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Stories by Rihaan

  1. The Pre-Veil Saga by Rihaan

    During a game of Harry Hunting, Harry found himself on the roof of the school. in his excitement and confusion, he fell back off the roof, and he appeared on the roof again. Strangely enough, he doesn't consider it an isolated incident anymore. And that's when everything changes.

  2. Downfall, by GW by Rihaan

    Every phoenix has to go through a Burning Day.

  3. Severus Snape's Severe Psychological Spanking by Rihaan

    Severus Snape is a bad teacher. McGonagall takes notice. Severus needs to be punish- okay, wait, that sounds WAY too dirty! Okay - Snape has horrible teaching methods, and McGonagall embarrasses him verbally. There were no paddles, no pale butts, no aging hands in motion. Just talking. So... enjoy, I guess.

  4. The List by Rihaan

    It was just supposed to be a simple list - a snippy response to a stupid, sexist list he found. He thought more than a few people would be mad at him. He was wrong. So, very wrong.

  5. Time to Live: Time to Love by Rihaan

    PostDH- After a particularly tiresome night, Harry has an honest conversation with Hermione. What conspires after that is, simply, Harmony in the works. HHr, slight Weasley/Dumbledore bashing. Screw the Epilogue. Up for Adoption/ Work In Progress.

  6. Never Leave: Complete Edition by Rihaan

    Harry looks at Hermione and sees her in a whole new light. He reacts in a way neither of them expected him to.

  7. It's Good to Feel Remorse by Rihaan

    One-Shot- During the end of the TriWizard tournament, Harry Potter is tied to a grave. As he watches Voldemort’s resurrection, he reflects on his life of hardships and pain and comes to a startling revelation. Then, something unexpected happens. Please Review.

  8. The Direct Approach by Rihaan

    It was obvious, really. She would eventually end up with one of the two. She knew who she wanted it to be. She wanted to know before her feelings got the better of her. So she took the direct approach.

  9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Take Two by Rihaan

    The Harmony version, or remake, of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Hermione thinks twice about the mistakes that she made in the past, and Harry finally realizes - with a little help - that he is in a war, and Death Eaters are just as much of a threat as Voldemort, and should be treated as such.

  10. The Yule Ball - The Remake by Rihaan

    Harry was just told about the Yule Ball and his mandatory participance. He sits down and thinks about his choices, his disgusts, and then comes to the obvious decision.

  11. Gray Lord? by Rihaan

    A small one-shot I wrote a while back. Harry has a conversation with Hermione in the Library. Although this was very unexpected... It is supposed to be a one-shot, but a chapter or two might appear in the future.