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  1. Calm Before the Storm by lillyfan16

    SEQUEL TO THE POTTER VS GRANGER RIVALRY. In the wake of Voldemort's return and the truth of Harry's story leaked into the Wizarding World, Harry asks for a small break from the scrutiny of everyone as he begins to question his role in the war against Voldemort, determined not let the Dark Lord's return shape the way he wants to live his life. EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER ELEVEN: “Same way it happened with everyone else: Boy meets Girl; Girl turns Boy’s life upside down. They live happily ever after.” Harry said dryly, internally chuckling at the huge understatement.

  2. Missed Opportunities by lillyfan16

    Miss [mis] Verb (used with a subject) 1. To fail to take advantage of (to miss chance) Noun 2. A failure to hit something. Verb phrases 3. Miss out on, to fail to take advantage of, experience, etc.: You missed out on a great opportunity. Opportunity [op-er-too-ni-tee, plural—tees] Noun, plural—ties 1. A favorable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances 2. A chance or prospect

  3. Some Days Should Come With Their Own Warning Label by lillyfan16

    You know those moments you plan and plan in your mind? The ones where you imagine yourself doing something, over and over, until you come up with the perfect fantasy of how things will pan out? And despite always thinking “oh, it would never happen that way” or “he’ll never feel the same,” in your heart, you still just know it will go the way you’ve planned. And it isn’t something that is “better than you’ve ever imagined” or “didn’t go quite like you thought.” No. It goes just the way you imagined: no more, no less. It’s perfect, just like you knew it would be. You couldn’t ask for more.

  4. The Potter Vs. Granger Rivalry by lillyfan16

    FINISHED! AU They were meant to be rivals centuries before they were born, but one cannot help who their heart falls in love with...and with a Granger coming to Hogwarts this year, Harry's world is turned upside down. But as Shakespeare says, "The course of true love never did run smooth..." Excerpt from chapter 13: Harry tried to decode the unspoken set of rules of friendship between rivals, between a male and female, between himself and Hermione.

  5. Outlet by lillyfan16

    As I stare up at his eyes, his love for me comes back to mind. Does he love me? And if he does, is it just when we are like this: covered in sweat, the musky smell of fresh sex in the air, and exhaustion threatening to take over?

  6. A Tribute To My Own State Of Ruin by lillyfan16

    When I’ve see the beautiful Eiffel Tower in Paris, how could I settle looking at a simple picture? After tasting the decadence of crème brulee, how can I enjoy a stale, hard store-bought chocolate biscuit? When I’ve felt the jubilant magic a wand can perform, how could I go back to living without it?

  7. Normalcy by lillyfan16

    Hermione asks a question that keeps Harry awake, pondering whether he would be better off with a normal life.

  8. My Own Prison by lillyfan16

    Now, all this has landed me here. In front of the Wizengambot. Stating I have no defense. But I do. I have one. But I won’t tarnish his memory. I will take whatever punishment they give me as long as it means his memory will never reflect to anyone his weakness. He hated showing that. Except to me. So with me it will stay.

  9. Undefined: Chronicles of My Relationship With Harry Potter by lillyfan16

    I can’t find the word to describe it. Does such a word even exist? How do I portray such bliss? Is that what this is? Is it ‘bliss’? Is that word even effective enough? I quickly flipped through the dictionary in my hands to find the correct definition of bliss.---> Hermione has a little trouble finding the right words to describe her relationship with Harry! Total fluff stuff.

  10. Amortentia by lillyfan16

    RESPONSE TO CHALLENGE! Lily doesn't realize what it is that she smells in her amortentia potion... she knows it's something she's smelled here at Hogwarts but what.. or who exactly is it?

  11. I Meant Every Word He Said by lillyfan16

    I glare hopelessly at my reflection in the mirror, feeling somewhat lost and disoriented. I can’t believe it. This is it. This is the day all my dreams will officially shatter into a million tiny pieces. It’s the day of my two best friends’ wedding. I was supposed to be her One and Only, not him.

  12. You Are The World by lillyfan16

    She was a No One, and she was sick of it. She was just a Nobody to everyone, even Harry...or is she? Sometimes you don't realize just how important you are to people, Hermione being one of them.

  13. It Wasn't Me by lillyfan16

    JKR just published HBP and she's feeling proud...until fanmail starts coming it, espeically a letter from Archie! After deciding to deny HBP by saying "It Wasn't Me," Archie comes to her with a musical number, parody to Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me."

  14. Never Should Have Walked Away by lillyfan16

    Harry notices Hermione had been acting a little odd the last few months, and decides she MUST be cheating on him. So he walks away, only later to find that he should have been there for her. Songfic to a song by Craig David. Slightly AU, not a whole lot.

  15. Stolen From Me by lillyfan16

    Hermione cried herself to sleep that night and almost every night since. A few days later she had been informed that he would be staying in a mental institution until further notice. Hermione was a mess for weeks. She appealed his case over and over, trying to reason with them, but to no avail. They ignored her. Hermione felt fresh pain as she remembered the entire ordeal. The sleepless nights. The loneliness. The fact that Harry was in that place. Everything. . . Hermione has a bad day again. This story is based off a situation I am having at the moment with my best friend. First chapter is a songfic to Fuel's "Bad Day."

  16. Take It From Me, NEVER Interview Mr. Potter by lillyfan16

    Take if from Hermione Granger...NEVER interview Mr.Potter...AU

  17. Gone Away by lillyfan16

    Just how far would you go to bring the love of your life back from the Ultimate Adventure that will, in time, claim us all...death. Harry is willing to do anything, even resort to magic that shouldn't be messed with...

  18. Loving Him, Losing Her by lillyfan16

    AU...Hermione Granger is out to prove she can get any straight-good looking guy to fall for her in 10 days after making a bet with Cho and Luna...While Harry Potter on the other hand is sick and tired of girls falling all over him just because he has a famous father. So he has decided the next girl that ask him out will indeed become his girl friend and he will do everything in his power to make her hate him.... What happens when she's trying to get him to love her while he's trying to get her to lose him? -Based loosely on How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days!

  19. A Year of Secrets, Lies, and Betrayal by lillyfan16

    After Lily Evans and James Potter find out they will both be having arranged marriages to each other, they decided to try and fool their friends into thinking they are in love... But can they fool themselves¿ What happens when they are no longer acting?

  20. Girl Next Door by lillyfan16

    Hermione looks back and reflects about her relationship with Ginny Weasley and how things between them never worked. ONE-shot based loosely around the song "Girl Next Door" by "Saving Jane." EXCERPT:But that's the way life is. You don't win all the battles, you don't always get a home run on every pitch. Some days you have to strike out.

  21. The Sorting Hat by lillyfan16

    Basically what went on inside the Sorting Hat Ceremony when Lily and James were being sorted… One-shot... Same characters as my other Lily and James fanfiction!