would someone just out of school be? I mean compare a soldier just out of boot camp with a special forces operative. One have youth the other have experience. That is the difference between Harry and Dumbledore or Voldemort to me. Harry have the potential. But I doubt even Voldemort just out of school would have been a challenge to the one we see in OoTP.

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