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Ailments of the Heart by RedKorss

Ailments of the Heart


5th of July
Granger Residence

Hermione walked up the stairs to the attic again and knocked on the door as loud as she dared. Alicia was quite adamant about not forcing anything. "Harry! Lunch-Dinner whatever is finished." Hermione said. "Though how edible it is. Is another question." She added silently.

On the other side of the door Harry was stirring awake as Hermione was yelling about Lunch-Dinner. Whatever that was. "Be down in a minute." He said in response as he walked over to his room to take on a pair of slacks and a t-shirt.

He entered the Kitchen and filled up a plate before he walked over to join Danni and Hermione. "What happened to you?" Danni asked as she looked at Harry. Her voice filled with concern. When Hermione looked at him she could only make a gasp noise.

His face was tear streaked, glazed with the substance. His eyes bloodshot. His hair, messier than it had even been after the Hufflepuff game that started last Quidditch Season.
"What?" Harry asked as he noted the concerned look on both girls faces. "When did you stop crying? I didn't intrude did I?" Hermione asked. "No... I don't know... I fell asleep quickly after Alicia went to work." Harry said as he took a new piece of the fish. Swallowing his scare he swallowed it quickly before Hermione got suspicious about something else. 'She is NOT cocking again' Harry noted as he started on the potato's. Danielle shot him a quick grin when she noted he had to force himself to swallow the food as well. "You're face it is glazed with tears Harry... All of it, not just down from your eyes." Hermione said. Harry quickly took a pair of fingers across his face just beneath his eyes. And sure, two inches onto his cheek and he found it. The only place save that two inch border on the sides of his face that was bare, was his nose. "I suppose I cried in my sleep then." Harry answered dryly.

They finished the rest of the meal quietly. Only to have Emma come home as they put the leftovers into the fridge. "Had a good day?" She asked as she walked through the kitchen. "Yeah..." Harry said. It wasn't like he was still at the Dursley's. Even if he ended up remembering the worst thing that happened there. Both Hermione and Danielle looked at him sympathetically. "Come on, lets get started on Runes. Yeah?" Harry said slowly as he begun for the stairs. Both girls followed him up and they begun reviewing the things they managed to cover before the end of year exam's.


It was a tired Alicia that parked her car on the side of the road that evening. Between the notes she had and the pictures she and a few others in the Department of Mundane Injuries noted closer to twenty thousand scars instead of the earlier fifteen thousand. Now it was time to check the boy's bones. In through the door, up the door. He was utterly asleep from his usual Dreamless sleep potion. 10 hours of bliss gone by in a wink for the younger boy. She looked over his trunk first, nothing out of the normal there. A school bag with nothing in it. Another bag, this one enchanted. Multiple pockets three on the inside and five on the outside. Five times the size the outside would suggest. A quick search later and she found it. The will

Quite interesting. Alicia thought when she read over his guardians. Sirius Black- condemned murderer who escaped prison and attempted to kill Harry just a month ago, and a few times the year before. Amelia Bones- She is a well established woman, the director of the DMLE. Lovegood- Heard the name a few times, rarely in a good way. The Weasley's, if they have the space? That's an understatement. The Longbottom's... Just a month after. His Grandfather, that new years. That leaves Amelia Bones. I'll have to visit her later.

Alright, time to take a look at his bones. A paragraph's worth of latin incantation and wand waving worthy of ten transfigurations later and she was watching as a faint glow rose from out of his body and showcased all of his bones as a dark blue, while each location his bones where broken in a green. The darker the shade of green, the closer together the bones were broken. Broken his ribs around fifty times. Broke his legs five times. Arms three. Faint cracks on the back of his head.

This made Alicia turn him onto his side and looked over his neck and the back of his head. Another dozen or so scars. 'This boy have truly not lived before.' Alicia thought as let him roll back down. 'How long will it take them to realize?' Alicia wondered as she walked down to her room.

