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Ailments of the Heart by RedKorss

Ailments of the Heart


Disclaimer:I do not own Harry Potter or the character's from those Books. JK Rowling does. The OC's of this fanfic's are mine unless stated otherwise.

Harry and Hermione have made their way to the Hospital wing with the little girl. "Mr Potter. Miss Granger." The Matron met them as the hospital wing was clear at the moment. They both nodded while the girl hid behind them. She had no idea why, but she did not like her much, she seemed to enjoy her work too much to actually care in her own opinion. "So, what can I do for you two?" Pomfrey asked. "We woke up not too long ago. Barely 10 minutes ago I believe." Hermione began as she looked at her watch. "And Harry's voice box does not work. The matron seemed to furrow at that. She took up her wand and used a few detection spell's on Harry's throat. "Hmm, severed all the way to your neck Mr Potter. You'll have to stay overnight. Two cups of Skello Gro to deal with the few bone injuries. But you'll need almost a bottle of Muscle ReGro to build back your voice box." The Matron said as she looked over his neck. "I don't think I recognize that scar." She added as she pointed at a line starting just to the left of his adam's apple and vent over to under his right ear.

"Harry, where did you get that?" Hermione asked worriedly. He did not have any scars on his throat before. He shrugged again as he looked between the matron and the two girls. "Please do take your bed mister Potter. I'll bring the potions to you soon." The matron said as she went to her office. Harry complied and the two girls followed. But waited outside the divider screen's as he changed. "OK Harry. I'll ask you some Yes, No question's to try and figure out what happened alright?" Hermione asked as she sat down. Harry nodded. "OK. eh... Do you Remember anything about today?" Hermione asked. Harry shook his head. "Do you know which day it is?" Hermione asked. It took Harry a while to shake it this time. "Do you know who this girl is?" Hermione asked. Again Harry shook his head. Hermione sighed, he did not know anything. She did not even know the answer to those questions. The girl crawled onto the bed next to Harry to sleep. "She seems nice." Hermione said almost as if it was a question. There was something familiar about the young girl. Harry nodded in response as he smiled at the young girl who used his knee as a pillow. "Hmm. And who is this girl?" Pomfrey asked as she came back with the potion's and two glasses. "I don't know. She was just there when we woke up." Hermione replied infuriatedly. There was something so familiar about her. But she could just not see it. "Well. I'll just have to check her magical signature against the students." Pomfrey said as she pulled out her wand.

"I don't believe it." Pomfrey said shocked after a few minutes of performing the same spell to check it against every year group in each house. "She is not there at all." She finished as she tucked her wand back in place. "There is something familiar about her. Don't you think?" Hermione asked as she hoped that the Matron would know. "Yes. There is certainly something. But what that something is I don't know." She said. "I'll call for McGonagall and Dumbledore." Pomfrey said before she walked down and out of the Hospital wing to find a student to do her errand.

Hermione started to look at the book she found underneath the young girl. The clasp seemed to have a finger on it. And as Hermione put her thumb on it. The clasp opened. Inside the first page it only said. "To my best student. I wish you good luck on your new endeavours."That was McGonagall's handwriting. Hermione determined as she started to look further and on the third page she found something."I wish this will help you understand."It said again with McGonagall's handwriting above what looked like a silver mirror. Hermione skimmed her finger across the page. Looking for a way to remove it. But as her finger had made a full round around it she was sucked in.

2010- Headmaster's office

"Hello Hermione. If you are seeing this. Then I believe all is well. You are successfully back to 1995 and its about a month's time until the Third task. I'd like to warn you that Harry went with you. We are not sure. But he'll likely need medical attention. The sooner the better. We've never done this with someone who's body was so badly deformed as his was." McGonagall said before she rose up from her seat behind the Headmaster's desk.

