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Stories by Bexis

  1. Fifth Element Companion by Bexis

    Over the past several years, I thoroughly edited Harry Potter & the Fifth Element. While doing so, I created the Companion, which is a compilation of all the original magical elements, and Muggle references, contained in 1.3 million words of HP&5E.

  2. Coming Back Later by Bexis

    Unconsented-to, but unobjected-to continuation of Paracelsus' masterpiece "Coming Back Late." Begins with aftermath of Draco Malfoy's suicidal effort to avoid being sent back to Azkaban when Harry and Ron unravel his plot to blackmail Hermione on behalf of the cartel.

  3. Harry Potter and the Fifth Element by Bexis

    Harry's summer and sixth year. Examines H/Hr in context of his unwanted wealth and fame, and her need for independence, requiring them to save one another's lives. H struggles for magical control over a mysterious fifth element, receives an inheritance and finds OC summer romance. Hr knows everything and nothing. The brain encounter changes R. D is dispossessed and vengeful. CC is not what she seems. Featuring H/Hr affinity, Auror training, poor parenting, goblins, kidnapping, death, a crash, a fire, an explosion, bribery, funerals, testimony, battles, tarot, pensieves, secret engagement, Stonehenge, a succubus, love potion, triads, and Druidism. The war against Voldemort spreads to the Continent and becomes a liberation struggle.

  4. The Bat Returns From Hell by Bexis

    It couldn't be helped. Voldemort was destroyed, but the way they had to do it cost Hermione everything. She had to leave. After her own brush with death she finds herself in New York City nine years later living mostly as a Muggle. She has a boss from hell who gives her an impossible task. She succeeds, but only at the cost of opening up her past. A cross-over with "Devil Wears Prada."

  5. Just Shut Up, Harry by Bexis

    A ficlet. I really liked everything about Deathly Hallows except the ships. But how to go about making the necessary changes while doing the least amount of damage to the rest? This rewrite of portions of Chapter 19 is my attempt. The basic premise, that for Ron to have come back at all, he had to have decided to accept certain things, has been after me for week. It just would not let me rest until I let it out, so I did. One shot

  6. Later Than Later by Bexis

    Somewhat modified version. One Shot. 22 years after the end of DH. Canon compliant, including epilogue. A very much older and beaten down by life Harry and Hermione meet after a funeral. Long hidden secrets are revealed, and long hidden emotions eventually burst forth.