July 7th 1994
Little Whinging Hospital- midnight

Alicia walked trough the hospital and found the patient file store room on the third floor. A quick 'Alohomora' Unlocked the door and then the job truly began. To find Potter, Harry James' file. Two thirds of an hour later she had it. Let's see. Only 500 scar's noted here. Along with the broken ribs happening almost 30 times, meaning they did not let him seek medical services for another 20 times. Broken legs five times, broken arms 3 times.

'What did this boy not have happen to him?'Alicia thought as she updated it with her own notes and pictures, actual muggle stills this time. Satisfied that the file had been updated and charmed so that they all think it was done the normal way Alicia left the building.


Harry awake at 7. Half hour of jogging up and down the street. Get a set of fresh clothes. Take a shower. Eat breakfast with the Granger parent that had the administrative shift that day. Then hang out with the others. Play a board game. A few day's he and John spent finishing the wall between the library and his room. Either he or Alicia makes lunch or Dinner. This was the way of life for Harry until the 17th.

July 17th 1994
Granger Residence

Harry was walking up to his room to get fresh clothes after his morning jog. There on the windowsill was a brown owl with a letter fastened to it's leg. Harry walks over cautiously and takes the letter before he offers the owl an owl treat.

The letter was addressed to Harry James Potter- Wherever he hides.

Dear Mr. Potter.

We at Tonks have been arranged to take up your banking issues with your Accounting Goblin. We had put feelers out with any and all information regarding you. Including in the Mundane world. Recently there was an update there on almost 20 000 scars. Plus that of being made an enuch. As most if not all of this happened before your return to the wizarding world this will be tried in the mundane world. We'll represent you there as well. Preliminary trial date is set to the twenty eight of this month. We want to see you in a few day's time if possible. Please arrive at Charing Cross 3-6E. At the very least just let me have a note the morning before you arrive.

Andromeda Tonks

Harry was shocked and glad from this letter. On one hand he could be free from the Dursleys. On the other hand he would most likely have to relive it all again if it ended up in court.

Silently Harry walked down and took a shower before he went and stacked some sandwiches on a plate and a glass of juice before he went up to the library where be went over the last batch of runes and glyphs he was thought the day before. The clock was not even eight before Hermione was there and stared at him. "Right side pocket on the bag." He said quietly as he went to go over what he was thought in Arithmacy.

"Harry. Why do you think this as a bad thing?" Hermione asked as she sat down next to him with the letter in hand. "It is not that it's a bad thing... in itself." Harry said as he sat back in the sofa. "It's just that I want it behind me. I want it forgotten." Harry said as he looked over at her. "I know. Well, I don't know. But I'd think I'd want to forgett it as well." She said as she smiled at him. "Now, how much remains to be stuffed into that rock you call a head?" She said as she looked over his own notes of Runes and Arithmancy. 'Almost as if I wrote them myself.' Hermione noted, almost. But hey that is an improvement as well. "We should get our school letters in a few day's so we'll see how much more we'll need to review then. If you've passed at all I think it should be good. We'll just do some simple review's and quizzes the week before the test." Hermione said as she begun to stack up the papers and books.

July 20th 1994

Harry walked down Charing Cross after being dropped off by John and found building 3 got in and walked up the stairs to sixth floor and found office space E. It was a good sized space. Harry knocked on the door softly. A tall woman of patrician beauty opened the door. She wore a muggle suit for women. "Mr. Potter. Please come in." She said before she lead him down the corridor and into her own office. Oddly enough it had a full wall instead of half wall, half glass like the eight other offices.