"How?" Hermione asked. "You both need to awaken your memories of the coming year. There will be other's in your respective book's as well. But please do understand that you both need to go at the same pace. No more than two memories ahead of the other one. This is to make sure that neither of you remember too much more than the other one." McGonagall said. "Why?" Hermione asked, this time sure that she would not get an answer. But still had to ask. "A quick recap of the third task. And the 1994 attempt at reviving it is to put it shortly. A fiasco. He who most not be named returned that year. During that task. But still. I must ask you to allow that to happen Hermione. If there is ever a thing you should not change it is the events of that night. Harry's journal will have his memory of that night. We've yet to decide if your should as well. But now, before you see anything else. Or you're forced out of here. Good luck with your endeavours." McGonagall said before the room faded away.

15 of May 1994
15: 21

Hermione was back in her chair and both the girl and Harry looked at her in shock. "What?" Hermione asked. Hoping to finally get an answer. Harry shook his head as he shrugged. "I really look forward to when you can talk. Just so that I can force you to say things instead of that." Hermione said. "Now is that a way to talk to one's friend?" Dumbledore's voice asked behind her. "What happened miss Granger?" McGonagall asked where she stood next to Dumbledore. "I don't know professor." Hermione said. Was McGonagall looking younger? How could that be. "hmm. A wayward child. Harry without his voice box. And Hermione can not answer it. I do believe its interesting." Dumbledore said as he looked down at Hermione's lap. "What book is that Miss Granger?" He asked.

"Oh. its just my journal." Hermione said as she closed it. "May I?" He asked again. She handed it over to him. Quite reluctantly for some reason she did not know. "Interesting. Barely two inches thick with pages, yet it seems as if it is at least twice that many in here." He said to himself as he looked over the sides of it and saw the clasp. He went to open it but it would not budge. "How very astute of you miss Granger. I do believe you share quarters with the two most rumor spreading occupant's of this castle." He said as he looked carefully over the clasp. "Do I have your permission to open this?" He asked as he took out his wand. "No, not really." Hermione said, again wondering why she did not trust the headmaster.

Ignoring her the headmaster performed the unlocking charm on it to no avail. "Dumbledore. That's the girl's diary. It is not becoming of a teacher of all people to go through it." McGonagall said as she snatched it from his hand. "But I am not a teacher." Dumbledore said with a small smile. "Like a headmaster doing it is better. Maybe if she was in an accident that could be traced back it could be done. But no. I will not have you do this." McGonagall said as she handed the book back to Hermione.
"Well. Could you tell us your name child?" McGonagall asked as she sat down next to the girl that now laid cradled between Harry's legs and used his stomach as her pillow. "I don't know. I don't know how I got here either." She said as she looked at the three older people in the room. "She has a magical signature right?" McGonagall asked as she looked at the healer. "Yes. It is quite developed for her age. So she is at least a half blood. Must have been allowed to practice some magic at home." Pomfrey said. "Is that true dear?" Mcgonagall asked. "Yes. I think it was my Mommy who taught me. But I can not remember her." She answered first in excitement and then with sadness. "Considering her age. I'd say her magical parent or parents must have graduated no later than 1988. Hopefully 1985." Pomfrey said. "Yes. Could you try to compare her signatures with those? Looking for a parental match?" McGonagall asked.

"I may try, but it'll take some time to go through all of them." Pomfrey said thoughtfully as she started for her office. "Well. We'll need to find you a place to stay for now." McGonagall began as she stroked the girl's hair. "Any idea's Albus?" She added as she looked at her old friend where he had taken his seat on the next bed. "I'd like to stay here." The girl said. "I think mr Potter would prefer to have some time alone. From what I know about his treatment he will not be having a good night's sleep." Dumbledore said as he looked at her more closely. There was definitely something familiar about her. "Then I'd like to stay with her." She said as she climbed over Harry and sat herself in Hermione's lap. "Would you mind Miss Granger?" Dumbledore asked. "No. I don't think there would be any problem." She answered as she tried to comb the girl's hair. Her hair was worse than her own or Harry's. Probably did not help that she was only using her finger's to do it either. "I'll check with the elves if they have anything that is more her size in the lost bin." Dumbledore said as he rose. "Good day now." He added as he walked out of the hospital wing.

