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just a little change by ayumi-nb

just a little change


Short fluffy shot. Without much of a plot.

Really, I just wanted to write something.


"just a little change"

(dh post-ch36, ewe // In a moment of clarity, Harry realizes this was not a good idea.)


Harry curses internally as he is, once again, shoved into the dressing room of the store, hands full of clothes and with a clear warning to try them all or else.

Really, he should have known Hermione would be this domineering when shopping for clothes; just because she isn't like your every-day-girl doesn't mean she wouldn't behave like one occasionally. It's just…

He had really, truly hoped this wouldn't be one of those occasions. Well…

"Are you done, Harry?"

Suppressing a sigh, the green eyed boy leaves the clothes on the bench in front of him before slipping off his oversized shirt. "Not quite."

"Well, hurry up."

"Easy for you to say," he mutters, but does a requested.

Honestly, the things he does for this girl. Then again, he reasons, all through the years he's known her, Hermione has always been unwaveringly loyal and this is the least he can do to show his appreciation. Plus, in the midst of his breaking up with Ginny (which is funny, because he doesn't recall getting back together with her), Hermione once again stood by him, even at the cost of her budding relationship with Ron (which is also funny, because he doesn't recall them ever getting together after that kiss).

So, maybe she's all he has now, and maybe he feels kind of guilty for what she did to her parents, so when she told him she was going to Australia to retrieve them, he offered to go with her immediately and… and he actually didn't expect her to tell him he had to change his wardrobe before he thought of going anywhere and…

Yeah, okay, maybe he does need a new wardrobe.

Harry stares at his reflection intently, trying to determine if he looks good or not, but ultimately failing as he's never had to pick his clothes before. And wizards don't have much variety to choose from. He wearing dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt; it seems to look okay, but he's no expert, as he actually thinks the clothes fits him a little tight (but compared to his hand-me-downs, pretty much every garment feels tight).


Someone (Hermione) knocks on his door, making him squirm nervously even though she hasn't seen him yet. "Are you done?"

"Yes, I-Hermione, I don't think these clothes fit…"

Really, for all he knows, he looks like a clown.

"Let me see," she sounds somewhere between exasperated and eager.

That only makes him more unwilling to do as she asks. "Maybe, if you could get me these same clothes in a bigger size…?"

"Harry, you either get out here or I go in there, but I'll see how you look one way or another. Your choice."

Sighing, Harry resigns himself to his fate. He can only hope for Hermione to be considerate when telling him to stick to his previous choice of clothes. Summoning all the courage that helped him face his nemesis just a few months ago, Harry steps out of the changing room.

Hermione's face takes on an expression he never thought he'd see.

Her eyes darkened to a dark-chocolate brown, her eyelids fall only a little, and a rosy hue tinted her cheeks. As it that isn't enough, Harry's pretty sure he catches her licking her lips before letting her mouth fall open slightly.

She looks extremely alluring like that.

"Er… Hermione?"

Her name is all it takes to snap her out of whatever trance she was; her eyes widen and the soft rosy hue covering her cheeks turns to an alarming red spreading over her whole face, but before she can talk, the clerk approaches them.

The old lady smiles kindly at him. "Do you need any help, sir?"

"Well…" Harry turn to Hermione for guidance, but the girl is across the store, perusing some swimwear. Even at this distance, he can see her reddened face. "Well…"

"Your girl has some very good taste, dear. Why don't you just let me take what she's chosen and go ask her if she'll pick something else for you? Unless you don't like her choices?"

There seems to be a knowing glint in the lady's eyes, and he wonders if he missed something about his interaction with Hermione. In all honesty, he kind of liked her reaction to his looks, and silently hopes for it to happen again if he decides to buy everything she picks for him-which he will, by the way.

He tells the lady he will buy everything Hermione decides will suit him, no making an attempt to correct her assumption of their relationship status, and then steps back into the changing room.

Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.



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