Inside her office was a few bookcases. Two were filled with muggle law books, but he also saw that at least another two had books from the magical world. "You practice in both worlds Ma'am?" Harry asked as he took his seat in front of her desk. "I do. One of the few law practitioners that can be used in both worlds. This is of course primarily used for the mundane. But sometimes like this one we bridge it abit. Now let's see here. Abuse, physical and mental. Is there anything else you want to add? I know in your notes you said that you'd prefer not being there so I'll need to know everything." Andromeda said as she looked over at the boy.'Malnourishment is an understatement, looks more like James did before he entered Hogwarts than he did the summer before his fourth year' Andromeda thought for a minute before she took forth a notepad and pen as well as a recording device.

"This is an unfortunate necessity. But I'll need to have a recording of you speaking about it if we'll have any hope about this going our way." Andromeda said. "Ready?" She asked after a minute. "Ready." He responded. Andromeda started the recording and put her pen to the notepad right afterward.

Harry James Potter, what is the purpose of this visit?

I want to file a formal complaint against my relatives that are currently my guardians.

And that is based upon what?

It is based upon the fact that I've been underfed, abused physically and mentally. Given poor sleeping arrangements since I was atleast three. Forced to do all the chores in the house and on the property. The beatings and the whippings.

When did those begin?

They begun when I was 3 and intensified once I was five.

Anything else of note that makes your relatives unfit for guardianship?

They did not tell me my own name. I found it out when I began at school. Before then I was just called. Boy or The Freak.

Now having read your parent's will, is there a particular guardian you'd prefer to have?

At this point Andromeda held up a sign that said: Sirius is marked as a killer in the muggle world as well.

Well I suppose Mrs Bones doesn't sound too bad. At Least not if her niece is any indication.

And how do you know about her?

Easy. We go to the same boarding school. I don't know her a lot, but we have some classes together. And what I see there she seams okay.

This concludes my questioning of Harry James Potter.

Andromeda stopped the recording device and looked at her notes. More things to add to the funeral pyre of the Dursley's and most likely Dumbledore as well. "Now onto your bank vault and the theft of 5 million galleon's. And probably several family heirloom's. I was not allowed inside but one thing that was noted to be missing from it, since over a year ago. The sword of Gryffindor." Andromeda said.

Harry was quite shocked to say the least taht the sword of Gryffindor was a family heirloom. "But wouldn't that belong to the heir of Gryffindor?" Harry asked bewildered. "The Potter's are descendants from one of Godric's sons. The last line in fact. So the sword is rightfully yours. The fact that he's claimed it as school property signals to me that he does not believe it to belong with anyone else. And unfortunately as the Potter's have rarely showed off their wealth. At least not since the end of the colonization era. Since then they've been content with a decent sized family house and using their family estate for gatherings of various kinds. It will be hard to find a way to get it back." Andromeda said.

"Now, as you'll be emancipated on august the first it'll honestly not matter much who your guardian is. So I'll have to ask you to review this list of properties that the Potter's own and see which one you want to be yours." Andromeda said as she handed him the papers on the various Potter estates.

"Godric Hollow is a no. The ancestral Potter estate from 1400, it looks interesting. Not sure if I'd like to live in a keep like that though. A small manor from the 1800's, that one looks better. At Least from a size standpoint. This house, that my grandfather lived in. Built in 1938, updated in the 1970's. Small enough so that it won't feel like I'm alone at Hogwarts or something like that." Harry said as he handed her that paper.

"Ah yes, new upgrades will be needed in it's electrical system's and renewal on the wards that makes magic nullified inside a few of the rooms. Will perhaps be a few more now, with computers commonplace and such. Then I'd guess you'd like to update the furniture. I doubt you'd like to live with the furniture selected by a 60 year old man and woman." Andromeda said as she went over what she knew would need to be done with the house.

"I thought he was 80 when he passed?" Harry responded. 'Wasn't he?' "That is quite right Harry. It is not really common knowledge, but your father was an only child because your grandparents found each other at the cusp of their fertility. Another few years and he nor you would have existed. Women in the magical world is fertile another decade more you see." Andromeda told him. "Uh..." Harry said quietly.