"Is it alright with you Miss Granger?" McGonagall asked unsure if the girl was ready to help someone who suffered from memory loss that magic probably could not heal. "Yes. I think it will be." She said as she leaned back to look at the girl properly in better light. She really did have unruly hair. But her eyes was peculiar. It seems to be divided in an almost perfect inner and outer circle one brown and one green. "I think I'm hungry." The girl said a moment before her stomach growled. McGonagall said a weird name and a moment later a house elf appeared before her. "What does the Deputy want?" The elf asked as he bowed. "I'd like you to bring these three some food. Wait, I'm sorry Harry. But I think its best if you don't eat till tomorrow. Make that two." She said. "And do bring them whatever they want." McGonagall added before the House Elf popped out. "Now I'll leave you to it. And I do hope that you make a good recovery." She said before she left.

"Now what will we call you?" Hermione asked as she looked over the little girl as she left to lie on Harry again. "Do you mind her lying there?" Hermione asked. He shook his head. "Well. I think you look a lot like me. My parents wanted to name my brother or sister Daniel Or Danielle." Hermione began. "Do you like Danielle? Or Dani for short?" Hermione asked the girl who had just closed her eyes contently "That sounds nice." The Girl said. "I think I'll like that name." She said just before a pop was sounded as a series of plates with various simple dinner food's came with a table and two chair's at the end Harry's bed. Harry quickly turned so as to not get too hungry as he saw the two girls eat all they could.


"This can not be." Pomfrey said as she had found not one. But two matches. And both were dead before she had been born. "But neither of them are a familiar match." She muttered as she looked at the name on the two phial's. Lily and James Potter.


Hermione walked into the Hospital wing after breakfast the next day. "Feeling better?" She asked as she looked at her best friend who looked like he hadn't slept much in the night. "Somewhat." He replied in a raspy voice. "Apparently it may take a while before I can speak normally again. She said I should try not to talk too much at a time before I became closer to normal." Harry added as she came near. "I found this at my table in the library." She said as she handed him a book similar to her's but with Harry's name on it. He sent her a confused look. "It was not my diary Harry. I think it was from the future. As is this one." She said before she steeled herself. "I know this sounds silly. Odd even. But McGonagall left me a message of sorts in mine saying that we were supposed to be sent back to 1995. But this is 1994. Meaning they sent us back a year too far for whatever it was that we were planning to do." Hermione said as Harry looked over the book. "I know you want to say that we should not trust a book Harry. And I know its with good reason considering what happened last year. But this seemed like it was a memory. But it was if she recorded it for me. As if she could not tell me herself. Then again I can not say I remember anything before I ate dinner two days ago." Hermione said and Harry got a questioning look. "I can. Not say I do either. Hermione." He said as he looked up at her. "Maybe an hour or so afterwards. But then its blank." He added as he did what he had seen her do the day before.

"To my best Lion."It said in McGonagall's handwriting. "Turn to the third page." Hermione said."This will jumpstart your memory. When nothing else will."It said in a feminine yet unrecognizable handwriting. "No. I think you should look for something McGonagall have written." Hermione said as she read from the side. Harry nodded in agreement as he turned to the next page."When Hermione finds you well, I'd like you to see what happened a month or so from now. At the end of the third trial."McGonagall's handwriting said. Harry laid two finger's onto the silver mirror .

Harry stood besides a slightly older version of himself. That must be that year difference he thought as he noticed an older student there with himself in a maze. Behind them an acromantula and a strange creature that seemed anything but friendly. Laid defeated. As the two reached a cup the scene shifted and he was in a churchyard yard. An older man killed the older student before he restrained Harry. The Viewing Harry witnessed the Beginning of the Second Wizarding War.

