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Stories by moogle

  1. The Different Shades of Grey by moogle

    He was as black as she had painted him: cruel, heartless and deserving of hatred. Then circumstances began to change, and what was previously black and white became a confusing muddle of grey; forcing her to question her own heart and her loyalties.

  2. Of Vanity and First Kisses by moogle

    There are some things that cannot be tolerated. Hermione Granger getting a first kiss before you is one of them. Suffering this humiliation, Ginny sets out to protect her pride and get that fabled first kiss. Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan...

  3. In Which Draco Malfoy is Jealous of a House by moogle

    Everyone has at least one rival. Draco Malfoy's just happened to be a house.

  4. A Day of Woes by moogle

    There Draco had been, one hand clutching the bookshelf behind him, while his other gripped a generous handful of the Weasley girl’s very shapely derriere. Of course, it was all her fault that he ended up that way. Not that her brother had believed him.

  5. Acting on a Moment by moogle

    Ginny Weasley was on a mission: get Draco Malfoy's attention or die trying. She would prefer to skip the dying part, though…

  6. Walk Like An Egyptian by moogle

    “What’s the matter, love? Can’t stand on your own two feet?” He eyed her from head to foot, and then back again. “Then again, I’m not surprised with that outfit. It’s a wonder you even manage to walk at all.”

  7. A Malfoy in the Closet by moogle

    Keeping secrets was never easy for Ginny Weasley. Keeping Draco Malfoy a secret, however, had might as well be a task for Hercules. /written for Nik's birthday challenge/

  8. The Teddy That Got Away by moogle

    Draco's got a secret. Ginny stumbles across it. Whatever is a Malfoy to do? /Written for a challenge/

  9. Green and Silver by moogle

    Draco gets a birthday surprise he can't refuse. /written for a challenge./

  10. Finding "Happily Ever After" by moogle

    Life could not possibly have been any worse for Ginny Weasley. Pregnant at sixteen, married at seventeen, and now soon to be divorced at twenty-three, she had no hope in ever finding her "happily ever after." When fate takes an unwanted turn and forces her to take refuge with a certain grey-eyed man from her past, Ginny discovers that sometimes the most unlikely fairytale is the most beautiful.

  11. A Little Thing Called Love by moogle

    Draco Malfoy never intended to fall in love, but when one redhead falls rather ungracefully into his world he finds himself falling just as swiftly for her. The only problem is, she doesn't give a damn for him. ~~~~~Snippet~~~~ Draco stared in surprise at the woman dangling above him, clinging desperately onto what looked like a purple curtain. He gave himself a moment to admire her very nicely formed rear end, and then with a small smirk playing on his lips, said lazily, "You know, I do believe the established mode of exiting a house is through the front door." The woman let out a shriek and almost lost her hold on the curtain, swore furiously under her breath, and then turned a pair of of glaring, brown eyes on him. "What the devil do you want?"

  12. Love is Blind by moogle

    When Ginny Weasley took a job advertised in the daily prophet as a nanny, she never expected it to be to Draco Malfoy's eight year old son...

  13. The Spirit of Christmas by moogle

    “Hey Weaslette,” A familiar and very annoying voice called out over the loud din of the snowball fight going on outside. “What do you want for Christmas? I’ve decided to become a philanthropist to get into the Christmas spirit and help the needy, and you were at the top of my list- what with being poor, ugly and stupid...”

  14. Last Chance by moogle

    He had one chance left to make things right, once chance left to change his life, but can he accept redemption before it's too late?

  15. Final Peace by moogle

    Love can be found in the most unexpected times, and in the most unexpected places.

  16. A Mistake Worth Making by moogle

    The Daily Prophet never gets it right, but for once the mistake turns out well.

  17. A Maiden's Kiss by moogle

    First kisses are supposed to be something to remember, but circumstances made this one unforgettable.

  18. Goody Two Shoes, or Sexy New Shoes? by moogle

    The most OOC, cliched fic I could think of. Written for 7 fore 7 challenge.

  19. Crippity Mites and Crumple-Horned Snorkacks by moogle

    Luna offends Ron, and now Ron wants revenge. What better way than to play a prank?

  20. Mystery of the Magic 8 Ball by moogle

    What harm could possibly arise over the discovery of a single magic 8 ball?

  21. Despair by moogle

    Will despair take everything from Hermione and Harry, or can their love still be saved?

  22. Chained In Halloween by moogle

    Dungeons, chains and Peeves?

  23. The Prophecy by moogle

    Harry is transported to another world and he is the only person who can save the world form destruction. Harry follows his destiny and starts an adventure that will change his whole life. Crossover with Final Fantasy

  24. Fate's Decision by moogle

    What happened the night fate changed everything?

  25. Cupid's Little Helper by moogle

    Anonymous love letters, confusion and snogging. All is happening in the Ministry of Magic, caused by a very bored ministry worker.