"It's alright Harry, you did not know. The few things I've gotten to know about you before now was from Halfaxe and Hagrid. And that was not good news. Refused to share with you your heritage and lied about your parent's murder. I believe the official muggle story even was different. There they died from a gas explosion." Andromeda told him. "If this is all I'd like to go back and tell all of them to hold their breath on the 25th." Harry said trying to be humorous. "That'll be fine, but you'll need to meet me here and stay here on the 25th. I'll get someone to look out for you, even if I need to tie her to this chair in the process." Andromeda said warmly. "I'll see you then." Harry said as he walked out wondering what sort of baby sitter would need to be tied to a chair.

July 25th 1994
Granger Residence

Harry awoke like any other day. Quickly. But upon realizing he was awake. Today he was nervous, instead of jumping out of his bed to take on his jogging clothes. Today he was to take it easy. So instead he just took on a pair of slacks and walked down to the kitchen where he begun to make various breakfast foods that the Granger's seemed to enjoy. Before long Emma was downstairs at a half decked out kitchen isle. "You did not have to." She said softly as she started the morning coffee. "I know. Just couldn't sleep and I wanted to do something before I went to take a shower." Harry said as he finished up the last pancake and placed it on top of the others.

"I'm glad you enjoy it now at least." Emma said as she started to put together what she wanted to have for breakfast. "So my competitor took breakfast. And I who wanted to surprise you when you came back from your morning jog." Alicia said as she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. 'She's really competetive about who makes the best lunch and dinner' Harry thought as he walked to get a shower. "Yeah I did. Thanks for the gesture, but its the weekend and I should relax some." Harry said as he came to the stairs. Harry faintly heard her call him "Cheeky bastard" before he came up the first flight of stairs. Up the second one and get a new set of underwear before he took a shower. 'The suit can wait till just before I leave.' Harry thought as he started the shower.

Fifteen minutes later Harry was met with all the Grangers sitting around the dining table eating their breakfast. "I think we've found the winner of your little contest now." John said as he heard Harry begin to put together his own breakfast. "Oh yeah?" Alicia asked as she looked over at Harry. "Definitely Harry. A Granger girl have never known to cock, and that includes you too." He said teasingly. "I'm not your daughter." Alicia said defiantly. And with that both Harry and Danielle got scared as they'd both talked quietly about steering clear of that conversation, but leaving when it was brought up in the middle of a meal would be admitting to agreeing with it.

"What about my cooking?" Hermione said hurtfully as she looked over to Alicia. "No offense Hermione. But that fish was almost raw. How those two managed to finish it I'll never know." Alicia said with a slight smirk. She'd heard their supposed quiet conversation that weekend when she thought he'd sleep earlier. Instead he had an hour alone with the younger girl.

After breakfast Emma went to work while the three child's of the house was in the half attic and talked about Hogwarts and tried to figure Danielle out. It wasn't like the three of them had wondered why she did not seem to figure out anything more than what they already knew. One piece was new to Harry though: She thought her mom looked eerily like Emma did. Younger, but still a lot like her.

Besides that nothing changed at all. After their hour of trying to trigger a memory or change anything they went on towards something else until Harry's watch went off at 9:30. "Guess it's time to change then." Harry said softly before he got up. He walked over to his room and closed the door before he took of his clothes and begun to take on his suit before he started to argue with himself about bringing his wand or not. Five minutes later the cautious side of him won and put it into an inner pocket of the suit jacket.

"I'll see you guy's when it's done. Hopefully it'll be done today instead of needing a full scale trial in a month's time." Harry said somberly before he started to walk down the stairs.