As he came out Harry gasped for air. Voldemort would come back to power in just over a year? How? Harry thought. And the expression of confusion must have reached his face. "Harry, whatever it was. I think we must let it happen." Hermione said. Harry raised an eyebrow in confusion. "McGonagall said that we are to go through it in a steady pace to make sure we are not too tempted to change the future too much. I think she means that as we view these memories of our other selves we will regain more and more memories of what we did then. As the first note of yours said. It will jump start our memories if they are big enough." Hermione said. Harry nodded in agreement as he stared out into the morning air. "Where is Danielle?" Harry asked as he started to realise the little girl wasn't there. "Oh. She's with Dumbledore and McGonagall. Apparently they've figured out who her parents are. Well, one at least. Then they're fitting her with some clothes for now." Hermione said.

"Ron know. I'm here?" Harry asked "I don't think so." Hermione said. "You did not. tell him?" Harry asked. "He still blames my cat for his rat running away." Hermione said definitely. A small smile went across Harry at that. "I think there's. something we should. remember about this." He said. "Oh?" Hermione said puzzled. 'Why should we remember something about a stupid rat leaving?' She thought as she started to think. "Could I see that memory of your's?" Hermione asked Harry. He nodded and she put her fingers onto the silver mirror.

A few moments later she took them back. "Pettigrew." She said as if it was an eureka moment. "What about him? He's dead remember. Sirius killed him." Harry said. "No. He didn't Harry. Pettigrew was the one who betrayed your parents." Hermione said silently so as to not be overheard to easily. "So you are. saying an innocent. man was in prison. for over a decade. until last summer?" Harry asked equally puzzled as Hermione had been before she had seen the memory. "Yes. yes he was. But Harry, Pettigrew is Ron's rat. That is why Sirius escaped azkaban. Not for you, at least not on its own. It was for revenge on your parents. He wanted to make sure you were safe by killing the one person who could at any night kill you in your sleep." Hermione said.


Dani sat on a chair in the headmaster's office as the three adults talked amongst themselves. It was nice to have gotten clothes that were her own she thought. Even if the skirt and jumper were used before. "He's not old enough to be her father." McGonagall said. "I agree. He could not even manage to make anyone pregnant at that age." Pomfrey said as she looked over at her. Dani waved at her. The old woman gave her a small smile. "And the mother?" McGonagall asked. "That is also an issue... It's miss Granger." Pomfrey said. "So. To clarify. You are saying that the parent's are two people who never knew each other before Hogwarts. That they had a child before either of them was even of age to make that possible?" Dumbledore asked puzzled. "Well, yes. But its not exactly unheard of for children down to six to have babies. Though, that is quite the rare case. Often in quite remote locations." Pomfrey stated. "I do not doubt your knowledge of the medical field Pomfrey. That is your domain as they say." Dumbledore said as he took his seat. "Do not tell them. And if you would be so kind to remove her memories of this meeting. It would not be good for them to know." Dumbledore said McGonagall nodded and turned around within a moment she did not remember anything from after she got her clothes. "Well. Good day Danielle. I do hope to see you this coming year." Dumbledore said as he looked at the little girl as she got to her feet. "Thank you Headmaster." The girl said as she bowed and walked ahead of McGonagall.


Hermione came back into the hospital wing with the invisibility cloak and the Marauder's map in her bag. Harry while dressed still lay on his bed with an apologetic look on his face as he saw her. On him was Dani resting again. "I think I'm. Her favourite pillow." He said was a lopsided grin. "Well, that makes this more difficult." Hermione said as she took up the map. "Have you seen either of them?" Harry asked. "Pettigrew seems to be at Hagrid's. Probably in his rat form, hiding somewhere." Hermione said. "Do you think. an owl can find Sirius, if I address a letter to him?" Harry asks as he ponders for a moment. "What for Harry? We should not risk changing things until we know what will happen. Or what the possible repercussions will be." Hermione said silently. "We know he will help Voldemort come to life." Harry said sternly as his eyes met her's. Hadn't he seen that look somewhere else today? he thought as he removed his gaze. "He will. And we'll have to let it happen. That is the only way we'll know how or when he'll return again." Hermione said as she looked at him. "I don't wish that you'll have to face him Harry. But you'll have to, otherwise he could come back without us knowing. Without us knowing how we could stop him." Hermione argued just before the door's of the hospital wing opened up as Pomfrey came back. "It should be no longer than a week Miss Granger. He'll be fine." Pomfrey said as she passed. "I think I recall him sitting by me every moment he could spare for more than a week." Hermione said with a shy smile as she recalled him telling her that sometime.

