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Stories by ayumi-nb

  1. a shadow by ayumi-nb

    post-dh, canon & epilogue compliant—sort of // All was well. They were all One Big Happy Weasley Family. So, it is a shame when it all falls apart.

  2. 25 days of christmas by ayumi-nb

    drabbles&oneshots Christmas collection, multi-ships, mainly hhr // This is our season. 08: “Ribbon not enough for you, Potter?”

  3. trapped by ayumi-nb

    post-dh, companion to "innocent wisdom" // Hermione wonders when her ingrained habit of following the rules started being used against her. Harry just wants this nightmare to end

  4. innocent wisdom by ayumi-nb

    post-dh, epiloque compliant… sort of // In which Rose learns about whole truths, truths, half-truths and lies. She also learns there’s more to being a grown-up than jobs and marriages and children. Just like there’s more to her Mum’s apparently broken relationship with Uncle Harry.

  5. a hundred different ways by ayumi-nb

    oneshot collection // "Because there's a hundred different ways to say I Love You." 91: In which Harry wonders how he went from asking his best friend to the Ball to escorting Cinderella. There are also silly crushes, a misunderstanding and a shocking realization. And then, a goodnight kiss as the clock strikes midnight, or after that. gof-au. yule ball.

  6. on standby by ayumi-nb

    [sequel to "what was lost"] Regardless of what was done, Ron is still his friend, so he tries to keep the displays of affection to a minimum.

  7. the truth about us by ayumi-nb

    [marauders’ era, 7th year] All things considered, Lily thought it wasn’t so bad—especially when it could have been worse.

  8. confusing by ayumi-nb

    [ootp au] He certainly was clueless when it came to girls, but Harry knew he was well-versed in everything related to Hermione. At least, he hoped so.

  9. you could call it a break by ayumi-nb

    [sequel to “veiled truths”] As soon as the words left their mouths, she became nervous, because they’d dealt with jealousy before and it hadn’t ended up well. But then, Neville smiled and Hermione felt relieved. And, really, she should have known better.

  10. what was lost by ayumi-nb

    [set between "put 1 & 0 together" and "a vast ocean of green"] The only thought circling around his head is: it’s not supposed to be like this.

  11. hold that thought by ayumi-nb

    Because before James Potter managed to sweep her off her feet, one Lily Evans had to learn that he was more than cocky smiles and insufferable attitude—that he had, you know, moments like these.

  12. the mirror of erised by ayumi-nb

    [post-dh, right after ch36] "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi" It is their hearts’ deepest desire. Second part, Hermione's POV.

  13. the response by ayumi-nb

    [authorized sequel to Paladeus' "Minerva's Advice"] After a little chat with Professor McGonagall, Hermione is left questioning her current behaviour and wondering what she should do next. But she’s a smart girl, she’ll figure it out.

  14. sweeten my life by ayumi-nb

    [post-ootp, 6th year au] Harry pops the last piece of the sweet candy into his mouth.

  15. just a little change by ayumi-nb

    [dh post-ch36, ewe] In a moment of clarity, Harry realizes this was not a good idea.

  16. veiled truths by ayumi-nb

    [sequel to “built in the cold”, 7th year au] They became official that very night and everything was great. But then everything went horribly wrong. Headmaster Dumbledore died and Harry decided it was better to be noble than to be happy.

  17. built in the cold by ayumi-nb

    gof au // In which Harry is unreasonably jealous, Neville tries to help, and Hermione is her usual logical and comforting self.

  18. a vast ocean of green by ayumi-nb

    sequel to “put 1 and 0 together” // “He has my eyes.” Second chances come for a price, and Hermione finds hers to be too high. WARNING: Character Death.

  19. put 1 and 0 together by ayumi-nb

    dh au // He always does better in practice than in theory. Or in which I finally submit to the desire to write something about the "alone in the tent for weeks" scenario. Pointless, fluffy SMUT. And no plot what so ever.

  20. a different future by ayumi-nb

    post-dh, epilogue compliant // In which Harry wonders about a different future while he learns a few shocking truths

  21. Oh, Harry by ayumi-nb

    Harry thinks it was about time that Hermione’s catchphrase gained a completely new meaning // post-dh, minus epilogue. Oneshot

  22. The Most Idiotic Thoughts by ayumi-nb

    Deathly Hallows AU, right after Ron returns. Harry’s POV // He said he loved her like a sister… because it was the right thing to do

  23. A Matter of Names by ayumi-nb

    Sort of an AU, explanation inside. EWE (Epilogue? What Epilogue?) // Hermione wonders about last names, and Harry ponders about his…

  24. Maybe, Definitely by ayumi-nb

    Post-DH. AU. EWE // In the aftermath of Voldemort’s fall, the Wizarding World struggles to get back its normalcy. And while some people relish their care-free lives, others must face the changes that The Second War left behind // I: Hermione tries to cope with this life post-war, while struggling with newfound feelings, and hoping to find the peace it’s been denied to them for years…