Tonks' Law Firm Offices

Harry was welcomed in by one of the other lawyers this time and told him to just walk down to the boss' office. Inside he found a woman with bubblegum pink hair that barely reached her ears. She seemed to begrudgingly wear a woman's office suit as well. "You did not say you'r client was Harry Potter mom." She said happily. "I thought you actually meant to baby sit someone." She added eagerly as she rose and gave him an handshake. "What does it matter who the client is Nymphadora?" Andromeda asked. The woman named Nymphadora's hair quickly lengthened to her shoulders and turned a dark shade of red. "Don't call me that!" She yelled at her. "That is your name, what do you suppose I'd call you? Tonks like your friends do? I refuse to call my own daughter by her last name." Andromeda said. "You could at least do like dad." Nymphadora said quietly. "The last half of your first name?" Andromeda asked sternly. "It's not like you don't have nicknames. Andi or Dromeda?" Nymphadora restored quickly.

"Well, do take care. Given who we'll go after in the wizarding world afterwards I'd prefer Harry to be looked after." Andromeda said before she walked out.

Little Wingington Courthouse

"Where is the boy? One Harry James Potter?" The Dursleys attorney asked a few minutes after the Andromeda had stated her case. "At my office. He┬Ęprefered to not meet his relatives on the fear of his life." Tonks said quickly. "And what have they done to make him fear for his life. The word throughout Private Drive and the nearby neighborhoods had him being the rascal of the house." He responded.

"A rascal may end up in trouble. But how many rascal aged 14 have twenty thousand scars across his back, but not a single scar on the front of his body. Well the exception being him being neutered of course." Andromeda responded. "Neutered, not likely. He attempted that himself at five." The lawyer stated dryly. "A boy at five attempts to neuter himself?" Andromeda retorted. "Yes, when they awoke to it, they took him to the hospital to finish the job." The lawyer said.

"Yes. That still leaves the fact that I have in my notes here that before this summer that only 500 of the 20 thousand scars were noted. Only 20 of the total of 50 breakages of his ribs. And finally I doubt he would have received hospital treatments for his arms or legs if they could have helped it. This screams child abuse more than anything else." Andromeda said quickly.

"The fact of the matter remains that the Dursley's did not want to have Mr. Potter." The Lawyer responded. "They wanted to give him away, but they never could because of something in the paper work." The lawyer said. "So... Does that make it legal to abuse a child from the age of 3?" Andromeda responded. "No it does not. But it was their son. Would they risk losing their son over a nephew they did not want to care for?" The lawyer said but saw his mistake even before andromeda responded. "Care. ah yes. Two meals a day barely fit for a child half his age. A ten minute shower once a week. And sleeping in a cupboard until he started boarding school. Did not know his name until he begun primary school. And have had a list of chores to do every day that was longer than he himself was from the age of five."

"Simply payment for what he was given." Again the lawyer regretted it. "He was given clothes yes, hand me down's from a cousin that was five times as large as he was. The few times he was given a present he was given aged unwashed socks. Let's see what else was he given... Nothing as far as he's told me. Now onto payments for these pleasantries. His guardian received 10 000 pounds every other week, what were they spent on?" Andromeda responded. "His list of possessions is quite small, in fact it is only the things he got for his boarding school that he seems to care the least bit about." Andromeda responded.

"Boarding school. No he goes to St. Bruto's Centre." The judge said looking at his public papers. "That is a lie the Dursley's made to make him have less of a reputation than he deserves. He goes to quite the boarding school in Scotland." Andromeda says as she walks up and hands over a faked paper that transcribed his classes to a similar muggle class as well as the standards that most muggle schools had.
"As you can see he is far from stupid. But if you look back to the grades from his first two years and even this last year his grades are far from as good as they should be if he did not have the threat's of a whipping and or a beating for every grade he came above his cousin." Andromeda said. "And how do you know he is far from stupid if his grades are not as good as they COULD have been." The dursley lawyer retorted. "Easy, he took two new subjects with the help of a classmate barely three weeks before their exams were and he passed them, barely but good enough that he should manage to take those courses come next year." Andromeda said.