"I think I drew the short straw on that Hermione." Harry stated. "How?" Hermione asked. "Easy, the one you talk to. Actually talks back." Harry said with a grin as he took a curl of hers and put it behind her ear. "Well, I do hope I had my bed on my own tough." Hermione said teasingly. "It's not my fault. It's like I'm the best pillow. She's ever had." Harry responded somewhat flustered. "Honestly though. How can you be a good pillow. It's not much fat on that belly of your's." Hermione said as she thought about how he looks like in his sleepwear. "Paid attention to that. have you?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow. "From time to time. Its not really me you should be worried about that for. Its more the babbling duo you need to worry about." Hermione said flustered and cornered. "It's OK Hermione. I'm not scared of you." Harry said as he tried to swing one of his feet out of the bed with no success. "You're scared of girls Harry?" Hermione asked. "A bit. Come on, the first girl I've spent a noticeable amount of time with besides you is Ginny. And she seems to be head of the Boy Who Lived club." Harry said before he quickly took a deep breath. "That is true." Hermione said wonderingly. "So it's not really girls you fear then. It's more the fact that you're afraid they want to be with you because of your fame?" Hermione asked and Harry nodded.

"I don't think that leaves you many options then." Hermione said as she lifted up Dani to allow Harry to get up. "I guess you're right." Harry said as he tied on his shoes again before he stretched his legs. He had barely gotten on his clothes when Pomfrey came by with the sleepily little thing. "We should go before she wakes up." Harry said silently as he walked past Hermione as she laid her back down onto the pillow.


Harry lead Hermione down an abandoned hallway on the sixth floor. the last room on the right was their destination. It was a redecorated classroom, a coffee table. Two armchairs and a sofa. And in the corner near it was a fireplace. Small bookcases hugged the wall's starting from the doorway but leaving a good distance between themselves and the fireplace. "How did you find this place?" Hermione asked. "I think its one of the things the future me learned about but stayed in my mind. But it's also on the map, so I suppose that it's something." Harry said as he sat down in one of the armchair's. "I like it. It seems sort of right." Hermione said as she sat down on the sofa as close to the fireplace as it went.


16 of may 1994
Before Pomfrey returned for the second time to the Hospital wing.

Pomfrey sits in McGonagall's office. Having a nice, relaxed early lunch. "There's something I must confess Minerva." Pomfrey said before she took a sip of tea. "Well, theres been a lot of that lately it seems." McGonagall said with a frown. "Taking a poor girl's first few memories. And she's already latched onto him as much as she can." McGonagall added before she took a bite of food. "Yes. He barely had time to take of his shoes before he sat down against the wall so that she could sleep on him again." Pomfrey said with a smile. "So what is this new confession?" McGonagall enquired. "Well, when I saw the wounds he had and performed the usual detection spells I cast the 'Of Age' detection spell by accident. He is for some reason of age." Pomfrey said. "Of age? He is 13. He is far from 17." McGonagall said. "Well, his daughter should not even be capable of existing either. But here she is." Pomfrey responded. "This is so odd. Its like something about this seem familiar." McGonagall said as she began to ponder over how someone under the age was suddenly above it.


AN: I know that it's hardly shocking that its Harry's daughter. But I think it'll be interesting to see how things goes when she has no idea who she is. And if any of you are wondering about the name, I really just picked a name on random. A bit too cliched that Hermione names her child after Lily in one way or another.

Suggestions on improvements to my writing style is most graciously accepted. As is any suggestions as to what you want to see of have happened between the battle of Hogwarts and the Reunion event.