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Stories by SwishAndFlick31

  1. Handcuffs by SwishAndFlick31

    Aunt Marge visits again during the summer before Harry's sixth year. They talk about some things that get Harry very, very mad. Then, Vernon calls a facility that takes care of 'violent' teens. Little does Harry know, that Hermione's father just so happens to own the facility. AU. Yes, I'm uploading this SIX years later.

  2. Even After Time by SwishAndFlick31

    It's been four years. Four years since Harry and Hermione left England, with out anyone knowing. Now, as Harry's in-laws health is failing, the young married couple must face the Wizarding World, and most of all, the Weasleys.

  3. Traffic Makes You Delusional by SwishAndFlick31

    No HHr bashing, I promise. This is me, dudes. HHr. Not really. Yes really. OC POV. Traffic makes you delusional. Throw some Nationwide in, and a delirious Swishy, and you've got yourself a parody! Not meant to be taken seriously. Seriously.

  4. Christmas Sitting by SwishAndFlick31

    Chrismas time, full of family and cheer. Their children have a happy time, but Harry and Hermione recieve a very... proud gift from their six month old son.

  5. The Woes of Being a Beau by SwishAndFlick31

    Oh, the woes of being a beau. Sometimes your other could be bloody annoying, but it's all worth it in the end. It really is. Basically a PWP.

  6. What She Couldn't Do by SwishAndFlick31

    One night, Harry and Hermione had a fight over Harry's job. As he storms off, he doesn't realize that it was the last time he sees his family. Warning: Character death.

  7. No One But Two: the Epilogue by SwishAndFlick31

    Alternate Universe. Just as the title says. The Trio with the help of the DA search for horcruxes. Ginny and Seamus decide to persue their facies towards Harry and Hermione, but don't get far. Written before DH came out.

  8. Simply Nine Days: the Epiloge by SwishAndFlick31

    Epilogue to "Simply Nine Days." Mister and Missus Potter finally welcome Jacob Potter back into their lives. D/G and R/LL included.

  9. Simply Nine Days by SwishAndFlick31

    Nine days, that’s all they need. From infant to adult, Mum to Dad, right and wrong. Can they handle the agony— by agony I mean joy— of parenthood?

  10. No One But Two by SwishAndFlick31

    They were dating. No one cared. They were too busy with their own lives to notice the emotional turmoil two individuals were going through. With Voldemort, their on going relationship, and their everyday lives, what could they do?

  11. How He Won by SwishAndFlick31

    Stare. Staring. That has been Harry and Hermione’s game for the past week. All but one of the times they’ve played, she’s won. How did Harry win the last?

  12. Medicine for the Gay Soul by SwishAndFlick31

    Ron thinks that Harry might be gay, and Hermione lesbian. Luckily for them, though, they’ve found a solution for their slight “problem.” Warning: I still have no idea what I'm doing, so cope with me.

  13. Wrestling Parents by SwishAndFlick31

    Harry and Hermione's son shows an interesting painting at his art show. Question is, though, what is the picture and why is Harry suddenly on the verge of breaking ribs?