"Yes, latin and advanced mathematics. Just barely passable but quite the recommendation from the teacher's that he continue next year." The judge said quietly as he looked over the other notes. "The Science teacher notes that he is far from the best teacher but he is far from a slacker. Wishes to know what holds him back. Quite the understatement as he is apparently in twentieth place from a class of 80 students. Not bad." The judge adds as he looks up.

"Between the beatings, beswindelment, mental abuse and whatnot I'd say I'll grant your request of transferring Guardianship to one Mrs Amelia Bones. Relationship to the boy is through his father as his boss and friend. Is she present here?" The judge spoke as he looked out over the small courtroom they were in.

An older woman in her mid forties sat in the middle of the courtroom and walked up. "Yes I am, judge." Amelia said. "Very well. We will draw up the paperwork for the guardianship in a minute. Your public records notes a guardianship of a niece. This will not interfere will it? Hmm, same age. What happened to her parents if I may ask?" The judge asked. "Work accident and a gas explosion." She said quietly before she sent a glare at the Dursley's that sat behind their lawyer. "Yes... That is what happened." The judge said quietly.


10 minutes later Andromeda and Amelia walked out into a nearby alleyway of the courthouse. There they found one Albus Dumbledore. "Hello, Madam Bones and Mrs. Tonks." He said softly with a faint sparkle in his eyes. "Hello Dumbledore." The two women said as they halted a dozen feet from him. "I can not recall receiving any letters about any case involving Harry in the muggle world. I'm sure it must have slipped your mind." Dumbledore said softly with more sparkles in his eyes.

"I am quite sure our letters were sent out to those they concerned." Andromeda said stiffly as she looked at Amelia. "We've taken precautions Albus. Two dozen people connected to either of us have all the documents that belongs to this case and the one filed against you. As you've gotten that letter." Amelia said and noted an Legilimency probe hitting her mind's wall.
"Really Albus, you were the one that conditioned my mind to survive any mental assault." Amelia said angrily as she drew her wand. "Amelia is now Harry's guardian, next she'll get full guardianship over him. As well as see why 5 million galleon's have been taken from the Potter Family vault." Andromeda.

"It is within my right to use the money of the Potter Family Vault to give Harry what he needs." Dumbledore said. "5 million Galleon's would be enough to give him almost anything he'd ever need for a lifetime. And where are these possessions of his?" Amelia asked sternly as she fixed her gaze on his eyes. "Here and there. Some muggle, some magical. Some at school, some at home." Albus said, convinced that he'd managed to fool them.

"So it is a fluke that all of the belongings he cares about is in his School trunk? I'm sure it is the standard school trunk which means that it is currently rather filled with old school books and parchment." Andromeda said as she walked closer to Amelia. "Now, now. There is no need to be so hasty." Albus said, trying to diffuse the situation. "Where we agreed." Amelia said. before she apparated away. Followed by Andromeda afterwards.

"Not even a hint?" Albus said before he too popped away.

Tonks' Law Firm Offices

Harry and Dora had been talking off and on about various things in the wizarding world. "Trainee Tonks." An older woman's voice said as she entered the room. "Madam Bones." Dora said softly as she looked up at the door. "Bones?" Harry asked as he stood up and turned towards the door.

Amelia Bones and Andromeda Tonks stood just inside the doorway. "Congratulation Harry. You now have exchanged one bad set of guardians with one good one." Andromeda said. "Madam Bones, is it true?" Harry asked as he looked at her. "Yes. I know this will be odd for you Harry. But I'd like it if you spent a few day's with me and Susan. I'm sure Miss Granger can come as well. I know I can't keep Hannah Abbot from visiting so it's only fair." the older blonde said before she sat down on a conjured chair.

"For how long?" Harry asked. "Only a few days. Say, three to five days. It'll let me get to know you. And hopefully the four of you can get to know eachother, I know you've kept yourself isolated from the other houses. Socializing only when needed, but I'd believe the four of you should get to know each other. Susan and Hannah takes Runes and Arithmancy. So you'd also have someone to study with." Amelia said warmly.

"I'd guess that would be fine. I'll have to ask her and her parents first though. Hey, why don't you, Susan and Hannah come by the Grangers on the 31st?" Harry said after he had thought about it for a moment. "I'll ask them. If We make it we'll arrive around noon." Amelia said to him. "Now, Trainee Tonks. Take him through the floo a few times before you drop him off someplace he can take a ride on the Knight's bus." Amelia said before she herself stood up and took a handful of floo pulver and flood to the Ministry. "Come on Harry. You don't want me to seem bad at my job do you?" Dora said as she walked up to the fireplace. "Where to first?" Harry asked. "Same place Bones just went to." She said before she to flooed over.


This continued for almost an hour. Floo somewhere, go to another fireplace nearby and floo someplace new. Harry walked shakily out of the fireplace that was promised to be his last one for the day. The amount of times he'd walk one step before he stumbled upon the floor was funny to Dora. But idiotic for Harry. "Be quiet while we're here." Dora whispered as she helped him up. "Why?" Harry asked quietly. "Trust me, the portrait in the hallway isn't fond of visitors. Or more likely anything." Dora said as she led Harry out of the living room and into the hallway. They walked out into a street that seemed completely abandoned, a small park across the road. "Now take the Knight's bus to wherever it is you're staying. I'd prefer to not know." Dora said cheerfully. "This your house?" Harry asked confusedly. "No, it was my mother's childhood home. No one owns it... or rather uses it right now. So it was a safe place to go through on the finish line." Dora said to him before she apparated away.

Granger residence

13:30 Harry walked off the Knight's bus down the street from the Grangers house. Harry walked off and towards the house. He was finally free from the Dursleys. He could do what he wanted to do from the beginning of next month. Well, after he had visited Bones for a few days.

"So how did it go?" was the first thing Harry heard when he entered into the foyer. "I'm free from the Dursleys." Harry said as he walked into the living room. There sat all of the Grangers and Danielle. "We know." Emma said. "I got a call from Mrs. Tonks after the trial." She said with a wink.

"I hope it's OK." Harry said as he sat down on one of the sofas. "I sort of invited Madam Bones, her niece and a friend of her's over for my birthday." Harry said before he again got Danielle on his lap. "You've got to learn to sleep without me nearby." Harry said as he begun to absentmindedly stroke her hair out of her face. "It's better when you're close." She said as she looked up at him, blinking slowly as she begun one of her usual naps when Harry had been gone for more than an hour.

"I think it'll be nice." John said. "I mean we don't really celebrate any birthday parties here anymore. Not that they were much of a party before Hermione began at that boarding school."

"So, how do you know this Bones? An odd name isn't it?" Alicia said as she looked over at Harry 'Oh, yes. Now I've got you.' She thought for a moment. "Eh... I found my parents will. She was the only person that they appointed as a possible guardian I could find." Harry said flusteredly. 'Shoot. Forgot about that.' She thought afterwards.

"Well. It'll be nice. Not sure how I feel about seeing Susan and Hannah though." Hermione said quietly. "Something I should know about?" Harry asked concernedly. "No, nothing bad. It's just that so far all the interaction I've had with them are to study. Or in class." Hermione said. "Soooo... That is your interaction with most people Hermione." Harry said with a grin. "It'll be OK. I'll bridge the gap." Harry said with a smile. "Thank you." Hermione said quietly as she looked into his eyes. The only reflection in them were her own brown eyes.

"Well. I ordered Pizza. Decided it was time there was no need to empty the dishwasher tomorrow morning." Emma said as she rose to her feet. "Pizza!" A tired voice yelled under Harry so loudly his eyes shot open. "Alright, no yelling when you sleep in someones lap." Harry said to her as he helped her get up. "So many rules." Danielle muttered as she scooped over.

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